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Nintendo Reveals New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS

Posted by James Newton


We knew Nintendo is working on a new 2D Mario for 3DS, and now we know it's New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Satoru Iwata revealed the game during the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, pledging it'll see release in Japan this August. Nintendo of America has also confirmed an August release via Twitter.

Iwata didn't go into much detail on the gameplay, but the first screenshots show the return of the raccoon suit and a land where all enemies appear to be made of gold.

What do you make of this news?

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DF2506 said:

Nintendo of America said its coming in August here too. So very tired of Mario. Like the character, but this is just OVERKILL. Mario Tennis in May and then New Super Mario Bros. 2 in August?! sigh Ya, I'm not buying either game. I want Heroes of Ruin for my b-day and after that, no plans till AC3DS comes out! hopes for early Fall, not late fall lol.



Firejonie said:

Nintendo is going crazy with Mario titles for the 3DS. So far we have Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Mario Tennis Open, Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion 2. Plus the Wii U Mario game. Looking foward to this, some sources say it will release in August in Japan. Hopefully the release date overseas is not much longer after that.



DF2506 said:

@Firejonie. Nintendo of America has officially said New Super Mario Bros. 2 is coming in August. So has Japan. I'm sure it'll make the U.K. in August too...sigh



WesCash said:

Can't say that new Mario releases really excite me anymore. I'm more looking forward to the Pokedex 3D update and when North America is getting it.



SuperDel said:

Surely this is good news? Why the negativity? Both New Super Mario Bros. games are awesome!



MitchVogel said:

Perhaps this will turn out pretty good. I'm kind of worried though, seeing as how they forgot that NSMB already got a 2nd game. Or if this really is the official sequel, then what does that make NSMBW?



19Robb92 said:

People need to chill over this. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Piece of cake.

On topic though, I'll be getting this at some point. I loved the first one and IMO the Wii one improved a lot on that with the added multiplayer and level design. Hopefully it'll only get better. Looking forward to the WiiU one as well.

It seems like they're looking at NSMB. Wii as more of a spin-off (or it's own series for Mario multiplayer perhaps) and this as an official continuation of the first game on the DS.



Firejonie said:

@SuperDel I agree. I don't really care if a game feels the same over and over again ( unless the levels are exactly alike which is not the case for NSMB 2). Just as long as there are new levels and it is fun to play, that's all I care about.



HappyHappy said:

WOW New Super Mario Bros. with the tanooki suit, this game is going to be so awesome, it's good to see that Nintendo finally decided to do something new and original with Mario for once and not do something that they have been doing for the last 20 years. This is a very very good day for Mario fans around the world.



IAmNotWill said:

I don't understand why people are getting upset over the release of all these Mario games. They're not bad games, and Mario is the most successful franchise out there, so what's the big deal?



Axl_abe said:

@DF2506 Assassins Creed 3DS!?!?
And as far as mario goes im getting tired of all this casual mario crap. Wheres the platformer for those of us that "want" a challenge. looks at donkey kong returns and rayman origins



bahooney said:

Why are you guys so meh? lol, like you're not going to buy it regardless... Mario games are /always/ good.



Chrono_Cross said:

Don't need to. I'm only talking about those power ups.

You want something new and fun? A successor to Super Mario Bros. 2. Unfortunately Nintendo is too lazy to make something new and fun happen anymore.



RR529 said:

The NSMB games aren't my favorite, but they're still well built, fun games, so I'll definately be picking this one up.

As for people saying Mario is going overkill, you do realize that all the 3DS Mario games are different genre's, don't you? Well, there are now two platformers, but they're different types. As for me, as far as I'm concerned, only the platform, RPG, and Kart games matter (Mario Tennis Open doesn't exist to me).



Undead_terror said:

@Chrono_Cross yep pretty much,well when it comes to mario anyways,even tho theres opportunity for a mario sunshine sequal and maybe some other mario game im forgetting but it aint the new series



OdnetninAges said:

I agree that Mario is having a lot of games in just 2 years, but I think I can see why.

Mario Kart 7 -Racing
Super Mario 3D Land -3D Platformer
Mario & Sonic 2012 -Sports/Party
Mario Tennis Open -Sports
New Super Mario Bros. 2 -2D Platformer
Paper Mario -RPG
Luigi's Mansion 2 -Adventure
For just 1 system, this is a lot, but I think they are trying to create variety for different people's tastes. But...How can they have a game they JUST announced come out before 2 games that were announced 2 years ago? I don't know, but I'm sure there is a decent reason... Kid Icarus took a while, and a lot of people seem to love it, so I guess great games take time...



Expa0 said:

Unless it's like the USA Super Mario Bros 2, I couldn't be less interested.



HappyHappy said:

@22 True, but still I would like to see more original Mario games, and I could use some extra coins in my Club Nintendo account.



WaveGhoul said:

Yawn...Not another NSMB Sequal. I was hoping for something along the lines of SMB2 USA and not enough generic/playing it safe sequal to the stale & uncreative NSMB series....Wow, a tanooki suite, we just got abizzilion of those in Super Mario 3D Land, they even made their debut in Mario Kart 7. Good lord, give SMB2 USA the recognition it desserves already...

Looks like this one is getting the SMB3 treatment as evident by the Running arrows, the takooni suite and SMB3 Square platforms.



komicturtle said:


Think of it this way:

The "New" Super Mario Bros. series is essentially just Mario in modern day. If you noticed, you can wall jump, triple jump and even ground pound which were not in the past Super Mario Bros. games. That's how I always looked at it because it makes sense.



James said:

@WaveBoy "Not another NSMB Sequal" — this is the third NSMB game in nearly six years. You make it sound like they're every five minutes



FyreeTSG said:

I was hoping for SMB2--like NES' SMB2(y'know, the Mario "Doki Doki Panic" clone)--BUT This has Raccoon Mario, w/ the SERIOUS possibility for the P-Wings REAL return....and I'm hoping its got MORE SMB3 stuff in it...




Knuckles said:

I sure hope this is like the lost levels in the U.S and not the US Super Mario Bros 2....

Also I'm in NA and I am reading sooooo many spoilers for the US. Dont care! 25th cant come quick enough!



FyreeTSG said:

@expa0 I'm getting it regardless---I love SMB3, and any game that is a throwback to SMB3--
Raccoon Mario FTW



FyreeTSG said:

@themariobloggie Yeah--most people don't know the difference between Raccoon and Tanooki--I like both...
Tanooki is the FULL Suit, Raccoon is just tail+ears...
OH, and a Tanooki is a Japanese mythological being---
Tom Nook from AC is a Tanooki



OdnetninAges said:

Yeah, but Luigi has only had 2 games in the past, and they were spin offs... Huh... maybe this IS a new series...But if it is, they should probably drop the whole "Rescue Mario!" plot which is present in all of the Luigi games.



FyreeTSG said:

don't bash Mario for being in "too many" games....Mario sells, and we ALL love Mario



Rekiotsu said:

Just same old boring new super mario bros game with new levels again and again and again. Who cares anymore? Oh man, i just hate new super mario games...
Nintendo, why don't you make some kind of unique mario game.




I for one am actually surprised that Nintendo pulled NEW Super Mario Bros. 2 out of the bag for 3DS. Although imo, I want to say it's really NEW Super Mario Bros. 3 , because of NEW SMB Wii being the 2nd game in the series. But then again, who cares. I will say, I like the idea of Raccoon Mario being brought back and the bit of a SMB 3 formula style gameplay being introduced again with a new power up looks interesting.



WaveGhoul said:

I didn't mean it as in they're releasing too many of these, i ment that i don't want to see 'another' NSMB sequal if it's anything simular to the DS and Wii versions. Sure, at the core they're both good platformers(NSMBWII slays the DS version no question) but everything else about them is severely lacking. The imagination, art direction, hell even many of the tunes and originality just isn't there.

