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FyreeTSG commented on EA Currently Has No Games In Development For T...:

it sucks, it really does--but it's not the first time a substantial 3rd party support for Nintendo has STOPPED production...
I'm STILL a huge EA fan, have been over 15 years or so...but I was p*ssed when they took Madden away, and Tiger Woods PGA tour...but then again, THE Wii versions of EA Sports titles SUCKED, due to crappy motion controls...and the only decent EA titles for me were the ROCK BAND games...

Still, I know it's early in Wii U's life, and we'll see something from EA by next year...



FyreeTSG commented on The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Getting a 20th ...:

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!----I grew up in the 90's and remember all the hype, and promos and such for the movie---and was SO psyched when i rented it on VHS at Blockbuster back in the day! Yeah, it's cheesy--but NO more cheesy than the "DOUBLE DRAGON" movie, or the MORTAL KOMBAT prequel---PLUS this had YOSHI, and a ton of great little easter eggs and other hidden gems: Mario's girlfriend in the movie Danielle's middle name is PAULINE---the bomb-omb scene is the GREATEST SCENE EVER!! The Super Scope is the Devo Gun, bullet bills are the stomper cartridges(sorta Kuribo shoes I'm betting), THWOMP is a bar, Hammer Bros sign, SMB1 music in the beginning of the credits, Spike and Iggy, "Big Bertha the bouncer at the Boom Boom Bar"(SMB3 LOVE!!)---and it's just a perfect mesh of Mario madness...
it stank, yeah, but its still a great piece of horribly-awesome video game movie!!



FyreeTSG commented on Satoru Iwata: Nintendo Has No Plans To Adopt C...:

@Deathgaze exactly---

maybe I'm OLD, but I still prefer PHYSICAL copies of games to own...and unless Nintendo does what Sony and Microsoft are rumored to be doing--the whole ANTI-Used games-thing---then I don't see a HUGE reason for Nintendo to even to the Cloud Gaming thing....NOT everyone is going to opt for digital DL's of games---and DL'ing is such a risky thing to do, cause until companies offer a "refund" or way to trade a DL'ed game in---then I think an overwhelming majority of consumers will still choose a REAL copy of a game.

Just synch the eShop's and include all the Wii Shop DL's to be playable w/out re-DL'ing them as "Wii U VC"---and I think we'll all be happy enough.



FyreeTSG commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D's Beastly Block...:

THIS is why I'm always gonna buy retail games---I grew up in the 90's when we BOUGHT games in stores to play them....and w/ DL'ing if you hate a game you spent $40 on, and took GB's of memory--YOU can't get your MONEY back!!
WHY risk that? That's the BIGGEST risk---sure you can delete your file, which was a complete waste then, and you're not getting ANYTHING in return as you would if you'd BOUGHT the game in store--and even w/ out a reciept, you can still get TRADE CREDIT or sell it to a friend...

Digital DL's are NOT worth the risk....especially if they're something like this



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Download: 26th April - Virtual Consol...:

MARIO WORLD!!! (need money however)---

Can we PLEASE get ONLY Nintendo games, nothing off the crap systems like TG16, Neo Geo, Commodore, and (sorry fans)--but we REALLY don't need another resurrection for Master System, DO we?

I'd also like to see the games we DIDN'T see on Wii VC, which we should have got like 5 years ago---including NES Tetris(we have the GB one on 3DS, so what's the hold up??)

AND N64 needs more support, as does Arcade games---somehow get a deal done w/ WB for the Classic MORTAL KOMBAT games!!



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Download: 25th April 2013 (North Amer...:

WHY in the hell do we still get Neo Geo games on Wii VC? WHY do we even get Wii VC games anymore anyways---who's still EAGER to DL the new release whenever we get them....and who REALLY wants the CRAP that Wii VC gets??
Who wants Neo Geo games outside of those few Wii owners who actually KNOW them from the early 90's arcades, or were part of the VERY small comparative fanbase....??



