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Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Freshen Up

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tom Whitehead's frustrated at the untapped potential of the Virtual Console

OK, I'll join the club and say it. The Wii U and, to a degree, the 3DS Virtual Console are becoming rather frustrating, stale affairs. There's something odd that, years after working through the NES library on the Wii, we're now doing it all over again, despite the fact the Wii Shop is right there on our shiny Wii U. We're not necessarily talking about 8-bit classics, either — very soon I'll write a review of Urban Champion on the Wii U eShop. That's a game that won't go away, now enjoying its third re-release if you count the 3D Classics version. Good grief.

And this is an off-the-cuff Soapbox, which I guess is the point of this style of article and ideal for a gamer that's just spent a part of his Saturday playing Urban Champion. Urban. Champion. I love Nintendo and admire so much about the company, but this release frustrates me. The question is simple — why were resources dedicated to preparing Urban Champion for the Wii U store? Even if it took one staff member a short amount of time, it was still a waste.

I will make some key points in defence of Nintendo and the Virtual Console, at this stage. We shouldn't pretend, though it's easier to do so, that releasing a retro game on the Virtual Console is as simple as hitting a button and uploading a ROM. Nintendo holds its service to higher standards, which in the case of the Wii U and 3DS means adding save state and restore features, as well as digital manuals. There are processes to follow and resources to be applied, so we can't have a constant flow of all the best games that we want.

And of course, we've not just had NES games, even if it feels like that in recent times. On the 3DS we've had some fantastic Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, while the SEGA Game Gear has made the odd cameo here and there. There have been treats on the Wii U too, with some Super NES gold-standard releases and, lest we forget, the much-anticipated EarthBound. The manner of that release — it was dropped onto the store as a surprise after a Nintendo Direct — may have split opinion, and I agree a sustained marketing campaign could have been effective, but Nintendo's shock and awe tactic was also thrilling. Social networks and this site exploded with excitement once it dawned on us that the revered RPG was finally being reborn. That was the very definition of what the Virtual Console should achieve, and as I write this it's the third highest all-time seller on the Wii U eShop in the UK.

We shouldn't forget, too, that the Wii and — to an extent — the 3DS have achieved that buzz fairly regularly. When the Wii Virtual Console emerged we not only had a chance to own legitimate and licensed downloads of classic NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 games for practically the first time, but also SEGA titles and releases from systems many of us never dreamt of owning, such as the Neo Geo. There were plenty of duds, just as there are in modern game lineups, but there were classics spilling out regularly enough that the rejects didn't matter. The early days of the 3DS VC had some thrills, too, and on a personal level I never owned any Game Boy systems (all spare money went on our Mega Drive and PC games), so was all over options such as Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.

The 3DS VC has, I think, had a little slump, but that's more a personal perspective that I think can be disputed fairly easily — NES games are available on a portable for the first time. What I think is largely beyond dispute is that the Wii U VC needs to improve. We've had EarthBound, fantastic. We had some awesome bargains in the Famicom Anniversary promotion, which was pleasing to see. But there are three notable issues that have plagued the retro platform since it got underway in April; repetition, lack of diversity, and purchasing options.

Let's tackle the first two as one combined issue. The releases so far would have created a buzz with the Wii Virtual Console, and they did, but that's the problem. Take EarthBound out of the equation and we've seen it all before, and some of the games re-released are mediocre at best. The lack of diversity is simply down to us being re-served the NES and Super NES, and nothing else as yet. Granted, the Wii's VC needed time to diversify, but do we have to do the same dance all over again on fresh hardware? What's not clear is whether this is a strategic decision by Nintendo or whether third-parties that brought such vibrancy to the Wii are less inclined to do so on the Wii U's service. Whichever it is we have a problem, as we're being drip-fed the same games and occasional clangers.

The elephant in the room is the GameCube, meanwhile, as messaging before the Wii U launched suggested there was desire within Nintendo to bring some of the system's games to the console. The silence has been deafening, however, and it's not clear exactly what's happening — are there emulation issues, or concerns over the lack of analogue triggers on the Wii U's control options? We've had The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and unsurprising suggestions that more HD remakes may appear in the future, so do those combinations essentially scupper the hope of having GameCube games on the Wii U eShop? The Wii supported GameCube discs and went up to the Nintendo 64 on the VC; if the Wii U plays Wii games but doesn't get as far as the GameCube in its VC, it'd be a pity.

So a generation could be lost, from that perspective. We have the promise of Game Boy Advance games coming to the Wii U Virtual Console, which could be a pleasing extra — naturally the 3DS seems the more natural home, as it was for Ambassadors that received 10 free GBA games; perhaps the GBA is the easy option as opposed to grappling with the GameCube. But forgetting new platforms, we could at least do with more diversity in our repetition, as a bare minimum. If we're going to loop around and duplicate the Wii VC while waiting for new content, it'd be pleasing to at least have some N64, Neo Geo and Arcade titles thrown in. As mentioned above, it's perhaps more difficult now to mobilise third-parties to re-release retro games.

And then we have the third point from above, purchasing options. I haven't bought games like Super Mario World on the Wii U because I don't want to pay full price again. I don't think I'm being cheap — but feel free to accuse me of that if you so desire — but simply want to access the promotional price to "upgrade" my version. I support the idea of an upgrade price — Nintendo's entitled to charge for a service — but not the way it's currently setup. I have a Wii with hundreds of pounds worth of downloads, and I don't want to shift the whole lot in the transfer process and have the inevitable messing about re-downloading games that don't successfully transition across — I like having my Wii with content, and shouldn't have to nuke it and wipe it clean just to get a cheaper copy of a SNES classic; I'm rather attached to it, frankly. The issue is simply the process, which insists that all content is transferred at once; that's frustrating.

There's an argument that we shouldn't even have to buy games more than once, but simply redownload and transfer from one to another. The lack of a coherent account system stops that from happening, as we can't simply login, download SMW on our Wii U and see it automatically disabled on the Wii, and vice-versa. That's the reality of what we have right now, but I hold out hope that Nintendo will join practically every other major device tech company and resolve this in the future. It wouldn't surprise me if a number of the recent Virtual Console releases have been struggling, nevertheless, as those of us with limited disposable income don't necessarily want to pay for the same content multiple times; as I said above, though, I'd pay an upgrade price if the process was more accommodating.

With the Wii U nearly a year old and the Virtual Console over six months into its life, highlights on the service have been modest. In recent weeks we've seen titles like Urban Champion, City Connection, and Baseball, among others. Hopefully it'll be weeks and months before exciting and improved offerings arrive, as opposed to years; with such a rich library to share, the Virtual Console should pick up momentum sooner rather than later.

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MasterBlue said:

I think that Nintendo needs to put games on the Virtual Console that people actually remember and want to play. The Virtual Console won't be anything special until Nintendo puts all of the Nintendo 64 games back on the roster and start optimizing the Wii U for GameCube games



Rafie said:

AGREED!!! I hate the fact that Nintendo has all of these great games at their disposal, but choose to use games that's already on the Wii and hasn't even touched the 64 or GameCube yet. I hope they realize the fans want to see more 64 and GC games. Heck even more SNES games that's not on the Wii already. Please Nintendo!



WebHead said:

I agree. Nintendo sure is taking their time with the VC releases lol. Sadly, Wii U VC probably won't start getting N64 games until next year. Same with GBA and probably Genesis games.



Samurai_Goroh said:

The lack of any non-Nintendo consoles on Wii U VC is really disturbing. Where's Mega Drive and Turbografx? I suppose SEGA and Konami wouldn't oppose to make a small profit at virtually no cost. They just have to re-upload the ROMs and adapt the emulators from Wii, how hard is that?



AirElephant said:

I think Nintendo needs to go the route of the PS+ and XBOX Gold programs, I really do. Put Nintendo's back catalog on a subscription model that also gives players enhanced online play, a shared library (why CAN'T I play the same NES VC title on my 3DS XL as I can on my Wii-U without paying extra?!), and a consistent roll-out of new titles.

Nintendo desperately wants the Wii-U to take off. To do so, it is already talking about farming more of its back catalog, including making HD updates of N64 titles. Imagine what a vast library of playable VC titles, available as a subscription on the 3DS and Wii-U, would do to stave off the encroachment from phone and tablet games would do.



SCAR said:

I've already played alot of the classics, so I don't really mind. It's a given that we all want more VC. I think it's people that haven't played them before and are looking for older titles(like new players) that are the ones actually missing out.

You can't really expect Nintendo to flood the eShop with more new VC titles, though. Everyone would just buy those and call it a day. No one would have probably thought anything of Spelunker or some other obscure NES game if it was mixed in with a popular Nintendo VC game.

There are reasons why they don't just dump the Wii Shop onto the Wii U eShop, but I do expect most of them will be there eventually.



AirElephant said:

Oh, and the releases are horrendous this past month. I've bought quite a few VC titles, but nothing (NOTHING) interests me and paying $5 for an ancient NES Pinball game with one table? You are kidding me, right? Nostalgia only carries a man so far. Eventually he wants sustenance.

We have hordes of amazing, unreleased games like Crystalis, Space Megaforce, and HORDES of old arcade games that players aren't paying a dime for right now but are instead emulating via MAME or other programs. Would it really be that hard for Nintendo and third parties to work something out? Even $1 per game is better than $0.



Jese_1 said:

I think my issue with the Wii U VC isn't the fact that the N64 and Game Boy Advance games still have to come. My issue is that, while the NES and SNES have some amazing games, they simply haven't been released for download. I will gladly buy games that I want to play, but I'm not going to pay premium prices for games like Pinball. I do actually get bringing Game Boy Advance titles to the Wii U - whilst they may look a bit strange on the TV, it could actually be quite a clever marketing strategy for the Gamepad.

On the 3DS front, what's disappointing is that it had such a good start. I loved the chance to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, both those that I'd owned in the past and others I'd never heard of. The problem now is that the 3DS VC just seems to have become a dumping ground for NES games. I have no issue with NES games on the handheld, but personally I'd rather have NES games on my Wii U and handheld games on my handheld. The choice would be nice.

All I actually would like to see for my systems is a little consistency. By all means bring out the early NES games, there might be some people who have nostalgic connections to some of them. But at the same time, bring out some of the better games that showcase what made these earlier consoles, both home and handheld, the monsters that they were. There was a reason Nintendo beat Sega out all those years ago, but that reason certainly wasn't Urban Champion.



