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Sun 16th Jan 2011

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WhiteLayer commented on Game Boy Advance Games Pop Up On Nintendo Euro...:

I'm one of the ambassadors, I actually got my 3DS the same day the price cut (and the ambassador program) was announced, just because it would mean I'd get those GBA games I'd have a hard time tracking down otherwise, for free.

I have absolutely no problem with GBA games coming to the eShop, I've been waiting for that since I got my 3DS. I don't mind it if the ambassador GBA games get added there either, because why wouldn't everyone else get a chance to get them as well? It's not like Nintendo will suddenly make ME pay for the games I already got for free. So I won't lose anything. However, I seem to recall that when the ambassador program was announced, they said that the NES games would later be updated and released to the eShop so anyone could get them, but they had no plans to do the same with the GBA ones. So who knows. Either way, I hope for the non ambassadors that they will add them sooner or later, and that we'll get GBA games in general soon, especially Superstar Saga.



WhiteLayer commented on More Titles Announced at 3DS Conference:

I can't stop laughing, I'm sorry, but how is it possible to care this passionately about being THE ONE who gets to define the word "hardcore"? Why bother using a word that means different things to everyone?



WhiteLayer commented on Yoshi's Island DS:

Personally, I love this. The original SNES game is one of my all time favorites, and this isn't exactly a remake of it, but like getting a whole bunch of extra levels and new cool features for the old one. I don't know how anyone who loved the first game could possibly hate this. Even if it's not as good as the first, it's still a really great game.