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AirElephant commented on Review: Pixel Slime U (Wii U eShop):

Inkling, you're absolutely right. They are different games. How could I have gotten that so wrong? Sorry. In fact, "Don't Crash" is a game that also appears on It appears that it's one of those HTML5 games, just like Pixel Slime, that a more capable programmer licenses to various mobile companies. You can therefore play it all you want for free.

Still, neither are RCMADIAX's games. It should have been clear when the quality went up sharply from what he'd before.



AirElephant commented on Review: Pixel Slime U (Wii U eShop):

As always, it seems the developer's philosophy is, "Put in the least amount of effort required to qualify the product as a 'game,' release it at the lowest possible price point, and hope enough people impulse buy it to turn a profit."

The quality, and i use the term lightly, of these products are little better than those of first-year computer programming students.



AirElephant commented on If Nintendo Did Decide To Make A Smartphone, W...:

Ugh, no. No. NO! Retro is great, yes, but that just looks cheap and the snap-on gamepad looks frighteningly fragile. The leverage that one could put on that edge would quickly damage those connectors.

The main problem I have with all of these homebrew designs, though, is that the designers have no understanding of electrical engineering and therefore while they can make a clean-looking outer shell, there is no consideration of the placement of chips, screens, etc. that would dictate whether or not such a design was even feasible.

Also, I'd MUCH rather see a design that places the D-Pad/Analog stick and buttons to the side (like the PSVita) instead of below the screen. Holding the gamepad from the bottom not only makes it uncomfortable for those with bigger hands, where exactly are you going to put the triggers?

I'd LOVE to see a Nintendo smartphone, but not one that looks anything like this.



AirElephant commented on Review: Land it Rocket (Wii U / Wii U eShop):

Heh. I wonder how many more times they'll re-make the old Lunar Lander game? Yeesh. The mobile gaming shovelware continues. I dearly, dearly hope the NX has a deeper library and doesn't lean on the mass proliferation of cheap "indie" titles to compete.



AirElephant commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

To each his own. Though I recently traded in my Wii-U, since I just wasn't interested in the games right now, I will still consider buying an NX on day one if the price and features are right. The problem for me is that I strongly dislike the Wii-U GamePad and I fear that the NX will end up being a portable system (with screen) that connects to the TV either directly or via a Miracast-like dongle.

If that happens, I'll be just as disinterested. But I'm not going to make up my mind until I know much, much more. I also sold off my XB1 so performance and power aren't my primary concern. The NX has to be a fun, exciting idea and I dearly hope they greatly revamp their game purchase pipeline.

We'll know in less than a year.



AirElephant commented on The Famicom is 32 Years Old Today:

I was just watching the Game Historian YouTube video on Super Mario Bros. 2 yesterday and it got me thinking to how big the difference in graphics and technique was between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3. The NES/Famicom was such a well-designed system for its time and it's nothing short of amazing what great developers were capable of doing with it. I still look back on those days with great fondness.



AirElephant commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

I am not putting much hope in the idea that the NX will be anything more than another Nintendo "compromise" console. I'm expecting a souped-up handheld with graphics slightly better than the Wii-U could muster, but still nowhere near as powerful as the PS4. Nintendo's recent history suggest they'll put an effort on budget and a new gimmick rather than producing a truly powerhouse console. So disappointed in Nintendo.



AirElephant commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

I dearly, dearly wish Nintendo would stop forcing us to use their specialty controls and give us a wide array of options instead. When I first bought the Wii, I greatly looked forward to the New Super Mario Bros. game but I dropped it like a hot rock when it forced me to "waggle" the Wiimote to use Maro's propeller hat. There was nothing whatsoever that was fun about that. What I wanted were the better visuals and creative, new levels.

I fear that I won't be buying StarFox for the same reason. While I COULD get used to the controls, I don't wish to play a game that I have to fight to overcome my initial trepidation to enjoy it.

I re-bought the Wii-U for some VC titles and games like StarFox and Zelda, but with Nintendo abandoning the SNES on VC, StarFox looking like a dud to me, and Zelda in the distant future I'm struggling to see why I want the system anymore. i'm also considering dumping my XB1. Perhaps I've just outgrown consoles, as painful as it is to admit.



