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Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Another Wii U Retail Drought

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The eShop should tide current owners over

In the past week Nintendo delivered its first Nintendo Direct broadcasts of 2014, a little later than was perhaps expected. The truth was that January was not a good time for the company, as it revealed and then dealt with the fallout of drastically lowered sales and financial projections. It was a difficult period, but now that we're into February we can, for a spell at least, focus on what games are coming up, which is why we really follow the occasionally enigmatic big N.

In some respects the Nintendo Direct videos delivered the goods, and did relatively little to go beyond conservative predictions. There were some new download games revealed, with the "available to download after the presentation" trick making another welcome return, as well as some fun reveals and the occasional release dates. It seemed to lose momentum a little — and we don't mean when the European stream was repeatedly failing — after some initial excitement with Little Mac being confirmed for Super Smash Bros.; that reveal trailer was, we thought, fantastic, and showed just how nicely Sakurai-san's project is shaping up. We were willing the end to confirm a release window of Summer or Fall but, nope, it simply said 2014.

That's fine, and as the presentations wore on there was certainly a feeling that these were solid, at points delightful, efforts from Nintendo. There were details and release dates for pleasing 3DS retail games such as Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Mario Golf: World Tour, and the aforementioned new games revealed were largely download experiences for the portable, taking in sports, puzzle and very slow Submarine FPS genres. For 3DS owners in particular there was plenty with which to be pleased.

And yet, when compiling our standard Big Nintendo Direct summary we noticed one thing — the 3DS section was a good deal longer than its Wii U equivalent (discounting Smash Bros. which covers both platforms). Our 3DS-only story list had ten articles, 11 if you count some fun speculation regarding Peppy's appearance in Steel Diver: Sub Wars. The Wii U topped out at five, which included a very minor update on Child of Light, while we admittedly didn't opt to give the Bayonetta 2 trailer an article of its own as it was bundled with others. Frustratingly the PlatinumGames exclusive, like Smash Bros. before it, simply had 2014 as its date, though the Japanese broadcast did at least specify "Summer" for that region; we can only hope that localisation will be a quick process. As for Monolith Soft's X promising footage was accompanied, again, by a '2014' window.

Of the Wii U reveals that did arrive, we had Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games starting in April, NES Remix 2 on 25th April, and — the big one — a May release of Mario Kart 8 confirmed for the 30th of that month. As we hope is obvious, that leaves a bit of a gap. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is right around the corner and arrives on 21st February, and we look forward to sharing our views on it; then, there's a wait.

It's not been helped by the Wii U delay of Watch_Dogs, but it's becoming increasingly clear why Satoru Iwata — in his various January briefings — was talking about mid-term plans and returning to the good times in the next financial year (after 31st March). Nintendo is overseeing an opening period to 2014 that is awfully familiar, perhaps even quieter than the equivalent of 2013. Once the Tropical Freeze buzz is over we are, unless Nintendo shocks us with a rapid release of one of the major upcoming titles — looking at over three months before the next truly high-profile retail arrival. This despite what Reggie Fils-Aime told Spike TV late last year:

The way we're going to be different is... we're certainly going to have a steadier pace of games, both for Wii U and for 3DS. The marketing activity is going to be constant throughout the entire year; you teased me a little bit about "boy, the first half was a little quiet" and, you know what? You look back and it was. We're not going to be making that same mistake in 2014, so the pace, the ongoing activity, touching the consumer and messaging what we're all about, that's going to be a big difference next year.

The 3DS is a little more filled out, and if you combine the systems then, yes, there's no major retail drought to speak of; yet this seems to be a disappointing state of affairs for Wii U owners. In hindsight it's for the best that Tropical Freeze fell into February after originally targeting December, and those that suggested it was bumped to pad out the schedule will feel some vindication. What's perhaps most disappointing is that, of the major first-party games that have been down for 2014 all along, only Mario Kart 8 is currently firmly down for the first half of the year, and even that has fallen back from its April target mooted in 2013. The idea of Tropical Freeze in February, MK8 in April and then others to follow seemed relatively tolerable last year, but the latest update from Nintendo has expanded the no-man's-land between.

From Nintendo's perspective, this isn't necessarily a disaster. This financial year is a write-off, and with Mario Kart 8 and E3 coming close together the company is going to have a busy period where the Wii U will likely get some heavy — and hopefully positive — press coverage. The summer months will be huge for the Wii U, and these games we've listed before — and various others in development that haven't had a status update for a while — will come into sharper focus. It's quite possible that from the Summer onwards we'll see a steady flow of Nintendo blockbusters, and we'll look back on the this time as the drought that simply preceded a spell of exciting, big-name games.

This is all, in addition, seemingly a continuation of Nintendo's growing pains in adjusting to an increasing loss of notable third-party retail support — which could return to some degree with better Wii U sales — and longer, more complex development phases. In interviews we'll publish in the coming weeks, we've spoken to developers that were among the very biggest names in development throughout the '90s and early noughties, who worked on games that are legendary in the eyes of retro Nintendo gamers. What's been extraordinary in these conversations are the tales of how quickly some of the world's most iconic titles were put together. No matter how technologically advanced at the time, teams of less than 20 would produce a triple-A game in under 12 months, sometimes well under that time. It was a whole other world of development resources, and as Nintendo's policies and attitudes to innovation have accentuated, it's perhaps found out the hard way that those days are long gone. A blockbuster, it's clear, simply can't be produced by a dozen talented individuals in a number of months; so release gaps widen like they wouldn't necessarily do so in past generations.

There is a silver-lining for Wii U fans, however, with the increasing line-up of Wii U eShop games coming in the next few months. Some are exclusives and others are across multiple platforms, but there are a number of titles due in the remainder of February, March and April. It's here that only positive things can be said about Nintendo's planning for filling out release windows; its backing of download developers, support with free Unity licenses and the Nintendo Web Framework, are really paying off. We have titles from experienced developers and publishers, as well as others from those releasing their first games. With the Wii U eShop the games are certainly coming, and the importance of the Indie scene — as we've covered in various ways before — shouldn't be underestimated. While a diverse download line-up will struggle to sell systems on its own, it's a useful additional weapon that — most importantly — serves as a source of regular rewards for existing owners. Once more download games flow in the coming weeks and months, Wii U owners will likely always be able to find something new and interesting to play.

As it stands, we're dealing with a gap in major retail releases for the Wii U. This coming week brings the continuation of a huge franchise from Retro Studios, and that's exciting, but once that buzz fades we have a wait on our hands. The Wii U eShop may be our saviour, but Nintendo's mid-term focus will leave some Wii U owners yearning for more in the short-term.

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brandonbwii said:

I've been thinking the same thing about the drought. Nintendo's just keeping people interested in 3DS to make up for the lack of quality Wii U titles. It's not all doom and gloom as I think between the February and May we will see potentially several awesome eshop releases including NES Remix 2.

I also have to give (admitily a tiny bit of) credit for a showing new trailers of Bayonetta and X.



Kirk said:

Wii U is majorly flopping right now and you can attach that to whatever area of the consoles you want; be it sales, third party support or whatever.



Blackleg_sanji said:

I cant defend them anymore im sorry eshop titles arent going to do the trick anymore. Feb-donkey kong TF
April-child of light
May30th- mario kart
Then nothing after that -_- so far.... Sigh they need more dev teams seriously



SpookyMeths said:

"Tiding current owners over" is a nice way of saying "life support."

Which is saddening.



sinalefa said:

Honestly, I really don't care. I will gladly have delayed great games and droughts over rushed, unpolished games that won't move systems and satisfy gamers.

As Thomas mentions, eShop games are also there. These games help Nintendo to fill gaps and indies don't have to compete with Nintendo's big hitters, so it is a win-win. Too bad some gamers are not willing to give them a chance because they don't generate as big a hype as AAA titles.



brandonbwii said:

A good number have admitted to that. It just doesn't mean anything to them in the grand scheme of things for whatever reason. For the fans or fanboys or whatever they wish to be called only have the downloads to hold out a little hope for.



gravesmeister said:

I'll take a system that has a small line up of really good games over a system that has tons of really crappy games any day.



WingedSnagret said:

The end of May release date for MK8 was a big slap in the face. It's going to be a very long agonizing road for the Wii U is these upcoming months...



Goginho said:

Wii U is......aah what the heck? Who am I to say what the Wii U is/will do...etc.?

Just enjoy the content and stop worrying about the status quo.

"Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is right around the corner and arrives on 21st February, and we look forward to sharing our views on it; then, there's a wait."
That's great, but how 'bout instead of waiting, we play the darn thing



Shiryu said:

I will wait. No way I'm investing in another home console in the foreseeable future. I will have to do with what I got and whatever I will pick up in these next few months.



ueI said:

This doesn't bother me personally due to backlog, but I must admit that this release schedule is embarrassing.



brandonbwii said:

Armillo, Shovel Knight, and Scram Kitty are all fun looking timed exclusives. 3DS eshop looks like it may be improving as well starting with Retro City Rampage DX.

Just trying to remain some kind of optimistic here.



XFsWorld said:

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm cool with this drought, but atleast I'm able to download indie games that's been on my wishlist for a while on 3DS and WiiU.



brandonbwii said:

Warning fanboy gloating alert:
To be honest I find a vast number of 3rd party games to be lackluster compared to the quality and polish of many first party products. The main way the lack of support hurts Nintendo is the diversity.



Guybrush20X6 said:

One thing Nintendo can do and it's a bit stupid that they're not is to convert more NES and SNES games to WiiU Virtual Console. And get started on Nintendo 64 ones. I'm sure a lotta current owners would willingly pay for save state enabled old games. I wonder how long the process takes in man- hours...



gravesmeister said:

@Goginho I'm glad that I can just enjoy the content that's out and that's on the way instead of worrying about how bad Nintendo is supposedly doing.



Einherjar said:

@brandonbwii I couldnt have said it better. And if you look at the current new doesnt look any better. The current EU PS4 line up looks way worse than the WiiUs ever did and nobody seems to care about it.
The whole "Nintendoomed" talk is just another trope, a meme. How come that i have more than enough games on my WiiU that keep me entertained yet everybody else need more and more ?
At this point, im so sick of all that whining, i just dont care anymore. Im eagerly awaiting DK, Mario Kart, Smash and co and if anyone want to behave like a spoiled brat in the meantime, sure, do it, i dont care anymore.



Peach64 said:

I doubt very much it will convince people to buy the console, but they could keep the fan base happy and make some money by continuing the Gamecube HD remakes. They said it took 6 months to do Wind Waker and it's sold over a million world wide.



