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Sat 9th Apr 2011

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kariko commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

I don't think space will be an issue. I got Perfect Dark (N64 game) on Xbox Live Arcade and it was, I may be mistaken, either 46 MB or 460 MB. Either one isn't a lot, and it wasn't even a SNES game, it was a N64 game. If anything, I'm using my camera's SD card.



kariko commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

I bought the 3DS the day it came out, and this $80(US) price drop is surprising. For me, the Ambassador Program is more than I would have asked for. Ten classics would have been enough, but ten classics and ten GBA games? Awesome. Plus, I don't own a Wii, so no possible way I already have the titles. The games I already own for GBA that they are giving (Mario Kart Super Circuit, Super Mario Advance 3, etc.) isn't a rip-off for me, because my GBA is dead and I have no charger. I payed $250 for the 3DS, and it wasn't like I could've used that money for bills or something, since I'm 15. I'm enjoying the 3DS so far, and new games are going to make it better. I think the price drop was a shakey idea, and I agree that it is a gamble on their part. But smart.