They don't seperate themselves from the pack. 1, 2, 3 & World were such a massive departure in every single department from one another which was fantastic and now(aside from the Galaxy games) were just seeing 2D Mario steal ideas from his previous popular outings and wrapping them in a new shiny package. I'm still excited, but this is Nintendo playing it safe once again....I'm sure the game will be fantastic, but eh....I'd rather see GoodFeel get a shot at a 2D Mario sidescroller, they'd do wonders for a SMB2 USA sequal.

Wario Land Shake it blows the lid off of NSMBWii, that game desserved far more praise than it got.
I can see it now, NSMB '3' which takes idea's from Super Mario 'World' sigh*. 2 once again well get the complete shaft.

Hell, looking at the picture it looks EXACTLY like NSMBWii 'art direction wise' the backgrounds, the ground itself and yadah yadah are completely ripped from the previous game. It doesn't have it's own identity which makes this look extremely lazy. Oh well, i'll admit a semi spiritual successor to SMB3 does sound awesome...But still.



Undead_terror said:

i think it would be pretty cool if they made a either super mario bros 2/3 or super mario world look a like and make it 3d since we are getting 3d retro looking games recently,i would be a happy sailor
also include a level maker so we can play even longer



Haxonberik said:

So what, they're gonna be launching NSMB2 on 3DS and NSMBwii2 on Wii U? Why cant the Wii U one be 3d? I'm not worried about this one, I'm worried about the one based on SMBMii...



BattleBorn said:

Why is this "NSMB2" when it's the third installment in it's brand? Mario Kart 3DS got a 7 tacked to acknowledge all the previous portable AND console Kart installments; why is NSMB being treated differently? Just plain sloppy of Nintendo.

And speaking of sloppy, I can only hope that Mario Wii U will be it's own thing despite it supposedly being based on the Mii demo... if it isn't and it just rehashes the NSMB assets AGAIN! then Nintendo will cause severe, CoD/Guitar Hero-style damage to the Mario brand.



WaveGhoul said:

They've already caused severe damage, NSMBWii U looks identicle to NSBWii yet with higher 'hill' textures(LOL) plus it's in HD.

4 NSMB titles that visually look the same...Good stuff. Hopefully they don't rehash the same music again, ah who am i kidding. I can't wait to puke in my mega bucket the minute i here NSMBWii's Overworld theme again...

NoOOoOOoOO!!!!! Please Ninendo, just rehash SMB3's Overworld tune. ANYTHING but NSMB's, for the love of Mouser!



shonenjump86 said:

Having New Super Mario Bros Wii is all I need. Not really looking forward to NSMB2 or the Wii U game. I'll wait for more details on both games



19Robb92 said:

I don't see how the 'Rescue Mario' plot-line has anything to do with it being a Mario title. You save Peach in every Mario game but no one is saying it's a continuation of Super Princess Peach or any other game with Peach as the main character. As in a 'Princess Peach title'.

A Mario title should have Mario as the main character, Luigi's Mansion doesn't so I definitely wouldn't call it that.



Geonjaha said:

I dont think the 3DS can add much to what the DS game was. Although I will be buying this IF they add the same amount of amazing multiplayer minigames that were in the first one. That would be great :3
Dont forget the standard 2 player gameplay >:3



mamp said:

two 2D Marios being released so close to each other and in the same year? Lately Nintendo is going overboard with Mario which is showing how desparate they are for money, they know he's making the big bucks for them so now they're just milking him for all he's worth. This game better have online multiplayer because it's gonna take a lot more than tanooki suits to make this game awesome for me. Nothing in that screenshot looked original except the tanooki tail but since it was already just recently used it lost a bit of that originality it had. If I see another Mario title (not sports, or spinoffs included) announced early next year I'll consider Nintendo as greedy as the rest of them and I'll lose all respect for them.



Marios-love-child said:

I dont quite understand the negativity. If this is a true sequal to the DS version (which in name it certainly suggests it is) its almost 6 years since the DS version was released and almost 3 years since the Wii version so its hardly like they are rolling the same game out year after year.



James said:

I wonder if there'll be any sort of cross compatibility between the 3DS and Wii U games.



RevolverLink said:

I'll probably get it. NSMB1 was a big disappointment to me, but NSMBW, despite it's lack of visual ambition, was incredibly fun and well-designed.



JustAnotherUser said:

This a great news.
I love Mario's 2D side scrolling adventures.
I just now hope they wont lock half the game and asks us to pay for it by calling it "DLC".



Corbs said:

Good news, but I'll save my real excitement when we finally get a Paper Mario 3DS release date. Then I'll jump for joy.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

Thats alwesome we get to play a new mario game so soon.......lets jus hope that all their games comes out fast like this, because i hate having to wait several months for good game to come out.......we need more sports titles on da would be so cool if we had Nba 2k13 on da 3ds or a new madden or NCAA a huge wrestling fan...when are they gonna make exclusive wrestling or sport game for da 3ds?



XD375 said:

Someday I'll be telling my grandchildren stories of a time when Nintendo used to be an innovative company that put effort into their games.

Retro Studios is the only part of Nintendo I have faith in right now.



Rensch said:

And not a single person was surprised that day. It doesn't look like the most revolutionairy Mario title, but perhaps there's some cool stuff in there.



lord_hades said:

hopefully they include the mega mushroom in this one since it wasnt in new super mario bros wii, i think its cool that the racoon suit is going to make a return. also that screenshot with racoon mario and that giant blue block reminds me of the big floating blocks in super mario bros 3, i can tell this game will definately be using things from SM3DL because that game used super mario 3 stuff aswell



OorWullie said:

Is NSMB Wii really a sequel to the DS version though?Is it not just more of an expanded version?I have played both and apart from the odd powerup and extra levels they seemed to be more or less the same game,granted there was a large gap between plays of both titles so I may be wrong.I am fairly confident the Wii U version wont be wont look anything like the version they showed at E3,concept yes,graphics no,again,I may be wrong though.



V8_Ninja said:

I'm not entirely understanding all of the negativity for NSMB2. Sure, it's another game in the NSMB series, but the series has never been outright bad and it's not like any of you are being forced to play the game. And besides, the one screenshot in the gallery is not the entire game; it doesn't mean that everything in the game will follow the impressions that you get from that screenshot.

EDIT: Thinking about it all, this situation seems to be headed in a "Dynasty Warriors"-esque setting, so all I have to say is this; for those that like the games, continue to like them. For those that don't like the games, it doesn't seem like a terribly hard time to completely ignore the franchise.

EDIT #2: Also, the domain still redirects to the Nintendo country selector, so there's a chance that Nintendo didn't just buy the domain for the sake of mis-association with NSMB2.



Reala said:

@bahooney mario games always good? I present super paper mario as my evidence to the contrary!!!

as for NSMB2 the first one on DS was fun enough but it was hardly a ground breaking title to say the least, so can understand some would be disappointed that this would be getting a sequel over a new 2D Mario altogether, nintendo must have sequelitis at the moment, not that Mario sequels are bad just not a fan of the more expansion pack nature of them rather than the more clearly different sequels of the past.



Alienfish said:

I got the message, why can't everyone else? The only officially released pic is one of Mario ACTUALLY FLYING BECAUSE HE HASN'T ACTUALLY FLOWN SINCE THAT CRAP A** JOB IN GALAXY. They're even bringing back the P meter for crying out loud! I have high hopes for this game and it's all because of that one little picture.