LztheQuack said:

I have several problems with the term "drought" here:

1. Many are simply ignoring the eShop indie games that have the potential to have great quality like "AAA" blockbusters...or perhaps better quality. However the "retail drought" term is very accurate here
2. Like sinalefa said, Nintendo shouldn't have to rush out products to meet some status quo. I'd rather have complete products later than crappy products now (cough EA)
3. As far as I'm concerned, major third party support is gone, and Nintendo is unable to make a big game each month AND support the 3DS. You can argue that they can give the 3DS a break, but why ignore your major profit maker? Perhaps they can start licensing out their franchises to third parties.



Blackleg_sanji said:

Im all for staying optimistic but i hate when nintendofans say the ps4 has no games...
Killzone shadowfall
2k14 madden 25
Fifa 2014
Legos marvel hero
Legos the movie
Dont starve
War thunder
Call of duty ghosts
Battlefield 4
Skylanders swap force
Tomb raider
Come on guys i love nintendo too but lets not be ridiculous we all know they need a little help
Edit:plus the wiiU has been out for a year the new consoles have not



Emblem said:

@Einherjar Agreed and well said.

There are more than enough games coming out across the systems i own (PS4,3DS,Wii U,PC) in the coming months to satisfy me, I find it hard to balance my life and my gaming addiction as it is lol.

Outside of Titanfall for my PC all the games i'm REALLY excited for this year are coming out on Wii U.



Guybrush20X6 said:

I wonder what the profit margins are on eShop sales for Nintendo and the Devs. Must be handsome for Nintendo's retail games as they charge full price and don't have to worry about shipping and distribution.



Nintenjoe64 said:

All this Nintendooooom is getting boring. I am going to get back to Uncharted Waters. Probably put 25 hours in already and still barely scratched the surface of the game. I'll be surprised if I have mastered the game by May 30th so definitely don't need Nintendo to start raiding my wallet in the meantime.



Knux said:

Yes, this is absolutely horrible. Don't even defend this crap. Basically, Mario Kart 8 might be the only AAA retail game from Nintendo released on the Wii U aside from Tropical Freeze until late 2014. That's far worse than any drought the Wii or GameCube had, In fact, it's gotten to the point that the system itself IS a drought.

Downloadable games aren't going to increase sells of the Wii U like retail games would. More retail games for the Wii U would mean more sales, shelf space, and awareness. I also highly doubt Mario Kart 8 will even ''save'' the Wii U.

If we're fortunate, Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros. 4 will be released in 2014. I highly doubt that X will be released until 2015. So Nintendo better have some surprises at E3, or it's going to get even worse for the Wii U.

The Wii U is Nintendo's biggest disaster since the Virtual Boy (or an even bigger disaster since the Virtual Boy was an experiment that flopped compared to a main home console that's flopping). 2014 will probably be the worst year for the Wii U so far. I just hope that it doesn't get any worse in 2015.



DerpSandwich said:

No silver lining for this guy. If I don't decide to buy Smash (I'm still on the fence) then there ain't one single retail game I'll be buying this year. And in my opinion, a multiplat indie game on the eShop is nice, but literally does nothing to argue the Wii U experience. Unless it's exclusively on the platform, I'm going to get it on PC for a lot cheaper, and no one is going to buy a Wii U for it. They can bring in a bit of revenue, but you just can't list them as reasons why the Wii U is great.



Megumi said:

So much for the monthly retail games thing Nintendo promised us last year... :/



Action51 said:


What?! You mean spend time enjoying a game and not complaining about an industry standard created by gaming media that they ONLY apply to Nintendo platforms? Preposterous!

Seriously though:
Look, it would be better to have more games this spring, and we shouldn't be satisfied with a shortage of major retail releases, but at the same time...I know we haven't all played every great game for the system. Use this opportunity to pick up a gem you might have missed like Monster Hunter Tri, Lego City Undercover, The Wonderful 101, or Pikmin 3.

We are fortunate as Nintendo owners, because for the price of a competitor's "next gen" console and subscription to their online service, we can buy a Wii U and a 3DS...and I guarantee there are games in both system's recent back catalog you and I have not tried.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Knux i actually gotta agree when i look at 2014 release dates across all three systems i die a little inside when i look at wiiUs its upsetting i hope they can turn it around tho i lost most of my faith



unrandomsam said:

@Blackleg_sanji It matters because they cost 8 times as much as you can get the same thing for fairly casually on the PC just buying that list on the PC would probably give you enough to upgrade your graphics cards to the point where you can run Battlefield 4 properly. Exclusives are the only things that can justify console prices. (Especially some of those where the RRP is Doubled).

Perhaps if the quality was immaculate but it isn't these days it is god awful regardless of console other than exclusives.



dMo said:

And that's not a bad thing. the cube was my favorite Nintendo system. I guess I don't get the whole game a month push. Quality over quantity folks. Can other systems really say they release 12 must own games a year? Besides, people speak with their wallets. If more people bought the u, or the quality games that N is making, there would be no droughts or lack of 3rd party support. The casual audience is just smaller now thanks to iphone shovel ware.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@unrandomsam see some fans i just cant talk to some i can so by that why should these indie titles matter then and if you buy a console purely for exclusives thats not good that is the reason the WiiU is in trouble right now



HyperSonicEXE said:

No, eShop won't tide people over. F2P won't help if no one wants to play the darn things.
This is Nintendo's chickens coming home to roost for not focusing on all of their IP's for a decent release schedule.

And no ads? Seriously?
Nobody's going to pay just to have the extras! Ads are the major reason for F2P.



SchamMan89 said:

It seems impossible at this point, but someday, I'd love for a Nintendo console to get the same third party support as other systems. It'd truly have everything you could want.

As for me, I have Steam and a 3DS. Expand the Virtual Console, push indies and bring on the AAA Nintendo Wii U video games. That'll be enough for me and my limited time.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@dMo i was going to list 12 games but i know for a fact on this website everybody is going to say "those games dont interest me and aren't going to sell" -_-



Action51 said:

"It matters because they cost 8 times as much as you can get the same thing for fairly casually on the PC "

Yes and No. If you mean during the big seasonal sales, and then assume they won't go on sale on the Wii U e-shop (which they do) then that is correct...

However, this does not apply to new releases, and you have to compare seasonal sales on Steam to non-sale prices on the Wii U.

I just picked up Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition for $3.99 on Wii U during the indie sale last week. I grabbed Toki Tori for like $1.99 a little while ago, and I really like having these games on the Wii U with offscreen playability.

EDIT: My bad, I jumped the gun a little. The poster I was replying to was talking about PC retail VS PC console...I might have caught the wrong impression or mixed up the post he was responding to with another one.



Goginho said:

@gravesmeister Exactly. I feel like there is a more than sufficient amount of games out there. So people complaining they have nothing to play, either are very, very picky and are therefore not satisfied with the library at hand, just want their company to be the boss amongst other companies, thus wish to have a dominatingly massive library of games (one which makes it nearly impossble to go through), or quite literally have a lot of free time and can plow through these games in an instant. I'm not the one to judge, so I don't really care. I personally like to take my time and enjoy the great games at hand. I'm even behind on many of the games I still want to play, even from previous consoles/generations, so I'm quite pleased with the pacing and the line-up Nintendo is offering.

All I can say is, be happy with what you got people, cause you got plenty from Nintendo, imo.. Developers are also humans, and they can't consistently pump out games for us non-stop. Sure, Nintendo are a highly reputable company that consist of professionals and consumers have high expectaions, but there are bound to be different phases like 'droughts', as well as moments of content inflation. If this seems like a drought to you, to me it's a moment of 'catching-up'. Catching up on games I've missed out on and what not, you know. But everybody's different, and I can respect that. It's just some of this whining/complaining from a lot of people I don't quite fully understand. Just be content with what we've got and are getting



Action51 said:

@dMo wrote:
"Can other systems really say they release 12 must own games a year?"


Winner for best comment that cuts through the hype and spells it out perfectly. We would all love more Triple A major retail releases on our favorite gaming consoles, but even with full third party support, you can't tell me there are 12 "must own" titles coming to PS4 or XB1 this year. Not titles of the quality we've seen from Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, or the Wonderful 101.

Sorry, this is just another gaming media double standard that's been hyped up and bought by gamers. Shame on us.



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 I was talking specifically about that list of ports. Like for example Tomb Raider free with graphics cards for most of last year and £3 fairly frequently direct from Square Enix. The next gen version is £40 and the Xbone one only runs at 30fps. (When they should have just used the old version so it could run properly). Those are the kind of compromises I am not interested in. There is also nothing that can be done about it you are stuck with it like that.



divinelite said:

@Blackleg_sanji thanks guys you are rock
Ps4 have game EVERY month even if it also released on ps3. We got Thief in Februari and second son on March

But yeah I know, as long as no Mario nintenboys will see no need for every great games ps4 have



Monkeh said:

Now confirming a release-date for Mario Kart 8 in April, Smash Bros. in May and Bayonetta 2 in June would've probably been fantastic for Wii-U sales, but you've got to give props to Nintendo for only releasing products when they're actually done.



AJ_Lethal said:

Seems like some people are missing the point of this article. Here's the tl;dr version for you guys

No, eShop titles won't drive sales, but it will keep current Wii U owners entretained between major releases. No, Nintendo won't have a steady flow of retail titles until 2015 or so, since their new plan is just getting started.



Mahemoth said:

Drought? I don't know, maybe people should buy the wonderful 101, it keeps the soil moist.



Goginho said:

@Action51 Yep, exactly. This drought may be bad if you look at it as a 'drought' ..lacking games or w/e. But if you look at it as a perfect opportunity to catch up on previously missed games, then there is no reason to whine/complain and what not. There are plenty games I've yet to play from past consoles and generations that I'm intending to catch up on, personally. I doubt the majority can even keep up with this pace Nintendo is offering us, as I can imagine many people end up with stacks of games waiting to be tackled, and yet they ask for more. I guess it's a psychological matter and people just want to see more, more, more to be able to say their company is dominant over others. I dunno, I'm not the one to judge



Blackleg_sanji said:

@divinelite yea i dont understand it im a hardcore ps fan as well as a nintendo fan but im not so blind as to write off a systems problems watch i can do it easily
No backwards compatability(working on it tho)
No mp3 support(working on it though)
No headphone support at launch(worked on as we speak)
All consoles have problems i just hate wen fans cant admit that the wiiU needs AAA titles they fix that a lil more and they will be great



Action51 said:

@divinelite said:
"Ps4 have game EVERY month even if it also released on ps3"

Try making that statement in regards to 3DS and Wii U, and the Sony defense force will cry foul faster then sonic being launched out of a hydraulic cannon.

Come on now. There are NOT twelve or more games of Mario Kart/DK:TF/Bayonetta2/Super Smash Bros. quality being released for either XB1 or PS4 this year...there just isn't.