Geonjaha said:

While growing up, outside of PC games I only played handheld ones. That means that GB/GBC/GBA games were a lot of what I ended up playing. The fact that the 3DS VC releases have pretty much become exclusively NES games just bothers me, especially considering the fact that GBA games have been confirmed for the Wii U, and not the 3DS.

I still hold out hope of other publishers releasing their old games on the 3DS VC service (C'mon Square Enix!), but without them there isnt much to look forward to unless GBA games are indeed coming.



WingedSnagret said:

Nintendo really needs to step up their game (pun unintended). They want the Wii U to sell? Well $5 NES pinball games ain't gonna do it.



NintyMan said:

I completely agree with everything Tom said. Besides Earthbound, I've never had a serious interest in buying and getting a game from the Wii U VC. It's odd that Nintendo would have to add all these games from the Wii VC to the Wii U VC once again. They should have done it like the DSiWare games on the 3DS eShop. Most if not all of those are on the 3DS eShop now because Nintendo just carried them over rather than release a few of them weekly. I guess a reason why this hasn't been done with Nintendo VC games is because the vast majority of DSiware is from indies, who are probably handled differently than third-parties like Capcom and Square-Enix.

I used to be convinced that GameCube games were coming, but that idea has been unfortunately growing dimmer as time passes. On a personal level, I don't really need Gamecube VC games anyway because I still have all of my favorites in their physical form and I still have a functioning original model Wii in my room to play them, but this would've been a nice feature for someone unable to have all that.

So, unfortunately, I'm simply not interested in the Wii U VC, and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon.



Mytoemytoe said:

SNES should be on 3DS and N64 should be on Wii U, period.

Nintendo has no idea what it's doing with online and sales, still, after all these years. Incredible, but okay. They should be releasing an N64 title every 6 weeks, and dual-play SNES titles for 3DS and Wii U. Unified accounts need to arrive and incorporate this immediately.

Nintendo messed up the Wii Virtual Console's capacity for profits and I think they're messing this one up, too.



Vee_Flames said:

Hmm.. Put an account system, put Gamecube and co. VC, lower the price and I'll be happy.
... . . . .
Er... not that I might take advantage of it, anyway...



Peach64 said:

The Virtual Console could be such a huge thing, but Nintendo are more interested in squeezing every penny out of it. It would be so good if it worked like PSN, you buy the game once and it works on everything. So anything I'd bought on Wii, I also have on Wii U and 3DS for the one price. If they got that right, I wouldn't have a problem with the fact it's rather on the expensive side. I wanted to play Super Hang-On recently, and would have preferred it on the Wii with my other games from that era, but it's more than twice the price on the VC compared to what it is on PSN, and on XBLA you get 3 games for the price it costs on VC (although it's a forced bundle which I don't like).



renaryuugufan92 said:

the only VC game I purchased on the Wii U eshop was Earthbound other than that theres not much there, especially if you already got a array of games on the old Wii VC library..



XFsWorld said:

People would buy a Wii U to play 64 & Gamecube games. Anywayz Nintendo don't listen to their fans.



seronja said:

they should bring rareware classics despite M$ owning the company, you can't tell me that you can't make a deal and share some profits with M$... i want killer instinct & killer instinct gold on the Wii U VC PERIOD! also why there isn't GBA & neo-geo pocket colour games for 3DS VC & no n64, gamecube, dreamcast, saturn, genesis & neo-geo games for Wii U VC? it's obvious that we want them so why not put them? also we have to get mother 1&2 translated in english and release it to EU e-shop it's just a must!



AirElephant said:


Exactly. When you have a highly sophisticated emulator like Dolphin, engineered WITHOUT access to the actual code, running quite a bit of the software and allowing game saves and a emulated controllers, there's no excuse for a billion-dollar company like Nintendo not to have coded their emulator in a similar fashion. The translation of each title simply cannot take them that long, nor cost them that much. There has to be a strategy in play that we're simply unable to see.



Matthew94 said:

>There are processes to follow and resources to be applied, so we can't have a constant flow of all the best games that we want.

Not if they programmed a cycle perfect emulator, a few of which already exist for x86 systems. They could do the same for the WiiU CPU. Then you'd have perfect emulation for every game.



idork99 said:

I just recently purchased a Wii U and bought a handful of NES, SNES from the Wii U eShop at the discounted price since I had all these titles on the Wii and transferred them over. I wanted to purchase to see how they played on the game pad screen. After playing a bit with the titles, I decided that it wasn't worth the $1.00-1.50 to repurchase. All you get is the ability to play on the game pad, save points, and Miiverse support. Also, I don't like the slight lag on the controls when playing on the game pad. Very annoying!

From now on, I'm only planning to buy games that are not on my Wii Virtual Console and original download only titles from the Wii U eShop. Retail games I'll still purchase at stores.



CanisWolfred said:

As someone who has had high hopes for the Virtual Console since the beginning, and has followed it closely, I think I can safely say that you are far from alone in your frustrations.



OGGamer said:

I agree with this article and would like to add a few other things . The wii VC had some great games from sega genesis and turbo grafix 16 or duo . Alien soldier , MUSHA , gate of thunder , Lords of thunder etc.. so many more to mention . Why doesn't nintendo just bring the whole wii VC catalogue over? If they do that they can concentrate on making other games available that were not on the original VC .

There is a wide variety of games from other systems that would be great to have on the wii U . Sega saturn , Sega dreamcast and the aforementioned Gamecube would be awesome on the Wii U . I wouldn't mind having panzer dragoon , or , radiant silvergun (especially since both of my 360's red ringed with RS on them , screw microsoft consoles) or fzero gx or marvel vs capcom 2 , the list goes on . It's not like the Wii U is in capable of handling games from these systems . Very disappointed (so far) in the Wii U VC . Hopefully Nintendo changes things .



unrandomsam said:

They don't have that high standards. (At least in the ways that matter - accuracy). They seem to have started using those awful filters as well. (Only acceptable thing to do is double pixels). On the Wii the N64 emulation was a joke.

The choices they made with the 3DS XL (And I presume the original) mean DS games look a right mess.

I am not interested in changing either until they do something about the latency. (What I really would want is something I could test side by side with a SNES connected with RGB scartt. Ideally RGB scart again from the Analog output. Everything identical.

The way Nintendo did their 60hz PAL releases was extremely shoddy. (Akin to what you get if you plug a real SNES in with an N64 / Gamecube / Wii RGB scart cable. The proper PAL SNES one has extra resistors which fixes the colours). It is exactly the same as what I get if I plug my SNES in using a wii RGB cable.



Freelance said:

I sort of agree, but then they put two of my most requested games back to back (Revenge of the 'Gator and Star Soldier) on the 3DS Eshop...



unrandomsam said:

@OGGamer Some of those filters have ruined stuff like M.U.S.H.A / Gate of Thunder. (Rondo of Blood / Bomberman '94 are perfect by comparison). The excuses like they care about emulation quality don't wash with me. (No interest in gimmicks just whether it is as accurate as possible. bsnes (was ?) one guy with no documentation. Nintendo should be able to do better or pay somebody who can with full documentation).



DerpSandwich said:

Nintendo's handling of the VC so far has been preposterous. Completely unheard of in the rest of the gaming world. Too bad there will always be enough people to buy Mario games seventeen times so that Nintendo never has to change.



sleepinglion said:

I loved this article and really appreciated reading it as it is something thas has irked me for months.
We sound off in MiiVerse, politely write Nintendo with our concerns, use the comment sections in Club Nintendo surveys to be heard on this issue and Nintendo shoots Pinball and Baseball our way. And Urban Champion. And Clu-Clu-Land. And Golf. In the interests of a diverse library these releases should have been broken up by some SNES classics, N64 titles, etc., to get fans excited about the VC releases each week. Now it's more like waiting to see what oldies we can laugh at next, not because the games are awful but because there is a vast library of other titles, more IN DEMAND titles that don't seem to be getting any priority.



unrandomsam said:

Anything where they could put in a bit of effort they never do.

i.e giving us the proper Famicom music for Castlevania III.



Goginho said:

Agreed! Nintendo needs to realize they could make much more money if they hurry up with this, which would help them in the future I assume, that is, if they can hurry up. Now I don't know much about that, but I suspect it's not that difficult, that we basically only get one decent VC game a month.
Backing my point up, I personally see all these games on the VC, which are fine and all, but Nintendo knows what the crowd wants. I can get some of these games to pass some time, but I'm on a budget and therefore am holding off for the ones I really want. I had a habit of picking up shovelware and cheap, little games that amuse me for a short period of time, but I realized that I need to save in order to be able to purchase the games I actually, really want, so I broke that habit and haven't bought anything from the eShop/VC in a while, since I wait for the big hitters.'s basically a lose-lose situation for Nintendo from my side, and I can imagine many others. They're putting out all these mediocre games on the VC that most don't really want to pick up, because everybody expects the Marios, the Zeldas, the heavy hitters basically. If they'd get those out of the way first, then I can see and judge how much I would be willing to spend on the more mediocre games.

That being said, I'm not giving my money anymore for titles I feel are not worth it. I used to, but now I am going to nicely wait, thus Nintendo will not get my money for weak, mediocre games from the eShop and VC. This is not a deliberate protest or boycott or anything, just that I only have so much to spend, and I'd rather wait and spend it on worthwhile gems.

Good day



Imagine23 said:

Is it too hard to focus on making new games while uploading old ones at the same time?
I think I speak for everyone when I say that I've been waiting for DK 64 to be on the VC forever



marnelljm said:

I agree with a previous commenter. SNES on the 3DS and N64 on the Wii U. I find it very troubling that they continue to fail to see how much money there is to be made, as well as not pleasing the fans. Besides the release of Mega Man 1-6 on the 3DS VC and redeeming coins for Zelda, I won't give them any more business until they actually release something they haven't released before. MEGA MAN X3. Make it happen.



unrandomsam said:

I wouldn't mind it being slow if there was the real effort being put in. (Akin to what was done for the 3D Classics. Removing all instances of slowdown / bugs and sprite flicker. Making sure it was the ultimate version).

Akin to what Sega did for the Saturn Sega Ages at first with the great Megadrive games. (If you look at the Thunderforce Games they are basically the same games but all the problems are fixed).

The RRP for Nights into Dreams is £5.99 and it has been fixed for Widescreen (With the option for the Saturn visuals).



