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Wed 28th December, 2011

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SaintDynamite commented on Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Fr...:

I'd have thought they are releasing the less sought after titles between now and December to capitalise on releasing the ones people want after Christmas when there are a lot more Wii U consoles in the wild.

I expect the remaining NES and SNES titles from the Wii VC to be released between now and Christmas. Link To The Past will almost certainly come alongside A Link Between Worlds. SMB3 may well come alongside 3D World. Then after Christmas it will be N64 and above, or previously unreleased NES and SNES titles. It makes more business sense, as this is also when there is a small drought of games.

DKC SNES probably won't be back until DKC:TF releases. Super Mario Kart alongside Mario Kart 8.