AirElephant commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

It's interesting that folks are mentioning the HoloLens when all I've been reading after this week's E3 is how disappointed reviewers have been with the difference between the prototype and the near-final version. Because Microsoft wanted to untether the HoloLens, the field of view has been substantially reduced. As a result, the feeling of "immersion" is significantly reduced.

Reggie could be pulling a Ballmer--recalling when Steve Ballmer addressed the new iPhone dismissively--and that Nintendo will miss the VR revolution. But it's also possible, as the HoloLens seems to be proving, that the technology still isn't mature enough to be mainstream.

Personally, I see VR at the same place that Kinect is and was: it's fun technology, but not essential. And I'm not sure I'd rather spend long playing sessions with weighty goggles strapped to my head or in front of a gigantic, 40" 4K monitor. (I'm inclined to think the latter.) VR might be fun for awhile, and it will certainly have a "wow" factor, but I'm not sure it's poised to change gaming.



AirElephant commented on Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 3 Could Yet Come To The Wi...:

It could, but it won't. Face it, the Wii-U is dead for all third party games. All it will get until Nintendo finally commits the mercy killing it deserves are first and second party titles and ports of Indie titles from smartphones. That's it.



AirElephant commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Could Use Google's Android...:

I am fascinated at this possibility. I've thought for awhile that Nintendo could co-opt the Android OS. One of the biggest issues with Android is that there is no standard for gaming, especially when it comes to external controls. You can buy any of a host of bluetooth gamepads, but few except perhaps the Moga approach the quality of a Nintendo controller.

Nintendo could easily use AOSP instead of Google's implementation giving developers who are already familiar with Android the ability to easily code for the platform or port to it without having to bow to Google's whims. Face it, most of the indie titles on Nintendo systems are ports either from other systems or from IOS and Android mobile titles.

If Nintendo DOES do this, there's a really good chance they could greatly influence the development of the Android gaming platform which, let's face it, will eventually eclipse consoles. I'm looking forward to see how or if this develops.



AirElephant commented on Acro Storm Fuses F-Zero With Extreme-G, And It...:

The lack of anything substantive in those videos should be of concern. The overall look isn't encouraging; my son (a college student) is turning in better looking assignments using the Unreal 4 engine. I wouldn't get my hopes up.



AirElephant commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

Frankly, I'd just be happy if the VC went the emulator route. Let customers know that the emulations might not be "perfect" but adapt one of the best emulators (like SNESoid, NESoid, etc.) on the market and make it as solid as possible. Then give users a menu of every possible Nintendo title and let them go at it. Offer it as a subscription, "all-you-can-eat" service and I'd be there on day one.



AirElephant commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

I'm absolutely done with Nintendo's virtual console.

  • The prices are too high.
  • The selection is slim.
  • You must buy a separate copy for each hardware type.
  • They are anchored to the actual hardware you buy them on. (And the process of getting them off is tedious.)
  • You cannot remap the buttons to make game play more customizeable

I used to be a huge Nintendo supporter. In fact, I've spent tons of money on the VC in the past both on Wii and Wii-U. But the news that they're likely ending support for the SNES was the last straw. I can grab an old phone and turn it into an EXCELLENT emulator and play every game I want to for free. (And on a screen that beats the snot out of the low-res, bad viewing angle 3DS screen.) Would I pay for that same access if I could have every title I wanted? ABSOLUTELY! But I am sick and tired of waiting and paying and dealing with Nintendo's half-baked efforts.

I don't care if emulation is 100% perfect, I'm through with Nintendo's lame approach to old consoles. If I decide I really want the experience, GameStop's decision to stock old consoles and games will take care of my needs.



AirElephant commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

I think that Nintendo's fans need to make peace with the idea that the Wii-U will remain a platform for Nintendo titles and little else. Fill in the corners with a few nice indie titles and a smattering of VC titles and the console has a decent menu to choose from.

I don't know where the NX will take us, but as long as Nintendo pumps out great games there will always be an open input on my TVs.



AirElephant commented on WayForward is Bringing Shantae and Friends to ...:

Playing games on the Apple Watch seems silly. You have a much, much bigger screen in your pocket that is designed to be on for long periods of time. The Watch is designed for brief use. Using it to play games will drain the battery so fast you won't make it halfway through the day. At least for the first generation of watches, or two, these games will struggle to gain any traction.



