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Sat 16th February, 2013

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blondeandy commented on Grab a Cool Free Keychain With Selected Produc...:

Had a moan about this in the forum. They sent this email out after all my preordered amiibos/smash had already been processed. Technically I could've qualified for all the key rings. If what I've been told about the store being zavvi in disguise is true then I'm glad my purchases have been moved back to shopto. The official store will be used for limited special editions only...



blondeandy commented on Video: StreetPass East Midlands Goes Hands-On ...:

Am a nottingham gamer and still yet to get to either gamecity(except for the zelda thing they did) or a Streetpass East Midlands thing. Always seem to clash with other things. Good to hear we are getting some kind of gaming culture museum early next year, will be able to check that out in my own time! :)



blondeandy commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

@MAN1AC I don't disagree but at this point with two.consoles to support (they need to keep expanding the 3ds library too) they need to get more people in across the board. Buying up a proven developer gets them off the ground running with WIP titles that could be ported across. In the meantime the extra internal staff can be working on more games from scratch to release down the line. They did specifically mention acquisitions and did bid for atlus so was somewhere in their plan just lacked.the balls to.go all in...



blondeandy commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

PS with regard to mergers and acquisitions how the hell did they get outbid by SEGA for atlus? That would have been a complete coup for them! With the money they have and light of SEGA non too grand financial record i would've thought outbidding them would've been easy pickings...maybe just buy sega now for a double whammy, announce that in a live E3 stage show and you've won E3 regardless...



blondeandy commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

Like others i'm a little disappointed in this decision by Nintendo. It makes no difference to us fans who get hyped for Directs and it will still be the same announcements just in a slightly different format but for all the people we need to start taking notice of the Wii U it's not the right way. Now is the time for the big N to follow the conventions a little bit, they aren't in a position to "be like apple" as someone suggested and shun the norms, they need to play ball and have a "comeback" E3. To shun the main stage presentation again this year just screams that they don't have enough to warrant a presentation which isn't the message they should be giving out. Plus, if it's true then what are they doing? Where are the mergers and acquisitions they mentioned, where are they spending their money to put things right? I'm working on the basis that they have a ton to reveal but focussing on the floor show implies otherwise. Also, doing the live reveal takes the responsibility of getting the streaming right out of their hands completely...



blondeandy commented on Soapbox: A Monster Hunter Obsession, and Why t...:

Took a while to get into this game on the PSP(MHFU) but what helped was having friends who were quite far into the game that i could fire questions at as it's not very forthcoming with information. Unfortunately those guys don't own nintendo systems so i'm alone this time, put over 60hours into offline on the 3ds and want to take the jump to online(as have both versions), it's a shame i'm busy when the NL hunt is going on on saturday as would've been a good kick-start. Any online hints for a noob so as not to wind people up?



blondeandy commented on First Impressions: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: ...:

For me this is a wasted opportunity, the first game was fantastic but rinsed the FF series of most of it's best moments and songs so not sure there is going to be enough here to convince me to purchase. I would've thought extending it to the whole square-enix universe with tunes from the chrono/mana/DQ games as well as some new FF stuff would've been the sensible option. This may not sell as well and cause them to axe the series without really thinking about why it failed(which seems to be SEs thing these days)



blondeandy commented on Monolith Soft Lists "Urgent" Job Postings, Inc...:

MMO was my concern first thing when i saw some of the Nintendo Direct clips but i'm still holding out hope. Not that i'm against MMOs, i spent more time than is healthy on WoW and rate it as one of my favourite games of all time, it's just not what i wanted from X. I wanted a similar experience to xenoblade, in a new world with HD graphics and the pad would allow your teammates arts to be selected in addition to the main chars. Would have allowed for better teamwork on breaking/toppling etc. I still have hope though..



blondeandy commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

It's a sad state of affairs but i'm sure they'll turn it around. If i was Nintendo i'd reduce my expectations in terms of lifecycle of the Wii U and try and release a console more powerful than the PS4/Xbone around halfway through their lifespans to try and rock the applecart a little. They need to expand rather than shrink their workforce though in order to do this and keep the wii U furnished with interesting titles though. They'd need to release it with a 3d mario or zelda at launch and get the third parties to release their content on it at the same times as a matter of course. Would need to be PC-style architecture to minimize the effort required to port.

