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Moco_Loco commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

I've actually seen the "Nintendo Cycle" of game releases posted online before. One or two essential games to start a console, followed by a drought, followed by a large number of amazing games, followed by another drought, followed by a final salvo of amazing games. The Wii U is off this pattern significantly, but the easier-to-program-for 3DS is in its second drought (and arguably lacked essential games initially as well) while development teams work on the final salvo.



Moco_Loco commented on Video: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jeremy Ellis and The Roo...:

I preferred DJ Jazzy Jeff's performance. He used the original as the basis for his scratching and was subtle while still making something new. Jeremy Ellis just seemed to go crazy with additions and sound effects. Respect to both because I couldn't do what either one did.



Moco_Loco commented on Talking Point: Warren Spector Asks, Where Are ...:

I think one thing he's forgetting is that the same person can enjoy "grown-up" themes in other media while preferring to play games just for fun. On the other hand, I tend to think the true grown-ups don't worry about being mature. I think C.S. Lewis once wrote that it wasn't until he was truly grown-up that he felt comfortable reading fairy tales in front of other people. I watch "Psych" so I can watch Shawn and Gus act like children while everyone around them tries, in vain, to be mature. It's a lot more fun to watch than more serious crime shows.



Moco_Loco commented on Retro City Rampage Has Only Sold a Quarter of ...:

I know integrity doesn't put food on the table, but I love that he chose to keep his word rather than pulling out in the name of profit. I have a feeling the goodwill he bought with that $20,000 will be rewarded one day. In the meantime, I hope he can eventually turn a profit on the Wii version.



Moco_Loco commented on GameStop: Wii U Marketing Strategy Has "Not Br...:

I still remember how the "Wii would like to play" advertisements made me want a Wii so badly, and there weren't really that many good games for it at the time. The combination of a truly novel way to play games and good marketing made people want it.

I think Nintendo believed that another novelty was needed to sell systems. And I suspect it actually works quite well when people try it out, but Nintendo never looked at it from the perspective of the general public. People would understand things like "Mario in HD" or "new, improved motion controls that don't lag like Kinect," but the GamePad is difficult to market.

Nintendo can get past this failure with good games and marketing of those games, which is the strategy that worked with the 3DS once they figured out that 3D alone would not sell systems. Wii U has a fighting chance. I didn't want a 3DS when it first came out, as I thought it would hurt my eyes and the games didn't appeal. Then Ocarina of Time came out around the same time I heard there would be another Luigi's Mansion and I caved, even at the higher price point.



Moco_Loco commented on New Research Claims Wii U Success Hinges On A ...:

Games are the biggest problem, but there's also a problem with Nintendo's "gimmick" this time around. It just isn't that interesting unless you get a group together for asymmetrical play. The biggest thing that appeals to me is the idea of off-screen play, but it doesn't work with every game and works with none of the Wii's games. I already have off-screen play with my 3DS (not to mention two screens) and I can play every game without hogging the TV.

Honestly, what will finally sell this to me is must-have games, and even then I find $40 games for my 3DS to be expensive. I'm very hesitant to pay $60 for Wii U games.



Moco_Loco commented on 3D Super Mario Title In Development For Wii U:

Galaxy 2 felt like DLC for the first one. The presentation was bare-bones compared to the first one, and the hub world was even more ridiculous than Galaxy's. I genuinely enjoyed the first Galaxy and kept wanting to play it more. The second one, while full of genuinely good gameplay, feels more like a showcase of great ideas rather than a coherent game. I keep putting it back on the shelf in favor of other games.

I don't know if I'll get a Wii U or not, but I hope they combine some original ideas with the things that worked in Galaxy, Sunshine, and 64.



Moco_Loco commented on Rumour: New App Store in Development for Wii U:

I'm with the people who want a unified "Nintendo eShop" for all digital purchases. One type of card that can be used on any Nintendo console and games that can be downloaded on more than one console through a unified account. Don't worry about keeping our credit card information, just store a list of the games we've downloaded so that we can download them again.



Moco_Loco commented on Nintendo Crows About November Sales for Wii an...:

@Traxx: Most good Nintendo games are evergreen. Rather than selling all at once, they tend to steadily rake in the cash over time. Most good games on other consoles do most of their sales early on and then drop off. I agree that Nintendo needs to get better about regularly releasing games.