All we've been hearing about for the past half a year is Titanfall and Infamous Second Son.



Farmboy74 said:

Nintendo cannot release AAA games every month as they do not have the amount of internal dev teams Sony has for example.
I read an article on 3DS buzz suggesting that Nintendo ditch the optical drive (as opposed to the gamepad) in the Wii U release a new download only version of the Wii U and follow the steam model on the Eshop.



SanderEvers said:

@Farmboy74 PspGo comes to mind, not a good way for Nintendo to go.

And besides, what does a BluRay drive really cost? 5-10 euro's if you're lucky.



Caryslan said:

Honestly, another drought is not going to make me want to get a Wii U, especially since I am still very bitter about how the Wii's last couple of years went down. At this point, just sticking with my 3DS and PS3 is the safer bet over the next few years.

All the Nintendo games that I want to play like Kirby, Yoshi's Island, Mario Golf, and even Smash 4 are all coming to the 3DS, giving me little to no reason to consider the Wii U this year. This is the reality for me, what is the point of buying a Wii U? The 3DS is getting more games than the Wii U.

And I can still catch up with most of the latest console games on my PS3.

I'm not a fan of Mario Kart, Smash 4 is coming to the 3DS, and all the other Nintendo games that I want to play are on the 3DS as well. What does the Wii U have to offer over the 3DS?

In the first half of the year alone, the 3DS is getting Yoshi's New Island, Mario Golf, Kirby, and several other top-tier games.

The Wii U is getting Mario Kart 8 and what else?

I love Nintendo's systems, but I'm not paying $249 to have droughts. Not when I can get more games on the 3DS. If I really want to play Nintendo games, I'm better off saving my money on a Wii U and supporting my 3DS instead.

Right now, the other two systems are not even the Wii U's biggest competitor. Its the 3DS which offers more Nintendo games for a far cheaper cost. If you really want to play Nintendo style games, just get a 3DS. It offers more than the Wii U and is much cheaper.

Why can't Nintendo get this? Why are they not offering games that can't be done on the 3DS? Back during the N64 days, the N64 offered games you could not get on a Game Boy Color. Now, it just seems like the 3DS is the better deal anyway you look at it.

Lets see, better third-party support, more games coming to it and a cheaper cost, what does the Wii U have to offer over the 3DS?

Nintendo's own portable is beating its newest home console in every area where it matters! I don't think I have ever seen this before! Every previous Nintendo handheld, as good as they were, still often lost to the cocurrent home console. The Wii could do things the Wii DS could not, and the Gamecube had games that were impossible on the GBA! Now, the Wii U just comes off as pointless against the 3DS.
About the only thing it has are HD games. Otherwise, I don't see a massive jump over what the 3DS is capable of.

Until Nintendo gets that, I don't think things will change. If you want to play Nintendo titles, the 3DS is simply the better option right now. And it looks like nothing will change that opinion anytime soon.

I don't think I'm the only one who has that thought process.



GuSolarFlare said:

such a Software Drought is really Suspicious... they have the people and they have the ideas there's nothing stopping Nintendo from having a ton of software coming unless they have something REAAAAAAAALY HUGE in the makingssomething so big and mind blowing that makes almost all else a secondary priority.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Action51 the same can be said about mario kart 8 and super smash bros tho dont you think? Thats all i hear about.

Dying light
Infamous second son
The crew
The withcher 3
Dragon age inquisition
Drive club
Mlb the show 14
Inevitable 2014 call of duty
Inevitable 2k15,madden 15
Planetside 2
Come on you guys



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Caryslan i still dont get why smash bros is on 3ds they kind of shot themselves in the foot plus no cross play!!? Its like they know it wont sell well on WiiU which i hope it sells really well, we need it to



electrolite77 said:

As sure as night follows day,Nintendo say 'no drought this time. We really mean it.' Inevitably drought follows. They've really dropped the ball with the Wii U and I doubt I'm alone in being a long term Nintendo fan who's getting seriously disillusioned with them



BossBattles said:

When did gamers get so hateful over what is a HOBBY for most....
LOL...many of you FAIL at enjoying life.



Action51 said:

@Blackleg_sanji LOL really? Really?

I said of the QUALITY of the Triple A Nintendo titles, let's look at your list:

1) Call of Duty - nope, annualized crap (Nintendo may still get it too)
2) Madden - nope, underwhelming annualized crap
3) Planetside 2 - mediocre Free to Play that's been on PC for a while now
4) Watchdogs - Delayed, but coming to Wii U also

I think you could make an argument for some of the multiplatform games, like Witcher 3, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'll probably get those on Steam (I bought The Witcher 2 on holiday sale, still have it in my backlog)

Really, when it comes down to it, that's a decent list...provided they don't release buggy and they actually release in 2014. Still not 12 titles of Nintendo first party quality by a longshot.



Senario said:

Don't care, there is quality games and that is the most important thing. Somehow people got it into their head that quantity is better than quality. Even when loads of people have a backlog of games they haven't finished. Makes no sense to me. During those times you can go finish all those older games. I am finishing punch out wii and Pandora's tower.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Personally, I feel they're making a mess of their virtual console for both 3DS and WiiU. I'm surprised they're moving so quickly on bringing GBA games to WiiU when those are still not available on 3DS unless you're an ambassador.

It seems like their spreading themselves thin while trying to go in all directions. Hopefully something starts drumming up support for the console other than the 3 or 4 physical releases they've shown off.



SanderEvers said:

@Blackleg_sanji You have replies 13 times to this thread, saying that the PS4 is the best console to ever grace the Earth. Why are you even on this site if you're such a PS fanboy?



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Action51 whether u like it or not call of duty will succeed. Madden and 2k as well. As far as quality goes yes nintendo is the best sometimes not all the time but overall yes no one can deny that ,BUT look how long its taking look how its affecting them i love their games the most but i think we can end this dispute right here and i believe we both can agree and say they need more teams right?



unrandomsam said:

@Blackleg_sanji Why should something ported on every platform sell for the same price as something which is high quality and optimised for one hardware platform. (Making it completely not portable but of great quality). Once stuff goes multiplatform like happens these days then it loses any benefits at all of being on a console. (Wasn't always like that either).



FilmerNgameR said:

These following months won't be a drought for me b/c I have a huge list of Wii games(I never owned a Wii) that I want to buy to play on my new Wii U like all the Sonic exclusives, the Wii Zeldas, and the 2 Mario Galaxy games! I also have my 3DS to play Pokemon X and Project X Zone!



Blackleg_sanji said:

@SanderEvers umm did i? I clearly have a post saying the ps4s problems dont i since you counted my posts, and im on this site because i love nintendo as much as sony why cant i like both



IronMan28 said:

" Nintendo is overseeing an opening period to 2014 that is awfully familiar, perhaps even quieter than the equivalent of 2013."
If you only play "Triple A" games, yes. If you're open-minded and play Indies, you're pretty good on Wii U for the next few months. There are Indie games coming from March to May that look good, and I'm sure there are a lot beyond that. For me, the next few months as a Wii U owner will be great, especially since I have a ton of games I haven't been able to finish anyway.



manwithoutfear said:

I really don't care about the drought! Buying a Wii U late last year means I've only played a few games. After DK I'll see it as an opportunity to play games such as Pikmin, Wonderful 101 and more !



Blackleg_sanji said:

@unrandomsam i cant argue with that i agree with you sir/madam. At the end of the day i love nintendo games just like you guys i just want them to pick up the pace a little



Action51 said:

@Blackleg_sanji "whether u like it or not call of duty will succeed"

Now we're changing the subject? Moving the goalposts?

No, I was talking about games of Nintendo first party quality being released, now you're switching to sales and popularity. Why not bring up Angry Birds if you're gonna go that direction?

It's okay man, PS4 has some good games releasing for it...they just don't have a Nintendo first party release quality game every month coming out.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Action51 that statement wasnt about sales at all i actually dont like cod so i was making a point but i do have to disagree i believe both consoles have great quality games coming whether their ported indies or AAA titles



SanderEvers said:

@Blackleg_sanji You can, if you actually act like it. You dismiss major issues of the PS4 like they're nothing.

Sure, the Wii U lacks some games that have a budget of over 200 million per game, that will hold your hand during the entire gameplay (which is 10 minutes between cutscenes of 30 minutes), is too short and you KNOW that next year you'll have to pay the same price for the same game with just different colours.

Whilest you can just put a Wii disc in the Wii U and play the Wii game. YOU CANNOT EVER DO THAT ON ANY PS4!



Action51 said:

@FilmerNgameR I have some suggestions for you if you go scouting for used or hidden gems in the Wii back catalog:

  • Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
  • ExiteTruck and/or Excitebots: Trick Racing
  • No More Heroes 1 and 2
  • Arc Rise Fantasia
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Original Lego Batman
  • Okami
  • Punch Out!
  • Metal Slug Anthology

If you like Pokemon style games, try a hidden gem called "Spectrobes: Origins" as well.



Action51 said:


Sorry, but you cannot compare a 4 hour campaign + multiplayer maps running on the same engine for 7 years Call of Duty Annual Installment to a game like Mario Kart 8 or Bayonetta 2...

We gotta have standards.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@SanderEvers and thats fine thats why i love the wiiU but my main purpose of buying it wasnt to play wiiU games the same reason im not supporting playstation now, i didnt buy a new console to play old games. Both consoles have potential both consoles have problems only reason i believe ps4 is ahead its simple..multiplatforms does it matter to me no but to alot of others yes it does. Both are lacking in exclusives honestly want to know how i can tell the highest selling game on ps4 was tomb raider -_- thats bad,



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Action51 wait what game are you talking about cod or something else? Now Mario kart i agree with i cant say for bayonetta because i haven't played the first so i wouldn't kno



Emblem said:

I don't see why we have to have an article like this every week other that the fact that it serves as click bait revenue and a "I think i know it all" battlefield.

The fans boys on all sides fight it out, 2-3 posters make a comment that actually makes sense but is drowned out by the nonsense, made up stats and armchair general bulldoggieoopsiepoopiepoodle everyone is is spewing and nothing is resolved, since all words here are meaningless, then we wait until next week for a similarly worded article to do it again.




SanderEvers said:

The best game on the Wii U is Super Mario 3D World. And acutally, that's good.