Poppupian said:

I'm gonna wait for more information. Ever senses New Mario Wii, the Mario hasn't really felt new or exiting. (For me at least)



Mk_II said:

Poor Nintendo... if they give everyone what they want they are accused of milking their franchises. If they don't, everyone complains about a lack of major titles. IMHO you cant blame a business for trying to provide the products they know will sell millions



19Robb92 said:

Probably. This one is a sequel to the one on DS though. Which probably means no 4p multiplayer but rather strictly singleplayer with some multiplayer modes added.

While the one for WiiU will be a sequel to the Wii one and feature 4p CoOp multiplayer and hopefully online.



Mandoble said:

Or the shareholders think that's the only thing Nintendo can sell or Nintendo ran out of ideas or the result of pure laziness or any combination of the previous.



WiiLovePeace said:

Ah awesome, I enjoyed NSMB1 (not as much as NSMBW though). I was hoping for an actual new 2D Mario game (like in the vein of the ol' SMB or SMW games) not a 2.5D one but oh well. More Mario the better I say



Bass_X0 said:

I know it doesn't really matter, but I do prefer it when a sequel is properly numbered. Technically its the third NSMB game but since NSMBW wasn't numbered 2, they did the right thing calling this 2.

I also don't mind there being a Wii U version either. It will probably be called NSMB Wii U or Mii. It would be wrong to call it NSMB3 so soon after NSMB2.



EvilLink said:

I'm sure this will be a decent game, all Mario games are. I will however wait a year or so before buying it as need a Mario break. Give me Metroid Nintendo :0



Nintenzo said:

I would have rather had a Super Mario World sequel, but I'll take this any day!



kyuubikid213 said:

I'm probably going to get this one. I haven't gotten a ton of Mario games, but the ones I play I LOVE. I'll probably get Paper Mario first. I need an RPG for my 3DS.

And to all the haters of how many Mario games come out, don't get me started on the Call of Duty series. I love the series, but there is now LITERALLY a new Call of Duty game (or expansion) that comes out every five minutes.



TKOWL said:

(Sees announcement of NSMB2)
(Sees that Mario can fly with the tail again)



Haywired said:

I absolutely adore the New Super Mario Bros. games, but if there is a Super Mario game at the Wii U's launch, that will be 3 Super Mario games in the space of 1 year! No wonder people are increasingly unexcited, that's ridiculous. Has there been some sort of Activision merger that we're unaware of...



Hyperstar96 said:

Really? Everyone's JUST now complaining that there are too many Mario games? The franchise has been around for over 25 years and THIS is what pushes it over?

(I for one love the franchise and will buy this no questions asked, but Nintendo is starting to pull an Activision with all these new games)



Slapshot said:

I got really excited when I first thought that it was a game in the same vein as Super Mario Bros. 2, but it isn't.

I did enjoy the DS NSMB, but I really didn't care for the Wii iteration, but with that said, I think a 2D Mario in 3D will do just fine. Hopefully, we will get another off-beat Mario title... hopefully.



DeMoN-13ruce said:

cool i liked the ds version traded in my nintendogs for that:P my sister got pissed but idc i love mario! buyed a new nintendogs later for her so she was happy again:p



Willerz said:

If only this was a sequel to the original NES SMB2. I'd love to play as Peach and Toad and kill Birdo in 3D, sigh.



Gold_Ranger said:

I'm getting this just because the TRUE P-Wing is back!!! that means levels will be much longer!!!



Dreadjaws said:

I... don't... get... it...

When this very same website made an article days ago about there being too many Mario games, people defended them, saying that the quality of them was always great and they weren't going to get tired of them.

Now Nintendo officially announces the name of the Mario game they've already told us they were going to release, the game has elements from one of the best game in the series, and THEY GET MAD?

What... what is wrong with all of you? Even if Nintendo hadn't already said they were going to make another 2D Mario (news people had already embraced as a good thing back when they announced it), this game has elements from SMB3! I... I just don't get it... I can't understand it... People just love to be upset, it has to be that.



DeMoN-13ruce said:

@ Dreadjaws

yeah maybe it's becuase so many mario games are released for 3ds but i find it a good thing so that everyone has it;s own style mario for rpg paper mario for 3d mario 3d land for 2d/2.5d this and mario tennis olympic for casuals/everyone soi don't mind it



Haywired said:

Actually, I would say the ratio of those in favor and those against (on this article and the "is Nintendo over-reliant on Super Mario" article) is about the same.



pntjr said:

Why all the negatiity? If you don't want it, don't get it.
Here's to having multiplayer like on NSMBW!



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Nd I thought sonics fan base was bipolar -_-



warioswoods said:


Haha, somehow I find your response to be refreshing. I'm sitting here criticizing the concept based on a few screenshots, but I should just say 'yay' and know that I'll have some new Mario levels laters this year.

Anyhow, while the current screenshots sure do look lazy to me, I remember thinking that the first images of Galaxy 2 also seemed to be a lazy reuse of the first game's assets, but that sequel was full of surprises in the end. Likewise with NSMB Wii, which looked at first like a NSMB rip-off but which actually contained quite a few new ideas and played very differently. So I guess I can reserve judgment pending more information.



DeMoN-13ruce said:

yeah nintendo finnaly releases much games people angry and when they release to less angry.....-.-i'm happy actualy bigger mario libary for 3ds:)



motang said:

Yay for the raccoon tail, in a 2D Mario game, hopefully it will also have Yoshi in it.



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm just so tired of the Mario 3 references now though. Pick another game. At this point, to me, it feels like being bashed over the head with it. We get it, Nintendo: you LOVE SMB3. Cool. Quit running it into the ground for the rest of us.

It also bugs me that this game, so far as I can see, looks identical to NSMBWii. Couldn't they have changed up the art style just a little bit? I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting old and jaded, but this will likely be the very first Mario game that I don't buy on day one because I've played it before so many other times.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Pretty sad. Looks like nothing new in this installment. Sorry to be with all the haters, but this just seems to be a repackaged deal here. I love how many assume that everyone thinks every Mario game is an absolute masterpiece. More power to those who are buying it, but the rest of us who don't feel the same way are entitled to our opinions too.



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

I'm definetly getting this for my August birthday. However, i am very disappointed. The New Super Mario Bros. concept has been done 3 TIMES! Soon to be FOUR! C'mon Nintendo, what happened to innovation. Don't turn Super Mario into Call of Duty..



Doma said:

Wow, they’re really intent on reusing these same assets/engine over and over. All they have to do is create some new levels by reusing the existing templates and it's good to go, ready to be sold at full price to the masses. It's no wonder why they'll never give us an editor...



Luffymcduck said:

At least it´s coming soon.
But... where have I seen that backround before. Oh yes, on DS and Wii. They´ll propably use same worlds, same music, same enemies, same everything! I really hope this would be more like Super Mario World. But still looking forward to this, just not with the same excitement like NSMB years ago. I´ll just wait for more images and videos. The good thing is we no longer have to wait like 14 years for a new 2D Mario title.



FonistofCruxis said:

How disappointing. I'm sure the level design and gameplay will still be great but there are no distinct aesthetic differences between this and the other two NSMB games apart from some SMB3 stuff and they already used threw a load of SMB3 stuff in SM3DL. It seems I was right about the Mario series just being a series that Nintendo uses as a way to make a load of money now rather than using them as the prime examples of the creativity the company is capable of like they used to.



Corbs said:

How about those spider webs in the second screenshot? Looks pretty cool to me.