TromaDogg said:

@Atariboy Agreed. Once the games are rated by the ESRB/PEGI/etc, then it should be easy to just get them on the VC as all the stuff for save states and other features is already done via the emulator that's in place. Nintendo has dropped the ball massively with VC on Wii U. It wasn't the greatest ever service on the original Wii either, but look at where that was a year after the Wii launched compared to where the Wii U VC is nearly a year after Wii U launched. Massive difference.



Zael said:

there are games for super famicom like ys 4 and 5, popful mail , fire emblem, street gangs 2 and 3, shin megami etc. never localized, they waste time on nes urban champion and baseball and don't realize that the vc needs some fresh roms of great games
Also other vc like amiga 500 (we had commodore 64), sega cd or 32x etc
The wii u vc at the moment is bad.
You have the same games on wii shop and earthbound has been the only new title in 6 months
about n64 i think that, considering microsoft bought rare, it's difficult to think about an improvement of the line up of roms
This is the last time I update a vc on a nintendo console.
If in the future they will release a new nintendo console with a new vc then I will not buy roms anymore because it is absurd to rebuy all the roms every time
I admit new games but not games like urban champion etc



jpfan1989 said:

I dont like the separation of Wii and wiiu mode, why do my transferred games have to continue to reside on the sd card an a tiny fraction of simulated Wii memory space? Why cant it be the same as with the 3DS? 3DS can access and play all dsi game straight from the main menu.
the dsi shop is separate from the 3DS Eshop isn't it? Yet all dsi ware is live on the 3ds eshop why cant the same be said for Wii and wiiu? Wouldn't it have been possible to allow the original VC hardware and wiiware to exist on the main menu with the gamepad acting as a classic controller.



Zael said:

I add one more thing
a nds vc on wii u would be revolutionary
If you have 2 scrren then at least use them in a sensate way
3ds got home console vc, I don't understand why the opposite isn't possible
I think it would help also the wii u sales



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

You hit the nail on the ol head Tommy. Out of everything you discussed, I'd say not having a unified account system is their biggest problem right now. Integrating a system where users could tie any and all their Wii U's and 3DS' together would be a huge step forward for Nintendo.



unrandomsam said:

@marnelljm They already have the Gamecube Megaman X Collection - that should pretty much work unmodified. With some small effort they could put each one of those on to the eshop. (Like what they did for Streetfighter 2 Turbo HD Remix / Final Fight Double Impact.) Super Ghouls and Ghosts they have a fixed version so they should have either released that just on the eshop or fixed the rom. (Or overclocked the emulator or whatever made it work it work right).



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

You did mention something I've also seen as a problem for GameCube games on the Wii U, however. The GamePad doesn't have analogue triggers, so making those games playable on the GamePad is probably a no go. The Wii U Controller Pro does have analogue triggers, if I'm not mistaken, so one of those would probably be required to play certain GameCube games on the Wii U VC. I have one, so it's not a big deal, but playing them on the GamePad would have been nice. Sure, they could redo the controls, but pressure sensitive triggers are needed for some games.



zeldazero said:

Hell yeah, Crystalis was definitely a hidden gem on NES that I would be willing to buy instantly. I'd love all the final fantasy's and dragon quest games as well



unrandomsam said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd There are not that many that use it. (Or in a such a way that it couldn't be emulated well). Capcom vs SNK uses it (Breaking one of the more common Gamecube Fightsticks). Megaman X Collection doesn't use it at all. (Which means if you want to use that for dash it doesn't start until you get the click half way down which isn't very good). F Zero GX doesn't use it. (Dunno about when those AX Controls are enabled what happens then.)

Fairly sure the pro controller doesn't have them. (Seen a mayflash thing that converts a wii U pro controller to a 360 controller but the triggers don't work.)



Bliquid said:

Very good article, congrats. I agrre with you all the way.
I just would like to comment about this part :
"The lack of a coherent account system stops that from happening, as we can't simply login, download SMW on our Wii U and see it automatically disabled on the Wii, and vice-versa."
Besides the fact that i'm holding from buying digital due to the unforgivable lack of a unified account (and i said this waaay before many ppl on this site started to realize that this IS an issue), you shoudn't even speak about enabling/disabling,
Thing is, when you buy a digital product, you buy a license to use it.
Thus it is your right to use it on every device that is able to reproduce it, as long as you are logged with the account that purchased it.



Luke8400 said:

GameCube, and better yet, Dreamcast games on the VC would be a huge get for Nintendo. This needs to happen sooner rather than later. I don't know why they're still peddling NES games, particularly given that it's still so easy to softmod in Wii mode. As of now, the offerings on the Wii VC are more interesting than on the Wii U, aside from one game (Earthbound). From day one, that should not have been the case.



marnelljm said:

@unrandomsam Has to be the SNES version of X3 though. The music in X3 in the gamecube/ps2 version is from the psx/Saturn port. HORRIBLE. If you don't believe me go on YouTube and compare the music from Mega man X3 intro stage on both versions. SNES is that 16 bit amazing metal sound were used to hearing from that era. The other version is just jumbled techno remix garbage. Anyhow, they already released X and X2 in the past, so there should be no problem releasing X3. The actual cart costs upwards of $180....



sinalefa said:

I recently bought another 3DS, an XL, so I can see the unified system thing for VC and downloadable games. I will keep buying games on my old Cosmo Black, because I don't want a mess of which systems have which games.

Same as why I haven't transferred my Wii downloads to my Wii U. I don't want to take the games off my Wii, I would rather back them up on my U. Or just move some of them.

I want to buy Real Bout, but I would rather get it on the Wii U right away. Not buy, transfer, repeat. Or wait forever for it to show on the eShop.



Jazzer94 said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd Pro controller doesn't have analogue triggers unfortunately.

My thoughts on the Wii U VC is that the rate of games being released is to slow and not diverse enough we don't need 3 versions of SF2 just put the best version instead of releasing all the final fights at once release one and two different games. Nintendo also need to have more console options available asap Nes and Snes are great don't get me wrong but every update feels stale due to the lack of variety on offer.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@unrandomsam I was mistaken on the Wii U Pro Controller. The triggers have some give so I assumed they were analogue, and that is why you don't assume, and always leave a note. So, you listed 3 games, one that requires analogue triggers and two that don't. There are hundreds upon hundreds of other games, some of which undoubtedly require it. I never said it was impossible, it's just a hurdle for Nintendo. I'm not sure listing those 3 games was necessary, especially when one of them is merely a classic collection of games not even originally made for the GameCube.

Hey @Jazzer94 How about you give me some time to reply before piling on?



gojiguy said:

After the last Wii U firmware update, I have no reason whatsoever to buy Wii U VC games, even if they were free I wouldn't bother.

I can now play properly res'd classics on my Wii U Gamepad without any "soft filtering" that plagues Wii U VC games.

Frankly, I don't see any reason to buy Wii U VC games. Save states aren't that exciting a feature to justify paying for. Though button config is good.

I'd really only be enticed to buy Wii U VC games if they brought over all of the consoles like NEO GEO, Arcade, Genesis, TG-16, etc and tossed online into some of the better games like The Last Blade and Bomberman 94.

Outside of that... I'm fine with booting up Wii mode to play a MUCH larger selection of VC games.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@unrandomsam Right, and a lot of games where pressure sensitive analogue triggers control how fast or slow the avatar moves, ect... Like I said, it's not a huge deal, but it will require some extra work for Nintendo.



Yasume said:

Why can't we all admit that Nintendo sucks ***** these days. Take the fanboy out of you for a second and just admit it. We are all sick of their stubbornness, ridiculous pricing policy and lack of good games. Fire Emblem: Awakening is the only good game from the past 3 years and the Wii U isn't even worth mentioning. I continue to return to this site to find reasons to support Nintendo, but I leave it with disappointed and frustrated sighs every single time. Have been a fan since 1994, but I'm fed up with their crap and I'd think that most of you guys would agree with me.

Steam and Playstation are the best gaming platforms out there right now. You can't deny it.



Jazzer94 said:

@Yasume I think your forgetting Kid Icarus Uprising and to a lesser extent Pikmin 3, have to agree I like Sony/Playstation as well not so much steam cause I like having physical copies.



unrandomsam said:

I still think it is a concious decision to try and help the indies making stuff that is nowhere near the quality of the older stuff Nintendo could put on.

I wish Nintendo would put some of the DS games that are out of print new but pretty good and heavily counterfeited on as well. (Or find some way of getting rid of the scammers from Amazon. Some of them the only ones that it is fairly certain are genuine are at double the RRP but from still unknown 3rd parties.) There are others that only had a small print run that it was unknown by most (So it was considered a flop) at the time how good they were so they are not available except at massively inflated prices as well. If I buy something like that (Which I have done a few times not recently due to concerns of legitimacy though I was lucky). It is the price of 2 retail 3DS games and none is going to the Developer Publisher or Nintendo. (And it was probably bought dirt cheap in the first place.)

Or some other solution that protects the consumer from the risk and gets Nintendo something out of it as well.



Sgt_Garlic said:

Agreed. It's a joke. Why does Nintendo think anybody wants to buy these early crappy NES games, for $5 no less? We probably won't get N64 and GBA games until next year.



MundaneName said:

"There's an argument that we shouldn't even have to buy games more than once, but simply redownload and transfer from one to another. The lack of a coherent account system stops that from happening, as we can't simply login, download SMW on our Wii U and see it automatically disabled on the Wii, and vice-versa."

It's been said before and it'll be said again and again until Nintendo get it right; the lack of an account system like that of Sony and Microsoft is utterly stupid.
I love Nintendo and always have but it's true.

Sony have got it right. I can buy a Playstation one game on my PSP and also play it on my PS3 if it's connected to the same account. The same goes for the Vita which can also play a lot of PSP games too.
I adore my 3DS and the system occupies most of my time I spend gaming nowadays. I've had just about every Nintendo handheld and, like every other Nintendo handheld I've had before it, it has a pocket reserved for it in my bag and it is with me everywhere.
That being said, if it was to break and there was no way to retrieve my games I wouldn't buy another. I've piled hundreds of pounds into that little device and would be willing to buy another if it broke and there was a way to redownload my games, but there isn't.

Also, why're we still expected to get excited about NES games coming out for 3DS in the first place!? Does nobody else find it ridiculous that we've had a portable SNES (the GBA two handheld generations ago) and we still can't buy SNES games on the 3DS eShop. While I'm whining, could we not get some GBA games? Would it be to much to ask for some classic N64 games? We know the system is more than capable of it.
I understand that it's probably to try and shift more Wii U units as it's a unique selling point of the console but... it still seems a bit daft to me.