(Which I finished in a game session of over 20 hours, yes, I couldn't stop playing it)



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Grumblevolcano titanfall is going to annihilate those sells the hype for that game for xbox owners is enormous shoot i wish i could play it but as of right now my WiiU and ps4 will have to do



electrolite77 said:

Why are people suddenly expecting 12 Triple A games on every Console? Nintendo don't and won't manage 12 Triple A games in a year so why should other Console manufacturers?



sub12 said:

It's a drought, no denying that,..and no, indie games (with the exception of a very few) are not the same, Reggie lied. Either buy a PS4 or a 3DS XL to fill in the gaps.



figureguy said:

Just a couple of months ago myself, I was plenty worried about the release schedule for retail games. Now, not so much. Here's a list of what I am getting for retail releases this year:

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 2
Lego The Hobbit
Sonic Boom
The new Transformers Title
Yarn Yoshi (fingers crossed)
Hyrule Warriors (crossing different fingers)

This is besides what might be announced at E3. If just the eight manage to come out this year, factoring in eshop titles, that is MORE than enough gaming for me. Even if they show up in bunches I can still spread them out.
On the other hand, I look at last fall as a negative time. According to my Wii U log, I put 32 hours in September, 46 in October, and 36 in November. But then I had played everything I had backlogged. There was nothing appealing to me in December or January and I was only on both months for an average of one hour, mostly for the browser while the rest of the family was on the PC. So far I haven't had anything to play this month, so DKTF is looking good to me.

I purchased my system on launch day and have never been unhappy with it, just disappointed at times. At this point, though, this year doesn't look dire overall just sparse at times.



Mario90125 said:

Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World didn't save the Wii U, unfortunately. Bayonetta 2 will mostly get mixed reviews like The Wonderful 101. As for the idea of GBA games on the Wii U VC, i don't know why, but i hate that idea.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@sub12 i mean i dont really think reggie lied he most likely meant all these indies which is good to fill voids but the voids are a little to big



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 Metal Slug Anthology is not good. The Jap version is a bit better (Classic Controller) but playing it in Free Play mode is pointless. (PAL version is only 50hz which is really bad. At least the VC ones can be forced into 60hz and work pretty well on MVS difficulty other than Metal Slug X).

For Metal Slug 3 the original Xbox version is the best version there is. (And it is absolutely dirt cheap also).



shigulicious said:

This is why Nintendo is great as a secondary console. The exclusives are the best in the biz, but too few titles. But the eshop looks like its loading up some more great titles. Give me Shovel Knight!



JonnyKong said:

There's lot of comments to read here so I don't know if it has been mentioned already, but surely I can't be the only one who thinks the 3DS drought is just as bad?

We had Zelda in November, then nothing for four months until Yoshi in March, then nothing again in April until Kirby and Golf in May. A game out in February and then April would have been nice. Nevermind, it's not all important.



Maelstrom said:

The unfortunate thing is nintendo said the main games to drive sales were MK8 and SSB, so there probably won't be any extra surprises coming this year at E3



unrandomsam said:

@JonnyKong I think it is just as bad yes. The using GBA to try and get people to get a Wii U is annoying. (Even if you could only buy it from one but play it on the 3DS that would annoy me less). GBA games last a reasonable amount of time.



VeeFlamesNL said:

For me, I don't really care about the drought. SO SO SOOOOOO MANY GAMES I need to play, not only on Wii U, not only on 3DS, even not only on Wii, but the GameCube, too.



Klimbatize said:

Should have courted third parties from the get go. Should have included the heavy hitters in on the development, and received their input. Should have made it match the power of the other consoles so they would get viable ports. Should have respected third parties more.

Man, I love Nintendo, more than any other VG company...but WTF?



JonnyKong said:


You say that, but is the new Yoshi game really enough to get people excited? It hasn't really been getting very positive praise across previews as it does look rather similar to its predecessor. Imagine if we didn't have that, we'd have Zelda in November and then nothing for 6 months until May. Personally for me 1 game in 5 months isn't great, and that's what we're getting with the Wii U too.

On both consoles right now Nintendo really needs to up their game for the release schedule in the first half of the year.



figureguy said:


In Mario Golf there is a level from, at least seems to be inspired by, Yarn Yoshi so I am being hopeful. It was shown in screenshots. Also, with the low sales it would be nice if Nintendo extended the Deluxe Digital Promotion for the eshop.



Action51 said:


Metal Slug Anthology is Metal Slug 1-6 plus X and you can find it for about $7-$12 US dollars in game shops and probably less on Amazon. It's a physical disc.

It's a faithful port of all the arcade games, and it's tons of single or two player fun.

I haven't heard of any "free mode" ...Not sure you're talking about the same thing I'm talking about.

I've seen Commando: Steel Disaster, I'll have to look into that and try and find a copy or DL it.



WingedSnagret said:

To those who say, "Just buy indie games," keep in mind that not everybody has tons of money to throw at every game that catches their eye. Most of the time there is only enough cash to buy one or two at a time, and it's safer to get a title that is familiar rather then one that you're not positively sure you'll enjoy.

I'm not saying don't buy indie games period, just explaining why some aren't interested in them.



Phil_Kavadias said:

This is why owning one console isn't enough. Sony and Microsoft's consoles also suffer from draughts, but of quality software. Quantity is no replacement for quality. In order to ensure steady access to great games, a gamer really does need a Nintendo console and one of the other two.



JonnyKong said:

Too true Phil, which is why I'll be hopefully getting a PS4 soon.

I'd quite like a Vita too, but I'm not made of money, unfortunately.



faint said:

@divinelite Um I play a heck of a lot more than mario. The only ps4 game I'm interested in as of now is resogun which is download only correct. Most gamers (not me) seem to think this doesn't count. Just look at this comment section. Just like the wii u launch most of the slated ps4 games are just rereleases with a few improvements. You can't deny this. They also have titles that are being delayed. I doubt mario only players spend much time in this forum btw. Know your audience.



Senario said:

@Klimbatize Misconception, third parties wouldn't have developed for it regardless of power and ease of development. Look at the gamecube.



MrGawain said:

I find it bizarre Reggie and Iwata would make such claims abut no droughts. Admittedly the may have just lied to sell consoles, but I would think Ninendo would know that only hurts them in the long run. If you count tgat scenario out, that suggests that either: A. something got delayed which screwed their calendar up, or B. They have something to sell between DK and MK, but don't want to announce it until DK is out so it doesn't hurt its sales.

If they went and announced something like Bayonetta for early April in the nxt direct, it would go a long way to appeasing people. Like me.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Okay, what are you expecting? Nintendo can't just shake retail games outta their pockets. Those take a big amount of time to develop. So you can't expect them to end the drought out of nowhere. As it stands now, Nintendo should provide the big stuff themselves and use good indie games as advertisement (as in, outside of Nintendo's website).
3rd party support won't happen anymore until the WiiU is showing some shining examples, but to be honest, 3rd parties mostly turned out to be worthless, anyway.
Instead of trying to convince them, Nintendo should ignore them and focus on 1st/2nd party support and indie games. Except for Watch_Dogs (which was optimized on each respective platform, so kudos to that), none of those multiplatform titles are worth the trouble of showing what the WiiU is capable of, so Nintendo shouldn't even bother. Let them get back if they want to, but stop begging for their games - nothing pushes their egos more than begging crowds.



Doma said:

@Caryslan "..Just sticking with my 3DS and PS3 is the safer bet over the next few years."

Yeah, PS3/3DS/Vita are the systems getting most usage from me atm. But i do intend to jump in with the PS4 once it has a couple of worthwhile exclusives/next-gen multiplats (and has its media capabilities fixed), which should happen by the year's end.

I feel the same way about the WiiU as you – It's just not worth buying if you own a 3DS.

@Action51 #81

I think you meant 'double' standards. MK8 is indeed comparable to the likes of CoD, in terms of content and changes between entries. The fact MK7 wasn't released that long ago, is the main reason i couldn't care less about MK8.



FireHorsePrime said:

Lately I can't help feeling that Nintendo has been positioning themselves as a subordinate in a market they have reluctantly dominated for almost 30 years. Taking a back seat with unexpected technological offerings such as the cartridge format for N64 (when optical was feasible and would have yielded greater games and knocked Sony out of the ballpark), but they seem to invariably nurture the competition by taking conservative strides in the hardware wars. Could it be because their friends and neighbors work for the competition? Keeping it friendly isn't really progressive, but I suppose it is what it is, but this time it's failing to work in their favor. With all the virtual console offerings I'm tempted to call the Wii U - "Wii U Turn". Meanwhile the PS4 is looking more and more attractive. By September when "Destiny" arrives, if there isn't anything equally amazing on the Wii U for me, I may start to budget for other platforms. Right after I finish Metroid Fusion.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I've moved on from Nintendo. I never thought I would say that, but it is obvious to anyone with even a small degree objectivity that Nintendo is in over their heads. This is the third console out of their last four that didn't have enough third party support.

". . .so release gaps widen like they wouldn't necessarily do so in past generations." I am not trying to be disrespectful, but this is simply not true. Droughts like this were common in the N64 era and in the Wii era, with the Gamecube being the only system that seemed to have a steady flow of releases. I love what Nintendo has done for the industry, but they simply cannot adapt to the modern landscape with their current strategy. If Nintendo cannot adapt then I see them dying a slow and painful death from here on out.



Senario said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 or you know, you could continue playing their games if you enjoy them. Instead of abandoning ship because of what other people say. But I suppose that is way too reasonable.



GreatPlayer said:

As a non-Nintendo game fans, I found the drought affecting me even more seriously. I have owned every Wii U game that I like to have (W101, Sonic Transformed, Just Dance 4, etc). I did not buy Mario 3D World (I know you are thinking what's wrong with me, but the game is too easy to my taste). If I do not buy the upcoming Donkey Kong, I will not have played my Wii U (except Wii Fit U for daily fitness purpose) since the release of Sonic Lost World. Often people assume that Wii U gamers will like to play every of these upcoming major release. What I really want to say is that if you happen to dislike one or more of these new games produced by Nintendo or its affiliates, you can have no games to play for months.

If you are thinking why buying a Wii U if you are not a Nintendo fan, I will point out that Wii U is NOT SUPPOSED to be purchased only by Nintendo fans, does it? I don't think it was the intention of Nintendo to create a console enjoyed by their fans only. But the problem is that, if you are not their fans, the game drought will affect you even worse.



TheRealThanos said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 If by slow you mean so slow that people of my (or your) age won't live to tell it, then you may have a point, but otherwise (although I can truly understand the sentiment and your irritation) you'd be wrong. With all due respect: the Nintendo is doomed story has been refuted so many times now already, AND with next to irrefutable data, that I'm honestly surprised that people still keep bringing that up.
Reggie does need to stop BS-ing us and they need to REALLY get off their butts and do more than they have now led us to believe they are going to, otherwise the Wii U might well be lost, but not Nintendo itself.



