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BattleBorn commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

Let's recap here:

-Hideous design
-Overly big and unergonomic for portable play (try playing Kid Icarus Uprising on this)
-No second stick, even though a vast majority of key 3DS software is console remakes and console-lite games
-AC adapter sold separately
-No confirmation on whether the resolution is improved
-No confirmation on whether or not you can transfer content

This seems like a staggeringly poor redesign and an equally poor unveiling. And I thought Nintendo would never top their Wii U presentation botch at E3.



BattleBorn commented on Mercury Steam Talks Up 3DS for Castlevania: Mi...:


The only ones being smug are the pseudo-purists who believe Castlevania's roots are in being a second-rate Metroid rehash.

As a 3DS skeptic and non-owner, this is one of the few upcoming titles that might actually convince me to buy the handheld (the other one is Paper Mario 3DS) because it's actually unique instead of being a sloppy rehash (any 3DS Mario game so far) or a N64/PS2 port. MercurySteam tackling 2D development is an unknown for them, but I actually respect developers stepping out of their comfort zones... something Igarashi seemed incapable of doing.

Of course, this is the community that worships the 3DS library in all it's mediocre rehashed/ported glory and hysterically bashes any kind of "Westernization" in their beloved franchises, so not surprising to see the immature, spoiled-brat bashing of this game.



BattleBorn commented on E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3:

"Once the dust settles and we learn more", we might look back slightly more positively... except that's what people were saying about Nintendo's E3 2011 showing. Everyone assured us that it was just a preamble for the giant blow-out of system specs, network information and blockbuster game announcements that E3 2012 would've been. Except it wasn't. And now E3 2011 looks even worse.

There were too many "maybes" in this E3 from all three console manufacturers, but the "maybes" from Nintendo are by far the most painful and disillusioning. They are in absolutely no position to keep people hanging like that. They should have created some hype for future titles, not focus exclusively on the badly-defined "launch period".

Even within Nintendo there is too much contradiction. Reggie assures us that it'll be a hugely-powerful machine geared towards core gaming, yet Katsuya Eguchi goes around bleating that "performance doesn't matter" and other excuses identical to the ones used to justify Wii's inferior horsepower. How are they going to articulate a coherent marketing message if the figureheads themselves aren't in agreement of what they want to convey?



BattleBorn commented on Reggie: Wii U Launch Window is Four Months Long:

I fully support their decision to steer away from repeating E3 2010's unveiling of 3DS games that are still not ready. But personally, they've slammed too far in the other direction by not giving a single peek at post-"launch period" software. A good system unveiling has an evenly balanced outlook for launch and the future.



BattleBorn commented on Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Confe...:

As the writer of the most sharply negative comment displayed on the article, I want to qualify myself a bit. (TL;RD alert!)

The Wii U launch lineup doesn't look bad — far from it. I'm excited to play Pikmin 3, Rayman Origins and Zombi U and I'm somewhat optimistic about New Super Mario Bros. U (much more so than the upcoming 3DS installment) due to the gorgeous backgrounds and alleged high difficulty. I also believe the casual games have their rightful place in the Wii U conference and library; the issue was Nintendo's insistence on an hour-long conference which led to them bumping off several high-profile games (P-100 and Game & Wario).

The problem I had was Nintendo didn't offer any glimpse of the future. E3 is about glimpsing the future, and with all the skepticism surrounding it, Wii U truly needed evidence that it's future would be as strong as it's immediate launch. We know Zelda and Smash Bros. are years away, but why not stoke the fires now? Maybe Retro's game won't be ready for the launch period, but why not create a little advance hype? They don't need to be playable on the show floor, just put out a few quick teasers.

I also have a big problem with Nintendo Land in general. Aside from the fact that it is a hideous way to close a conference (we went from Watch Dogs and The Last of Us to THIS?), I think it is the ultimate proof that Nintendo has fundamentally misunderstood the success of the Wii and Wii Sports. Wii Sports succeeded speficially because it wiped the slate clean of the Nintendo brand's baggage and (like NintendoLife themselves said in a preview) was effortlessly approachable by anyone. Nintendo Land is completely dependent on the company's brand and IPs for appeal and required Katsuya Eguchi to take several minutes in explaining a single mini-game. I'm sorry, but that was not Wii Sports' recipe for success. Not even close. Wii Music's steep sales drop-off — back when Wii casual simulation games had become their own brand — is already evidence that brand alone does not guarantee expanded appeal.