WaveGhoul said:

Oh god, the new screen shots just confirmed it. Looks like we'll be seeing the same Forest, Snow/Ice Land, Desert and of course Grass Land as in NSMB & NSMBWii Visually speaking....It seems like Nintendo is saving all of their original effort for the Galaxy games. Those were just oozing with originality to the thee'

I'm still excited for this one, just because it's Mario but it's VERY dissapointing that they're just being lazy and using the same Art style and stealing the same boring asthetics from the 2 previous NSMB outings. Mario's my favorite franchise, but I've never been to keen on the two NSMB serie. I'm sure this will be the best one, but as an artist and someone with a crazy imagination this just stings me the wrong way. You'd think Miyamoto would shake things up a bit with different worlds at least. Maybe I shouldn't judge so early in the game. But c'mon those are the same bloody worlds being ripped straight out of the two other games and the art direction is exactly the same....



hYdeks said:

HOW DISAPPOINTING!?!?! You people are crazy!! This game looks great and I can't wait to play yet another Mario game. To those all disappointed and stuff, why? After like 27 years of Mario platformer games, your just NOW feeling like Nintendo uses Mario for money?!? NO WAY!!! THATS A INSULT! NINTENDO HATES MONEY! Ohh wait...there humans, of course they love money, morons ¬¬

I personally am looking forward to the game, and I don't care what stupid point other ppl have. Your Nintendo gamers, you should be ALL OVER a Mario release

EDIT: BTW people, they only released like 4 pictures, you have NO IDEA what areas and such we'll be seeing, so STOP JUDGING!!!



Malic said:

This is good news for me, I don't see how some of you can say it's boring. These are the best Mario games in my opinion. I guess I'm old school



WaveGhoul said:

Some people are just so easy to please.
Maybe i should reserve judgement until a trailer pops up...But as is, it's looking like a playing it safe uninspired NSMB clone with SMB3 elements(Which is awesome of course! Racoon tail, running arrows, certain platforms ect. I'm hoping the frog suite makes a return and some remixed SMB3 tunes ect ect) slapped on it. SMB1,2,3 &World aside from the galaxy games) introduced entirely new worlds. Hopefully this will too, but as is it's just taking what has already been done. Oh well, I'm sure the 3D effect and gameplay itself will be top notch.

Ugh, it's killing me. NEED..TRAILER...NOWWW.



The_Fox said:

NSMB Wii felt like a rehash of the original on the DS and judging from the screenshots it looks like the deja vu is going to be even stronger with NSMB2. Yawn.



grumblebuzzz said:

I would be really excited for this if it didn't look like such a cut and paste job. I just wish that they would take some more time out between Mario games and deliver something new, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise, like they did with the original New Super Mario Bros and Mario Galaxy. Both of those games were highly anticipated because they were in development for a long time. We need those gaps without Mario so we can appreciate him all over again when he finally emerges.



Ren said:

I hate to add more hate but I would like to see a total re-working of these games or just an attempt at an entirely new ip. The first DS New super mario never did much for me, actually, it felt short and a little boring, sparse environments. I still like all of them but I think it's time to take a some chances or add some entirely new elements.



Dodger said:

Bored of NSMB so I'll probably be skipping this. I like NSMBDS but I wouldn't want to play it again and NSMBWii isn't my favorite but it isn't the worst thing ever either. 3DS may be getting 2 Super Mario games but both of them focus on being classic Mario instead of something new, from what I can tell. I'll just wait until the Wii gets repaired so I can play Galaxy 1 and 2 some more.

And they really are reusing the raccoon suit? That really makes it look like a copy and paste job and probably was not a wise decision if they want it to be exciting when they announce it. At least it can fly. Kinda fun.



WaveGhoul said:

Totaly agree with the sparse environment thing. Ninentendo has gone very minimal, cut and paste and simplistic with visuals/art direction in both NSMB DS and Wii. I'll never forget the 'eh' crowd reaction during NSMBWii's reveal during E3. Somebody get GoodFeel so they can give Mario the Wario land Shake it! treatment.



Haywired said:


People who are complaining about the "complainers" (who feel that Super Mario games are being released too frequently at the moment) are like kids who think they want ice-cream for every meal of every day. They don't get it...



Marks said:

I'm so happy! I loved Super Mario Bros. on the DS. I just hope it returns with the mini-games!



RYBlast said:

Guys, look at the tiny blocks at the side of the golden Mario screenshot.

Mini Mushroom confirmed?



shinesprite said:

I'll probably get this this year, but I haven't even broken the shrink-wrap off last year's Super Mario 3DLand.



Emaan said:

If they do this right, it can be good. I don't have a problem with there being another New Super Mario Bros. game, although the brand isn't my favorite. What I have a problem with is that there could be 2 New Super Mario Bros. games released in the same year, which would be ridiculous. If it was just this game, and then something different for the Wii U, it wouldn't be as big of a deal. Considering though, that the New Super Mario Bros. games really don't differ from each other much, going from this game to the Wii U one will feel very more of the same. I just hope the one on Wii U is creative, and doesn't use this brand name, because that would be a big mistake on Nintendo's part.



sinalefa said:

Wariowoods is right. How can I judge a game from seeing 4 pictures? No wonder it uses the same graphical style as the other "New Mario" games, since it is a sequel.

It would be nice if they can come up with depth of field gameplay, in a similar vein to Mutant Mudds, and take advantage of the 3D. And they will have to really set it apart from the Wii U one.

Overall, I vastly prefer the EAD Tokyo approach to Mario that reached its pinnacle with SMG2. Still no reason to bash on this one so soon.



SonyFACE said:

You know what, I think I will give this a try at some point, even if I wasn't a huge fan of NSMBDS or NSMBW. I mean, how bad can it be?



TheBaconator said:

I wish Nintendo would stop with the New Super Mario series. I don't find them as entertaining as the classics and quite frankly, the series is getting old, fast.



Klimbatize said:

I've only been frequenting this site for a few months, and I lurk the comment sections. I've noticed a common trend. Some people are almost always negative (Chrono_Cross in particular) and it seems like their sole purpose on this site is to crap on stuff that other people may enjoy.

I get that some people only like non-competitive games (thus several comments about how Mario Kart 7 sucks and how you're only looking forward to Animal Crossing), but realize that there is a big market for these games. Just because you don't like a game doesn't mean it sucks. These are well-made games that don't happen to interest you. That's cool. There are many games that would fit that description for me.

I, for one, am looking forward to this because I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros. quite a bit. What's wrong with making a similar game, if it's based on games that were great? Oh wait, maybe I understand now...are people being forced to purchase every game that Nintendo comes out with? In that case, I understand the constant negativity.

Jeez, cheer up.



pastasauce said:

The thing that disappoints me the most is that I know Nintendo is capable of so much more.



JimLad said:

So long as it doesn't eat into NSMBWU development time, I welcome it.
Although going back to that article about "Is Nintendo too reliant on Mario" I'm getting even more convinced that it is.
I'm not sick of Mario, I'm sick of missing other franchises they could be working on.



famestephy09 said:

I dnt mind all the Mario games, Though i would like other originals like Mortal Kombat 3D and Donkey Kong country 3D < tht would b gr8. Y wuld nintendo make it in 2D?... if u dnt like 3D den jus turn da slider dwn. Now ppl who do like 3D (me) wnt hav it



Reala said:

I don't get this "your not forced to buy it" thing of course we aren't would be nice if we felt compelled to though like a Mario game used to make most of us feel, rather than looking at the game and thinking here we go again, yes its Mario and the track record of NSMB has shown it will hardly be a disaster but there was a time when a new Nario game really meant new.



Gretski said:

Hmmm... I'm not a huge fan of the first one on DS or the one on Wii, but I just might get this.



Slapshot said:

@Krimbatize Thanks for visiting the site! I don't think that it's that people are upset that there's a new Mario title coming, it's more that they are afraid of Nintendo overusing the actual platforming Mario titles to keep their systems selling, at the risk of the game's losing their magic/appeal that makes each and every release special.