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wi...:

NOT overwhelmingly sad---I did like spinning the globe around, and the cat...but WHO still uses these, and apparently DOESN'T have Satellite/Cable, Internet, Twitter, FB, and other media outputs??

I wish we would've seen a few more USEFUL channels---but this is the logical decision, saying the Wii Menu on Wii U has NO WiiConnect--and even the Wii Speak channel is null and void. SPEAKING OF WII SPEAK--the peripheral with about as much game support as the Virtual Boy--it was too bad it never really got a whole lot of usage



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Download: 4th April 2013 (North America):

how about we just start calling it NEO GEO SHOP---f*cks sake, can we get a freaking N64 title on the VC before the Wii Shop completely explodes?

Why did MIDWAY have to go under? Cause I know we'd have the MORTAL KOMBAT games for Genesis/SNES--as well as a few classic Midway arcade games like Arch Rivals, Toobin, Rampage, etc



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Download: 28th March 2013 (North Amer...:

can we get the GBA game for NON ambassdors already--I want Yoshis Island!!

also--maybe Nintendo shouldn't even bother w/ Wii Shop updates anymore, all the VC games are Neo Geo(which are far too many as it is)--we'll never see NEW N64 games on it--and lets face it, the Wii VC was a waste of a LOT of potential that never reached it's greatness



FyreeTSG commented on Rumour: Capcom Is Bringing Its Arcade Classics...:

no more re-ports of games we already have on Wii VC though....I don't need the 7 Street Fighter II's on another system...

Mega Man---maybe...
just give me Captain Commando please! one of the BEST arcade fighter/platformers of my childhood--and I haven't played it in like 20 years.

PLUS Captain Commando IS like your "Company Mascot", saying CAPtain COMmando---y'know?



FyreeTSG commented on Rumour: Capcom Is Bringing Its Arcade Classics...:


I loved the arcade game, AND it was on SNES---so I just want it to DL, w/out having to buy a stupid sony/microsoft system---Come on Nintendo, it's BAD enough the Wii VC was a waste of points by like 2009---give the eShop something HUGE early-on, and save your rep as a digital DL company.



FyreeTSG commented on Wii U GamePad Lookalike On the Way:

here's the amusing part of things like this---ANYONE ever notice companies only typically knock-off what NINTENDO does? and NOT sony??

the countless lawsuits from companies claiming Nintendo's "this or that" is infringing on their patent(s)---

WHY? Because they know NINTENDO sh*t sells!! Why not capitalize on Nintendo's success....too bad Sony still can't sell the Vita



FyreeTSG commented on Japanese 3DS Lifetime Sales Overtake PlayStati...:

this is PAYBACK for the 1995 "Console War" attack of the PSX, taking the world by surprise, knocking Nintendo and Sega out of the water--and nearly toppling BOTH companies...
Nintendo's BACK---#1 in Consoles, #1 in Handhelds, #1 in Game Sales, and #1 of ALL Time....don't f*ck w/ the BIG N Sony....enjoy mediocre Vita and PS3 sales, try bundling the two overpriced systems--and maybe you can offer a remotely "similar" gamestyle to the Wii U---for twice the cost, and with no REAL 1st Party games...



FyreeTSG commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

question: does this include RETAIL purchases? You CAN still buy these games in stores, correct? cause I know there's that ZOMBIIU Wii U bundle, right?

This DOES suck--but it's no where NEAR as bad as the PS3 being ILLEGAL to buy/sell in Europe last year--due to it infringing on LG's Blueray patent--and at least the games ARE still available...