AirElephant commented on Gallery: Yarn Yoshi Is Just Too Darn Cute:

To: Nintendo:

Please. Please. PLEASE do not make ANY of the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo exclusive to any one retailer. And make a metric ton of the things. I promise you will sell every one. (The fact that they have a key loop means they'll be fun both there and hanging from Christmas trees in the years to come.)



AirElephant commented on Video: Super Mario 64 Leaps Onto Wii U Virtual...:

If there's a classic Nintendo game that's as badly in need of a remaster as SM64, I'd love to hear it. I refuse to buy a re-release of a game that is only marginally changed from its Wii incarnation for the price Nintendo is asking. It's ridiculous. Give me HD textures and 1080p and I'd be happy to shell out 3x-4x the price. But I can use my Club Nintendo points to get the Wii version and play exactly the same game.



AirElephant commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

Let's just hope they don't pull this same exclusive garbage with the Yarn Yoshi Amiibos. Now, I'll DEFINITELY want at least the Green (classic) and Blue Yoshi figures. If I have to do this again with no assurance of a Green Yoshi, won't be pretty.



AirElephant commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

I'm just amazed that Nintendo agreed to make Ness an exclusive. It's just my opinion and observation, of course, but from the look of things Ness would clearly be the most popular Amiibo in that wave. (At least, that was my initial thought when the wave was announced yesterday.) You'd think that Nintendo would have been able to sell him widely and make more money than GS could possibly have promised.

Like others, I've been trying and failing to get to a page on GameStop. I have only one Amiibo so far--I'm not a collector--but Ness would be a nice one to acquire. Very frustrating and off-putting.



AirElephant commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

"So I feel for their PR department, at least." - Operative

I don't, not in the least. I've never liked Reggie (cue the boos) because he entered Nintendo as a marketing executive at Addidas. If anyone knows how to leverage fandom for profit, it's a shoe company. Reggie and his team are great at dissembling; they won't tell the truth if a lie will do. And I think their explanations thus far have been under-developed lies.



AirElephant commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

The cynical part of me thinks this is all by design. Americans hate to be denied. Tell them something is "limited" or simply not available and they will want it more. Nintendo WILL release the smaller "New" 3DS once the XL sales begin to taper off. They will bet that their hardcore Nintendo fans will either (again) trade in their (new) 3DS XL for the smaller unit or they will simply purchase an additional "New" 3DS with cover plates.

In that way, they can sell a significant additional percentage of units. They will sell to the people who didn't want the XL size AND they will sell to those that have it that are hardcore collectors and who might have skipped buying the XL at all had the smaller version been available.

Cynical? Perhaps, but with Nintendo working harder and harder to squeeze more dollars from a smaller number of consumers (microtransactions, re-released "HD" versions of old games, Amiibo that are collected more for their appearance than their function, and and soon small quickly-developed micro games) I have few doubts this is their strategy.



AirElephant commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Visuals Stand U...:

It's hard to get too impressed by the tech in a 3DS which falls short of the Wii, which in turn was well shy of the power of the XBOX 360 and which is significantly less powerful itself than a modern cell phone chip like the Tegra K1. For what it is, it's good, but a handheld with a modern cell phone chip could present much more vivid and impressive visuals.



AirElephant commented on Talking Point: Star Fox for Wii U is an Ongoin...:

I feel, based upon his prior commitment to quality, that Mr. Miyamoto's being coy because the game isn't yet in a state that he feels comfortable displaying it. He's extremely meticulous and seems unwilling to simply release a game because it needs to be released. If Star Fox remains on schedule to be released this year, he'll show it at E3. It feels like they're still struggling, though, with where they want it to go I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Nintendo announces a delay. Mr. Miyamoto won't let people see it if it isn't up to Nintendo's high standards.



AirElephant commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (North America):

I sold my Wii-U last year but as the games keep rolling out, I've been pining to get it back. Metroid Trilogy was the last straw. Got a good deal on a new Wii-U on Ebay, so the system's on the way and I just bought the download code for the Wii-U version so that I can make 100% sure I have it while it's on sale.

At my age, I shouldn't be so impulsive but the Metroid series remains my favorite of all time. WIth Splattoon, Star Fox, and Zelda coming this year I just couldn't sit on the fence anymore. Bought an XBOX One so that my kids can play it when they visit from college (yes, I'm that old) but it sits collecting dust while I guarantee that I'll be playing every square inch of Metroid.

