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Sun 29th May 2011

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Imperfect commented on Pokémon Director Teases Something for Sunday:

@DarkKirby The whole IV thing is why i dont play my actual black and white if i want to do a competitve battle and instead just the server
to play matches aginst people. In additon, becuase sites like smogon know their is a huge imbalance, they create tiers where if you want to use a non top 100 pokemon you still can by playing in a lower tier like UU or whatever. IMO it honeslty solves the problems of imbalance and actually creates sevral diffrent metagames which are being chnaged as new sets are discovered or pokemon thought to be in a higher tier are dropped to a lower one which changes the game much like a balance patch for something more competitve like starcraft 2.



Imperfect commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

well for the Ambassadores program, when you look at the worth of each game, assuimg that nes games will be 5$ like on the wii shop and that judging by the fact that Links awakening dx cost 7$ GBA games will be 7$+, your looking at a net worth of over 120 dollars, not to mention the fact that the games shown have all been high quality first parties for the most part and also for the bragging rights in getting (old) games before anyone else on your 3ds, including that the GBA ones may never be released to the public outside of this program. I definatley belive it's satisfactory,( hell of a lot more then I was expecting). If enough people read about the program, some people may even buy the system before the price cut just to get thoes hard to find games. The Gba ones go for a lot on ebay and stuff nowadays, so thats pretty cool by itself.

As for sales,Sony is not that big of a factor becuase they are targeting diffrent markets, so the price may not cut into sony's sales as deeply as you would think. People will buy the 3ds if they like nintendo games, not just becuase its cheaper than the Vita.

Anyway, I don't really like analyzing profits and such because its like assuming- it makes an ass out of u and me. So I'm going to stop myself their before I'm forced to eat my words.



Imperfect commented on Super Mario Galaxy Director was Kept in the Da...:

Well look what happened to the other confrences....
Absoloutley everything that happened had already been leaked aside from the price point of the vita and ATAT. Even microsofts big reveal, Halo 4, was leaked hours before the show. In an age where it's nearly impossibile to hide leaks, Nintendo managed to hide quite a few things about the system.



Imperfect commented on Review: Pokédex 3D (3DSWare):

they actually plan on updating it apperantly as their is a update option, so in the forseeable future we may see other generations move to the pokedex along with numbers for the power of a pokemon and such and even better search tools. Possibley even dream world connectivity and the like or looking at leaderboards. Lots of possiblitys.



Imperfect commented on First Impressions: Cave Story (3DS):

@ everyone "while the game has taken a rather significant step up visually, it's gotten a few other upgrades along the way as well. There are even a few surprises to be found, although Nicalis is being rather tight-lipped about them."

Seems their may be a few new modes or something that they aren't telling us about.



Imperfect commented on Pokédex 3D:

Altho as they create more models they may well update it with the other generations.



Imperfect commented on Here's 60 Pokemon Codes for Pokedex 3D:

Just walking around with the 3DS will get you at least one a day. i prefer getting one daily then 3. Makes it last longer, and its always nice to see what new mon you get. by the way, has anyone noticed that by pressing the a button, the pokemon do an action? Like the water starters( i nikcname my pokemon so i sometimes forget what the species name is lol) final evo will pull out a sword, flourish it, and put it back. Pretty cool.



Imperfect commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

The "Xbox Live Generation" has rather stagnated gaming as a whole, as they represent people who will buy an xbox for only COD or other FPSs, and not any of the other grat games in the catalouge. Thats why games like dragon age origins, which were great because of their old school flaws, lost their magic when they made a sequel that tried to take away the "flaws" of the previouse game and make it more acceptable to the FPS crowd, while losing sight of what made it great in the first place. Theirs nothing wrong with FPSs, but your missing out if thats the only game you play.

And for whatever weird reason, this topic is being played out on a number of diffrent sites like ign and gamespot. Kinda weird that its all conciding.