Then there's the questions about price, performance, and long-term third-party support. Maybe they specifically wanted to leave price details for another date, but Nintendo completely dropped the ball with explaining the latter two issues. I'd be perfectly content if Wii U was moderately more powerful than PS360, but now there are questions whether it's actually even as strong as that (this is personal observation, but the Batman: AC Wii U footage seemed kinda shaky to me). They have lots of Ubisoft at launch but what else? A bunch of late ports (one of which, Ninja Gaiden 3, was already panned in it's PS360 incarnation)

Nintendo's entire message with the Wii U is a confused one. They want to rope in disillusioned core gamers, yet they also want to pretend they can manufacture the breakthrough casual success of the Wii. I'm sorry, but the latter will never happen again. The maket has changed fundamentally and Nintendo needs to accept this as soon as possible — or else, they won't even manage to attain core gamers.

I like the Wii U, I want it to succeed. But they did themselves absolutely no favors yesterday. Although I'll concede a point to the commenter who said it was better than Sony's complete abandonment of the Vita (which I'm also upset with).



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: Reviewing Nintendo's E3 Press C...:

It was poorly paced, reiterated too much information from the Sunday presentation, left too many questions unanswered, lacked any brand-new original core game announcements from either third-party or first-party, had several games bumped off for casual stuff, and completely failed to make me want a Wii U.

I expected better, sorry.



BattleBorn commented on E3 2012: Watch the Nintendo Press Conference L...:

I waited 350+ days so I could say "I don't want a Wii U. At all."

I won't call it the worst conference ever, but it seriously undercut their supposed desire to attract the core audience. The core audence will want more than late third-party ports and a select few Ubisoft original games. Where was Retro's project?

They are well on their way to a repeat of the 3DS launch, I'm afraid.



BattleBorn commented on New Castlevania Title Confirmed for 3DS:

Dunno what type of game this will be, but the mere fact it's not yet another Iga Metroidvania sounds promising to me. Castlevania should go back to it's true retro roots, not the inferior Metroid-lite that obnoxious fanboys claim is so sacred.



BattleBorn commented on Support Redux: Dark Matters Kickstarter and it...:

Also, some words for #8: Dreamcast has been home for niche limited-release shmups for a long while. If only you bothered to visit their Kickstarter and, I dunno, actually read up on it, you'll find that they're manufacturing a grand total of 1000 Dreamcast copies. How is that a wide release?



BattleBorn commented on Support Redux: Dark Matters Kickstarter and it...:

Always fascinating to see people completely misunderstanding and bashing Kickstarter in general.

I especially marvel at how Commenter #9 confidently extrapolates his/her personal disinterest into a sweeping assumption that no one will ever support this pledge... except I checked it's page and it already surpassed the $25k goal. Because #9 obviously has the authority and wisdom to speak for the 442 (and growing) backers that actually did care about this.

These gaming pledge exist to serve very small, specific and passionate audiences that are overlooked (rightly or wrongly) by the current mainstream trends. It is not meant to be a replacement for larger business models, it is simply an alternative. If someone is passionate enough about their niches to stake money on a pledge (and take the risk of an incompleted or crappy product), then that is their legal right.

Kickstarter is a very innovative and admirable tool and, alas, subject to the same assumptions, misconceptions and troglodyte bashing as any technological innovation in the history of mankind. You'll always distinguish the pioneers from the arrows on their backs. Always.



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

Interesting article, but the "larger gaming audience" doesn't have any problem with 100-hour games like Skyrim, which sold SS's current lifetime numbers in two days.

If Nintendo wants better Zelda sales, the dungeons and sidequests should allow flexibility for many play styles instead of forcing every player down a single rigidly-scripted path. They should also try to not ship three years after the console stops being relevant to the very market they want to attract.