C'mon, Nintendo, now it's time to announce a NEW Metroid for the Wii-U At E3!



AirElephant commented on Review: Axelay (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

One of the best ever SHMUPS on SNES, bar none. If you even remotely consider yourself a fan of shooters you owe yourself a copy of Axelay. The effects were incredible for the time. SNES had some really great shooters!



AirElephant commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

The NVIDIA X-1 Chip, coming out later this year, is said to be capable of about 1 Teraflop. That's a MOBILE chip with eight cores. The X-1 is roughly twice as powerful as the K-1 released last year. If their performance gains continue year-on-year it's very possible that the next Nvidia chip released in 2016 will be on par with or even faster than the XB1 and PS4. We're talking about a MOBILE chip that puts those machines to shame and can easily decode 4K video. It's entirely possible that Nintendo can release a handheld console that is capable of replacing both the Wii-U AND the DS AND perform better than the PS4 and XB1 ... all by 2016.



AirElephant commented on Moon Chronicles Developer Seeking Interest for...:

What a strange and unscientific approach. Their twitter account (@moonchronicles) has a grand total of 761 followers. Not only is that far, far below any reasonable number of potential backers, any community response would likely be in favor of such a project since they're already Twitter followers. It's hardly a realistic way to gauge wider interest.

The company should go the more difficult, and ethical, route and actually seek out real venture capital to fund their project instead of engaging the community in this half-a**ed way.



AirElephant commented on Nintendo Promotes $99 2DS Target Deal, Availab...:

Ayup. Every time Target does one of these sales, like they did with a trade-in offer for the iPad a few months back, they're out of stock almost instantly. It makes you believe that it's done to generate foot traffic, but that very few actual units are on hand to ensure Target has to take as little of a loss as possible.



AirElephant commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

The low targets make me think that Nintendo doesn't expect to have any new titles to announce at E3 that will be available during this fiscal year. Those three million systems will likely shift based solely upon Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. and the strength of the existing library. We will probably get a release date for X and a few lesser titles, but I wouldn't hold out much hope of a Metroid, Zelda, Star Fox, or any other key titles before next year.

Maybe we'll be surprised, but those targets are awfully low. By comparison, Sony's PS4 is already nearing the seven million mark even though the Wii-U had a year's head start. And there are major titles coming for the PS4 and XBOX, like Watch Dogs, Destiny, and virtually all sports games that are either greatly delayed for the Wii-U, or aren't coming at all.

What a dismal, dismal outlook.



AirElephant commented on Sleek Metal NES Analogue Nt Now Available for ...:

It's not difficult at all to find both a working NES and CRT. In fact, if you go to any retro store or flea market I'm sure you can get them to plug in the system/TV and verify that it's working. Clean the pins off with some rubbing alcohol and the NES will work for a long time, especially if you grab a top-loader. I'm with those that look at something like this as designed for the well-heeled consumer who wants the bragging rights that come with spending $500 on a retro console.

Personally, emulated consoles like the Retron 5 are just fine for me. And though I grew up playing these consoles, it's really hard to tell the difference unless you place the units side by side. Affordability trumps authenticity in my book.



AirElephant commented on Twisted Fusion Joins the Kickstarter Ranks, Wi...:

The art style is what throws me off. It looks like a very old-school action platformer, but the art looks all hand-drawn and not terribly stylized. If they went the Mighty Number 9 route or embraced a real 16-bit, pixel art look I'd be there. If you are going to promise me retro gaming, deliver!



AirElephant commented on Ninterview: TriForce Johnson - A Journey From ...:

Argh I guess I should have read the interview before mentioning the doc. I obviously DIDN'T read the interview because after watching the documentary, I have little interest in Johnson or his point of view. Having read the question above, a softball lobbed at Johson in the gentlest, most understanding way possible, my opinion of him hasn't changed. If you watch the documentary, he equivocates and justifies his actions just as he did above. Maybe the documentary did portray him in a skewed manner, but then again his actions speak as loudly as anything else in the film. Wong may not be a nice guy, but Johnson is no shining example either.



