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Tue 27th Dec 2011

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Gretski commented on Feature: 10 Essential Games For Your New 3DS:

Uhhhh Super Mario 3D Land? Ocarina of Time 3D? Pushmo? Paper Mario Sticker Star? Personally I'd leave out New Super Mario Bros 2 and Resident Evil. Other than that it's a fairly decent list.



Gretski commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

I just don't understand what the point of this is. I think Nintendo needs to focus on the games, not supersizing their already successful system. This is 200 bucks that I will NOT be spending.



Gretski commented on Review: Order Up!! (3DS eShop):

I played the ios version of this game for hours. Then I tried the demo and was very disappointed. The controls are annoying and the graphics aren't as good.