Caryslan said:

I wonder if Nintendo would be better served getting out of the home console business, and focusing their efforts on Handhelds. Its almost night and day when you compare the two product lines.

With the handheld market, Nintendo is the king of the pack and the one who often sets the standards of what makes a successful handheld. Their games are perfect on handhelds, they have pretty good third-party support, and their handhelds all have no trouble printing money. Not to mention, they are in a market where Sony can't get a foothold, and Microsoft has zero intrest in joning in. Outside of mobile gaming, Nintendo is virtually unchallenged in the handheld market.

With the home console business, its the reverse. Nintendo is just another contender for a slice of the pie, their consoles while innovative, still miss key features that have been other other platforms for years, they have trouble getting third-party support, and while their games are good, there are fewer new games than on the handheld consoles.

In many ways, Nintendo's issues are the same as Sony's, just reversed. Sony has a strong home console business, but a poor handheld business, while Nintendo has a strong Handheld Business, but a weak home console business.

I want to ask everyone a question. Do you think Nintendo would be well-served getting out of the home console business and focusing only on handhelds? Do you think it will help Nintendo out?

I'm just curious.

For my opinion on the subject, I think it could go either way. But there is one thing, Nintendo's handhelds have been their strongest product line for almost 20 years. They could survive on handhelds alone if they had to.



jrob23 said:

I sold my Wii U a couple of days ago. Since I had so many wii games to catch up on I just bought a backwards compatible wii (gamecube) so I could play Mario Sunshine, etc. The only game I will be missing out on is DKTF but I am playing DKCR first anyway. The way I saw it, I got close to what I paid for it, played some amazing games, but the drought is ridiculous. I will get a Wii U again when it drops sub $199. My Wii backlog includes DKCR, SMG2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Smash Bros. (have never played a Smash game before), NSMB, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, deBlob, Red Steel 2.

As you can see, that is a lot of quality to play through so I will be busy, plus I have a big backlog of 3DS games to get through too. I know I could have played the wii games on Wii U but I just couldn't pass up selling my bundle for $350. I can use that to get a PS4 when it gets better games.

Nintendo really dropped the ball and I can't see them being able to right the ship. This last Direct was their opportunity. With PS4 dropping in Japan and PS4 and Xbone about to come out with a huge amount/variety of games this year, the Wii U will be lost in the shuffle. I expect Nintendo is already working on their next system that will be what they teased...a gamepad type 3ds that you will be able to use with your TV. I think they might be done with stand alone consoles. They got lucky with the wii but haven't been able to really hang since SNES



turnmebackwards said:

Been the same since the Wii U came out lack of games coming out all year round. Poor 3rd party support & most 3rd party games I've found to be buggy or freeze on the Wii U not as bad as it was since most got patched but still a problem.

When I brought the Wii U in launch window I was happy with Mario U & ZombiU brought odds & ends of 3rd party games which not too bad then this drought happened. Everyone was like games are coming but not until Mario 3D in November anything groundbreaking came out on the Wii U.

Now the wait again until Donkey Kong I've played some 3rd party since I was done with Mario 3D by December I've put near 30 hours into it.
I'm guessing Donkey Kong will be a 10 or 20 hour game maybe bit longer if your die hard & collect everything. I plan on playing all day Friday & all weekend so I'll be done fast then I'm dead in the water with the Wii U until May when Mario Kart comes out which is pretty much June. I have a PS3 which I plan on getting Sniper Elite 3 for in March so that will feel a bit of the gap. I played Sniper Elite 2 on Wii U reason for wanting 3 but not released on Wii U & other consoles will get the full game unlike Sniper Elite 2 was on Wii U.

After Mario Kart which depends how good online is depends how long it will last me I'm unsure what I'll be playing next on the Wii U. Bayonetta I only want to play if they release the first game with it or DLC or something other wise I'll give it a miss. I'm not a Smash Bros fan so unless we get a Star Fox game this year or Hyrule Warriors comes out soon or a new Mario game or Gamecube games remade in HD I'm going to be a sad Wii U owner.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

@TherealThanos Reread my comment. I didn't say they were doomed. I am saying that their current strategy is dead in the water and in order for them to stay relevant in the eyes of console gamers things need to change. That means that there is a chance they can turn things around if they adapt. But I will not give this company any more of my money until they change. I honestly believe that singing their praises and living in denial not only hurts us and Nintendo, but the entire video game industry. I will not give Microsoft or Sony my money anymore either. Paying to play online is an affront to my sense of decency. I'm strictly PC this gen. I take that back. I might buy a ps4, but I will not take it online.



GreatPlayer said:

I really wonder if it is a HD thing that screws Nintendo up. It takes them soooooo long to develop a game. I personally don't quite need the full HD graphics, if the game is really good.



Einherjar said:

@Emblem Ohh...youre not supposed to say that ! There is no other entertainement products other than the WiiU at the moment. Nintendo must be so efficient that you wont need any other device !
Seriously though, youre absolutely right. The 3DS is flourishing like ever, the WiiUs future looks promising and the support for the PS3 / 360 havent ceesed at all. There is plenty of stuff to enjoy all across the board.
If the situation would really be so grim as people make it out to be, nintendo would have already stopped console productions to cut costs. Why produce a system no one buys ? So it can obviously not be that dark.
But like i said, i dont care. All that doom and gloom around here is ridiculous. Just enjoy the games that are out and comming. Like i said, i have plenty of stuff that needs to be finished and i have no idea where people get the time from to play more and more and even more games.



bizcuthammer said:

Anyone other than me notice that Nintendo has this awful pattern of saying 'this is what went wrong, and we wont let it happen again,' yet they end up letting it happen again. The Reggie quote above is a perfect example of the lies they've been spitting out the last few years about learning from mistakes.

They didnt learn from the 3DS launch because they made the same/more mistakes with WiiU. They didnt learn from the WiiU's terrible 2013, cause it looks like 2014 could be worse. Yet Reggie sits up and says the games are gonna come at a quicker pace? Really? 2 games in 6 months is worse than it was last year. Absolutely unacceptable.



TheRealThanos said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 I'll reread yours if you'll reread mine. I'm not singing their praises and living in denial, I noted part of my concerns/criticisms in my previous comment. In short, we are mostly in agreement. Although I would appreciate a bit more explanation from you on what "Nintendo dying a slow death" stands for if not meaning that they are doomed/finished.



umegames said:


you're right. Sadly i was once that kind of gamer, but after trying toki tori and giana sisters, mixed with the disappointments from 3rd party games, I'm all aboard the Indie train, and I'm ready to spend my eshop money on any quality game, because truth be told, the indies are the future of gaming, not the major companies.



AJWolfTill said:

I've still yet to pick up
Lego City Undercover
Mario 3D World
Wonderful 101
Assassin's Creed 4
Batman Arkham Origins
Lego Marvel Super Heroes
and Earthbound on the VC.
As a result I'm not at a loss for new games on the Wii U but it is impossible to deny that there is a big problem here. At the very least Nintendo shoud be rolling out some great stuff on the Virtual Console NOW, rather than in the middle of the year when everything is starting to come together.
The message Nintendo is sending is that they are happy to neglect their current user base in order to wait for the next financial year and wait for Mario Kart to be ready before they put any effort into turning the current situation around.
I hope one of the Oddworld Games comes out soon as they are now the exciting thing in the first half of the year for me!



MrPKDolphin said:

As someone who bought the Wii U at launch I have been pretty depressed about the Wii U, mostly because we were promised 3rd party support and now it is almost completely gone. The successor to the Wii U needs to come at the end of the Ps4 and xbox one life cycles, it needs to be on par with the ps5 and the next xbox so third parties will support it, and finally it needs to be backwards compatible Wii U and if it is backwards compatible with the Wii U it has not excuse to not be compatible with Wii games as well.



kuribo4 said:

@divinelite The PS4 doesn't have anything in 2014. It will be a great must own console, but not this year.
The Mario argument is getting old.
But yeah, 3D World is betterthan anything on the PS4. 300 times better.



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 On the VC ones you get 5 credits per level which is a reasonable challenge. The Anthology is free play mode so it is unlimited credits. The emulation is not as good either (Music and sound being the most noticeable) . Depends how much you like it whether it is worth it I suppose. (I would have probably spent less just getting the MVS carts for the first / X and the original Xbox version of 3). 6 is ported not emulated which is why it is quite good. (If there was any sort of credit limit it would be better).



Blackleg_sanji said:

Man if the WiiU had the same specs as the ps4 and xbox one it would be killing both of those consoles right now



madness said:

Nintendo need start employing some the great indie guy as 2nd party.
buy sega/ capcon. ect ect. time stick a rocket up the wii u donkey.
min of 10vc games a week for start, just keep the indie work up. and tale the 3nd party to do one.. indie and inhouse all the way.

Please watch the profanity — TBD



DualWielding said:


Those two are incompatible, If Nintendo wants third party support they would need to change to the X86 architecture and sacrifice backwards compatibility, that's what Sony and MIcrosoft did they would have liked to have backwards compatibility but developers wanted consoles to be all X86 so it would be cheaper to do mulltiplat games....... if one of the two had chosen backwards compatibiilty over x86 they would be in trouble right now



GunstarHero234 said:

@Blackleg_sanji When Action51 said PlanetSide 2 is "mediocre" he lost FULL credibility to all his comments sigh this is facts that they know full damn well the Wii U hardly have any games and is going to have a huge drought this year. I hardly play mine over my damn Dreamcast and PS4 because I have more and better titles to play. So these contradicting comments are nothing but hot air and damage control.



Boxmonkey said:

Wii u was and is (so far) the worst purchase I have ever made! Day one I bought this console just to be let down constantly by nintendo! Never again, some won't like hearing this on a fan site but many many nintendo fans have said enough is enough.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

@TheRealThanos Watching the Xbox One and the PS4 outsell Wii U this gen is going to be a slow and agonizing thing to witness. Nintendo started this gen with 14 billion in unencumbered cash. They are down to around 8 billion according to an article I read on this website recently. Now I don't pretend to understand all of the business aspects of a company, but I think it is safe to assume that Nintendo does not want to be in the position they are in now. The Gamecube was the least successful system Nintendo has ever produced (minus the virtual boy) and Wii U is trailing Gamecube in sales during the same time period. Now no one panicked back then because Nintendo was making a profit. We cannot say that today can we? Nintendo just had another operating loss. So unless something changes I really do not see how anyone could not be concerned about Nintendo's viability as a competitor in the home console market. Now the handheld market is a different story, so maybe I should have made that clear, but as a whole, the company is losing money. After Nintendo's latest briefing it seems painfully obvious that Nintendo does not have an answer. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but again, unless something changes I stand by my previous statement. Oh, and that bit about singing the praises was not directed at you and I apologize for not making that clear. That was directed at the people who keep saying everything is okay. Everything is as far from okay as it can be at this point. Thank you for your response.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@GunstarHero234 i didnt even see that part i would have been mad!!! I dont understand it i love wiiU but to say the other systems dont have games coming in 2014 is stupid i have a looooong list of both indies and AAA



DreamOn said:

It's in now absolutely confirmed to me how much Nintendo overestimated larger third party support.
With the sprinkling of first party retail hits last year and now this year and likely for the rest of the wii u's life cycle in some fashion and degree, it has to be the case that they had hoped the wii u would tap into the HD multi platform industry. But it has not. Not in any life affirming way at least.



