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Tue 6th Nov 2012

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Holly commented on Ninterview: Smooth McGroove On A Life In Game ...:

Two favorites: Super Mario Kart - Rainbow Road and Super Metroid - Prologue theme. The dissonance in those two is remarkable and sounds great.

Also, I agree that the limitations placed on composers of the 8- and 16-bit generations brought out some fantastic creativity. The song Filmore Act 1 from Actraiser is one of my favorite examples of that.



Holly commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

For me, it would have been nice to play online with people who are actually good at the game. I play the game solo most of the time because, even though I live with three siblings, I can't seem to put together a group of three other people who are both willing to play and at least half-way decent at the game. Still, SM3DW works phenomenally well as a single-player game too. I'm pretty much satisfied with it.



Holly commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

@Phantom_R Amen to that! I've hosted several Nintendo Land parties, and I know for a fact one of those was the reason some friends of mine bought a Wii U. The system's concept is amazingly fun, but hard to describe. You've got to experience it yourself, and that's what I've been trying to help people do.



Holly commented on Video: There Are Four New Super Mario 3D World...:

First of all, I must say I find these a lot more engaging and appealing than what we've got here in the US (the "pitch" commercials). Second of all, why is the UK focusing on awesome gameplay while the US is focusing on the Wii U itself? Is the system a lot better understood and popular there?



Holly commented on Nintendo Updates Available Club Nintendo Rewar...:

Metroid isn't getting a lot of love in that poll...which is really sad! I'm going to pretend it's because everyone has already downloaded it...

On a side note, for a moment I thought this article was referring to physical rewards, and I was really excited! Dang.



Holly commented on Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Fr...:

I just want one thing: for the Donkey Kong Country series to come to the Wii U virtual console. Lost mine after the Wii to Wii U system transfer, because you can't get them on the Wii Shop channel anymore!



Holly commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan, and I've seen just about every ad/video/Nintendo Direct there is to see for Wii U. Nothing has been particularly memorable. Nintendo has to create some hype for the system! I'll always support the company, but even folks like me want to get pumped up for something once in a while!



Holly commented on Review: The Wonderful 101 (Wii U):

I've been closely watching this game ever since the first trailer was released, back when it was called Project P-100. I was rather disenchanted by the demo, but there's still a strong chance I'll get the game, especially after this review.



Holly commented on Review: Galaga (Wii U eShop / NES):

Ha! Hope everyone got the Avengers reference...if not, someone needs to watch that movie, apparently.

I knew nothing about Galaga before I played it in the GBA compilation Namco Museum. It was my favorite port in the collection and arguably one of the biggest reasons why I ultimately became the gamer I am today.



Holly commented on Nintendo Download: 15th August (North America):

Oh my gosh! That discount for Trine 2: Director's Cut is fantastic! Anyone who doesn't already have it needs to get it now! Great game! Wish I could've gotten it at such a great discount, though...



Holly commented on Talking Point: The "Indie Spotlight" Was A Bri...:

When I heard the European direct had a sizzle reel of indie download games, I was more than a little jealous, so yeah, I think Nintendo of America made a slight mistake there. I love being able to download eShop games at prices that retail games just can't touch. So bring on the indie games already, NOA!



Holly commented on New Nintendo Direct Coming August 7th, Focus I...:

I think it said something about games that are releasing this year, so I don't think we'll get much on Smash Bros. But I've been following The Wonderful 101 very closely and would love content on it. Also, it would be cool to get details for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Pokemon X and Y.



Holly commented on New 3DS Update Brings StreetPass Relay Functio...:

So THAT'S what that update was for. It took about 5 seconds to complete on my 3DS XL, and I wondered whether it was anything worthwhile at all. That's cool, but I'm an hour away from the closest Nintendo Zone. Guess I'll take advantage of it when I can.



Holly commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Hmmm...Fire Emblem: Awakening. And Twilight Princess. And Golden Sun. And Animal Crossing: City Folk. I'm done! No wait...Pokemon White. Okay, now I'm done...hopefully. Maybe Kid Icarus: Uprising too, though. Ugn! A combination of some or all of those.