As for the negative/unreasonable comments, well, it's best to simply ignore and keep on reading.



pixelman said:

I loved the first one, so this is awesome news for me. Just make the physics less floaty!



crazyj2312 said:

I can't wait. I like the idea of putting a lot of Mario on the system. I don't think they expect everyone to buy every single game; I think they just want people to buy the ones that interests them the most, offering a decent variety in many genres. Kart, Tennis, 3D platforming, 2D sidescrolling, RPG and Virtual Console are all options.



Odnetnin said:

This is the second time this week I've been disappointed with a new Mario announcement. Before this week I had never been disappointed with a new Mario announcement.

Might turn out to be awesome, but that won't stop me from remaining extremely skeptical.



Emaan said:

I'm just not impressed, I also think Nintendo is capable of so much more, and the New Super Mario Bros. games have been nothing but playing it safe, with little creativity or originality. So now that Super Mario 3D Land has done it, are we expected to think of something as "New" if they bring back an item? First the Tanooki suit and now Raccoon Mario? Yeah no.



TheBadGuy said:

This is the absolute last thing I wanted to see. Screw you Nintendo. All you care about anymore is releasing the series that sell a lot like Mario and Pokemon, even though both are getting stale.



Corbs said:

I'll have plenty of impressions during E3. Be fun to get some hands-on time with this and the other titles Nintendo announce.



pikku said:

I'm actually really excited. Though I personally prefer the cape from World, if the 'real' tanooki suit from SMB3 (as opposed to 3D Land's limited tanooki suit) is gonna be in this game, and you can fly over the whole level should you choose ala SMB3 and SMW, then I'm going to be really excited. Flying in 2D Mario games is awesome, just adding another way to play



bboy2970 said:

I'm excited for this! I won't be indifferent to a Mario release until the games start getting bad (which simply has not happened yet). Prediction time! Anyone think Wario might be in the game at all. The gold in some of those pics as well as the purple pipes just gives me that vibe. Also great to see Tanooki ears/tail return (instead of the full suit? Along with the P-Meter. I can't wait to get my hands on it!



Raylax said:

So wait, there's New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS (which screenshots confirm have at least 4 of the same level themes as the other two NSMBs, right down to the background geometry), and a game "based off" New Super Mario Bros Mii coming to Wii U? Good god Nintendo, come up with some new ideas. Internal project titles: Project Barrel Scraping



Malkeor said:

And it will sell MILLIONS!

I for one will buy it....I mean why not? 2D Mario bros. in 3D? Awesome I say.

Also i'm not burned out on these games like some of you guys

LOL at the people complaining. Remember, you vote with your wallet. These things sell MILLIONS, and they are going to keep making these sequels/similar adventures if you keep buying these games.



Slapshot said:

@Corbs I was so hoping that I make it with you this year, but I just couldn't work it out with my job. Next year, it's on!



FluxOwl said:

And Nintendo once again misses an opportunity to make a Hotel Mario sequel. They'd make quindecillions with that.



LuigiTheGreenFire said:


Yes, Mario has always been for money, but just about every Mario game has been different than the other, they are re-hashing the New Super Mario Bros. idea for the THIRD time. From the sounds of the Wii U game, that will be the FOURTH Time!

I wouldn't mind if the gameplay is identical to New Super Mario Bros., just give me some new worlds dang it!



Yrreiht said:

So... many... negative comments :/
I am really, REALLY hyped for that game. And you can never have too much Mario...

Now we only either need F-Zero 3DS or Metroid 3DS...



NintyMan said:

You know it's a funny day when you see people actually getting disappointed about a new Mario game, and a 2D one at that. Now's not the time to declare abandon ship, folks. There are only four screenshots released so far. This makes me excited because it opens up the possibilities, such as the possibility that other classic suits or power-ups along with new ones would return. With gold being featured, maybe Wario has some role? I do wish he was more involved in the series.

Sure, this is another New Super Mario Bros, but as long as they improve upon the last two and include more ideas, this will be another good game in the Mario series. Besides, has there ever been a truly bad 2D Mario platformer? I don't think there has been, so I don't see the quality reducing anytime soon. I'll be eager to learn more at E3!



ianmage1 said:

If nintendo is making NSMB games for the 3DS and WiiU, then isn't there a possibility for compatibility between the systems? I'm just trying to be positive here, as it is pretty disappointing to see the same stuff so often...



TimboBaggins said:

This is AWESOME news. Look, I never buy any other mario games except the main series (although I've heard the sports/party/puzzle games are fun). Also, Luigi's mansion doesn't count as a mario game - doesn't luigi deserve his own series? Damn! If you are feeling mario overkill, its because you playing every game that has "mario" in the title, and that is almost every nintendo game all with varying degrees of quality. I have yet to play a platform based mario game that I didn't enjoy. You naysayers are crazy, this game will give the 3DS a shot in the arm this christmas.



Xkhaoz said:

Why not a SMB2 sequel? Or a Sunshine 2? Or better yet, some actually new ideas?



kevohki said:

Hopefully Nintendo doesn't play it safe like they did with NSMB Wii. Some difficulty and interesting levels would be nice. Let Retro make it or at least do some of the level design. After playing Rayman Origins (and DKCR to a lesser degree), my expectations for future 2D platforming games have skyrocketed.



Haywired said:

I could understand them wanting to rush out another Super Mario game on 3DS if 3D Land (which came out just 5-6 months ago!) had bombed, but it sold incredibly well. I don't see why they'd want to risk cutting off its legs so soon. Why not hold it back for a bit, give 3D Land (and indeed the franchise as a whole) a bit of breathing space. The Vita doesn't seem to be posing a serious threat after all, so it just seems a bit unnecessary.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

Awesome! But this looks very much like the DS version. But still I cant wait for this! I wonder what the gold Mario does?



Mattiator said:

You know what I'D love to see? Some of the creative power ups and mechanics from the 3D games (64/Sunshine/Galaxy) brought into the 2D plane! FLUDD with swappable nozzles? The ice flower? The metal box? Make the game EARN that 'new' moniker by blending classic stuff with more recent techniques!



FonistofCruxis said:

@hydeks Of course Nintendo wants money, I know that. I meant that it seems like they're just making Mario games, thinking "Its a 2D Mario game so it'll sell millions which means we don't have to be creative with it".



SavageBlackWolf said:

I'll need to see more before i decide to get this. Just about had my fill of all things Mario. (Until they make another like Mario 64, that is). lol



CosmoXY said:

What a bunch of complainers. I'm with the people that are excited about this game. I'm pretty surprised that so many people are so upset about it, although I shouldn't be since it's the Nintendolife commenters I'm talking about. I just don't see how the announcement and four screen shots is enough for so many of you to declare this game a wasted opportunity.



Odnetnin said:

@RYBlast No, Super Mario Sunshine is amazing.

And to clarify, who am I kidding: I know I'll be buying this game at some point. It may not excite all, but I'm sure it will be great.




This is coming less than a year after SM3DL, but to complain about the appearance of such a massively high quality game series is baffling. I mean, didn't the Wii version get a 10/10 on the Nintendo Life website? The very website you are pouring in to register your dissatifaction? Jeez, if this was one of those frequent psbox sequels many would be creaming into socks wouldn't they?

Not only that, I'd much rather play NSMB2 than some of the other games suggested that people are waiting for in anticipation - except for maybe Paper Mario 3D (3D and Paper Mario, yes please!).

Opinions, eh...



bofis said:

This game should be called New Super Mario Brothers 3-D since it is totally the THIRD installment of NSMB since there was the DS one and Wii...AND it's reviving the flying Racoon Mario....Nintendo, quickly, rename it!!



rayword45 said:

Strong opinions here...

