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Im a big fan of Mario games :) Im also a nintendo nerd :P Nintendo inpires me a lot o w o

Wed 21st Sep 2011

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Super-Mario-Fan commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Drawing to the West, For Fr...:

As great this is, I still have some concerns......
Im a regular flipnote hatena user on the DSI. I enjoy make flipnotes. and I have made many great friends there. But now, if you just take a look at hatena..... it's crazy. A lot of people are upset about Hatena for the DSI being shut down. ..... not everyone has a 3DS has a 3DS .... and others just can't afford it... everyone is trying to fight to not have DSI hatena shut down. Many creator's dreams have been broken. Flipnote hatena has changed the life's of many creators. and now they have nothing left once it's gone......



Super-Mario-Fan commented on Wii Fit U Arriving In The U.S. In Q1 2013:

I have the regular Wii fit. I never upgraded to plus so I got tired and lazy to play the minigames and doing the routines over and over again... This game looks a lot more fun. But with all these games that im dying to get, im sure I won't get Wii fit U for a long while after it's release....



Super-Mario-Fan commented on Halting Wii U System Update May Brick the System:

I read through all the comments....... This is really scary. More then half of you who commented on this had this problem. I am really paranoid right now.... My internet works great and is fast but....I just have this feeling that the worst thing will happen when I update my system. Maybe it really was a good thing that I haven't gotten my Wii U. Hopefully they will have everything already there in the future. But if I do get a Wii U soon, I have plenty of stuff to do everyday anyway so I can just use that time. The only real concern I would have is someone unplugging it for some unknown reason (Yeah my family is stupid like that...) My internet works great. Nothing has ever happenend to it and it's pretty fast. How long do you guys think it will take me? Bleh..... Well wish me good luck just in case.....