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Thu 15th Dec 2011

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lonlon-milker commented on Reaction: Age Ratings and Video Games:

when you talk about this subject you really have to view the certain games that you consider thier ratings. For instence I just bought the original mortal combat for the sega genisis and i was lucky to find that since it was a version that didnt have an esrb rating i could let my younger brother play it (its just cause my mom didnt want us to play mature games until we are at least fouteen or older depending on the game) Anyway when i played it with him and saw the whole blood thing and fatalities I wasnt so urky so to speak about my brother playing it. It was practicly now like a T rated game. So what im trying to get to here is that if its an aged (with exeptions of stuff like duke nukem) is rated like M and your thinking of not buying it because of the rating its not going to be that bad to buy for a kid thats like 12. However if your looking at games like Fallout 3 you should definatly let only older audiences play those type of games.



lonlon-milker commented on Kirby Gets 20th Anniversary Compilation for Wii:

It's wired cause all the old kirby games have been re released in the past couple of years super star for the ds adventure for the 3ds and even the alleyway rip off that I never heard about they must include at least dreamland 3 Kirby 64 and of course air ride



lonlon-milker commented on Talking Point: Is Wii U's Power Really That Im...:

To be quite honest I think that the wii u has a lot of power but it's just being hidden from the public and as for super Mario bros mii I think Nintendo is making a show out of it because thats actually the secret 2d Mario on the 3ds.



lonlon-milker commented on There's a Chuck E. Cheese Game Coming to DSiWare:

Hmmm I'm guessing they aren't going to reference anything that their founder Nolan bushnell created such as pong and atari so no sale. To answer your question jibberldd5 Nolan bushnell left to start chuck e cheese because there was controversy on arcades being bad.places for kids to go.