Anyway... Rant over.



EarthboundBenjy said:

N64 games should be top priority in my opinion, since old SNES and Mega Drive games still look good today, but anything on the N64 looks like a blurry mess on modern TV equipment. Comparing Virtual Console N64 games to the original cartridges, there's just no contest that it looks better on the Wii.



ScorpionMG said:

Totally agreed, only games i like on VC are Super mario bros, Super Metroid and Earthbound.



unrandomsam said:

@EarthboundBenjy No way. RGB Scart real SNES looks better on a CRT. The scanlines are part of the look. The way Nintendo did things makes some parts look wrong. Even more so because with a US Wii you have to use svideo. (And most of the PAL stuff on the VC is 50hz). To make the older stuff look right on an LCD requires real effort.



ajcismo said:

All I know is Ninty has the greatest back catalog of games from literally a dozen systems they own the rights to. The technology is there, the vast goldmine of games is waiting to be tapped and exploited, what the f is Nintendo waiting for? I imagine the Wii U would be taken more seriously and sell more units if it were marketed as a console that had the ability to play most of Nintendo's games from the beginning NES on through the 'Cube. Iwata is dropping the ball on this and is one of the reasons its time for him to go.



EarthboundBenjy said:


I know that old systems look best on CRT. I also think they're completely adequate on a HDTV if you use RGB scart, except for the N64 which I can only stand to look at either on a CRT, or using the Wii's Virtual Console.
I have a PAL Mega Drive, PAL SNES and JP-region Sega Saturn set up to the HDTV via RGB scarts, and they all look good enough for me.



tsm7 said:

I think it's fair to say the Wii U virtual console is bad. Nintendo set it's own precedent with the Wii. The virtual console wasn't at launch but when it was up and running a few months later, there were three games every week. I'm sure many virtual console projects have been put on the back burner as Nintendo pushes major Wii U software.



zeldagaymer93 said:

Where the hell is Super Mario Bros 3? They said it was coming soon a few months back and haven't heard anything since. I don't get it.



Giygas_95 said:

I can't possibly agree more. The VC on the Wii U and 3DS has so much potential that's being brutally wasted. It's just frustrating. I mean the 3DS could handle SNES games and both systems could probably handle N64 and Gamecube games, yet they ignore that completely and take months to even release an NES classic like SMB3. Instead, they go with Urban Champion...

And I know it's been said thousands of times, but there needs to be an account system.



odd69 said:

Ive been screaming this fora while, but yet i looked like the bad guy.Its nice to see how many people agree



blondeandy said:

Completely agree with this, it is something that REALLY bugs me. On release of the Wii U the Virtual Console to date from Wii should just have been carried over and then built on with additional titles like earthbound and more from other consoles like Gamecube. I just don't get why we have to go back to the start with the VC, i'm currently with Super Mario RPG started and incarcerated in "wii-mode" where even if they do release it on wii u vc i can't carry my save over. The whole thing is poorly thought out...



Retrowire said:

This article has depressed me. I totally forgot that the Wii U lacks the analogue triggers necessary to emulate most of the Gamecube library.

Either way, I forgot where I read it, but the Wii U will be great as soon as Nintendo understands that they need to make the Wii U the ultimate Nintendo Box. It needs all the old classics in VC, it needs all the greatest Nintendo franchises. I really hope Nintendo is doing something. They've got the money to organize a department of people dedicated ENTIRELY to VC. Just do it!



retro_player_22 said:

One thing I don't like about Ninty Wii U VC is that instead of giving us some newer games every week, they had to restart the VC lineup again from the Wii and force gamer to re-buy them again. Another failure was the constant disappearance of other major and minor VC titles like the Donkey Kong Country games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many others. Why take away stuff people like if you want them to buy your console? I just don't get it.



ogo79 said:

maybe im missing something here, but you can upgrade for 1$ more for games that you had on your wii to wii u...
"I have a Wii with hundreds of pounds worth of downloads, and I don't want to shift the whole lot in the transfer process and have the inevitable messing about re-downloading games that don't successfully transition across"
is this a common problem for most people? im about to get a wii u just for throwing my wii vc games on it, so im trying to figure out whats going on



daveh30 said:

Not only is the lack of games and weird game choices disturbing, but the pricing scheme ood terrible. Games like Baseball should be $0.99 . They'd make more money at that pricepoint because people would actually download then. For a buck, I'd download it, enjoy an hour of nostalgia, and not feel ripped off. I'm not gonna pay $5 for something I'll never play. The 30th anniversary 30 cent sale was a perfect example. A game like Balloon Fight must've made them more money at that price than it has at $5. I'd love to have access to Nintendo's sales figures for those games.



daveh30 said:

@ogo79 he's saying he wants to keep some of his Wii vc games on the Wii. Theres no option to transfer just a few select games, it's all or nothing.



Hyperstar96 said:

NES games are available on a portable for the first time.

What about the Classic NES series on GBA?



WWammy said:

Yeah I haven't been interested in the Wii-U virtual console to be honest with the exception of Earthbound everything else I have already on the Wii.
I like playing the games that I never originally had and Wii Virtual console was great for that especially the NEO-GEO and Turbographx games.



Obito_Sigma said:

I don't understand why they don't mix two codings together and slap it on the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Consoles. How I see it, they just have to copy the coding from the Wii Virtual Console, copy the Wii U / 3DS Virtual Console interface template (e.g. Restore Points; Restart), and just put the two together with possibly 20 minutes of writing an in-game manual which they could use for both the Wii U and 3DS. Seriously, it can't be that hard, unless they actually redo the entire games which I honestly doubt if they were able to get tons of NES, SNES, and N64 games on the same day for the Wii Virtual Console debut.



miletich3 said:

What I'd like is the Wii Virtual Console games to simply move to the Wii U Virtual Console, doing away with the former. And yes, optimize the Wii U to play GCN games!



ShadowFox254 said:

Nintendo needs to release them and I'll buy them (simple as that). Also, they need to release the SNES of Star Fox.



boynerdrambling said:

I think its quite simple why the Wii U VC is kinda bad at the moment. Lower then expected sales of the console. Nintendo probably feels that they should hold back on those NES/ SNES games we'll all buy or upgrade to until theres a substantial number of console owners. As the console continues to rise they'll start giving us those bigger name games and add N64 GBA and a lot more formats to the roster.

I do think its about time they get the cross play sorted out and unified accounts. I'm on the fence about the pricing though. Would I like them to be cheaper? Sure. Do I want them to make money on the product since they are spending it to optimise the games plus sever space? Yes I do. There must be a sweet spot their somewhere. And i doubt its $6 or $11 Australian per game



Flowerlark said:

Agreed with everything Thomas has said. I got into video games kind of late for my age- I started with the Gamecube when I was in my late teens- and so immensely enjoyed VC games like Link's Awakening on my 3DS that I had missed when they were new. But the watered down stuff they give now? I have no nostalgia to power my purchases, and all I see is old shovelware, dotted with the odd game actually worth playing. I think that GBA games would be phenominal on the 3DS, even though I still have all my favourites and a GBA that still works great, I'd love to have them on my 3DS and have them all on one system without lugging the carts around everywhere. I can't see why nintendo deliberately won't give consumers a lot of what they want when ports should be fairly painless. It seems an odd practise for a company who's trying to make money. I'm getting more and more frustrated about it and probably would have switched over to Playstation, except that Nintendo's games are far more fun to me.



unrandomsam said:

@EarthboundBenjy The main problem I have with the Wii (I just got a US one as well) is svideo is much worse.

(I read many people saying it was almost the same but I cannot buy that).

All the PAL stuff is 50hz on the Wii. The ways of getting around it force me to use svideo. For Neo Geo I can force 60 (I do that for Ironclad that I bought on PAL when it said this is 60hz game).

I suppose it is different when you have never played a game before. (My PAL wii was upgraded or downgraded depending on how you look at it to a CRT after trying to play Super Mario RPG).

The better you know a game the more you notice it.



unrandomsam said:

I am quite happy with the way the 60hz - SNES / NES games that I have work on my PAL wii (Other than them just not bothering with whatever the resistors do in the proper SNES RGB scart cable). Makes it look washed out. (Same look that happens if I use a Wii scart cable on a SNES).



Paperluigi said:

Great article, and I totally agree. I have moved my Wii VC library to Wii U but I doubt all the upgrades will ever come. Ive only upgraded Super Mario World so far but where is Paper Mario, Majoras Mask, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger? I would love to play these games on the gamepad but Im begining to doubt this will ever happen. I also agree with the comments above about the poor NES releases in recent times. I couldnt give a hoot about pinball or even urban champion. We need top quality SNES, N64 and Gamecube releases. I would pay good money to play Paper Mario Thousand year door on the gamepad and what about super rare N64 titles like Star Craft? The Wii U Vc has sooooo much potential, lets hope Nintendo is listening.



unrandomsam said:

@EarthboundBenjy If I could get everything that the US eshop has in 60hz but usable over RGB scart to a CRT on my UK Wii (Or a US one for that matter) that would be enough I just wouldn't bother with anything pre Wii on an LCD at all. (I am not having a 16:9 CRT and a 4:3 one.) Its all problems that should just not exist.



unrandomsam said:

(Whatever the XRGB does - put something exactly the same at the output stage and only turn it on for virtual console. Save loads of unnecessary hassle)



HYDRA413 said:

Excellent article but I find it quite the same case for 3DS VC, they are pretty slow. I am not saying that they should be a releasing a GB game every week but at least try to release one every month.



FJOJR said:

I would rather Nintendo solve the unified account. I'd even take a pause of the VC service so that they could solve it and then restart it afterward. Or to update the Wii U menu to merge with the Wii menu.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I agree that it really shouldn't be as difficult as it is!
for my Wii, PS2, and GameCube, I use Component cables (the GameCube's cables are rare and only released in Japan), and they look great on the HDTV. Some models of the PSP also support component cables, I believe, meaning you can play PSP, PS1, PS2, Wii, Gamecube, (and GB, GBC and GBA games too with the Game Boy Player) all comfortably on a HDTV using component cables for them.



crazyj2312 said:

The lack of account versatility is what's bugging the heck out of me. Loosing all my data and not being able to get it back because there's no account system in place is scaring me away from VC more than the lack of decent games are. On the 3DS at least.



N64ever said:

An account system would be wonderful. Come on Nintendo embrace the account system and open up your library to us all. ^_^



TheAdza said:

Account system, lower prices on tired old NES games, some more recent consoles would be nice as well. Bring the Gamecube games already.