Moco_Loco commented on Feature: Staff Memories of the Game Boy Advance:

I bought a GBA SP not long after getting a GameCube for the same reason I've ended up buying every portable console: I wanted to be able to play games even when other people were using the TV.

While I missed a lot of the classics, I had tons of fun on that thing. Super Mario World was great, but my absolute favorites were Minish Cap and the GBA FIre Emblem games. Oddly I also had a lot of fun with the GBA version of Prisoner of Azkaban, which was a simple, easy RPG but was somehow more enjoyable than either the GCN or PC versions. (Yes, I played all three.)



Moco_Loco commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

I'm not too worried yet. Despite the website getting some things right, the rather violent reactions to the rumor hopefully point to it being completely false. If they want the 3DS to sell, they need to stick to their guns as far as the system's features go and just start releasing awesome games for it.

Now, if they find a way to add a second analog stick without it being ugly or awkward, I don't mind that at all. It doesn't sound plausible to me right now, but I'm all for dual-analog if they can make it work. If they release a dual-analog 3DS and leave early adopters with an awkward workaround, I won't be happy.



Moco_Loco commented on Review: Let's Golf! 3D (3DSWare):

This game is a 9, this I know, because Lucas M. Thomas told me so.

In all seriousness, though, this is where a demo would really help me decide. The reviews, both from websites and users, have ranged from "meh" to "it's awesome," and I just can't figure out if this is worth a purchase or not.



Moco_Loco commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

@wanderlustwarrior: I agree to that to the casual consumer, the 3DS doesn't really bring anything major to the table other than 3D, and there are smartphones out there that can do that (and take better 3D pictures). As movie theaters are discovering, 3D is not that much of a selling point at the moment.

What sold the system to me more than anything was all the first-party titles in the works. Luigi's Mansion 2 was the game that really pushed me over the edge and made me want one. I figured that a system that could play most DS and DSiWare games in addition to any new 3DS ones to come out in the next few years was a better investment than a DSi at this point.

Even if the system fails, it's not the end of the world to me. Many people have fond memories of the DreamCast and still play its games today. Heck, I have fond memories of playing the GameCube and still occasionally play some of its games when I get hit with nostalgia. For me, personally, the 3DS was definitely the system to get. For people content with casual games, however, there's no denying that smartphones make the most sense. Maybe Nintendo will get smart and make one of their own some day!



Moco_Loco commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

I think Ambassadors should get more. When we play online games, we should be given a cheat code that allows us to win no matter how badly we play. When we're hungry, we should be able to call NOA and have Reggie personally deliver our food within 30 minutes, with parallel programs in other parts of the world. We should get a $10 discount on all first-party Nintendo titles for 3DS. Finally, we should all get free eye check-ups to see if the 3D is making us blind!

Nah, just kidding. I'm VERY happy with the 20 free games. Even if the other ones are not as good, the GBA games in particular include some real gems that either I haven't played or that I sold a long time ago and now miss. I just have to remember to be careful with WarioWare, because that game caused my first repetitive motion injury ever from heavy d-pad use!



Moco_Loco commented on Iwata Shoulders Blame for Low 3DS Sales, Cuts ...:

It's interesting to me that the overall tone of the comments on IGN have been much more positive. I give Iwata credit for doing this, and I like that he takes the blame as the leader even if he wasn't solely responsible for poor sales.

This experience should be good for Nintendo, as they were showing definite signs of arrogance. Hopefully they will get more competitive with their pricing all around (maybe Mario Kart DS can finally get a price drop before 7 comes out?), as well as their services (online gaming, Club Nintendo, online community, etc.).

Regardless of any pet peeves I have, I love Nintendo games and respect them both for taking bold risks and being willing to take responsibility for their mistakes. I think the 3DS will be fine once the killer apps start coming out for it, but Nintendo has weathered storms like this before and still managed to be modestly profitable thanks to software sales. They should be fine, but ultimately they are an entertainment company. If one source of entertainment ends, like a favorite TV show, I'll usually still find some other way to unwind in my limited free time.