Boxmonkey said:

@MrPKDolphin the replacement for the wii u can't be on 5-6 years time, it needs to be in two years max! If nintendo wait another 5 years to release a follow up the brand will be nearly dead.



AdanVC said:

To be fair even PS4 and Xbone have no major releases this six months of the year other than inFAMOUS: Second Son on PS4 and Titanfall on Xbone that is not even an exclusive since it's going to be on PC and 360 as well. Same of the same, guns, FPS's, generic looking characters, lot's of cutscenes, etc. Nintendo at least would have TWO big exclusive titles this first 6 months: DKC: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8, then a week later after MK8's release, THE DAMN E3 when the all-mighty Zelda U would be revealed. Let's enjoy what we have now and what iit's coming soon, in this case, DKC: Tropical Freeze! Just 5 more dayssssssssss.

Edit: You know what I think? I think Xbone is going to be in a very difficult position soon. It's selling less than expected and that's just because how expensive is thanks to that damn Kinect and it's multimedia-television focused features that most gamers don't care about. It's slightly less powerful than PS4 and that is a huge deal-breaker for most people nowadays and it doesn't have any other big exclusives coming other than Halo... and Halo stopped being cool since Halo 3 back in 2007 so...... Not everything is "Nintendo is doomed"



turnmebackwards said:

@kuribo4 Haha not true -

PS4 all confirmed with release dates -

inFAMOUS: Second Son
Dying Light
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros
Star Wars: Battlefront
The Elder Scrolls Online
Final Fantasy XV
Watch Dogs
The Crew
Mirror's Edge 2
Tom Clancy's: The Division
Rayman Legends
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
LEGO: Hobbit
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
The Order 1886
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Mad Max
Alien: Isolation
Diablo 3
Kingdom Hearts 3
Trials Fusion
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Compared to Wii U -

Mario Kart 8
LEGO The Hobbit
Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures HD
Phineas and Ferb : Quest for Cool Stuff
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
The LEGO Movie (Just released)
Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Just released)

Nothing else confirmed for the Wii U Watchdogs has no released date & has been delayed on Wii U could be canceled. No update on Project cars & Nintendo's last direct which is the prime topic on the comment section confirmed only Donkey Kong & Mario Kart on Wii U so it's not good at all.



MikeLove said:

No need to panic people. AE will be releasing Mad Men Football very soon, and that will move a lot of systems.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Blackleg_sanji Dude it's jealously come on now you know what games are coming because you have more than one console and you respect what you play and enjoy which a realist suppose to do unlike being a blind inept fanboy that hate almost everything that isn't a Nintendo brand on the box so don't argue with them because you wont win them over.

So I tip my hat to you and I hope you enjoy your systems and games like I would.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

@Blackleg_sanji This
I really wish Nintendo would buy a western development studio to produce RPG's to compete with the Witchers, Skyrims and Kingdoms of Amalurs. Skyrim whether you love or hate it is massively popular. If only Nintendo would make an open world Zelda. Open world games are a huge craze along with games like Minecraft. Skyrim with mods is absolutely wonderful. An open world Zelda with mods would be the greatest game ever made.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

The drought is across all platforms. At least Nintendo has Donkey Kong, Bravely Default and Kirby to tide us over a bit. As far as I can see Sony only has a Final Fantasy X remake for Vita that catches my interest until Uncharted 4 or Phantom Pain comes out. How is that better? And XBone isn't worthy of a mention. Nothing about that console is attractive gaming wise as of now...

Edit:I forgot about Kingdom Hearts 3. Sill useless until 2016 most likely lol



MrPKDolphin said:

As someone who bought the Wii U at launch I have been pretty depressed about the Wii U, mostly because we were promised 3rd party support and now it is almost completely gone. The successor to the Wii U needs to come at the end of the Ps4 and xbox one life cycles, it needs to be on par with the ps5 and the next xbox so third parties will support it, and finally it needs to be backwards compatible Wii U and if it is backwards compatible with the Wii U it has not excuse to not be compatible with Wii games as well.



GunstarHero234 said:

@turnmebackwards Checkmate........thank you they are like a broken record aren't they lol they have nothing to pit against the onslaught of titles on the other consoles but MK8 and Smash also DKTF and using the usual jealously hate on these AAA titles that isn't coming to the Wii U sad isn't it and also I like Nintendo too but come on now how inept are these people?

And sorry I erased it just your comment is a surefire fact lol.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Doctor_Pancakes again its just bias all consoles have plenty of games coming wiiU just doesnt have multiplatforms to fill voids
Infamous second son-ps4



MrPKDolphin said:

@Boxmonkey I think that really depends on e3 this year. Licensing out franchises could save the system. If e3 is disappointing this year I could see a console being at e3 2015 or atleast in the process of being developed. If Nintendo has taught me anything don't count them out, e3 2010 was a good reminder of that. However, I still think Nintendo has loss touch with their fanbase and average gamers in general. :/



MasterWario said:

Geez, I don't even know what to say except...this is sad, and I'm referring to the comments, not the article.



3Daniel said:

While Nintendo isnt doing the Wii U any favors, theyve completely lost a customer in their next console. Drought after drought. I bought the Wii U to play games. And I use it mainly for youtube. I will no longer purchase another Nintendo console until well into its lifespan so Ill have a decent selection of titles to play. My wallet is literally begging to spend on something other then another 2dpost platformer or lego title lol



brandonbwii said:

I'm mostly saddened from the lack of Ubisoft support more than other 3rd parties. They've always leveraged creativity in the various platforms. Now there's only Child of Light (which does look pretty awesome).



Klimbatize said:

@JohnRedcorn I'm thinking about creating ibehard games. All I need is a blog, Microsoft Paint, some cut/pasted comments from online forums, and the ability to send out a press release. This will get me a lot of exposure from legit websites, and support from thousands. Want to help?

I guess we'll need programmers and some dev kits eventually, but meh, obviously you don't need that stuff to be considered a video game company. Blind adoration and unwarranted attention will work just fine for me for now.



Tritonus said:

Am I one of the only ones here who still have TONS of games to play?

There are still so many games that came out in 2013 that I want to play that makes me not worry about 2014 at all...

The games coming out in 2014 should keep me more than busy... Kart and Smash are going to have so much replay value that I doubt they will leave me wanting for much else, and DKCTP, Beyonetta 2, X and Watch_Dogs will be more than enough for once I even start playing titles that I've yet to play: W101, WWHD, Deus Ex, Sonic Lost World, ACIV... and many more in my backlog I've yet to finish... SM3DW, Rayman, Luigi U, Splinter Cell, Pikmin DLC...

There are so many great games out - I for one have difficulty understanding how people can talk about a drought...



element187 said:

@Action51 it's personal preference. Some people rather play 100 mediocre "triple a" games on playstation and xBone. I play those boring titles on my PC. Nintendo consoles tend to have much better games, granted not very many games in all, but that's ok, I only buy consoles for exclusives. A and playstation and xBone exclusives are pretty boring from what I've played so far



TheRealThanos said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 thanks for the elaboration. I can tell you this: I do look into financials; as a b2b sales & marketing professional that is part of my job when scouting for potential new customers. The info you gave can be labeled as true: the numbers aren't that far off. However, in business things like that aren't always that black and white. Say that you have $1000 in your wallet and $40.000 in the bank, but well over half of that is locked due to down payments, loans and a mortgage, so you would have access to around another $16.000 of that, then for you that would be very clear: you can spend $17.000. In a business like Nintendo's there's assets, stock, debits/credits, brand value, IP's and so on and that is besides the money that is readily available, and of course as months go on, numbers change once again.
Anyways, Nintendo isn't in the clear for some time to come, but the damage is more or less manageable.
Here's the low down:
So a loss ($15.3 million) even in the face of a minor profit ($98.7 million) but by no means enormously worrying. The mentioned/projected operating loss is due to investments made by regrouping their departments in the new building and the shares buy back and as stated in this article, the loss will be around $335 million.
But Nintendo, compared to it's competitors, has the good fortune of being a single focus company while the other two have to keep multiple departments afloat.
So if we look at it with a black and white view, just for the sake of argument, then both Microsoft and Sony have more capital, yet Microsoft's console department is still partly recovering from the losses made on the Xbox 360 and they are lucky that there is a huge budget available from the operating system that we can safely say is NEVER going to disappear again, because the larger part of the world is and will always keep using Windows, so that to them is a huge comfort financially, because the Xbox One certainly isn't making a very smooth entry as we all know, but because of the deep pockets, they can easily keep funding Xbox development without suffering losses that are substantial enough to hurt them as a company.
They made $6.06 billion in profit on the PC side, but that is dampened by the $1.09 billion loss to do with the refunds for customers upgrading to Windows 8. On the console side they made a moderate $2.53 billion profit, and $832 million in online services, encompassing both PC and Xbox services.
Sony is making the most money in their movie business (you could say that it is Sony's Windows aka their savior in bad times) even though that has also declined but it's still very healthy and currently they are fortunate enough that they DID hit the right spot with the launch of the PS4, but the numbers aren't that impressive: their game division still suffered a loss in their final quarter (around $8 million), according to Sony themselves in part to "a decrease in unit sales of PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP hardware, partially offset by increased PS3 software unit sales compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year" and "This year-on-year decline was primarily due to the impact of of a strategic price reduction for the PlayStation Vita and the unfavourable impact of foreign exchange rates, partially off-set by the above mentioned increase in software unit sales." but that is a cop-out.
Their TV business/LED panel division has declined another 30% since last year, and the PC/laptop division is hit so hard that they are going to sell it, because right now it is only hurting them. In total, the losses currently amount to $1.2 billion and their net profit forecast has been hacked by 40%. So Microsoft is the one that has the least worries, then Nintendo, and Sony is worst off, by FAR. And both Nintendo and Sony are also hit by the rise of the yen compared to the dollar and the euro, making Microsoft rise above them even more.