I enjoyed both NSMB and the Wii version, but they lacked the same WOW factor that Galaxy gave me, and even the feeling of engagement in SML3D/SMG2. I'll have to take reviews and pricing into account.



hYdeks said:

sigh I can't wait, I should buy a new wii with nsmb wii so I can hold myself over till it comes...everyone talking about the bad in this so far has no effect on my overall judgement of the game, it's gonna rock and yes you'll buy it, don't lie to yourselves..



CanisWolfred said:

Why is it every time I think they can't disappoint me any more with this series, they always find a way? They really could've mixed things up here, but I'm not seeing it so far. And as much as I disliked SMB2, I greatly would've prefered a sequel to that than more deja vu...



Emaan said:

While I'm pretty disappointed, I've noticed some people speculating if Wario might be in this game, taking a hint from the golden enemies in the screen shots. If this is true, this might not be so unoriginal after all.



CosmoXY said:

@SavageBlackWolf Lol. Good job forming an opinion based on four screen shots. Have fun being negative. I'll have fun looking forward to this game, then I'll have even more fun playing it.



CanisWolfred said:

@Duney Congrats, you just formed an opinion of the game yourself. The only difference being that yours isn't negative. Contradictions are fun, huh.



Nin-freak said:

Wow this has got to be a record number of comments

I'm not disappointed in the slightest. We all know there's a 2-D mario game for 3DS and Wii U coming soon. Now we know what the 3DS one is, so why the sudden negativity? This is what we expected!!! I can't wait to see 2-D mario in 3D (Pun not intended). But I do understand how some people want mario to be harder. I'm the same way. I think Nintendo needs to set up a system where the game gets harder if you play good, and gets easier if your not that good. Can we do that Nintendo? It's easy and it would really help!



TimboBaggins said:

You know, I don't think half of these negative comments would be here if nintendolife hadn't posted a recent article questioning whether the Mario franchise was getting overexposed. Now everyone hates mario. WTF? First of , I don't think NSMBW was Nintendo playing it safe. We are in the age of 3D, and nintendo took a gamble by returning to 2D gaming. Everyone remember how awesome the 2D Castlevania Symphony of the Night was? It got awesome reviews, but hardly anyone bought it and Konami continues to try to make Castlevania 3D. People could have viewed 2D mario as a step back for nintendo, or that the developers were just not grasping 3D games. Instead, NSMBW was a HUGE success and outsold Super Mario Galaxy! So NO, 2D is not playing it safe, nintendo just has just split their main platform series into two equally powerful franchises - the 2D series and the 3D series. Brilliant -I'll buy every single one (But please don't bring back Mario Sunshine, anything but that).



Burning_Spear said:

I don't want to sound like a complainer. I just think it's too soon to have another Mario on the 3DS, especially since one will apparently follow on Wii U within a few months. What's the rush?



drumsandperc92 said:

New Super Mario Bros 2, utilizing the same power ups featured in Super Mario 3d Land, about half a year after the latter came out? Then, launching with the Wii U, New Super Mario Bros Mii, only about 3-4 months later? Never thought I'd say this, but it sounds like Nintendo is taking the activision root of recycling the same game to make a quick buck! I know NSMB Wii grossed 25 million USD, twice that of Super Mario Galaxy, but Nintendo c'mon, Mario deserves better treatment.
I just hope that NSMB 2 on 3DS and NSMB Mii on Wii U are varied, challenging, fun, and include something different then previous NSMB entries, and more importantly, are different enough from each other. But two NSMB games in one year? 4 months apart? Just seems redundant.



XCWarrior said:

Whatever helps sell the 3DS is a good thing. So this is a good thing.

I still want Monster Hunter announced.



DeMoN-13ruce said:

it's the raccoon suit wich let you fly higher each enemy you hit i'm sure tanooki suit can;t do that and yeah i want monster hunter tri g capcom is such a fker sorry but true they are rlly noobs they even spell there own name wrong .....that proves everything



TimboBaggins said:

Okay.....Honestly from a gaming and marketing standpoint, I think they should have released DLC for Super Mario 3D Land instead. I think it is very true that 3D Land is still on strong legs and its prowess on the charts could be extended further by giving players a download pack with bonus levels. AND I do think it is a little bit lame for them to go the Tanooki route with this game since they already did the with 3D Land. That said, 2D Mario has always been my favorite and there isn't one for the 3DS yet. SM3DL and NSMB2 are entries in two separate series of games, and I think they should be viewed that way. I hope Nintendo has a record breaking Christmas this year to shut everyone up.



CosmoXY said:

@Mickeymac My opinion is based on the fact that I haven't come across a Mario game that I didn't enjoy, it's not an opinion based on four screen shots and knee-jerk reaction. Either way, you're all entitled to your opinions, I just wonder how many will change once more is revealed.



MagicEmperor said:

Sigh I honestly wanted a different kind of Super Mario 2D platformer. Oh, well. I'll still play this.



Henmii said:

Hmmm, E3 doesn't look very promising to me so far. Pikmin 3 (wich I know many people are eagerly anticipating, but it's just not my cup of tea!). And now 2 "new" new super mario bros! I was never a big fan of that series (I prefer Super Mario bros 1, 3 and Mario world).

I want to see a totally new free-roaming Mario for Wii u. One that looks awesome and blows our mind with a fantastic new concept. But I also want cool new entries in other franchises, or some totally new franchises!!

So far the situation looks bleak to me. With the exception of Pikmin 3 (wich is sadly not my cup of tea as I said earlier), Nintendo just goes for the easy money!!



FluttershyGuy said:

I couldn't grasp it at first, but I think I now understand some of the negativity surrounding this. When something beloved from your childhood (or a happy time in your past) makes a comeback, you hold high expectations for it that are impossible for it to meet. In the end, disappointment is almost a certainty. You could probably call it "Star Wars Prequel Syndrome." There was a long gap between Super Mario Bros. side-scrollers. New Super Mario Bros. came out some 15 years after Super Mario World (11 years after SMW "2": Yoshi's Island, if you'd rather count it). There was so much different about NSMB from people's memories of the last side-scrolling Mario game that I think a lot of negativity was connected to it. But, like they say, "you can't go home."

I was guilty of this too when it came to NSMB, as I wanted more of what came from past Marios. As soon as I heard that new (bop bop) theme song, it started to turn me off on it. In time I came to enjoy it on its own merits, though. I think the best thing you can do is come into it with an open mind and forget (to an extent) that it has "Super Mario Bros." anywhere in the title.

Truthfully, I am disappointed that they're continuing the SMB 3 theme after it was so prevalent in 3D Land. However, that's based on my own bias toward Super Mario World, and desire to see a Super Mario Bros. 2-themed Mario again (plus I know it could still happen with NSMB Mii). Nintendo rarely disappoints, and as important as a Super Mario Bros. title is for them financially, they won't here either!

I'm personally happy to see with this, and New Super Mario Bros. Mii, that this new generation isn't going to see Nintendo abandoning traditional Mario side-scrollers as they did in the N64 & GameCube era. Personally, as a huge fan of the originals and side-scrollers in general, that was a dark time for me as a gamer, with Nintendo almost entirely ignoring 2D and side-scrollers. Regardless of what fancy graphics a new system can create, I NEVER want to see an era like that again.

Now, there has been a lot of Mario lately, with Nintendo trying to build up momentum with 3DS. However, it has been almost 6 years since the DS NSMB, and 2 1/2 years since NSMB Wii.

Oh, since they're going with the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme again, I hope they bring back the frog suit, Hammer Bros. suit, and Kuribo's shoe. Wish they'd gone with the SMW cape, as I liked the look of it and tilting back while floating to lift up a little, but I have hopes for NSMB Mii. Also, this needs TONS more Yoshi than those little guest-starring levels he had in NSMB Wii!

Welcome to posting here at NL! I mostly lurked for several months, if not a year before I posted a thing. A Silent Bob/Kevin Smith fan is always welcome in my book! Jay & Silent Bob FTW!!!!!!