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Has No Plans To Launch Wii Mini In Th...:

plus this is VERY reminscent of the NES-101(Top loader), and late-model SNES in the 90's...which are HELLA Collectors Items---and I'm happy to have the NES-101(paid $75 for it, it's my BAYBEE!)---

I'd be the collectors value for the wiimote and nunchuk alone are gonna be packaged on ebay for $100 themselves---just like the Gold Wiimotes and Nunchuks---



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Has No Plans To Launch Wii Mini In Th...:

@warvad EXACTLY--AS a collector, I'm all over it--if I had the money(and felt like dealing with Canadian Online Shopping)(I live in Oregon, US)--I'd get it...
sure, it doesn't have online--but I don't need it....people who are wanting online, get one of the MILLIONS of other Wii's, in a wide variety of colors--and weren't people b*tching about the LACK of options a few years ago.

People will get this for one of a few reasons:
1)They're collectors--
2)The Red/Black console+Red controllers(which haven't been seen bundled since the SMBWii Red bundle)
3)They just want something to play Wii games on, that's NEW, and a bit more affordable

The NO Bundled Game sucks, but it's 6 years since the Wii came out, and there are PLENTY of games, and plenty of used ones at that, to choose from--you can get better games for the $30 you'll have left(about the money left from buying the Mini over another "standard" Wii)--

NO Wii Shop, kinda stinks, but again, if you want THAT feature--get the normal console--PLUS the Wii Shop's dead anyway(and lacking in anything that I for one would consider wasting points on anymore--unless Nintendo shocks the world by releasing the NES Tetris, SMW2, DK64, Starfox, or some more N64 games)....



FyreeTSG commented on Reggie: Sony and Microsoft Need To React To Wh...:

as long as I have Mario, Tetris, and a few other EPIC games I expect--I don't care HOW the games look---I'm a NINTENDO Fan, and I've been one since the last 80's.
Sony REALLY needs to do something INNOVATIVE--and not knock off what someone's done, which hasn't really happened since the PS2--but also make it AFFORDABLE....we all know the PS4 will be slated at like $800--and be 20 million-sold behind the Wii U by the time it launches



FyreeTSG commented on The Godfather of Video Games Is Baffled By The...:

A) He's just bitter cause Nintendo SUED his Tengen brand for making unlicensed NES games(the black Carts)
B) He's still feeling the anger from the crash of 83'--which NINTENDO responded, and bailed-out the INDUSTRY with the NES in '85
C) He's pissy because he sold Atari to HASBRO--and then had to sell Chuck E' Cheese to a rival chain
D) Pong isn't better than Mario
E) And the NES Pacman was better than the Atari version



FyreeTSG commented on Donkey Kong Country Trilogy To Be Pulled From ...:

it's not royalites--Rare doesn't care what Nintendo does with DKC--DK is Nintendo's property, why they took them off the Wii Shop is stupid--don't remove 3 of the best SNES games while there's 9 Commodore 64 games still available, and 42 flippin Neo Geo games that have no real place on the VC(which bugs the crap out of me)--atleast we didn't lose any of the FEW N64 games we have...



FyreeTSG commented on Mario Clone Super Maria Land Jumps Onto Android:

wtf? really---how can anyone be in favor of crap-a** knock-offs like this? "By Popular Demand?"---really? WHO was demanding some 3rd party dev. make some terrible Mario clone--and of SMW--one of the best games ever, that I'm sure everyone who'd "demand" for it, would HAVE the real version for SNES, Wii VC, or hell GBA---



FyreeTSG commented on Rumour: GameCube Coming to Wii U Virtual Console:

I don;t need GC games on Wii U--I have a GC and a Wii--and besides, I want to use my Action Replay, my GC controllers--and I don't want to have to pay for GC games I already have...and with the likelihood that the licensing and support for GC games on Wii U VC will be just like that of the Wii's VC--and only 21 N64 games released on it--then I have little hope to see ALL my favorite classic GC games on Wii U's VC for Download....

for cripes sake--it's a 10 year old system, if you've missed the GC era--where the heck were you?

the only reason I'd REALLY like to see GC games on WIi U VC would be to get a few games I can't find for the console, or due to the problem of mini-discs being a pain to find in GOOD shape used--or GC games in actual GC cases when they're used...