But all in all, Nintendo is still a reasonably healthy company and is firmly lodged in second place, while Sony is hanging by a thread called the PS4, so I wish them all the luck because they will need it and I personally think it would be very bad for any of these companies to leave the game industry, because competition drives a lot of things and in the end it's all good for both the consumers and the companies as well.

Hope you were able to digest all this info well enough: I can imagine if you're not into financials and such that it can be bone dry material that is near impossible to wade through.



Captain_Toad said:

Teh Blah! Negative news articles mixed with long release windows of AAA titles does not mix. No, no no!



ScorpionMG said:

Thankfully it's my last year of school and i have studies, so i don't have much time to play ( i still have ac4 to finish & rayman/w101 to start)
i'll play the games regularly without getting DK for now and hopefully i'll finish them by summer ( i also have like 6 indie games to finish)
Can't wait for MK8!



unrandomsam said:

@TheRealThanos The one really beneficial project that Sony had - they have axed. (Modern style TV with CRT like properties i.e really good for playing games - I forget the name of it but it is not important because it has been canned).

Thing about Microsoft is they are still wasting astronomical amounts of money. (Like for the first Surface) and it is all offset by just the 10 percent across the board price increases for business software.



Cyrso said:


No, you can't even the Vita doesn't have a 3 month drought like Wii U.

In fact I would argue that out of all systems PSVita got the best start in 2014 and it's one of the better systems to own right now.



OliverAdam said:

Okay so there's never a time for 'doom and gloom' and loyal Nintyfans always shout at the great fortune Nintendo sits on, but why the HELL are they unable to make proper use of it then?

I'm sorry, i know Nintendo has investors to please, but by not offering any value to the customers and there by not increase sales, it's not going to help out either.

I don't understand how Sony can pump out a ton of exclusive and solid platformers like Ratchet and Clank, Puppeteer and Sly, and on top of that, they are able to give their fans stellar games like The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6, and plenty more. They drown their fanbase in great exclusives and economically they're in the doggeyoopsieter.

Yet here's Nintendo - able to produce ONLY platformers it would seem, and whatever alternative we might have our eyes on, it's far away. Why the HELL is X the only JRPG on the console, when the Wii was home to some of the greatest JRPG's!?

What the love is going on.. Even the damn Vita is seeing more retail games, even if they are only ports.

PS: I'm not saying the machine doesn't have games, but obviously is lacks a lot of retail games, and as such sales are poor, which will lead to less shelf space, which leads to absolutely no sales in the long run. Many of Nintendo fans have grown up, and at least one new solid retail exclusive each month, that's not too much to ask for, only it actually seems to be these days. Wii U shouldn't be a secular machine, but it is.

@OliverAdam I'm not gonna ask nicely next time. Stop using profanity -Lz



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam They are indeed (Microsoft) but because of the deep pockets and the never ending income of Windows they hardly seem to care. Not very business like it seems, but what goes on inside those board rooms, nobody knows. I just collected the figures and went from there, but that is only the part that all companies voluntarily published. (or because of their share holders)



DualWielding said:

@TheRealThanos its the other way around NIntendo and Sony are hurt because the Yen has gotten too strong in relation to the dollar and euro (meaning they get less Yen once they repatriate their income from U.S and Europe)



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam I suppose this isn't the one you were talking about? because apparently, that one is still for sale.
@OliverAdam because Sony has an available capital that is roughly three times the size of Nintendo, so they can afford to take more risks, or rather they CHOOSE to do so because the PS4 launch was so successful. They are betting on the best horse they have right now, and for the moment, it is the most logical decision from a business point of view.



OliverAdam said:

@TheRealThanos I guess that's true, but if that's the case, maybe Nintendo should in fact consider quitting the home console market, like many have speculated. This ridiculous lack of games is absurd. It is NOT like the N64 days or the GC days, even if people like to say so. This is something entirely more pathetic.



TheRealThanos said:

@ferthepoet thanks for the input; I've corrected it straight away. It was quite a chore to collect all the data, so that one slipped under the radar while typing and trying to make a cohesive story of all the gathered data.
@OliverAdam No, no, no, they REALLY shouldn't. Being a single focus company, with a specialism in attuning their hardware to their software and vice versa, they would lose an IMMENSE advantage and the value of their IP's on other platforms will cheapen them even further. This isn't a Sega or bust situation: with their current funds and backing they can let the Wii U flop, see the Fusion (or whatever the next console is going to be called) go the same way, and STILL be able to make another console and probably some handhelds, so the reasons to NOT do it by far outweigh the reasons to do it. And what I said here is only part of the picture, but it is the most important one.
It is a fact that they need to do something/more with this advantage, so quite a few people at Nintendo need to remove their heads from dark, tight spaces although having some experience with Asian companies myself, they usually go slow, for a myriad of reasons. Cultural and traditional differences are largely responsible. We Western people can only sit and wait or look on in disbelief at those, to say the least, peculiarly operating people, but in my experience there is always merit to their reasoning and as for Nintendo: history has yet to prove them ultimately wrong, because even after monumental failures like the Virtual Boy and 64DD, they still bounced back every time, and they still have the means to do so a bunch of more times. We'll probably know more before or around this year's E3.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@element187 really that mindset is why the wiiU is in the state its in honestly can you really call all those games coming in 2014 for ps4 and xbox1 is mediocre!!?



MikeLove said:


Good luck, but I must decline your offer as I have already opened my own development studio. It's called "Well Behaved Puppy" and my first game is a third person action adventure game called 'Fully Documented'



rdenton85 said:

I just really don't get why N either don't have anything to show, or refuse to show any of their upcoming Wii-U games. Surely ever since Skyward Sword and Mario Galaxy 2 were finished, they were working on more.

Something has to be out there for the next Metroid, Starfox, Zelda and more. I know Nintendo don't like to show off games early but it is amazing that we aren't seeing anything yet of games we don't know about. Even a teaser or tech demo like the Zelda one would be enough but it is completely insane that nothing is being shown other than the games we already know about



nathatruc said:

@Tritonus I agree, with my wii u and 3ds I have so many games in my backlog, I have plenty of games I need to finish to keep me busy all year (on wii u, wii, 3ds and pc too). And I just bought disney infinty to play with my wife, the toy box seems like a good way to waste time.



wombatkidd said:

Nintendo's fiscal year ends on March 31st. It seems to me that they've made the strategic decision to not release anything before then, because they want all new release sales to count toward next year. That's why what little Wii U announcements there were start in April.

They probably would have pushed back DK too if they hadn't already given a firm release date.



rdenton85 said:

@Knux Perhaps this is gonna be Nintendo's Saturn and they are gonna be secretly working on a new console to come asap.

Or maybe not



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam looked interesting although it didn't say that it was also aimed at games, which is why I brought up the other link, because that one is for games.
@wombatkidd Good point and true. That is also the reason why they have already completed the share buy back even though they had until the end of the financial year to do it. They are starting with a clean slate, but they do need to prepare really quickly, because with businesses of this size, a month or two equals a couple of days to you and me, so they need to make the most of it.



Scollurio said:

@Einherjar I've been waiting so long for Nintendo to give me a few good reasons to finally get a Wii U despite me not liking the hardware, so far nothing. I don't know what you mean by "PS4 games lineup looks worse". I still play and enjoy Killzone Shadowfall, Lego Marvel Superheroes, I could have gotten Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (never played it before) and also there's plenty other games still from launch, Planetside 2, Metal Gear Solid, Infamous Second Son are all around the corner already, around april we get Diablo III with expansion pack and then it just continues with almost one triple A game/month and many not even announced yet, well in my book its the best 1st year of any console ever besides maybe SNES.



rdenton85 said:


It's just wrong. Look at the Wii. Companies like Sega and Capcom were releasing games for it and the console was selling not solely based on Nintendo's own games. That the Wii-U is going that way is insane.

I always hated that the Wii was doomed to be a second console. By having weaker graphics, games like Mario Galaxy still looked incredible, but games like Red Dead Redemption, Eternal Sonata and FFXIII just weren't possible, meaning you had to buy a ps3 or 360 as well to get the best possible games.

The same thing is happening again, but without the great third party titles like Resident Evil 4 and Red Steel 2 out there, the console is worryingly even more Nintendo dependant.
What's worse is that the consoles cost much more now and it's just not fair to expect people to buy two consoles. It was wrong that Nintendo did this with the Wii, but the prices are making this even worse



2Sang said:

Wii u has 2 chances left with MK8 and Smash bros. If MK8 can't sell at least a few million consoles, it's over. It'll probably be too late by the time Smash Bros. comes out and definitely too late by the time Zelda comes out.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@rdenton85 at least the wii was priced resonably if i didnt have one i probably couldnt have justified it to some one else. I just wish they would buy more dev teams to help at least that would help a bit



banacheck said:

Nintendo-we bring you for the first time to a home console, GBA games.

Nintendo Fanboy-OMG This is Next-gen.



Einherjar said:

@Scollurio Well, its all opinion based, and in my opinion, not one of the games mentioned by you are "tripple A". Its basicly one shooter after the other, and most of them arent really that special or unique. And thats basicly the problem i have with these consoles. Everything that is in pipes at the moment is the same brown / grey mass that covered last generation.
But like i said, its my opinion, yours might differ.
And whats the difference between the PS4 having no games but upcomming titles and the WiiU haven no (very few) games but upcomming titles ?
Why is it such a big deal with the WiiU but not with the other two consoles ?
Also, nintendo consoles always had ther own demographic. This generation, most people backing the WiiU wholeheartedly are basicly all people who are fed up with games like the ones mentioned above.
And for people who like such games, well, just get the PS4 then. Not a big deal. And why should it be ? Why make such a hassle out of our hobby ? Just get the platform that has the most games you want, end of story.
For all the people who cant get enough of shooters, get a PS4, for people who prefer more classic genres, like platformers for instance, get a WiiU.
It has nothing to do with "getting with time" or stupid stuff like that. Nintendo platforms are catered towards a unique demographic. And said demographic is pretty slim nowadays. But who said that it will stay like that ? There was a time, when the FPS genre was basicly dead and platformers thrived. Then, shooters came back. Times change. Today is the day of the PS4, that could be gone by tomorrow. Let them do what they do best.



IceClimbers said:

@Caryslan I have to agree. The Wii U is competing with the 3DS for Nintendo's attention. Nintendo just can't support both systems at the same time like they could in the past.

Anyways, the drought doesn't bother me too much. I don't have money to buy new games this spring and I will be busy with school. There's also a backlog.

There's games in my backlog that I didn't even know were in there. For example, after PokeBank finally released, I went through my Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, discovering that I never finished White 2. I also need to beat Wind Waker HD, Project X Zone, Pikmin 3, and A Link to the Past, alongside some of the indies that I bought.

@2Sang 3DS version of Smash will cannibalize the Wii U version's sales.



