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Fri 2nd Jul 2010

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Willerz commented on Rookie Developer Shepherding Mass Effect 3 Ont...:

@C-Olimar Just because Grezzo did a good job doesn't mean this studio will. Hijinx Studios who had similar experience as this Straight Right company absolutely butchered Silent Hill 2 & 3 when porting them, so I'm sceptical. Hopefully they'll get it right, but the little faith I had in EA is reduced even more when they're willing to give one of their best IPs to a studio which simply doesn't sound prepared for such a big undertaking.



Willerz commented on Fan Group 'Operation Zero' Attempts to Scare N...:

Why should gamers have to import anyway?! Quite frankly, region-locking needs to stop. Whilst I in no way support fan-movements to get various games 'localised', it's hard not for me to be disappointed in NoA's decision not to release a game that is already in English to a mostly English speaking region, especially in starved genres such as RPGs and survival horror. It seems incredibly lazy to me. I'm not a business expert by any means, but even if this is quite a niche game, I thought the Wii was supposed to be for 'everyone'.



Willerz commented on Pokémon Orchestra is Suitably Epic:

We need Pokemon on virtual console, hopefully an updated version where we can trade our Pokemon wirelessly. But what we really need is a 3D open-world online Pokemon game in HD on the Wii U. It's such a no-brainer Nintendo!