AirElephant commented on Ninterview: TriForce Johnson - A Journey From ...:

If there were downvotes, I'm sure I'd get more than a few for this but I really can't see Johnson as an inspiration of any kind. It's not only because of his fixation on video games, because most of us that read sites like Nintendolife are focused on them, but rather because of a documentary I watched that featured Johnson as a "manager" of a Street Fighter IV player, Justin Wong. Johnson comes across as manipulative, unrealistic, and egocentric at virtually every point. He yearns so desperately for the spotlight, but lacks the skill to attain it for himself, that he becomes the ultimate coattail-rider.

The documentary is called "The King of Chinatown" and you can stream it for free on Amazon if you have a Prime membership. I believe it's also on Hulu and and likely on YouTube as well. It's worth viewing if you want to see Johnson's behavior when not being interviewed by a friendly gaming site like NL.



AirElephant commented on Super Metroid is 20 Years Old Today:

Easily one of my favorite games of all time. I'm an older gamer, but I sure do miss the 16-bit era. There's something about pixel-drawn graphics that gives games a handcrafted feel that, while not realistic, lends it a fantasy element that is wholly missing from the vast majority of current-gen games. As others have said, though, we NEED a Metroid for Wii-U!



AirElephant commented on Nintendo's Expensive New Development Building ...:

I absolutely love it. It speaks to Nintendo's never-ending focus on responsible, practical game development. Too many companies want to waste money on outward appearances. Maybe the flashy, rockstar game developer types--you know, the volatile ones--want to be in big, gaudy buildings but I am glad that Nintendo tilts another way. It illustrates, yet again, long-term thinking where watching the bottom line like a hawk is key.

The building is only expensive because real estate in Japan is ridiculously so.



AirElephant commented on Video: Nintendo Wii Sports Club Trailer Goes F...:


I know I tend to be down on Nintendo, but it comes from my frustration with them and not their wonderful games. But one only needs look at the sales of the Wii-U and what's happening with the PS4 and XB1 to see that the Wii-U is not going to make nearly the dent the Wii did.

Last year, when the Wii-U went on sale you could go into stores days afterwards and find them sitting on shelves. There was never, ever a shortage of machines. However, just TRY to get your hands on a PS4 or an XB1 and every last place is sold out. Every one. Both systems are due to continue to sell out all the way through Christmas.

The commercials for both make them look exciting and next-gen. Almost every day there are fresh stories on Engadget and other gaming sites about the systems and what new things they're offering. On the Wii-U sites like this one we are getting...? Weak commercials? One key game (SM3DW), a bunch of indie titles that are also going to be out on the other systems and smartphones, the lamest Virtual Console titles and no additional key first party games until at least March of next year?

Nintendo is in a serious, serious world of hurt and weak commercials for games that demonstrate games that look only slightly better than what the Wii could offer are hardly going to compel anyone, young OR old, to buy. All grandpa and grandma are going to hear this Christmas is, "Can I have an XBOX One or Playstation 4?! Please?!!"



AirElephant commented on Video: Nintendo Wii Sports Club Trailer Goes F...:

The problem with the commercial is that it doesn't answer the, "Don't I already have that on Wii?" question. Nothing in that commercial tells any of the grandparents that bought themselves a Wii, which now sits collecting dust on their shelf, why it is they need a Wii-U.

Nintendo is TERRIBLE at selling this thing. If Nintendo's marketing took the form of a person, I'd be checking its wrist for a pulse. Good god this outdated.



AirElephant commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Safe and Family-Frie...:


Then Nintendo will never give you what you want. They just won't. They may get a few token games, as they're getting on the Wii-U, but as these companies realize that titles like COD and MW don't sell on the platform, you won't see any of these series on Nintendo systems anymore. It's just the way it is.



AirElephant commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Safe and Family-Frie...:

I think Nintendo should just come out and admit that they ARE a system primarily for children and their parents. They keep trying to convince gamers that they are a viable system for core gaming, but they simply are not. Nintendo itself will never produce the kind of violent games that late teenage and early twenty-somethings want to play, and the 3rd parties that make those games have largely abandoned Nintendo's platforms.

Embrace it and own it. They are the Disney of video game companies, and last time I looked Disney makes a ton of money. I got rid of my Wii-U because I've simply outgrown Nintendo, having recognized that they simply don't appeal to me at my age. Glad they have a shtick, though, and I hope it serves them. I just wish they'd stop pretending to be anything other than what they are.