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Sat 18th Feb 2012

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Bane commented on Mario Kart Wii U Driving Into E3 This Year:

I will buy if they have Fawful, well actually I will buy it even if they dont have him but still, it would be a nice addition. And add all the Koopalings, them kids are kewl



Bane commented on 3D Super Mario Title In Development For Wii U:

Something similar to Super Mario 64 plz, the collecting star concept was cool. And plz, not timers, they only shorten the fun of playing the game, Each level should be fully explorable without having to worry about time ending, like SM64.



Bane commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

I have never played a previous Animal Crossing game and i gotta say that this game looks very intriguing.



Bane commented on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Trailer Brings t...:

Every time NL talks about Tekken Tag 2, new stuff is always announced which makes it even more awesome than when i read about it before. This game is gonna be awesume! Drawing on shirts yeah!!!!!!!!!!



Bane commented on Game Boy Advance Games Pop Up On Nintendo Euro...:

I agree with you Baba, i also download game illegally but if they came to the eshop, then i would sure as hell buy them cause i want them in a portable mode instead of being in the computer sitting and playing with a keyboard, much mor fun on console.



Bane commented on Mutant Mudds Deluxe Blasting Onto Wii U:

Sweet, knowing that these type of games makes me want to buy the Deluxe Wii U package so that when I buy something from Eshop, Ill be able to redeem the points that I earn from those purchases to buy future Eshop titles