WolfRamHeart said:

It looks like fun to me. I will be definitely be getting this. Not sure why people are getting so worked up over just one game. If you don't like it then don't buy it. Besides, Nintendo has a ton of titles coming out for the 3DS to choose from: Luigi's Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, Epic Mickey, Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm, Heroes of Ruin, Mario Tennis, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, Etrian Odyssey, Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime, Project X Zone, Paper Mario, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward(999 sequel), Skylanders 2. There are sure to be plenty more announced at E3 too.



C-Olimar said:

Just a quick clarification, that is RACCOON Mario, not TANOOKI Mario.
Why are people complaining that this is another NSMB title? Hello - it's SMB but NEW. There were 3 SMB titles (4 in Japan), and they were all very different from each other. This is only the SECOND main series NSMB title (Wii was like a port). A lot of people don't like SMB2. If you didn't like the first NSMB game, who's to say you wont like the second? People are so negative. Also, I didn't like the first NSMB game. But I'll give the second a chance, since I am a rational human being.



MarioMario said:

Just because Mario is in the title of all these games, doesn't mean they're identical.

Tennis, racing, 3d platformer, 2d platformer, RPG, and action adventure are all pretty different categories.



WaveGhoul said:

As much as a negative nancy as I've been, I'm still buying this on day one no question. If the Frog suite rears it's nostalgic head I'll be foaming like a rabbid Yoshi at the mouth.Still i want to see a new 2D mario 'visually' that sets itself away from the pact, something distinct, memorable and completely creative. We're not going to get it here. The New Super Mario Bros. franchise artisticly and imagination wise isn't even close to being in the same league as the highly creative and original 1,2,3 and world.



Dodger said:

I don't think the problem is that people hate Mario. I think the problem is that Mario isn't as innovative as he once was. SMB1, SMB3, SMW, SM64, SMS and SMG all had a fairly large amount of time inbetween each other and most of them do something new. Now the Mario series seems to be focusing a bit too much on being retro instead of being something new. Having 3 NSMB games in 6 years is still rather fast compared to say, the wait between SMW and SM64. SMG2 is good but feels like a level pack for SMG1. SM3DL spends a lot of time trying to be retro and NSMBDS and NSMBWii play like the same game.

I'm not trying to bash the newer games. Some of them are really fun. However, being rather neutral, I can see why people are "complaining". November or so to August is a rather short wait which is rather worrying for those who like Mario for what he has done to advance gaming. I would rather they took their time and made something new instead of making retro sequels.

This might be really good or really bad but that isn't the point. The point isn't that this one game exists. The point is that most Mario games since Galaxy 1 have been a sequel or a reimagining of something. They are looking backwards and Mario is at his best when they look forwards. SMB, SMB3 and SMW helped define the 2D platformer for all of time. SM64 was the first 3D platformer and it still stands up rather well. Sunshine had a water jetpack. Galaxy felt and looked like a Mario game from the future and had the darkest plot yet (death happens to characters that aren't even baddies). We've had a lot of Mario games since then. I would be fine if they went back to making one really good game per system.



Knuckles said:

I think this will easily reach 400 comments, the most to my knowledge is over 300 with both the official announcement of the Circle Pad Pro and Pokémon Black and White Version 2 in that order



Mike1 said:

People always complain. People complained in the late 90's and early in the Gamecube's life span that there weren't enough Mario games coming out. Now Nintendo is releasing great Mario games more often and people still complain. I'll take a great Mario game once a year over the kiddy crap they release nowadays.



KLZ said:

All of the sudden hating mario games became cool? too mainstream.



NintyMan said:

It's a shame that Raccoon Mario and the P-Wing (with its original role, not the one in 3D Land) are being overshadowed by this condemnation. Even if Cape Mario was shown, I'm sure there would still be griping going on to downplay it. While I would've preferred Nintendo had changed the backgrounds and artstyle somewhat, I also know that it's simply silly to judge a game by just four screenshots.

This game might be presented very differently at this year's E3 for all I know. Super Mario Galaxy 2 ended up having a ton of new elements added to make it fresh, even to the point of rivaling the original. Maybe Nintendo had elements left over from the first New Super Mario Bros. that they wanted to include and have decided to add in this game? What I didn't like about NSMB was its easy difficulty besides collecting star coins. It was a breeze to get from start to finish as a seasoned Mario player. NSMB Wii was harder, so if NSMB2 ends up being harder than the first game along with its new elements, it should be better. As long as its better than the original and expands on it, how can you complain?



MAB said:

The only new Mario I have this gen is 3D Land I'm more of an old-school lover then the new stuff. If it was a 3D Land version of old Mario 2 it would be a definite buy.

Added your 3DS FC James Newton
mine is 2148 - 8905 - 5204
cheers mate



Lyndexer said:

I've notice Mario is golden. And I just have a strong feeling that this game will be the same as Super Mario 3D land. But I'll give this game a shot and try it out.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I liked the DS and Wii games, not the the best Mario games ever. I'll give this on a go. @everyonewhoishating I bet this will become the 2nd most critically acclaimed on the 3DS, next to OoT, and become the 2nd best selling 3DS game next to Monster Hunter 4. Just you wait Nintendo knows what they're doing.



RYBlast said:

@Dodger Super Mario 3D Land is a completely different experience. No Mario game has taken advantage of its system and refined the gameplay style like 3D Land since Super Mario 64.



RantingThespian said:

Awesome! I love 2D Mario platformers, and the one thing I really missed in SM3D Land was the fact you couldn't fly with the Tanooki suit, and if they they add that in NSMB 2, I will be very happy.

Also, I felt that NSMB was better than NSMB Wii.



Lyndexer said:

@RYBlast The platforming of the game is different, I can agree to that. But the items and some worlds are like Super Mario 3D land.
((I've been looking at screen shots.))



SuperMinusWorld said:

I sincerely hope they do something new and exciting for NSMB2. For the love of God, anything. Maybe some Wario Land-style 'jumping back n forth' action. Anything. I'm so tired of the New Super series, and this is coming from arguably one of the biggest Mario fans ever. I hope Super Mario 4 does something cool and exciting, and had an aesthetic more reminiscent of the classic titles. Please Nintendo, save Mario from falling into monotony. Also, stop all these spin-offs. That's enough. This game needs to have co-op for it to sell as well as New Super Mario Wii, I can guarantee. ALSO, co-op 3D Mario Wii U!



SuperMinusWorld said:

Also, I agree with Mike1. Mario released a single core Mario game every, perhaps, 6 or 7 years? No. That's disgusting. I don't stand for that. I don't mind all the Mario games, unless it's stopping Nintendo from being creative and reinventing Mario each time a new game releases. Besides, Zelda fans SHOULD NOT be talking. They were friggin' spoiled for Zelda's 25th anniversary and Mario fans got nothing. Let us have our fun.



TimboBaggins said:

Am I the only one who didn't really like SM64 and SMS? SM64 was an important game for its time, but I can't say I really enjoyed it the way I enjoyed SMW. To me SMG is a direct continuation of the original series, and it wasn't until then I could enjoy Mario in 3d. The return to 2D sidescrollers has resulted in a Nintendo Renaissance. Not to mention - there is only one 2D mario for wii and one for DS. The 3DS and Wii U should have at least one 2D mario game as well.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Frankly, I don't get what the fuss is about for Super Mario World from an artisitic direction. Level design I can understand; the game had plenty of secret routes and items if you bothered to look.

From an artistic stand point, World had the same issue with repeated motifs just like the more recent 2D Mario games, in fact I can find this flaw with most of the older Mario games (except for Super Mario World 2 and Super Mario Bros 2).