The VC is pretty lame at the moment. It had it's day i believe on the Wii. Much more is needed to make it succeed in its own right, and Nintendo either aren't interested or dont have the man power to justify the work needed for such a service. It's a shame, but with less work on the VC, surely some more is being done to beef up the actual Wii U game library.

I love the Wii U, but it isnt going to sell until Nintendo turn it around with some more modern thinking.



McHaggis said:

Ironically, Wii homebrew developers already beat Nintendo to supporting GameCube games on the Wii U.



electrolite77 said:

" Wii's VC needed time to diversify".

The Wii VC had 16 games from 5 different machines at launch. On the launch day. There's no excuse for the dismal selection on Wii U.

There's also no excuse at all for not sorting out the Account system.

A subscription would be a great idea too. Nintendo need to embrace the 21st century.



123akis said:

lets be honest, THIS IS DISGRACEFUL! the Wii VC when it launched had many different systems, yes you read it, at launch! Nintendo seriously needs to improve the Wii U virtual console



Gerbwmu said:

I'm waiting to jump on the "Nintendo VC is crap" band wagon until early 2014. Still feels like they pulled everyone off of VC to get the new games back on schedule. If we don't see progress by February 2014 then I will join in on the hatefest



Kirk said:

I do wish Nintendo would put a lot more games a lot faster on their Virtual Console.

Also they should announce more VC platforms too; like GC, Saturn and Dreamcast for example, as well as all the other platforms that were already supported on the Wii Virtual Console.

They really need to merge the Wii and Wii U Virtual Consoles, probably even the 3DS one too, into one clean unified service already.

Anyone that's being entirely honest knows it's a potentially stunning service that's never realized it's full potential and sadly it's now even further away from that potential than ever on Wii U.



GreatPlayer said:

I don't think Nintendo wants to port and test big games such as those on N64, Saturn, Dreamcast... Too costy as compared to smaller games on NES and SNES. (But on the other hand, people have the option of playing these old NES and SNES games easily on an illegal emulator.)



EdwardCORE said:

Nintendo, here's what we need: on Wii U, a GC HD virtual console, a Dreamcast VC, Arcade games VC (CPS, CPS2, Sega Model 2, you got the idea) and all those VCs already available on the Wii - I want to play Neo Geo on my Wii U. On 3DS, we need a GAMEBOY ADVANCE VC AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and a Super NES and a Genesis VC. Simple as that.



ReigningSemtex said:

Don't really understand why nintendo wouldn't want to add gamecube games to the eshop the only one thing I can think of is some of the gamecube games made use of those analogue triggers which the pro controller sadly doesn't have



speedyboris said:

The issue isn't so much a lack of releases- remember with the original Wii when we had that six month gap of no releases at all? Compared to that, this is -nothing-. At least we've gotten new releases pretty much every week since the service began.

And the issue isn't really a lack of quality; there have been some good games released so far (Mega Man 2-4 & X, Super Mario 1 & 2 & World, Zelda, Final Fight 1-3, Street Fighter II, Kirby). It's just that most of October has been lackluster.

Rather, there are two problems: Lack of variety of systems, and re-releasing what we've already gotten before. When it comes to the former: The original VC launched with NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, and Turbo Grafx. The Wii U currently only has two of those. There -are- good games on other systems than NES and SNES, come on. And as for the latter, we got Earthbound and Golf but... that's about it for games we didn't get on the Wii. Kind of a letdown so far.



fortius54 said:

I wouldbe willing to play for some sort of subscription service that would make available the entire library of the classic games and systems. I would demand off screen play though.😄



Ren said:

I'm not exagerating when I say this is one of the major reasons I decided not to buy a WiiU and have become more vocal in my displeasure of it. Like many here have said there is just no excuse.
the reason I came to this site back in the Wiiwareworld days is... well the name. Wiiware and VC were an amazing, exciting thing then and, though slow, it turned out awesome. I bought so much there and then the WiiU came out and viola! none of it works natively with it, and none of it works on that fancy new gamepad! No. Way. I can't be alone there. that's just bad business. it's not cunning business to think that people will re-buy all of the stuff (20 y.o. stuff) they just re-bought 2 years before so they can play it on that fancy screen where nothing from the most recent generation works natively already. (not to mention DVD's and, at launch, all the promised tv junk). thats just the start; then what they do trickle out all over again is Urban Champion?! Baseball?! WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR MARKET IS?? If you're like me (30+) into retro games than the Wiiware/vc should have worked as normal at launch and on that screen or why would I bother after spending hundreds on the WiiVC? If you're not and they're catering than fine abandon us and make sure the new 1st party offerings are stellar and many and junk like Netflix works and new DL content is cheap and ready to roll. none of that either. I was waiting to give it a year for catch up but next month theres new systems with new working games and actual worthwhile deals that don't amount to a slap in the face for 20+ year fans. I forgave the poor 3DS launch but all over again was the last straw for me.



Capt_N said:

I always put in my Club Nintendo surveys that i am extremely disappointed in Nintendo's VC services, & the reasons behind that disappointment. I always say the same stuff about the VC services:
1. They never create their emulators to have the capacity to fully utilize the hardware functions of the actual system(s) running the emulator(the actual Wii/WU/3DS consoles). Nes Zapper Light Gun/SNes Super Scope games? The Wiimote. N64 Rumble Pak? Should be there, to be detected, when controllers containg the necessary tech(like wired Gamecube controllers) are plugged-in, & being used. How about N64 Controller Pak? Tweak the emulator! SNes Mouse? Wiimotes originally(during the Wii run), & now also the option of the Gamepad. Without going into far detail with what I'm about to say, almost literally everything the Super GameBoy could do, could be easily achieved/emulated on the 3DS, & certainly the WU. But those are just a few examples. This, of course, means less games, as they can't be played, since the proper peripherals aren't emulated
2. Even if Nintendo owned (any) special (on-cart)chips,(& I belive they do own one, or 2) there are many games that are not on the services, simply b/c Nintendo either doesn't want to bother emulating those chips, or they're too cheap to pay the respective modern owners for the rights to emulate them. This, again, means less games, as they can't be played properly.
3. Up until recently, to my knowledge, games dissapeared from the (Wii) VC service, without warning. It'd be bad enough if Nintendo regularly took down games, but it's worse, even if they don't regularly take games down, that they used to not give any warning in advance. A last chance opurtunity might be nice. Even better still, don't take any games down. & if they must, although they owe no explanations why, it would really help their public image, rather than leave it to the consumers' imaginations as to why games needed to be taken down.
4. Consistency in releases would be great. How many per week, what systems on some kind of back-&-forth pattern, if necessary.
5. Schedules for Consumers - Quite to the contrary of current thinking regarding VC drip release marketing, letting us know in a certain length of advance, would not really hurt VC sales of even junkier games, in even the slightest, if Nintendo juggled the schedules appropriately.
Also, yes, as many here have said, the 3DS VC has become home to a lot of Nes games. While that's fine, there also, & mainly/primarily needs to be games from legacy portables on there(Game Boy, Game Gear, Game Boy Color, etc.) I only have 1 Nes game on my 3DS, & that is when, & b/c SMB was on sale Summer 2012. I wanted to see the emulation quality, & it was a prime opportunity.
Putting GBA(Game Boy Advance) titles on the WU, to me, sounds embarrassingly stupid. I can only imagine Nintendo's reasoning( being either as a filler to avoid supporting another system, like the Gamecube, or maybe(?) b/c the GBA is a pseudo handheld SNes(, with, imo, inferior sound to the SNes, save for the pcm voice). The only other thing I can think of,... is that to avoid criticism of possibly not being willing to releasing ambassador GBA games for pay download on the 3DS, Nintendo has decided to support the GBA in their WU VC service, instead of on their 3DS VC service, which would make more sense, to me.
Also, one last thing, while it's on my mind, if Nintendo is using the GBA on WU, to make up for a lack of GCN, is it b/c they plan to remake, or re release most GCN games in WU format, or b/c they can't make a properly functioning emulator for it?



UnseatingKDawg said:

As soon as I saw the headline, I said "Amen to that."

I'm still waiting on the Nintendo 64 and GBA games which were supposed to launch "shortly after" the Virtual Console went live. I don't see them coming until next year at the earliest, assuming they even come at all.

In the meantime, I can take a little bit of comfort knowing I can at least use my Game Pad as a monitor for the VC games I imported. Or should I be concerned? Since Nintendo pulled that off, who's to say they aren't just taking their good old time releasing more VC games because of it?



ShortSleevedNook said:

I don't really care for VC. I used to, but the libraries are incomplete and I don't feel complete ownership of the original titles with these cheap downloadable copies. They have their benefits, and they do lots of good for some, I understand, but even though it's far more expensive, I prefer gettin the original consoles, games and controllers. More nostalgia, and I feel like I actually own the game more.

That and owning the game on a retro system is WAY cooler!



StephenYap3 said:

For Wii U VC, agreed. Nintendo should hurry up and give the Wii U more classics.

As for 3DS VC, I'm pretty fine with it so far. One thing I would seriously want them to do is give as much options (i.e. Control Configurations) as Sega did with their VC. Coming from a huge Nintendo fan, they could learn a thing or two from Sega in terms of VC.



jjmesa16 said:

@Peach64 That is one of the only problems I have with VC! If Nintendo did that I would buy many VC games. Nintendo look at Apple. You buy the game on an iPod Touch and you can play it on an iPhone and iPad. The only thing with that is that Nintendo should set a limit of 3-5 consoles that can have that game, which was purchased by one person. Apple can have infinite devices with a game purchased by one person (as far as I know).

@Capt_N Well said sir.



Trikeboy said:

Nintendo are missing a trick with the VC. They could use it to see if games are still relevant. Mr Miyamoto said he didn't think F-Zero was still relevant. Putting the N64 and Gamecube game on the Wii U VC will let them see if the franchise still has fans with the number of sales they will generate.



MAB said:

Look, I have told you lot a thousand times already. Nintendo knows that their NES & SNES games are garbage so what you got on the Wii &WiiU is all they got to give... Deep down what you're really missing is SEGA, when they start releasing Megadrive/32X/CD/Saturn/Dreamcast VC all those woes will subside



SCAR said:

I tend to look forward to the future, not the past, so VC doesn't bother me.

Will I buy VC games if they're available? Yes. Will I beg for them? No. Maybe try Splintercell or RE: Revelations while it's on sale, instead.



