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Thu 12th Jul 2012

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zeldazero commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

YES!! I want Chrono Trigger, every Final Fantasy, every Dragon Quest/Warrior, Lufia's.. hell...even some pokemon... they are really dropping the ball.. god forbid you put up games that everyone wants. Lets give them crap and complain about not selling anything...



zeldazero commented on Nintendo Official UK Store Throws in a Neat T-...:

Good damn question. For the country that has the largest video game sales our bonuses suck. I am still waiting to see if we get the Yoshi yarn amiibo bundle for woolly world..and don't even get me started on club Nintendo, thank god that is over, the new program better be equal everywhere..



zeldazero commented on Gold Mario amiibo Set to Shine as Walmart Excl...:

I hope the gold will be the pack in, since I pre-ordered 2 of them over a month ago...I hate when special editions come out after regular it is such a pain in the I will most likely have to cancel my other 2 to get these. BUT, I think this is fake, and still believe they are not gold and silver amiibos, but actually gold and platinum and will be club nintendo awards for gold and platinum members for this years final club nintendo awards...fingers crossed...



zeldazero commented on Toys "R" Us Provides a Fresh Update on Cancell...:

Email from toys r us I received today

Dear ...........................,

We are reaching out today regarding the recent cancellation that has occurred with your online order, #.................. Unfortunately, there was a processing error that caused your order to erroneously cancel. However, we want you to know that your order has been reinstated.

We thank you for your patience as we work to remedy this situation.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.



zeldazero commented on Nintendo Outlines Confusing amiibo Save Data L...:

Well obviously if Nintendo is smart the amiibo management on the system will allow you to back up amiibo saves to your console or external storage when changing games, I'm pretty sure they know a 1 game at a time with no way of keeping each games data would be a bad sell point. Everyone is most likely getting paranoid for nothing. Lets remember skylanders and Disney infinity can only be used in one game and no one is complaining about that. Have faith, Nintendo knows what they are doing.



zeldazero commented on Video: We Tackle the Legendary Hyrule Warriors...:

I have all DLC purchased but have nothing but the 3 free characters, Do I have to do something to access the rest? Maybe I have to complete the first adventure mode map first?

Nevermind, apparently the update doesn't start from quick starting the game, I had to access the game from the home menu, now it is working, kind of dumb...



zeldazero commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

Honestly, like Bayonetta 2, I really don't care if it was rated 1 out 10, I get what I want regardless of someone else's opinion because that is the biggest problem with all types of entertainment. So many good games and movies alike get overlooked because so many people believe someone else's opinion over there own. If I don't like it, oh well, like watching a movie sometimes they suck but I was willing to pay for it. I hate COD and Halo but my opinion shouldn't stop others from buying them just like their opinions of Nintendo games don't stop me from buying them Even though I don't plan on using them, I also bought all 12 Amiibos regardless if others think they will be dumb lol



zeldazero commented on Hacker Claims to Demonstrate an Exploit to Mod...:

Exactly, best case scenario, Wii U gets hacked, sells millions of consoles to hackers, Nintendo waits a month or 2, before the big Christmas releases and sends out a patch that kills the hack but still increases its install base tremendously. The Wii, PS3, and 360 all increased sales dramatically after they were hacked, and this wont be any different.



zeldazero commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

@Jampie Vita TV isn't selling well because it doesn't have good games lol. Obviously Nintendo Wii U needs exclusive genius but the problem is unless they sell more consoles the only exclusives it will have are made by itself. And yes, If people could play 3DS games on a wii U I guarantee people would buy a Wii U just to play on a big screen. I bet once regular ds games start showing up on the virtual console people will by a wii U. Put it this way, if the 3ds was the home console with the Wii U's library of games and the Wii U was the handheld with the 3ds's library of games the Wii U would be the one selling better. Also, as the numbers show, people obviously did by the 3DS just to play DQM2 so why wouldn't they have bought the Wii U in the same respect if it had been for that instead??



zeldazero commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

@DarkCoolEdge if you read my first comment you would see I said they should make a device like they did for the gamecube, an adaptor that would connect to the wii U that would allow playing 3DS games through the Wii U to a tv. If they did I would easily pay good money for it. Honestly, it is mostly because I love old school J-rpg's and the DS and #ds are the only place to get them anymore and I won't play on a 4 inch screen...



zeldazero commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

@Jampie Is it a Nintendo console? Yes. Do you not need permission to put a game on a Nintendo console? Yes. Point being is Nintendo keeps allowing great IP's to go on its prize pony but with nothing on its dying one which is why it is dying. If Sony can say, hey developers, if you make a PS4 game it "has" to be playable on the vita like the wii u gamepad for the Wii U, why can't Nintendo say hey, make your games also playable on both platforms? Needless to say developers really want to make games for the 3DS because of its big install base so they would do whatever they needed to just to release a game on it, even if it meant a quick port to the Wii U. Nobody here can tell me allowing 3DS games to be playable on the Wii U wouldn't make it the console to have and sell way more than Xbox One and PS4.



zeldazero commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

Another perfect example of bad decisions by Nintendo...They keep putting these amazing games on the console that is already doing well!!! This game along with like a dozens others would have given the Wii U a commanding increase in sales but god forbid we give people what they want They need a 3ds virtual console or a 3ds wii u addon to play 3ds games on your tv like they had with the GBA on gamecube.



zeldazero commented on Talking Point: New Year Resolutions for Nintendo:

Good thought but what we need is the complete opposite of Wii U VC games on 3DS, we need 3DS games on the Wii U, that would easily make the Wii U the must have console GARANTEED!! I don't own a 3DS because I refuse to play games on a 3 to 5 inch screen, I would buy about 30 games in a month if I could play 3DS games on the Wii U. Start with the remake of Dragon Quest VII !!



zeldazero commented on Nintendo Download: 19th December (North America):

I seriously think they want the North American VC for the Wii U to fail...Just because Europe Wii U sales aren't the greatest doesn't mean you give them the best games to try to sell more consoles while giving your loyal fans in America the Link to the past or Mario 3 still...



zeldazero commented on Nintendo Download: 5th September (Europe):

your damn right, in a world of horrible action RPG's these old school turn based ones are all I have left to look forward to for good RPG's. I wish they would just go back to turn based...My only hope now is maybe Dragon Quest 11 to be made in turn based format...



zeldazero commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Round-Up - 7t...:

How about some news on something they have been promising from the beginning but have heard nothing about since the Wii U released...The ability to use 2 Wii U gamepads and gamecube on the virtual console, hell, even Nintendo 64 would be nice, why only NES and SNES...???



zeldazero commented on Classic SNES RPG Breath Of Fire II Is Coming T...:

The best thing I loved about this game is it is the first time I remember a game where you actually build your own town and can customize the type of building architecture by finding different architects around the games world. It will have item, weapon, and armor shops.