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Sat 7th Apr 2012

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noxusprime06 commented on What Not To Do With Your Brand New 3DS XL:




noxusprime06 commented on Team Ninja Interested in Another Nintendo Coll...:

i definitly liked this better then the metroid prime 1 and 2 since they had awkward controls (i do realize they are for wii controls like prime 3 now) so i say bring on another team ninja metroid hopefully for 3DS since there is nothing metroid oriented on the 3DS at all except for the ambassador program remake of metroid fusion and the 2 worst metroids (in my opinion) available on the eshop. i want to see new metroid for 3DS (and i realize there is a puzzle swap panel that has metroid but thats not really much of a game)



noxusprime06 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Digital Pricing:

@Deathspawn you may have the entire game without the cartridge but what if you drop your system and it breaks? that happened to me and i lost a ton of money because they were on the system itself so i had no way of getting it out. with the actual cartridge even if your system breaks you can still have the game



noxusprime06 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Official Website Revea...:

since there making this game in retails and downloadable it says that they can. i think it would be exciting if they made every new game like this and if they made previously released 3ds games downloadable. and if you already own it then you can download it for free. i think nintendo should definitly do something like that



noxusprime06 commented on Talking Point: Music and Rhythm Games Are Comi...:

i need instruments guitar hero is the best game ever i forever hate activision for not continuing the series. these games look pathetic because its not actual music. rock band is a complete copy of guitar hero and a bad one at that so i say bring back the world of guitar hero