BattleBorn commented on Xenoblade and Kid Icarus Missing from NPD's Ap...:

KI:U sales are sad but hardly surprising. It's a revival of a cult-size NES/GB franchise with controls that are completely unwelcoming and unsuitable for pick-up-and-play sessions. Did anyone outside of hardcore Nintendo enthusiasts honestly ask for that game? Considering it failed to show up in it's first full month of sales, I'll take that as a no.

And while we're on the subject of recent marquee 3DS games, what about Resident Evil: Revelations? Has it been the mega hit that 3DS fanboys hyped it up to be? Capcom's not gonna bother making a sequel (or any other games of that caliber) if the financial returns don't match the sweat equity put into it. You do realize that, right?

Quite frankly, the 3DS is severely lacking system-selling software that isn't Mario (or Monster Hunter in Japan). Mario might have saved 3DS from it's disastrous launch last year and it will definitely give it a sizable boost this year, but Mario alone isn't going to give 3DS the same long-term success of the DS. The DS had it's system-selling Mario titles backed by a foundation of extensive first-party AND third-party IPs that truly defined and pioneered what bite-size gaming was all about.

At this point, the 3DS looks far more like Nintendo's PSP. Single analog stick, heavy reliance on ports and console-lite experiences, an unrestrained level of pre-release hype followed by a lackluster launch, hugely successful in Japan while middling in the USA/Europe (Iwata himself confessed disappointment with USA/Euro sales in the recent earnings call), overall healthy hardware sales but a peculiar inability to sell any considerable number of software aside from several key first-party IPs (and Monster Hunter), a growing perception within the tech/general media as a failure despite the aforementioned hardware sales, all the while hyping the current leader in true bite-size gaming (the DS back then; iOS/Android right now)... the similarities go on and on and on.

The 3DS booster club will deny everything I said and go back crawling to their "BU-BU-BUT 3DS outsold DS in it's first year!!!" security blanket, but the fact is that short-term boosts do not equal sustainable long-term success. Nothing about the 3DS up to now suggests that it'll have the same long-term success of the DS.



BattleBorn commented on Adventure Time on DS to be Released 'Late Fall':

Adventure Time and WayForward are kind of a perfect match and not entirely in a good way. Both the cartoon and the studio are comprised of talented people and have tremendous potential, but they are severely lacking in discipline and restraint. The cartoon needs more clever writing and less in-your-face stupidity. The studio needs to actually test and balance their damn games before putting them out (e.g. Bloodrayne Betrayal).



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: The Critical Importance of Blac...:

CoD doesn't excite me as a gamer, but all sane-minded Nintendo fans should have tremendous respect for Treyarch for their support and loyalty to the Wii. It would be a shock if BLOPS 2 doesn't make it to the HD-ready Wii U.



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

I completed it and enjoyed it. But after the longest development and hype cycle in Zelda it wasn't as revolutionary as it should have been. Skyrim sold SS's current total tally in it's first two days; that should show how far off Zelda is from the relevancy radar.

At the same time, it was a victim of Nintendo's short-sighted Wii game plan which doomed pretty much every quality single-player release on the system. It may have sold 90M+ systems and that's truly impressive, but the casuals ended up flocking to iOS/Android and the core audience was completely alienated from E3 2008 onwards... leaving it with a miserable attach rate and perception.



BattleBorn commented on Rayman Legends is Coming to Wii U, Supports NFC:

Shame that the new NSMB games will outsell this 200:1, Ancel has reinvented the 2D platformer in a way Miyamoto and co. can't be arsed anymore. But it's still awesome to see quality Wii U software with exclusive functionality.



BattleBorn commented on Nintendo Posts First Annual Loss in 30 Years:

Serves them right for being so arrogant with the 3DS. I love Nintendo's games and their creative passion, but their business sense has become pathetic as of late.

The Wii U will probably need to be $299 if they want to avoid repeating the 3DS launch, especially considering heavy rumors that it won't be substantially stronger than PS360 and these consoles will likely go down to $199 within the next couple of years. Maybe they can get away with $349 if the launch lineup and digital strategy is super-strong, but otherwise...



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

P.S. When NSMB's 3DS installment is announced AND confirmed for release in 2012 whereas Paper Mario and Animal Crossing were announced in 2010 and still don't have domestic release dates... then please don't blame fans for thinking the former franchise is cheap and lazy.