The only reasons most of the older games don't come off as being reused assets are either they did them first, had an overall "bigger" scope (like in World which had sub worlds in addition to full worlds), staggered level types (occasionally threw in a different one so it wouldn't seem the same old), or had level skip items which avoided the whole issue of playing the same level types over (like Super Mario Bros 3, technically World falls under this too with its warp system).

Super Mario Bros 2 was very different, mainly due to the fact it wasn't originally developed as a Mario game. Super Mario World 2 didn't have much of a choice in the matter since they removed the world map from the game. Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy 2 also followed World 2's route of switching up the levels due to the lack of world maps.

Another aspect that should be looked at here is 2D vs 3D art. I'd hate to say this, but frankly it takes less effort to make 2D art look good versus 3D art. When making the comparisons, the old Mario games used sprite artwork which was completely 2D. The New Super Bros games use a lot of 3D models. That combined with the 2D textures (New Super Mario Bros DS) just doesn't meld together well (see pipes and walls).



James said:

@Knuckles There's a thread with over 600 comments. I challenge you to find it.

3DS needs hit software to sell more hardware to encourage more developers to take a chance on it. If Nintendo makes a Mario game that sells another 15-25 million units, this is a Very Good Thing for everyone.



KryptoKrunch said:

Pretty cool. They should add some enemies/bosses/features from SMB 2. Birdo and Wart at least.

I'm hoping for Yoshi and plenty of mini-games.



Dodger said:

@dark-insanity I might. I do actually read what I am saying though. I don't feel that bad as there are comments that are much longer on this page.

@RYblast 3D Land is a bit weird. It does streamline the mechanics, it does make good use of the size of a handheld screen and the 3D effect and it does wind up being something different then every other 3D Mario game. However, it does reuse a lot of ideas and a lot of the new ideas it brings are 2D Mario ideas in 3D space. It is something new but not a gamechanger. I don't think it stands up there with about every console game before Galaxy.

Maybe Mario Wii U will. Maybe their best developers are still on the project for a new console. I'm excited for E3 to finally see what Nintendo actually wants to do with Wii U. We got a picture of a controller and were told about SSBWiiu coming out eventually.



Fuzzy said:

I never get too excited for these 2D Mario games, but I always eventually pick it up and enjoy it. The P-Bar will be a welcome return. Hopefully they also have secret exits ala-SMW (with a good overworld also).



Lyndexer said:

@Fuzzy Yeah I've notice they have brought somethings from SMB3. I am really on to that golden Mario. I can't wait to see what he does.



bezerker99 said:

New (But still same old same old) Super Meh-rio Bros Wii.

Let's only hope Nintendo puts more effort into this one (lame Toads in the last one showed lack of effort and detail).



theblackdragon said:

I want actual elements from SMB2(US) in this game. I want to pick up vegetables and enemies, I want to dodge bullets and dig through sand, I want hidden doors to go through and mushrooms to find and hearts to lose. I want to smash Birdo again with his own eggs. That is what I want from a 'NSMB2'. Doubt I'll get it with that Raccoon Mario going up there, but I can dream, I suppose. u_____u



RYBlast said:

@Dodger But it reuses ideas like they've never been used before, making them completely different. The level design style, controls, mechanics, and pacing are completely refined. Super Mario 64 reuses Goombas, Koopas, Bowser, etc. but in a completely different way, in a similar fashion to 3D Land. 3D Land is the biggest gamechanger since Super Mario 64.



RYBlast said:

@bezerker99 Toads? Lame? They're the most important Mario characters after Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser, and they've been in almost every single Mario game since Super Mario Bros.



King_Boo said:

I know it won't happen, but if they went kind of down the line of SM64DS and you could play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, and they all played differently, then I might see a reason to get it, if now, I hardly played the wii version and I still have the DS version plus VC, plenty of 2D Mario to play.



Zach said:

I know it looks like Nintendo's running out of ideas, but I remember pining for a new Super Mario Bros type game. Many of you are growing up with NSMB and its variants, but 16 years went by between World and NSMB, and then three more before NSMB Wii for those of us who didn't own a DS. To me it doesn't look like overkill yet, and I'm happy to have more experiences to play the type of game that I longed for from 1990-2009.



X-145 said:

I'm not sure what to think. I like it, but I don't want Nintendo to burn me out on Mario...



lanabanana said:

Oh, so, they already have a release date for a game that's just like Super Mario 3D land and wasn't even announced on E32011 , but they can't release Luigi's Mansion 2 , a game that was announced on E3 and one that we haven't played in another console besides Gamecube or Nintendo64 (i forgot which one) . This just proves that Nintendo doesn't love Luigi... -__-



SuperMinusWorld said:

@TimboBaggins I completely agree with you. SM64 and SMS were good games in their own right, and I could have fun playing them, but I feel like I only really started to enjoy Mario in 3D with the Galaxy games. They are seriously amazing games, they were the games that felt like Mario had actually transitioned to 3D.



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

I was definitely hoping for more of a reinvented Super Mario World.... but this will do. I enjoyed NSMB DS so much more than the Wii version... So if the design and mechanics are similar, I'm sure it will be great. Just really wish it was a World game.

And @SuperMinusWorld I also agree, Galaxy is in my opinion, the best 3D Mario title.... They're just amazing games... I think a Galaxy in 3D has unbelievable potential...



Dodger said:

@RYblast Of course they reused characters and enemies, I don't have a problem with that and I don't even have a problem with 3D Land. What I was talking about is how they reused so many level ideas and mechanics. There were new ideas mixed in but they were certainly trying to make you think of other Mario games when you play it. Other Mario games have done that and any series with a good history should but 3D Land is a bit to the extreme.



SuperMinusWorld said:

@Janett What does that even mean? How is it just like 3D Land? It's a 2D sidescroller. 3D Land is a 3D game. Just because they have something to do with the Tanooki suit or raccoon leaf, that doesn't mean they're the same. Also, you have to understand, 2D platformers don't take as much time as 3D games, especially since LM2 is a 3D action-adventure game. Totally different developments cycles. In addition to that, you need to have patience. Would you like a rushed game, or a polished, content-rich game?



I-U said:

First, why is this rehashing again? I would like to see more new themes than what has already been done twice now in this series. Second, with this game being SMB3 inspired, will the Koopalings or Boom Boom once again cause a cast of repeated bosses?



SuperMinusWorld said:

Honestly, here's my sentiment: let NSMB2 be repetitive and retro for older fans, or anyone really. Revive the original 2D series in the form of a Super Mario Bros 4, and let that be creative and innovative for the 2D aspect. I know in my heart that Super Mario Wii U (3D) will be innovative just like Galaxy and 64 and sort of like Sunshine. It'll have bigger worlds to explore because Wii U can handle it. And I want M&L co-op for 3D Mario Wii U. It's what I've always wanted; to play Super Mario with a friend in a 3D space, adventuring together. The Wii U's controller is perfect for it, it'll bring in lots of purchases (because co-op is a huge seller, look at NSMBWii), and most importantly it will be innovative like Mario once was.



Warioware said:

Wow, a lot of negativity in the comments about this. I've loved both of the New Super Mario Bros games so I'm looking forward to this one too.



NintendoFTW1999 said:

Hell yeah!!!!! Bring it on!!!! Super Mario 3D Land is the First Mario Game I beat all by myself. It only took me days, and I can't wait to hear more about this!! Keep up the updates, NintendoLife!



BossBro5 said:

This looks pretty cool I'll prabably get it.But we can't judge yet,all we know is that the game has been announced,we don't now about the game itself and the details!Looks like Nintendo will deliver yet another reason to own a 3DS.Can't wait!But still no news on the the announced title (Luigi's Mansion 2), yet Nintendo announces yet another new game?!Hope LM2 comes out in 2012!

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