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Sun 22nd Jan 2012

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famestephy09 commented on Talking Point: 3DS XL's Media Potential:

Im personally pissed off with nintendo. First I payed 250 $ dollars for my 3ds and a game and I traded in my DSi too. Then two weeks later they drop the price to 169.99$ and gamestop couldnt do nothing nor nintendo. The ambassador games suck. Well 10 of them are good 10 of them suck the gba ones are good. which I rather of payed for the games then payed full for the 3DS. Then they make Midnight Purple 3DS. and purple is my favorite color and last they make the 3DSXL for 200$ while I payed 250$ for LESS, WTF FML. lol but yea I have a right to be pissed at nintendo. Dont you think?



famestephy09 commented on Feature: The Best Moments of E3 2011:

Wait so can anyone explain this to me...So wii U is a whole different system? It is not just a controller for the Wii right? Cuz Ive heared people telling me that the Wii U is a controller to the Wii. So is it a seperate system or a controller? Thanks in advance.



famestephy09 commented on If Mario vs. King Kong was Created Today:

I wish Nintendo could of teamed up with Sony as originnaly planned. Imagine Nintendo and Sony together? It would be the best of both worlds. I love Nintendo and Playstation. But the day that came I would have to open my eyes from a great dream to be dissapointed it ended and it wasnt a reality.



famestephy09 commented on Add These Dates and Times to Your E3 Schedule:

Im so confused...Can someone answer these Questions for me. Okay so Im new to this whole E3 thing and I've never seen it before, So can I watch it on TV? Or the computer? And if on TV what Channel? And with the time zones Im lost i live in New York so what time would it be on? And what were the 3 dates to watch it? And is E3 just news about the wii U or the 3DS or as im hopeing both?
*Thanks in advance to whoever can answer all these Questions :]



famestephy09 commented on Talking Point: Could AR Games Drive eShop Sales?:

The camera function of the 3DS is poor. Infact I feel like the DSi camera is better then the 3DS one. I would like a future update to improve the camera quality for the 3DS then Also going on the AR topic new ar games would be a great thing too. Maybe an extension of games to buy with play coins in a update or free download from the E shop. Nintendo did showcase Augmented Reality a lot in the 3DS launch but it hasn't been that great or new. Nintendo could do a lot more with the 3DS but no complains. I love the 3DS but theres no deni that Nintendo can certainly add and upgrade to it. So Nintendo should get on it.



famestephy09 commented on Nintendo Reveals New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS:

I dnt mind all the Mario games, Though i would like other originals like Mortal Kombat 3D and Donkey Kong country 3D < tht would b gr8. Y wuld nintendo make it in 2D?... if u dnt like 3D den jus turn da slider dwn. Now ppl who do like 3D (me) wnt hav it



famestephy09 commented on Review: Colors! 3D (eShop):

from the get-go i thought colors 3D was an app i wont be downloading but from the review and peoples comments i might just purchase it. but I might hold out till Flipnote Memo comes. idk



famestephy09 commented on Talking Point: Is Nintendo Over-Reliant on Sup...:

I dont mind Nintendo using mario as their main spotlight. I love Mario. However i do wish/want more games to shine threw like how about a Donkey Kong Country? I love DK and although they put it back on the wii how about the 3DS? Or how about Mortal Kombat 3D? I love it on ps3 but how about on 3DS. 3D fatalities would be Awesome.



famestephy09 commented on Nintendo Considered a 3D Screen on Wii U:

Nintendo should make the 3DS have compatibility with the Wii U simular to the PsVita and the PS3. The thought of the Wii U controller being 3D to me bothers. Nintendo should just make an HD screen.



famestephy09 commented on First Impressions: Block Factory (3DS eShop):

You wouldn't catch me downloading it unless its free. Which is 100% not the case so yeah not worth any money from what it looks like. but you never know. maybe it will be a good game. though it wont compare to pushmo.



famestephy09 commented on Nintendo Considering Retail Downloads on 3DS a...:

I think Boxed copies are better. The memory space required to that would mean more money spent on higher GB for the SD card. But maybe select titles. Though Playstation 3 does it i never had a problem with memory space but then again my Playstation has a lot more memory space then my 3DS. Its a hard topic to go about.