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Thu 5th Aug 2010

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jdkipfer commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

I received
-MK 7
-Classic Controller Pro
-Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune Wii game pack
-$65 in gift cards for Walmart
However, I still have another celebration to go to, where I have living grandparents and 4 sets of uncles and aunts, so this is not a final list.



jdkipfer commented on Super Mario 3D Land:

For my birthday I got a homemade 3ds game coupon. I've been planning on using it on this when it comes out in November. My birthday was in April.



jdkipfer commented on Nintendo Download: 11th August 2011 (Europe):

How can you complain about too much 3ds vc and little 3dsware! Developers want to take time, as this is their first 3dsware game. Nintendo doesn't release them because they are not finished. so they are helping the wait by releasing older finished games on the vc. Something people want. Later there will be a vc drought. and too much shovelware. But be happy now!



jdkipfer commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

I definitely don't mind. This is incredible for me. Because I tend to stick to dsiware as opposed to Wii virtual console, the only one on the list I own is SMB, and it is still great to have a portable version. To me it shows Nintendo is strong. They have the power to be able to slash $80 from an already good price, and, while their at it, they get to give out (by my estimation) at least $120 worth ($5√ó10 vc price for Nes games, high end vc games on the eshop are $1 higher than normal, Link's Awakening was certainly a high end game, maging the gbc starting point $5, $2 higher than gb. Because of that for these purposes, I am assuming the Gba value starting point is $7. 50+70 is 120) of free great (the lowest metascore of any of the gba games is 81) games. Doesn't seem panicky. Even if it was, it's still great for us. We get tons of great games, and lot's more people would get it, meaning more streetpass and multiplayer. All arround, it's great.



jdkipfer commented on Preview: Super Mario (3DS):

Not too thrilled at losing the long jump and the backflip, but I am still ridiculously excited about this. They really should bring back every suit that exists, like the frog suit, bee Mario, Spring Mario, to name a few little used suits that I liked. And wing Mario.



jdkipfer commented on Hands On: Netflix for 3DS:

Can you use one subscription on multiple systems (say, your Wii and 3ds)? Or is your subscription stuck on one system? Can you use it anywhere? Or just your home IP address? Because if you can take it anywhere, this would certainly be an advantage over Home systems.