Moco_Loco commented on From April to June, Nintendo Only Sold 700,000...:

I wonder if the DSi systems will also get a price drop, or if they'll keep them the same to make the 3DS the better deal. I always had a feeling they could still make a profit if they dropped the price by $50, but I wasn't expecting this big of a price drop.

At its original price, the 3DS was out of reach for most people and wasn't really a good value, especially with the low amount of quality content currently available other than DS games. I love my 3DS (got one after doing some extra work after the school year ended), but all the cancellations were starting to get to me.

Now if someone would just figure out that $39.99 really is too much for portable games unless they are AAA titles with tons of content, we would be all set....



Moco_Loco commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

I have a feeling that those GBA games will eventually find their way to the 3DS VC. All they said was that they currently have no plans to release them. I'm sure those plans will change.

I also have a feeling that all the games that weren't specified in the announcement will be second-tier, but I'm OK with that. I am always grateful for free games, and I honestly wasn't expecting NES games to show up at all if they weren't 3D Classics.



Moco_Loco commented on Nintendo Download: 21st July 2011 (North America):

I would actually start watching Nintendo Week again if they at least put it on the eShop for streaming. So far all the game videos have played much better on my 3DS than my Wii. Though it is a little weird to read that 3D images can only be displayed on a 3DS system when I am on one, but I guess they haven't figured out 3D streaming video.



Moco_Loco commented on Nintendo Download: 21st July 2011 (North America):

You know, I was joking when I declared the 3DS VC dead. I think they just wanted to hignlight Xevious this week. Too bad I already have the DS port and don't really like it! Also, they really have removed Nintendo Video from the eShop. There is an announcement in the news section instead.



Moco_Loco commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

It's your fault the game was cancelled. If your iPhone 4 loses reception, it's your fault because you're holding it wrong. If your Xbox 360 got the red rings of death, it's your fault for not aiming seventeen fans directly at it in a well-ventilated area.



Moco_Loco commented on Pyramids is a New Game Coming to the 3DS eShop:

I don't feel like every 3DS title needs to focus on 3D. It still looks better than an equivalent DSi game would. Enjoy Gaming doesn't have the greatest track record, but this one looks somewhat interesting.



Moco_Loco commented on Review: Game & Watch Gallery (3DS Virtual Cons...:

@nick_gc: You're probably looking at the DSi versions of the Game & Watch games, which I believe are pretty much the same as the originals. This game is a re-release of a Game Boy collection of these games, including the original version (minus color) of each game and a remake featuring Mario characters.



Moco_Loco commented on Sorry, Looks Like Netflix Isn't Getting 3D Movies:

Speaking of 3D movies, didn't Iwata imply in 2010 that they would be available for purchase on the 3DS? Maybe I misunderstood, but I just seem to remember him citing movies that would be coming to it (not long after mentioning the Saint's Row vaporware)....

I love Nintendo's games, but it astounds me how they are unable to keep up with current trends in media services. If the system had launched with 3D movie capabilities BEFORE phones with 3D started coming out, they might have had better sales after launch week.

I guess it's understandable since they are primarily a gaming company (and ALL of their competition is multimedia), but I'm starting to think they need to partner with another company to help with their online and multimedia services.



Moco_Loco commented on Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy Vanishes into th...:

Whether or not I would have bought this title, it bugs me that the impressive list of titles announced for 3DS after E3 2010 seem to be slowly turning into vaporware. I know it was just a list of titles in development at that time, but that list is part of what got me excited for it.

On the other hand, the upcoming first-party line-up is impressive, and I'm at least intrigued by some of the third-party stuff coming up in the fall and winter.



Moco_Loco commented on Netflix Arrives on 3DS in North America Tomorrow:

@42: the prices are actually going up in part because of competition from other companies. Now that there are other streaming services available, the movie and television studios are now offering their content to the highest bidder.



Moco_Loco commented on Review: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters ...:

Excellent review. Unfortunately, movie games have to be released alongside the movies, which usually translates into rushed development. Even the best developers usually don't have time to create something truly good in the time they are given. There are exceptions, of course, but they are rare.

BTW, at the end of paragraph 6 (if I counted right) "anythong" should be "anything."