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Sat 21st April, 2012

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DeMoN-13ruce commented on Talking Point: Miiverse and Social Networking:

Way better then the message system of sony now for sure they probaly mimic it but care.....

miiverse is a nice idea for nintendo gamers to unite!

edit: i'm not a fanboy i own both nintendo and sony game systems xbox not becuase i simply can't afford paying more^^



DeMoN-13ruce commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Steady Start in Retail Do...:

DUH digital never will be better then the boxes>.>


same price
going to the store to buy an wanted game has a great feeling(sort of nostalgic)
nice box with cool art sometimes manual(not digital)

oh forget also cheaper then digital lol yes(check some game stores or actions)

digital is only better for me when the games are out of the shelves forever or they are sold out for too long.