StarDust4Ever said:

Game Cube games would work, mostly. Super Mario Sunshine only used the analog on the R trigger for two settings: push partially to run and spray; push all the way down (until it clicks) to stand and spray. This could easily be remedied by using R and Rz for runaround and stand-and-aim spray modes. Unfortunately, for Luigi's Mansion (analog throttle on the vacuum cleaner), Sonic Adventure DX (press deeper to make sonic run faster), and some of the Zeldas, the solution of digital only buttons is not so simple. Here's hoping they remake Super Mario Sunshine. If they did it with Wind Waker, there's still hope for Sunshine.

I still don't see why Nintendo GIMPed themselves by removing the analogs. There are some fantastic racing sims on the MS/Sony consoles that use the left/right analog triggers for realistic braking/acceleration. If the Gamepad had analog triggers, you could hold it like a Wii Wheel and get flawless racing physics like a real race car, as opposed to most "kart physics" games where the turning radius gets wider as you speed up, and buttons for gas/brake that you have to pulse with your thumbs in order to modulate speed. Of course, Nintendo games were meant to be fun, not realistic, which is why I game primarily on Nintendo consoles.



Razalom said:

Have only grabbed the 50c games months ago and nothing else. Will start buying again when/if N64 and Gamecube games appear.



KnightRider666 said:

@Thomas Whitehead: You're frustrated with the VC as whole??? Don't even get me started. Yes we need a proper account system, and we need at least 5 games a week per system. It's simply ridiculous that Nintendo gives us the Chinese water torture of one NES game a week on the 3DS if we're lucky, not too mention the mediocre games they have been choosing to release at times. Let's hope things improve with time here, that's all we can really hope for.



gregrout said:

The Virtual Console is pretty much a waste of time and effort to me. There's not a single NES game I would consider purchasing. Sadly, it seems that NES titles are the priority for Nintendo nowadays. That said, I do have a soft spot for SNES titles. The problem as I see it, has to do with Nintendo's own policy. A game like "A Link To The Past" which I would buy again in a heartbeat (bought for SNES, Wii) will never get made because they released it on Wii (already made their $4.99) and would have to implement their mass discount policy for games purchased through Wii-U. Why go through all the trouble to make 99 cents on a popular title that fans want? This is probably why we're seeing so many obscure titles making their way to the virtual console. It's more a case of "what haven't we re-released?" versus "What do our customers want?". I suspect we'll see more NES releases that most people don't want, very little in the 3rd party re-releases and next to nothing in the SNES/N64 catalog that's already been released under Wii or up for HD remake consideration.



Holly said:

I just want one thing: for the Donkey Kong Country series to come to the Wii U virtual console. Lost mine after the Wii to Wii U system transfer, because you can't get them on the Wii Shop channel anymore!



eduardopaulo said:

Has someone sent this page to Nintendo? They need to read this. It's basically a compilation of nearly identical complaints by Nintendo lovers, faithful consumers who have spent loads of money on their products. They've got to listen - that's what the people want.



eduardopaulo said:

I have just sent an email to NOA. I hope they answer me. Last time I wrote one, they did. I requested the Capcom Zeldas for GBC and SMB3 for the 3DS VC, and we got it/are getting it! Here's the full text:

Hey Nintendo!

Like millions of others, I am a huge fan of your products. I don't own a Wii U, but I do own a Game Boy Advance, a 3DS XL, and a 2DS, and I have owned other portable systems such as the original Game Boy, the Game Boy Color and the DS Lite.

One thing us consumers love is being able to purchase and play old favorites from the eShop, and that's what brings me here. I have emailed you guys before with questions regarding the same issue. Now I have a few more people to back me up.

As I'm sure you know, there is this website called Nintendo Life. Recently one of the staff wrote a piece on the issue of the lack of good titles on the Virtual Console - both for the Wii U and the 3DS. The subject had already been tackled by users on comments in other posts, but this one brought the house down. The unsatisfied mob gathered and unleashed their rage - myself included.

You see, it's time you gave us what we want, Nintendo. Now don't get me wrong, we love you, and that's why I'm here. We want to play the old classics! We want GBA and SNES games on the 3DS! We want the first and second generations of Pokémon on the 3DS! No more crap NES and Game Boy titles no one's ever heard about and didn't give a damn when they were first released! Also, N64 and GameCube games on the Wii U eShop! Come on, Nintendo, you can do better than Pinball or Star Soldier.

I'm only writing this because I love Nintendo unconditionally - so much so I'm unsatisfied with the eShop and still bought a 2DS when I ALREADY own a 3DS XL! - and want to see it doing better. Also, the last time I wrote I requested the Capcom Zeldas for GBC and SMB3 for the 3DS eShop, and ta-da! They're here (or almost here, in the case of SMB3)! Which means you listen to us... I guess. I hope.

Here's the link to the article I mentioned. Please read it and pay close attention to the commments. That's what the people want, guys.

On a side note, good job on making awesome games. Keep 'em coming. THE OLD ONES TOO.


Eduardo P. Costa



KeeperBvK said:

"With the Wii U Virtual Console nearly a year old and the Virtual Console over six months into its life, highlights on the service have been modest. In recent weeks we've seen titles like Urban Champion, City Connection, and Baseball, among others."

City Connection is only on the 3DS VC, though.



faint said:

@all of you....... You guys are over reacting. LOL. Here I am trying to figure out how I can afford Sonic, New Batman, Deuce Ex,new indie games coming this month and next, and Mario 3d Land while paying my bills, getting gifts for loved ones ect. ect while you guys fight about V.C.
The console should have a 5 year lifespan. If 3rd party's don't support the v.c. and Nintendo does what everybody wants (release every game they have the rights too at once) then what will they release for the next 4. I know everything is coming. They only have about 10 euro/us nes releases left from wii vc and 5 for snes. (personally I would like some Japanese only rpg action with new English trans in my v.c.) They have to move on to other consoles because they will run out. at 2 a week that's about 7 weeks. So....N64 by January. I can wait. I have a ton of games to play.
Oh and save your anger for the game drought of 2014. Look at the release calender. Add 7 games and it's still bad. Save your anger for that.



Rensch said:

What is still beyond me is why they didn't simply bring all the games already on the service for the first Wii system over to the new generation.



RedYoshi999 said:

There's no excuse for how Nintendo has treated the Wii U VC since its arrival. I never expected them to go backwards to the very beginning but still be doing it worse than the Wii! I mean it took 6 long years for the Wii VC to get where it is now and I expected the Wii U VC to carry on where it left off. Why are there still no N64 games on the eShop? Those are the only ones I'm waiting for really, since we were only delivered about 20 over 6 years. Please don't do this to me again Nintendo. I was once very excited about the Wii U VC's arrival but I've all but given up on it now. GameCube games are sounding like a pipe-dream now.



ogo79 said:

all they are doing is stalling, everyone knows retro is "in" now, (for some of us its never been out) and they seen they can milk vc on wii for over 6 years, you dont think they are going to milk it again for another 6? thats 12 years of retro money. i knew earthbound was coming on wii u instead of wii, figured that out years ago. why are they stalling on games like splatterhouse 3 and bloodlines? because once there out, there out. just like earthbound. its out now. they are going to hold on for as long as they can, throwing out a bone or two every now and then. same way they did wii vc, this is nintendo, always 1 step behind in the consumers mind, yet in reality theyve always been 2 steps ahead.
all it takes is a little business sense to understand.
here let me quote myself again:
"this is nintendo, always 1 step behind in the consumers mind, yet in reality theyve always been 2 steps ahead."
you people do realize they threw urban champion at yall again to upset you right?



faint said:

I just think the vc is not a priority. The do have to create community's and miiverse integration for each game hence not porting the whole thing at once. If this was all about milking retro titles we would have never seen urban champions I would bet. They would have skipped it for a title that would sell better. I personally think it's just not a priority.



FineLerv said:

@MadAussieBloke Don't forget Master System! When I see these woeful NES releases every week, I just long even more for Penguin Land, Wonderboy in Monsterland or Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Master System plus MiiVerse would be a dream come true for me.



crazycrazydave said:

If they properly emulated the Virtual Console releases the first time around, I wouldn't care less about buying games from the Wii U shop. There needs to be a dedicated team at Nintendo that handles all the releases because the rate at which we get new games is utterly pathetic.



SKTTR said:

Well, I'm just sick that not all my Wii VC games fit onto a big enough SD Card, and I have a bunch of serious issues with the transfer, but I can understand Nintendo releasing not so good VC titles in days when new games like Wind Waker HD, Sonic, Wii PartyU, Deus Ex, Splinter Cell, Skylanders, Scribblenauts, Just Dance, etc. are being released. It's normal, business, the priority's always: "sell the new games that need the sales, not old ones" nothing changed.



JaxonH said:

Yeah, I love Nintendo, and they do a lot of things right on the money, but Wii U Virtual Console hasn't been one of them. I'm thankful for Super Metroid, Super Mario World and Earthbound, but they need to turn it up a notch. In the 8th gen, there are VERY few 3rd and 4th gen games I'm willing to spend time playing, much less purchase. So they need to make sure they're making their games count.

It's nothing to get upset over or bent out of shape about- I've got MORE than enough to play right now. They're just not going to see one dollar of the $150 eShop credit I have on Wii U until they give me something worthwhile to spend it on. I have $150 on 3DS eShop also, and that's been sitting there quite a while too. That's fine with me, it can sit there for the next 5 years if that's what it comes to.



JimLad said:

I'm quite fortunate in that I still have all my old consoles and games.
But if I didn't, I still wouldn't bother with Virtual Console.
It works out cheaper to buy the actual console on ebay and I can play games from Rare and all the third parties that will never show up on VC.



Sceptic said:

I fully agree with this article. VC is a joke. I own two VC games I paid 40c for because that is all I am willing to pay for something that by today's standards is about on par with a high-school semester project and gets flushed down the toilet by nintendo if my device ever breaks. Hell, I don't even get an email receipt for it. It's all on the console.

The degree to which these games are overpriced by Nintendo speaks volumes. it's not about bringing us those old classics, it's all about milking them (and us) for what they can.

In fact, I honestly wonder if the main reason for the insane VC prices is so that they can continue to log this ancient IP at inflated prices in their books (no seriously, think about it: IP value is defined by its revenue potential). The only hardware it's adding value to is on ebay.



