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Fri 30th Dec 2011

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TheBadGuy commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

@Damo Don't listen to all these tools who are in denial about NoA trying to weasel out of bringing Devil's Third to North America. I've always believed that "where there's smoke, there's fire," and in this case, there has been PLENTY of smoke! How do you go from touting the game at E3 the year before to saying absolutely nothing about it only a couple of months from its release? And why did Europe get it only a couple weeks after Japan while NA didn't have any solid confirmation of a 2015 release until just a couple days ago? And if you add how any promotion or mention of the game was removed from the eShop after E3, I think it is safe to say that NoA was most definitely trying to bail on releasing this game. C'mon people, don't be dense! You should be able to put all the pieces of this puzzle together and realize what NoA's intentions were. I really appreciate how NL, Unseen 64, and others have been on NoA's case about this whole thing. Even if Devil's Third isn't that good of a game, it truly pisses me off that NoA was trying to weasel out of following through on its commitment of delivering this game to us. Whatever it was that scared NoA straight (I think it was a pissed off Itagaki), I'm very thankful that we will end up getting the game, and in physical format no less. But having to once again twist NoA's arm behind its back to get it to do its job has truly gotten tiresome.



TheBadGuy commented on Reaction: The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Bl...:

I never for a second believed that this game would be a U exclusive. Spewbisoft has never released an exclusive for anyone! And don't tell me that ZombiSpew is going to stay an exclusive. We're talking about the biggest whore publisher there is next to EgAy and Slacktivision.



TheBadGuy commented on EA is Watching Wii U Closely:

I really hope Nintendo tells EA to go screw itself and take its crappy games elsewhere. It should do the same to Activision and Ubisoft as well.



TheBadGuy commented on The Last Story Hits North America on 14th August:

Why the hell is it being released on the same day as Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs?! Now it's going to have to go head to head with them for sales, which could big a big problem. Godammit XSeed! Why the hell couldn't they have released it this month, when no other big games were coming out! I feel bad for bashing them like this, especially when they are now giving us the soundtrack too, but this is just plain stupid! The game was already translated and had English/Spanish/French voice acting! I know XSeed is a very small company, but come on! The hard parts of the localization job were already done by Nintendo of Europe. Why the hell is it going to take them till August?! A July release would have been perfect, especially this week, because it would have been a couple weeks before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3D. I appreciate XSeed for going above and beyond by including these great bonus items with The Last Story, but I can't help but be frustrated with them for leaving us hanging for so long, and then not having it ready until after the window of opportunity has closed, which shouldn't be the case because NOE did the heavy lifting for them. Sorry for complaining everybody, especially given the fact that it is about good news. It's just frustrating for me to watch things get botched and mismanaged.



TheBadGuy commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Fanbase Demands Are 'Insatia...:

This guy's an even bigger tool than I thought he was. The only problem I have with Nintendo is that their North American branch is very lazy and refuses to localize a number of games that are released in Europe and Australia. There is absolutely no excuse for this. I'm so sick of having to beg NOA to do their job.



TheBadGuy commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

This is beyond ridiculous. Fail-and-a-half on Nintendo's part. They just continue to screw up the 3DS and piss off the people who have already bought it. Not putting in a second circle pad makes no sense whatsoever. And if Nintendo has the audacity to release a Circle Pad Pro XL, I'm done with them. The sad thing is they probably will do just that. What a farce.



TheBadGuy commented on Fire Emblem: Kakusei Cover Art Released:

I'm going to be nervous as hell until a U.S. release is announced. It would be unforgivable for Nintendo to not bring this to the states. I'm still pretty pissed we didn't get New Mystery of the Emblem last year.



TheBadGuy commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

Sony and Microsoft might reveal some vague details about their next consoles, but I doubt that they'll be coming out anytime close to the U's release. I've been hearing that the next Xbox is coming out in 2015. That should give the U plenty of time to be the top dog.



TheBadGuy commented on SEGA Confirms No WiiWare Outing for Sonic 4: E...:

Everything that Balough says here is complete BS. He should at least give a half decent reason why it is not coming to WiiWare instead of copping out and leaving us to decide why. And I wouldn't call Sega stabbing Nintendo in the back for the 3rd time in less than a year a strong partnership.



TheBadGuy commented on Sonic 4: Episode II Revealed, No Nintendo Form...:

In the long run, Episode 2 could very well come to the U, but this news still has me truly pissed because this is the 3rd time in less than a year that Sega has stiffed Nintendo. First they didn't put Generations on Wii and instead gave us a dumbed down 3DS version. Then they didn't put Sonic CD on the Virtual Console. And now this. I want to keep liking Sega, but they're making it pretty tough.