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

There's a three-year distance between this and NSMBWii, just like there was between the latter and NSMBDS. Add in the 3D Marios between those years,a and it's actually a good timeframe for a pure nostalgia-driven series like this.

The quandary is that Nintendo also recently confirmed that Mario Wii U will be based on the E3 2011 tech demo. Which was — you guessed it — NSMB style. I could be wrong and the NSMB style was only a placeholder for the official art style of the Wii U game so they could effortlessly show off tablet/Mii functionality, but if the Wii U game is indeed also NSMB... Nintendo is going to look very, very, very bad.



BattleBorn commented on Nintendo Reveals New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS:

Why is this "NSMB2" when it's the third installment in it's brand? Mario Kart 3DS got a 7 tacked to acknowledge all the previous portable AND console Kart installments; why is NSMB being treated differently? Just plain sloppy of Nintendo.

And speaking of sloppy, I can only hope that Mario Wii U will be it's own thing despite it supposedly being based on the Mii demo... if it isn't and it just rehashes the NSMB assets AGAIN! then Nintendo will cause severe, CoD/Guitar Hero-style damage to the Mario brand.



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned from WiiW...:

I appreciate Nintendo Life's stance on this matter, but it's not gonna do anything to change minds.

It doesn't matter that MDK2 is regarded as a funny and excellent action/adventure game by anyone who's actually played it... it's shovelware simply because it "didn't sell" and the WiiWare publisher (who only ported what was Bioware's game — yes, BIOWARE) had the gall to criticize Nintendo. Funny that these exact same people cry and scream that "PEOPLE ARE SHEEPLE" whenever anyone brings up the 20M+ Call of Duty yearly sales or the 500M+ Angry Birds downloads.

You could argue Beamdog is being unfair for dismissing all future Nintendo development because of a (soon-to-be) previous ecosystem. At the same time, it's Nintendo's responsibility to aggressively reach out to all potential developers and prove that they've improved their digital strategy and policies. The fact that this event happened indicates that Nintendo hasn't — and that's very bad news.



BattleBorn commented on MDK2 Dev Will Never Develop for Nintendo Again:

The comments here are making me ashamed that I ever considered myself a Nintendo fan.

But alas, I guess that's the lot of Iwata and Co. in 2012 — alienating core gamers for the third consecutive generation (and risking a fourth with the increasingly less-appealing Wii U), losing the casual market singlehandedly responsible for their DS/Wii revival to Apple and Android, and antagonizing development teams with hideously-implemented policies.



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: The Future of Metroid:

Metroid V needs to be 2D. And with sprites rather than 3D designs to maintain visual and aesthetic continuity with Super, Fusion et al, You all saw how amazing Rayman Origins looks from it's E3 showing... hell, even Bloodrayne is going 2D and it looks good. Why can't Metroid, one of the classics, go back to 2D?

And hire WayForward to develop it. End of story.

Sakamoto produces, supervises and creates the basic scenario, but please don't let him write a word of the script. Let him do what he's good at.

The Other M engine has future potential but not as Metroid V. Maybe as a spin-off with Anthony Higgs



BattleBorn commented on Metroid Celebrates its 25th Anniversary Today:

I think Nintendo is waiting until 2012 to acknowledge Metroid's 25th, because that's the year the series debuted in NA and the majority of the fanbase is in the West.

We'll have Fusion on 3DS by the end of 2011/early 2012, an inevitable 3DS VC release of Metroid II... and maybe — just maybe — a brand new Metroid game? 2D sidescroller plz?



BattleBorn commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

Value Matters.

Nintendo needs to get their heads out of their butts and grasp that basic concept if they want to be a legitimate competitor in the digital marketplace.



BattleBorn commented on Talking Point: How 3DS Can Thrive at E3:

Yeah... Nintendo has a ton of work to do if they want the 3DS to be a respectable console. The launch lineup wasn't arguable anything, it was a complete embarrassment.

Also, someone brought up Sony's HD collections to justify Nintendo's incessant rehashing of nostalgia; except Sony's collections actually create some value. Two/three classic games with revamped HD graphics for $30-$40 dollars... versus one classic game with hardly any graphical improvement and shoddy 3D effects for $40 dollars?