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Thu 12th Apr 2012

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EvilLink commented on Reaction: Age Ratings and Video Games:

As far as today's culture goes with there being ever more violence, sex, swearing and drug use in games and films, and I for one think an age rating system should be enforced. This being done mostly by parents to hopefully protect their children from some of it. Lots of these 'mature' games for the 'hardcore' audience, being mainly teenagers, are played by foul mouthed people with no respect for others. Kids are always swearing thinking it's cool or normal, but it isn't. When I was younger this wasn't much of a problem as games were generally happy, fun and concentrated on game play, but these days all you see is shooters (certainly this genre is more advertised than any other). Why should games be any different to films?



EvilLink commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I won't be doing much gaming because of my dissertation =( but I'll be playing Resident Evil: Revelations on raid mode during breaks. Fantastic game. L50 drake + damage 5 + auto loader + infighter 3 + full burst + narrow 2. Working on a L49 5 slot PSG1 =/



EvilLink commented on Mario's Presence in UK is 'Smallest in the World':

I'm from Scotland and lived here all my life and have grown up with Nintendo and could unfortunately count how many people like/play Nintendo games/consoles on both my hands so to speak. Most people, as far as I can gather, who play games here are all about PS3 or Xbox360. I don't grudge the fact that some might not like Nintendo games like Mario or Zelda if they've given them a go and simply don't like it, or that maybe they own some Nintendo consoles, handheld or home, and don't play them much. What really gets me frustrated is people in the UK who might claim to be 'Hardcore' because they only play one genre, being FPS, like COD or Battlefield. This type of person, which I know a fair amount of since I'm surrounded by them, automatically assume Nintendo games are for 'kids' or those who aren't 'hardcore' and don't purchase a Nintendo console. What is also frustrating is those who DO own a Nintendo console in one shape or form and just say it's 'crap'. Nintendo has somehow branded itself in being a 'kiddie' console for non 'hardcore' computer game players (I apologise for the inverted commas). In order to improve the sales of Nintendo hardware and software in the UK Nintendo really has to advertise in such a way as to purge this type of thinking. Better hardware will increase interest from third party developers which in turn will mean more games from third party's. These games could well entail genres and gaming series (like COD....) which would encourage the urge to buy a Nintendo platform. What Nintendo really need to do in this order, is: More/better advertisements for Nintendo; improve hardware dramatically; get on board more third party developers; improve/expand the FPS genre; improve on line gaming (which they seem to be doing); lastly, less milking of Mario. This will cost money and time but will in the long run increase sales in the UK and probably everywhere else! More FPS game with on par or better graphics with current gen platforms will reel in those who atm don't even bat an eyelid at Nintendo.

I think that covers it all? =)



EvilLink commented on Review: Pandora's Tower (Wii):

I think I'll pass on this game. It seems far to short for an rpg like McHaggis said. Also the gameplay doesn't look that fun. I'll stick with my Xenoblade Chronicles and Last Story . The game has an interesting plot though.



EvilLink commented on Miyamoto: "F-Zero Could Work on Wii U":

I would love to see a new F-zero game! the N64 F-zero X was phenomenal what with all the divine track designs and soundtracks (yes I like the soundtracks ). F-zero GX was ok but I found the controls slightly annoying and the voice acting.....painful. Hopefully a fully fledged F-zero game will come to the 3ds or WiiU, or even both.



EvilLink commented on Talking Point: Is Wii U's Power Really That Im...:

I'd say graphics and HD can make a difference to any platform but tbh gameplay is king. If the big N decides not to go that much much for power so be it. Just give me another zelda and metroid with great storeys Power is good but no essential.