RedDevilAde said:

The whole thing has been a massive disappointment. Fewer systems than the Wii, less powerful systems than the Wii and a real shoddy selection of games thus far. I can't see anything other than a surprise release of GCN games recovering it at this point (which is what everyone expected in the first place). The VC was a big selling point of the Wii, on the Wii U it's an irrelevance as they've screwed it up so badly.



bezerker99 said:

Nintendo dropped the ball so much with the Wii and the first round of the VC. There were so many games that they could have released but never did. I was outraged then.....Nintendo is just repeating all the same mistakes again by releasing lame games on the Wii U VC.



jjmesa16 said:

Pokemon is definitely a missed opportunity. Think of how many people would buy red and blue/green. I don't care too much about trading/battling online GameFreak. I just want to relive the story of the old Pokemon games. With X and Y releasing recently now would have been a great time to release those on VC.



GN004Nadleeh said:

emulators have had the save state feature for as long as i can remember, it is not a higher standard because their emulators don't even fix the slowdown errors on nes games. seems to me there is always an excuse with nintendo and it can never be that they only release the same virtual console games on 3 systems (wii, 3ds, wii u). where is little nemo? where is donky kong 64?



World said:

I usually don't like contributing to these "arguments" because a lot of the time it seems like there's a very fluffy undercurrent of "the obscure game(s) I liked as a kid isn't/aren't there so I'm writing it off!"

But I do think the situation is a bit strange right now. Whether Nintendo is using the Virtual Console to re-package and sell nostalgia or new old ideas, they're letting it sleep. It's too bad. It seems like such a natural draw to the systems.



LeVideoGamer said:

I'm not even bothered about the lack of N64, Gamecube, or even GBA games right now. I'm just annoyed that they're releasing so many pointless NES and SNES games at the moment. Who the hell asked for Golf, Tennis, or Urban Champion? Why don't we have the games that people actually want, like Super Mario Bros. 3, A Link to the Past, the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, Mother, Final Fantasy, etc.? I'm well aware that it isn't an instant process, but it confuses me that they wouldn't put their resources towards getting the most important games out first, and then getting the less requested games out to give people more options. The VC is a joke, and I see no signs of Nintendo doing anything to fix it.



Windy said:

Whoever chooses the VC titles is plain Nuts! There are much better titles which could be added but they add games who nobody remembers or care about "Just Nuts!"



ricklongo said:

This is the one thing I hate about Nintendo these days. I commend their recent (and near future) efforts to revitalize the Wii U, and the 3DS is already a beast. But it seems they treat the Virtual Console on both platforms as a mere afterthought.

If they handled it right (account system, exciting releases), it's likely I'd buy an old-school game every week.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Samurai_Goroh Well maybe there are licensing issues? If I remember right certain games were pulled off the Wii VC console by 3rd parties.

@Thomas I think maybe 3rd parties (and NoA/NoE) don't really care too much about the VC outside of Japan? I checked the Japanese VC for both 3DS and Wii U and they have A LOT more VC games than we do. Perhaps they just feel there isn't that much of a market for VC outside of Japan except for the occasional major profile release like Earthbound.

They've had time to research the market for VC back on the Wii so if VC sales were poor back then I doubt they'd think anything would have changed now. I wouldn't be surprised if 3DS has better VC sales due to it being portable and having a huge market back in Japan.

I'm pretty sure Gamecube won't come out until the sales pick up for Wii U. They need to find a way to get around the analog triggers on a considerable number of titles and right now the market is probably not big enough to be worth the trouble.



ouroborous said:

i agree whole-heartedly, the wii u vc is pathetic so far (though to be fair, the 3DS vc was just as awful at first too) and the 3DS vc has slowed WAY down in terms of quality/enticing/interesting releases. i certainly hope that they both pick up.
i also agree that paying for the same old game yet again is something that alot of people either cannot or simply will not do. a better option does need to be provided.



unrandomsam said:

@ouroborous What is left to release for for the 3DS ? (Super Mario Bros 3 / Crisis Force / Castlevania III / Gun-Nac / Crystalis (GBC) / Gargoyles Quest II / Dragon Quest I&II (GBC) / Dragon Quest III (GBC)

I never really liked the NES but i have bought quite a lot of stuff on the 3DS VC from it

(I never would if quality TG16/Megadrive even Master System stuff existed in the same genres. Certain things the NES does my eyes don't like).



unrandomsam said:

Those at the top are all that I know of that I would be willing to buy that I cannot already. (GBC or NES). Don't think there is that much left.



brandonbwii said:

I wish I could bring my genesis games to Wii U. I don't think Sega and Nintendo's relationship is as strong as it once was.



Urbanhispanic said:

I completely agree with this article. If Nintendo knew that they were going to continue the VC service from Wii and bring it to the Wii U, the first thing they should have done is provide resources for re-coding the games that were already available on the Wii VC so they can be brought to the Wii U e-shop; that way those games who be ready from the get go to download and THEN, Nintendo can focus on coding the retro games that never made it to the VC in the first place.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I just ask for GBA games on the 3DS and new games for WiiU, stop just porting the ones already on Wii's VC, they are already available through Wii Channel.



DarkCoolEdge said:

@Yasume Why do we have to admit things we don't believe? Most importantly, if you say that FE: Awakrning is the only good Nintendo game in the last three years your opinion is as good to me as that of my dog. Worthless. Go play with your pc or ps3 and stop trying to set the topic on fire.



cmk8 said:

I'm disappointed most weeks with the VC announcements - who was waiting for Pinball, Golf or Urban Champion?
There does need to be some variety, and surely that can't be difficult to manage, Nintendo itself has access to a massive back catalogue.
Personally not fussed about GC on the VC, I have most games I want playable on my Wii, though I appreciate not everyone is like that.
I'd love to see some Amiga and Spectrum games, I can dream...



WiiLovePeace said:

I really don't understand why it takes so long for them to re-release VC games. Like I'd love to know the process they've got going on in which makes them take so long to release good games. Like are they rebuilding the emulator for each game individually? Seems like a massive waste of time if they are when they could simply release the NES emulator with extra features like speed up mode, multiple save states & remote multiplayer. Then update the emulator as necessary like Sony did for the PSP with PS1 games iirc. Then they could pump out games like crazy & of course the emulator would be built into the Wii U & compatible only with encrypted & paid-for games downloaded from the eShop & not "illegal" internet ROMs. I really don't get why they don't add extra features to their VC emulators that (I presume) all emulators on PC etc. have.

It's just mind blowing to me that hackers etc. can get a SNES emulator, for example, running on open devices within days of the device's release. Having it running 90% or more of the games within the SNES library all for free to the user while Nintendo takes months to release VC games & over-charges us for games. The same users who voluntarily choose to support them instead of stealing.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't support piracy & want to support Nintendo where I can. In my opinion, the best way to combat piracy is to be as near to convenient as piracy is. But they expect us to hand over our hard earned cash when easier, quicker, cheaper (free) options are available that also come with better features on PC & almost any device that's hackable.

Not to mention the value is wayyy off. Legend of Zelda is at the right price but Urban Champion (etc.) is definitely not. Also, it was already confirmed at launch of the Wii U VC service, so why am I still waiting for GBA & N64 games to come to the service? Why not release 5 games a week on both VC services? There's such a huge library on the Wii VC that would be like child's play to bring to the Wii U & 3DS VC services imo.



Zemus-DJ said:

Has a 128GB card in SD slot.....more then 450+ downloads, around 100+ is DSiWear 300+ 3DS downloads, the kicker? Your system can't handle more then 300 3DS downloads which doesn't count DSi. = Im now picky in what I download, as in was everything (yes I'm lame) anyways now that I think about it, I delete the trash in favor of VC and or high rated Eshop games. I look forward to Thursday's like a fat kid wanting more cake, but the cake isnt that tasty :/ the 3DS can handle GBA/Snes where the hell are they? The WiiU can handle 64/GC and where are they? I'm 36 always been a Nintendo fan as well as playstation, they need to steep it up or forever lose the kid in me



ecco6t9 said:

It's a disappointment that the GBA will not fully appear on the 3DS anytime soon.



SKTTR said:

@Zemus-Dj #174

Yeah, there you bought the biggest SD Card available dedicated for your 3DS, and still only 300 downloads fit on it. I have the same problem with the Wii (only 240 games fit on any SD Card size). Why is that? If Nintendo has no reason they should update this! It's an issue that is keeping my wallet closed now that I'm out of space (even though I have more than enough memory left.) I guess Wii U has the same limits, so I'm aware now, and buy even less.



LtAldoRaine said:

I hate that Nintendo is very slowly re-releasing games that already were on the Wii VC. I don't know if they could just dump all those already released games at once,probably not,but they sure could at least release them a lot faster. I mean,we still don't have freaking N64 games. That's just stupid.



unrandomsam said:

@Mytoemytoe The thing about that is I don't think they did maximise profits. I know if the prices were lower they would have got more of my money overall.



unrandomsam said:

(In fact most of my money went on tg16 as it was 60hz). If SNES was 60hz I would have probably have ignored it.



pixelman said:

The Wii U VC is a total joke right now, but if they released everything at once most of it all would be buried forever. I hate that they're doing it but I can see why they are.



mjc0961 said:

Agreed with the point that if they're going to just release stuff that's already on the Wii VC, they could at least stick to the good stuff. Urban Champion, who cares? Give us A Link to the Past. That's also a good idea as a lead in to A Link Between Worlds.

At least the 3DS is getting decent games that we haven't seen on the Wii because it didn't have GB games. I'm still playing Wario Land 2 and then I can move on to Wario Land 3. Good stuff.



unrandomsam said:

@mjc0961 I expect a Link to the Past and Super Mario Bros 3 to be released either a week before or at the same time as the newer entries. I still think it is deliberate so as to try and help the eshop become good for the indies.

(I am more bothered about the obscure great stuff I have not played generally not on Nintendo systems. Or bugfixed versions of stuff I have only played the slowdown ridden SNES version so far).



IronMan28 said:

I can't say I agree with all points, I will say that there should be a higher volume of releases, but at the same time over saturation is an issue. Consider this, if you have too many games to play, will you even get to them or be able to enjoy them all? Yes, options are good, but if you have too many, you'll probably end up choosing what you would've even if you had one choice. In short, options are great, but are they paramount?



JustinH said:

What really kills me right now is the lack of TurboGrafx 16 games. The Wii Virtual Console had a solid library of TG16 games.