FyreeTSG commented on Sony: Wii U is Targeting "Niche Early Adopter ...:

And in 2 years, the PS4 will come out with a tablet controller, and PS-verse...

but it's nice to see a Sony exec say something about Nintendo that doesn't want me to beat someone upside the head....

meanwhile, the Wii U will sell 20 million units before anything NEW sony comes out with



FyreeTSG commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario and Luigi Don't Have L...:

I'm sorry, Mario will always be Mario Mario, and Luigi is Luigi Mario---I LOVE THE SMB MOVIE!!!

And the Koopalings ARE Bowser's kids--why would HIS name be King Bowser Koopa(unless you forget), and the Koopalings' last names are KOOPA as well!!
And in the SMB3 and SMW cartoons which I watched as a kid, and have on DVD, even though the Koopalings' names are changed from SMB3 and SMW--they STILL call Bowser/King Koopa their DAD....

I respect you Miyamoto---but maybe you should have addressed this issue back in the 90's before the Cartoons and Movie made US all believe what we heard, and made an OFFICIAL announcement as Mario's creator.


Oh, and I still call Peach "Princess Toadstool", which is another thing that WE in the west didn't know for, like, ever BTW...Princess Peach Toadstool!!

Oh, and Toad's OFFICIAL title is "Royal Mushroom Retainer", there are more than ONE Birdo(3 colors in SMB2, and it's a species in the SMBSS Cartoon)--just like there are MORE than on Yoshi....

And DK in all the current games is the SAME Donkey Kong from 1981---why not? Mario's the same, why wouldn't he PET GORILLA be??(Yeah, DK was Mario's Pet Gorilla)



FyreeTSG commented on Sony: Wii U Offering "Something That Vita and...:

Sony--SHUT UP, apparently you guys forgot that the only reason you even DID the whole "Playstation" thing was because you were working with Nintendo at the time, but THEY went with Philips behind your backs, did the whole CD-i FAIL, and you launched the PSX, and went on to end the 90's "Console Wars" single-handedly...
you were great for like 10 years, until the PS3's early success(thanks due to Blueray sales as a marketing strategy)--which soon tanked, and Wii took the top spot, and went on to be the best-selling Nintendo console--

The Vita has only sold like 3 million units world wide, a number the 3DS hit in it's first few months in 2011...and unless you consider bundling the Vita(which is still outsold by the PSP every quarter) with the PS3, or drop the price, of have games that ACTUALLY are new, and not re-re-releases, then LEARN to bite your tongues, Sony...

Your systems aren't as good as you think, graphics can only sell so well, and without the SOLID "insurance" of a KEY 1st Party lineup, like Nintendo's had since the NES, then you'll always be the answer to:
"What Company tried TOO hard?"



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd August 2012 (North Ame...:

I lost ALL hope for the Wii VC the day Princess Tomato was released....can Nintendo just STOP trying to make up for the serious crap-lineup that is Wii VC....? there's nothing they could release that would make up for the things they're releasing on Wii VC....



FyreeTSG commented on Nintendo Download: 26th July 2012 (North America):

can we just drop the crappy VC for Wii--nothing GOOD comes out anymore for it, and it's gone down hill pretty much for the past 2-3 years...
nothing's WORTH releasing on Wii VC that we haven't got, and should have got by now...
NES Tetris, DK64, SMW2, GOOD 3rd party titles--and a LOT of N64 games we'll never see....



FyreeTSG commented on Feature: The Future of GameCube on Wii U:

GC DL's would be great---except I'll stick w/ my GC and my Action Replay---
but I'd love to see SOUL CALIBUR II in HD..
I still want Virtual Boy to get some long-overdue love though



FyreeTSG commented on LEGO Batman 2 Launch Trailer is Super:

got the Wii port---GREAT game, love the voice acting, bringing in some the best voice actors in for the game...
waiting to unlock Superman, and get some CHEATS for the game