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Wed 19th Jan 2011

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MrMagpie commented on Review: Metroid Fusion ( / Game Boy Advance):

Zero Mission always had the edge on this one for me, but only because of the fact that Fusion is much more linear, whereas ZM seemed to be built around sequence breaking, even rewarding you if you skipped out 85% of the items (including the long, charge and wave beams if I remember rightly, as well as most of the other seemingly crucial gear) with some rather cool art, encouraging you not to just blindly go where the Chozo statues directed. I have fond, fond memories of both though.



MrMagpie commented on Feature: Resident Evil's Most Nightmare-Induci...:

My whole first playthrough of the REmake was horrific. Crimson heads, the dog corridor (being uninitiated I went through it twice), the bit where you are forced to make a blood filled, chained up coffin fall to the ground in the name of getting a key rather than shooting the locks off doors, zombies lunging out of wardrobes...loved it.



MrMagpie commented on Animal Crossing 3DS Looks Suitably Relaxing:

I find animal crossing very have to do so much to maintain your village and rewards are so limited. And Wild World required daily care - leave it for a week, and your village is full of weeds! I'll probably pass.



MrMagpie commented on Check Out the Concept Trailer for Monster Hunt...:

Also @Highwinter One of my biggest complaints was that Tri's free hunt was restricted to one area (the first), maybe that'll change.
Also, this looks like there might be set piece scenarios, as in missions that require you not just to 'kill the rathalos', but require you to actively chase it down (not just establish what area it is in).



MrMagpie commented on Review: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES):

I got this as part of the ambassador deal, and was made a bit nervous by some of the above comments, but am currently playing it and like it a lot more than the original LOZ. 7 does seem a fair score though - as with most NES games, technology seems to be holding it back.



MrMagpie commented on UK 3DS High Street Price Drop Round-Up:

OUCH...I'm still pretty happy with my ambassador deal, although when my 'exclusive' GBA titles are (as they inevitably will be) made available to the public, I might feel a bit annoyed...



MrMagpie commented on Talking Point: The Future of Metroid:

Metroid is possibly my favourite ninty franchise, but it's been too long since we had a proper 2D entry and I played both Zero Mission and Fusion to death when they came out. I still consider ZM to be the definitive Metroid experience, as it catered for some fantastic things - full % runs, ridiculously fast speed runs and even the 15% run (managed it on normal, but not on Hard, which is a shame as you unlock some sweet artwork)...sigh, unlikely to be an Ambassador title though, seeing as we're getting fusion...



MrMagpie commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

I'm more than happy with my 20 free games, but maybe because I already paid £40 less than the RRP when I bought it! These games ARE genuine classics though, not shovelware, and as such, I am thoroughly ready to forgive ninty.



MrMagpie commented on Talking Point: The GBA Games You Want on 3DS V...:

Seeing as metroid zero mission is possiibl my favourite game ever (the only thing I never did on it was the 15% run in hard mode, did it on normal and it nearly killed me), that, but also advance wars (1 and 2), Minish Cap as I never played it, and castlevaaaaania.



MrMagpie commented on Review: Double Dragon (Game Boy):

I've never enjoyed Double Dragon, so sadly, doesn't look like this will change my mind. I'll save my money for Kirby's Dream Land (c'mon ninty, Japan has it).