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United States

Tue 2nd Aug 2011

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theshahrkie commented on Rumour: Nintendo Readying Big Announcement Nex...:

a gigantic software update that will give alot more features that r really possible...we cud get a messaging system so u cud message each other...and i personally wish they cud change the ui...I JUST HATE ITS SIMPLICITY....and maybe they cud get more better at least 3 kind of apps running at once...and get better notifications kind of thingy....a email app...reggie said it himself that the 3ds is a ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE...NOT JUST A GAMING the gameboy...AND YOUTUBE IS NEEEEEDDDDEEEEEDDDDDD FOR THE 3DS TO GO ON PAR WITH THE VITA....and skype and fb wudnt be that bad toooooooo0000ooo