In the meantime they should really be stressing the benefits of a family centric console that can get the whole family playing(which it is!). Considering all the bad press around videogame violence it shouldn't be too tough for Nintendo to pipe up as the family alternative.



blondeandy commented on Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Fr...:

Completely agree with this, it is something that REALLY bugs me. On release of the Wii U the Virtual Console to date from Wii should just have been carried over and then built on with additional titles like earthbound and more from other consoles like Gamecube. I just don't get why we have to go back to the start with the VC, i'm currently with Super Mario RPG started and incarcerated in "wii-mode" where even if they do release it on wii u vc i can't carry my save over. The whole thing is poorly thought out...



blondeandy commented on Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Blacklist Bot...:

I think boycotting is a strong word, although it sums up what a lot of people have done(me included) you have to remember that for most people waiting for a game to be cheap or buying secondhand is "the norm". For me, i have probably enough games to last me my whole life so i don't ever really need to buy on day one. The reason i do buy full price is because it's a game or genre i want to support. Games companies do need to create good will as far as gamers are concerned and they did the opposite with this decision causing a lot of people to downgrade Legends from day one status. If we don't get another, so be it, but hopefully the Wii U sales they did get will give them an idea of what could've been, shame we'll never be able to fully measure the effects of their decision. I still believe that any company that is brave enough to make a Wii U exclusive game that gets good reviews will be rewarded



blondeandy commented on StreetPass Relay Issues Reported in North America:

Am in the UK, and whilst i can see how the relay thing should be quite good i've found it to be more of a curse than anything. Have been in situations with friends where we all have our 3ds' and only get 1 hit each through relay rather than all streetpassing each other as the nintendo zone blocks the normal streetpass mechanism.



blondeandy commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for May:

The european rewards are pretty naff but even if this was available i wouldn't bite. Am part way through Super Mario RPG but have stalled as i want to be able to play off screen on the gamepad but know i won't be able to bring my saved game across once it's available on wii u vc, can't believe there is no way of transferring it across, seems silly to me...



blondeandy commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

The problem i have with this that no one seems to raise is as follows:
Phone: Device i need to have powered up at all times and i do everything to conserve battery.
Handheld/Mp3 player: Device i run down until it's out of charge.

I struggle to keep battery in my phone as it is without spending hours gaming on it when travelling to work and back. Getting a little tired of this idea of your phone replacing every device you ever had. Do TV shows get filmed on phones? No. Do photographers take their photos with phones? No.

I still see a market for machines specifically for games. Nothing wrong with making something that is dedicated to just one things. This is why i hope nintendo are around for sometime, they aren't trying to get their sticky fingers in to all media, they just want to make good games!



blondeandy commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

Don't understand this really. Sony have already announced their console, by E3 so will microsoft. E3 will only be a follow-up on those announcements. Nintendo may not have hardware to announce but if they have Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, X news for Wii u and Smash Brothers that is more than enough for an E3 presentation. Hell the last nintendo direct would've been big enough for an E3 if you ignore the lack of wii u games. The likes of ubisoft/ea etc never have hardware to plug yet always do a big presentation. My excitement for E3 is waning somewhat...



blondeandy commented on Nintendo And GAME Hosting Multiplayer Mayhem E...:

Absolute rubbish, turned up in nottingham to nothing. There was someone playing on a 3ds who seemed involved with the event but they were head down ignoring people and I didn't even get a streetpass. Boss of the shop didn't really know what was going on. Maybe I was too late to the party and everyone's charge had gone but I had high hopes and was let down. To have 3ds' in the store that weren't streetpassing is poor.



blondeandy commented on Fez For Wii U Is Highly Unlikely Unless Ninten...:

Held out on buying fez after his opinions on Japanese developers but cracked eventually, regretting my purchase now as it funds thus idiot. After having played it I can say it would really benefit from two screens as I lost track of the amount of time I spent going between the game and the map screen....

As for mh3u, having a blast with it. Most psp monster hunters would've given their left "claw" for an abomination like the circle pad pro. Although 3ds should've had 2 sticks as standard...