TingLz said:

The Wii VC brought a lot of classics at once then stopped. Everyone complained.
The 3DS VC brought Game Boy and Color games. Everyone complained.
The Wii U VC has an incredibly slow start despite Earthbound. Everyone complained.
Can't anyone actually be happy that this exists?



eduardopaulo said:

Just received an answer from Nintendo. While it may not seem like much, last time I sent them a message I said that people would love to see the Capcom Zelda games and SMB3 on the 3DS VC, and we already got two of the three (with SMB3 coming up later this year), so who knows, they may be listening after all. Here it is:

Hello Eduardo,

I'm glad you contacted us about this. I can certainly understand your interest in seeing more popular games released for the Virtual Console services on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as well your wanting to see games from additional systems make an appearance. I am not able to guarantee anything specific, but I will make sure your comments are documented so that the appropriate departments know what our fans are asking about. The URL you linked to will also be included in your feedback record.

Nintendo Consumer Service does not receive advance notice of exactly what Virtual Console titles will be released in the future (except for those publicly announced), so I don't know if the games you're looking forward to are coming.

However, we release our latest Virtual Console titles every Thursday, so please keep an eye on our website ( for the latest news.


Ben Weekly
Nintendo of America, Inc.



Henmii said:

The Wii u VC is a gigantic failure!! It's all games we already had on the Wii VC (with the exception of Eartbound), and they come at a terrible pace! Luckily people who never had a Wii still can reach the Wii shop on the Wii u! That way you can also still download Wiiware games!



SaintDynamite said:

I'd have thought they are releasing the less sought after titles between now and December to capitalise on releasing the ones people want after Christmas when there are a lot more Wii U consoles in the wild.

I expect the remaining NES and SNES titles from the Wii VC to be released between now and Christmas. Link To The Past will almost certainly come alongside A Link Between Worlds. SMB3 may well come alongside 3D World. Then after Christmas it will be N64 and above, or previously unreleased NES and SNES titles. It makes more business sense, as this is also when there is a small drought of games.

DKC SNES probably won't be back until DKC:TF releases. Super Mario Kart alongside Mario Kart 8.



Pikachews said:

From a UK point of view, I love that I can play 60hz versions of SNES classics. Would be nice to have more games for sure, but 60hz F-Zero? Cheers



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 Yep 5 games a week and add new systems. Something must really be wrong with the VC for them not to be doing this. If that's not the reason the guy in charge........Your Fired!



crazycrazydave said:

@MadAussieBloke You know what I mean. The selection on Wii is actually pretty good, just hampered by the 50hz conversions that we used to get back in the day. A selection like that with Saturn, Dreamcast and Gamecube added in would be the bees knees.



SyFyTy said:

I would like to see all games come out on all systems. Since most people keeping EarthBound Alive all these years were HANDHELD users, EarthBound SHOULD have been released on the already successful 3ds too, not only the lower than low sales of the WiiU, that does not help sell a game. It only illustrates how all these crazy release choices are all about selling one more console than yesterday, while stringing along drooling fans waiting for something that's more interesting than toilet tissue.
I mean who's played EarthBound on a console since is was initially released? NO ONE.



Dezsi said:


Hi! I wanted to PM you, but I can't seem to be able to, so I'm gonna have to go slightly off-topic. Anyway, I'm very much interested in making the NES and SNES look as good as possible on an HDTV. Are the RGB scart cables you're talking about official Nintendo RGB scart cables or only available via a third party? In the latter case, are there good brands you would recommend? I've seen some on ebay, but I'm not sure all of them will provide the quality I'm after. I'm in the EU/PAL region, by the way. Thanks!



EarthboundBenjy said:


Hi. I got mine from:

This is really just one guy running a small shop on a non-dynamic website, so you will have to email him your order. He seems to sell the only cables I know of that have worked okay on HDTVs.
His N64 PAL scart cable is the only cable for the N64 I could find that doesn't make the colours horribly bright and washed-out.
And his SNES and Mega Drive RGB scart cables look pretty good on the HDTV.
Unfortunately, in an email, the guy told me that it's not really possible to improve on the NES's standard composite AV cables. My NES is still hooked up to a CRT television, and I'm still investigating what to do about it. Also, because I have a pretty big HDTV, the N64 still looks blurry as hell even with the best cable... so the N64 is on the CRT too, until I can figure out a better solution.



Kobayashi said:

I don't agree with you when you said about the Virtual Console only become interesting from the Nintendo 64 games. I think Nintendo 64 the worst Nintendo home console and despite its good games, systems like Super NES, Genesis, PC Engine are much more interesting to me. Nintendo needs to do is release more games from other publishers and decrease the high price charged for games compared to others distribution services online like PSN and XBLA.



Luffymcduck said:

It´s been so long since the" GBA games are coming to dah ezop announcement" that I´ve almost given up hope for that. Give Gamecube some love.



element187 said:

@AirElephant we probably won't see HD remakes for n64 games... Miyamoto's comments mentioned GC and Wii..... The asset creation alone on n64 games would be expensive, and that money is probably better spent making brand new games.



MasterBlue said:

@Kobayashi I'm sorry my comment was kinda biased towards the other consoles that Nintendo has produced in the past. But for me the N64 Virtual Console Titles is honestly what made the Wii Virtual Console so great and because the N64 had WAY more memorable titles that the SNES had. Then there is what I said about the GameCube games and I really stand by that. I know people that had a GameCube but skipped the Wii entirely but now have the Wii U. In terms of multiplayer titles, the GameCube was second to none. Plus the material that Nintendo produced on that console was just completely new and refreshing. Like the cartoon-ish looking, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine's implementation of the FLUDD into the core gameplay. If Nintendo really wants to see some serious sales they need to look back at what REALLY made them the Gaming Giants that they are now.



DarkEdi said:

This article has my exact thoughts. I will continue downloading classics in my Wii, not in my Wii U, I don´t want to transfer, I want an ID to play my buys in any Nintendo console.

Ah, the Yoshi´s Cookie it is supposed "instransferible", I don´t want to transfer by this reason too. Or if somebody has a sucessful transfer of Yoshi´s Cookie can tell me



Dezsi said:


Thanks for your reply. I just checked the picture quality with the official SNES/N64/GC stereo AV cable on the HDTV, and it looks pretty good to me. Unfortunately, as I no longer have my CRT TV for quick comparison, I have no idea if the picture is that much different from the picture the CRT gives--it's been a while since I've hooked it up to a CRT. But I'm pretty happy with how it looks now.

So here's my question: Do you know if the RGB cable provides a noticeably better picture than the official Nintendo stereo AV cable (composite, I guess) I mentioned above? In other words, in your experience, do you think it's worth ordering one? The reason I'm asking is because I remember buying an official RGB cable for the Gamecube (for a LOT of money), and I have not noticed any kind of difference whatsoever between the composite and the RGB with the Gamecube on a CRT television.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Hi! I think the SNES is noticably better on the HDTV with the RGB scart cable, though it isn't completely terrible using the standard AV input either.
Here are some photographs of my television screen in my attempt to compare them.

Standard AV cable on HDTV:
world map:
sprite closeup:

RGB scart cable on HDTV:
world map:
sprite closeup:

As you can see, it's not too bad and sometimes not even noticable, especially in these iPhone photographs. But in person, I would definitely say it looks better on the RGB scart if you're a picky person like me.

And to everybody else... sorry to hijack this thread like this!



Dezsi said:


Thanks very much for taking the time to take the pictures and uploading them! It seems to me that it is on the close-up pics that the difference is clearly visible. I may have to get that RGB cable after all.

While we're at it, having already hijacked the thread, I initially thought that the RGB cable on an HDTV, or any other, "more advanced" cable for that matter, would make the picture look more like it would originally look like, i.e., on a CRT TV. But that's not the case, right? It simply enables one to get the best possible picture out of an HDTV and an old console combination — not the best, because that is only available on a CRT, right?

When I first bough an HDTV, I thought old games would look **better** on the new kind of TV, not worse, but I was wrong. It was especially shocking to see how funny and off the NES games look. Anyway, like you said, without having some technical savvy, it's not really possible to make NES games look better on an HDTV. The SNES games look a bit off, too, but not as much. It's clear now, then, that using the actual SNES on an HDTV with an RGB cable gives the best picture possible. Would you agree, though, that the SNES games on the Wii virtual console look **better** than they do (with an RGB cable on a) real SNES connected to an HDTV? For some reason, I figure they **should** look better on the VC, but I've never done a side-by-side comparison, which I should (it's just that I use my HDTV's wacky propietary component input for both the Wii component cable and the SNES/N64/GC AV cable, so a real switching-from-one-channel-to-the-other comparison is not possible for me).

Anyway, I've been thinking about this a lot, and I can see that you're interested in this stuff, too. Thanks again for the pics, and if you feel like adding me, my nick is the same on Miiverse as it is here.



Juma009 said:

Where are the GBA games? Golden Sun I & II, Advanced Wars! Minish Cap??? these games will sell



gregrout said:

I really don't understand why Nintendo has resurrected the titles they have through Wii-U's version of e-shop. WTH are they thinking by releasing sooooo many damn NES titles. The number one jab at the Wii-U is that it isn't anywhere near as powerful as the PS4 / XBox One. "Well let's show the world otherwise! Release as many NES titles as possible!!" "That's a whole 8 color palette and look at how responsive these two gamepad buttons are! ... eat it Xbox fanboys!" Here Nintendo could at least pull up their socks, apply a little ounce of effort and release more SNES games or "gasp!" a N64 title... But, nope... they've been releasing grossly outdated NES titles, and mostly bad titles at that. The Wii-U version of the e-shop (virtual console) is an utter embarrassment with the exception of a few titles (mostly being SNES titles).



Light said:

Here is my take on the VC system:
1. Make the vc games cheaper.
2. Make the wii u pro controller compatible within the wii VC or release the classic controller titles on the wii u. I'm sure there are others like me who have transferred their wii content to the wii u and refuse to buy both wii u pro controllers and wii classic controllers. i would like to buy only the pro controller thank you, since it is the newer one and does not require me plugging into the wiimote. I would get 4 of them so that friends can enjoy the older titles too.

3. Focus on releasing fresh VC content on the wii u. The games that are already released on the wii eshop work just fine, except for those which annoyingly need the classic controller.

4. This last one is not related but is just a dream, allow us to play 3ds games on wii u In my opinion this would greatly expand the current wii u library.



zbailey said:

just rehashing all the same titles that came out on the wii for those consoles vc's i to am frustrated with it out of the better library of games to do what about Mario all stars

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