TheRealThanos said:

@Blackleg_sanji They could buy Capcom, because their value has dropped ridiculously and they only have $152 million left in the bank, so Nintendo could easily buy them out, but it will hurt Nintendo's bank account since it is of course still going to cost them several billions.
And even if they do, it is arguable that it would benefit Nintendo, because they haven't exactly made a lot of good games lately. Me personally, I still like quite a few of their games and series, but I am hard pressed to find other fans, because not only on NLife but also on other sites, people hardly have anything positive left to say about Capcom.



OliverAdam said:

Listen, it's fact that the PS4, Xbox One and PC has a FAR larger lineup the coming year. Quantity might not mean quality, but it looks like there's a good bunch of games coming out, so stop using the current state of the PS4 and Xbox One, when your argument is invalid in a few months.

That said, it doesn't mean ANYTHING. I like Nintendo. I want to play on Nintendo consoles. Why would i care what the PS4 and Xbox One offers, now that i bought the Wii U and have hopes for that machine? It's no competition, the issue here isn't that "The Wii U has a thin lineup in comparison...", it's that it has no lineup at all. We have no idea what's coming after X and Bayonetta, and we don't even know the dates of those games.

What makes me even more worried is, that Nintendo might actually give us something like Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf - heck Yarn Yoshi, as pretty as it is, is just going to be another platformer, and likely a ridiculosly easy one.

Do you understand how ridiculous the consoles library is going to be in a years time, if Nintendo follows the usual pattern AND they have no third party support.

LOve the PS4 and Xbox One, those are not the issue at hand, and they have their games coming and their continued third party support, so please, don't even bother with those ridiculous arguments, they don't help Nintendo.

Profanity is not necessary here -Lz



boynerdrambling said:

Yawn, could not care less about any sort of drought. Not only do I still have a major back log of games on my U, 3DS and PS3 but I also have better things to be doing with my life then sitting in front of a tv day in day out playing video games.



unrandomsam said:

@Blackleg_sanji Western influence is the one thing they don't need. Unless you mean stuff like DaYz / Occulus Rift / Virtuix Omni or the interesting indie stuff like Starbound.



unrandomsam said:

@TheRealThanos They have messed up totally though trying to do that though. See e.g Devil May Cry which was ok prior to it being Westernised.
Whereas stuff like Monster Hunter (Targeted at Japan) is doing fine.



JaxonH said:

It is what it is. Nintendo's good, but they're not THAT good. They simply don't have the manpower to fill out the library solely by themselves. And with a few exceptions, that's exactly what they're facing. So instead of getting angry at Nintendo, accusing them of not working fast enough, I accept the fact that they are releasing as many games on their two consoles as they can. The fact I would most likely only be purchasing these games from Nintendo anyways makes this a total non-issue for me.

I will support any 3rd party that cares enough to bring their game to the platform, such as Watch Dogs, but those games are available on about 3 other platforms. My Wii U is specifically for the games I CAN'T get on other platforms. Ironically, even with a thin release schedule comprised of primarily 1st party games, I already know I'll end up buying more Wii U games this year than both my PS4 and Vita combined. Not a slight against Sony, but a compliment to Nintendo. As long as every game they release is a top-shelf addition, they can get away with a thin release schedule. It's not the quantity, it's the quantity of quality.



rbmoura85 said:

@Blackleg_sanji of course they have things for this year that we dont know about yet...

Let me also mention Project Cars, a great game that is coming this year for Wii U.



Action51 said:

@GunstarHero234 said:

"When Action51 said PlanetSide 2 is "mediocre" he lost FULL credibility to all his comments "

Seriously dude? It's a free to play Microtransaction hell generic shooter. I downloaded it from steam, played a while, and got really bored with it.

Maybe they patched it and overhauled the physics and store since I played it, but it was in full release mode. Sorry but Planetside 2 was boring, pay2win, and mediocre at best.

If you like it, fine...but it's a free2play FPS with clunky controls, awkward physics, and dull gameplay.

Also: @GunstarHero234: You seem to care way too much about some console war gibberish. Sorry, but I'm going to enjoy the games I'm going to enjoy, and you are going to worry about sales numbers and "winning" some childish game of "my console is better then your console".

You can shout and be a negative broken record all day, but for your efforts it is doubtful anyone will stop enjoying their console or the games they love to play. Get over yourself now and you'll enjoy this hobby a lot more as you mature.



TheRealThanos said:

@rbmoura85 I can tell you from experience with the beta on PC that Project CARS is indeed a great game, but it is multi-platform, so you can cross that off the list, because from that point of view it is not a title to own or buy a Wii U for. And for the most part, multi-console owners will probably buy it for the other consoles, and not for their Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

@Blackleg_sanji They are not games they are strings of cutscenes with a really shallow bit of gameplay in-between that you cannot fail at and never need to improve at. RPG elements is so you never have to get better at playing the game. I used to like stuff like Ultima or some of the old Bitmap Brothers or Bullfrog games they were Western. I liked the first Walking Dead game (Not played the second one yet). I like game-like games (Grev's terminology).



Action51 said:


The Witcher series is a decent western franchise, and so is Dragon Age. Bethesda, and Bioware tend to develop good stuff.

That's why I have a PC and Steam. You get the most variety and best prices. Quite frankly, if you have Steam, a PS4 or XB1 seems like a gimped down PC box with too many anti-consumer restrictions and policies. The Wii U still feels like a classic game console and the first party games are still the best.



Blackleg_sanji said:

Ok im done here i just cant the wiiU is the perfect console that has nooo problems and every game on ps4/xbox one will never ever compare -_-



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 Don't mind The Witcher. Don't like Dragon Age or Bethesda (Skyrim anyway - Oblivion still played like a PC Game they convoluted the way to play it completely). Did like Bioware prior to them being bought by EA. (Liked Knights of the Old Republic / Jade Empire / Balders Gate / Neverwinter Nights). Same with Bullfrog and Maxis further back.



Caryslan said:

@IceClimbers Right now, the Wii U does not have anything that makes me want to lay down the money for one. Wind Waker HD is cool, but the 3DS got a new Zelda, I don't really care for Pikmin, Sonic Lost World is on the 3DS, and I can just wait for Monster Hunter 4 to get an online Monster Hunter game.

For third-party titles like Call of Duty, Castlevania, and others, I have my PS3.

About the only Wii U game that has my intrest is Super Mario 3D World.

This is not me hating on Nintendo, its just reality. Where is Kirby, Yoshi, and Mario Golf? They are on the 3DS! Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Luigi Mansion, all those are on the 3DS! What is on the Wii U that will make me want to lay down the money for it?

The Wii has SSBB, Metroid Prime 3, Punch-Out, and several other games that made the system worth it. Games that were not on the DS.

The Wii U? Most of its games have counterparts on the 3DS. Even the new Smash Bros is getting a 3DS version that is getting the same characters!

Nintendo should be showing off a new Metroid, F-Zero, something that makes people stop and say I need a Wii U! Where is the Wii U's Mario 64, Wii Sports, or Donkey Kong Country? Where is that game that makes you say I need to buy a Wii U!

Every Nintendo platform in the past had those games. Where are they now?

The 3DS has a future and a purpose.

With the Wii U, it seems like Nintendo is just throwing darts at a board and hoping they stick. "We have GBA and DS games on the Wii U VC! Uhh, we are focusing on health, that's big right? Hey, did you know we have smart phone teams! Everyone says we should get into that!"

Where is the Nintendo that went after Sega in the 90s with killer games and took back their marketshare? Where is the Nintendo that managed to revive the 3DS?

I'm not bashing Nintendo, but it seems like they are lost with the Wii U. Even the Gamecube had focus, it just had to compete in an era where the PS2 was dominant.

And this is my point, if I really want my Nintendo gaming, what does the Wii U have to offer? It seems like the 3DS is the place to go for Nintendo games.

I don't want the Wii U to fail, I just wish Nintendo had a better strategy than "Uhh, we like, uhh have GBA games on the eshop...."

Come on Nintendo, show off some killer games! The Wii U is a interesting idea, but its like the Vita. It has some good games, good hardware, but it seems to have no direction.

Compare that to the 3DS, and its like night and day.



Action51 said:

@Blackleg_sanji Said:

"Ok im done here i just cant the wiiU is the perfect console that has nooo problems and every game on ps4/xbox one will never ever compare -_-"

What was your goal exactly?

To sow resentment? To make us all see the light and abandon our consoles? To get people to agree with you? Attention?

Seriously, what's your goal? People are going to disagree and people are going to discuss these things. Just because not everyone feels as entitled to stuff as you and wants immediate gratification is no reason to pout.

You have a Wii U and a PS4, right? Aren't you happy with the sheer amount of games and selection you will be able to play this year between the two? Why do you need everyone to hate Nintendo exactly as much as you?



Action51 said:

@Caryslan said:
"@IceClimbers Right now, the Wii U does not have anything that makes me want to lay down the money for one. "

Oh my god, then don't buy it and stop flooding every comments section telling everyone why you are unhappy. Buy a different console then! Buy two consoles! Get a PC and a Steam account if you really want the most variety and cutting edge.

We get it, YOU personally don't like the Wii U game line up....good 4 U.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Action51 i dont hate nintendo but when i see statements saying the ps4 and xbox one are just under spec pcs and that nintendo is the only gaming console it was clear the bias is too strong why cant you love more than one console exactly? By that statement someone could say ther WiiU is and HD wii



Action51 said:

@Blackleg_sanji again: what is your goal then?

You have told everyone how you feel again, and again, and again, and again, and all you have is negativity and rehashes of stuff everyone already knows.

You are just whining at this point, you don't even know what your point is anymore.



Blackleg_sanji said:

Apparently you cant have conversations with gamers anymore why are they so bias now a days maybe im just a lil old but i remember where i could love playing gamecube and then switch right over to my ps2 with my friends



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Action51 this is a comment section ppl can express their feelings the same way you have been saying the other consoles are inferior to wiiU again and again and again si i dont see your point



Action51 said:

@Blackleg_sanji you can't have conversations with gamers because you insist everyone has to think the same way you do, and then complain endlessly about the same crap everyone already knows over and over and over and over and over again.

edit: I never said other consoles were inferior. I said that as a PC owner, I feel the XB1 and PS4 are lacking as a replacement for a PC because of their anti-consumer policies. I also feel that the Wii U has the best exclusives overall. That is my opinion. I know we disagree and that does not mean I hate Sony or I'm a blind fanboy.

Your problem is not that people disagree with you, your problem is your need to continually repeat the same crap that everyone knows until you are satisfied that everyone hates whatever console you hate exactly as much as you do.



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 Even on Steam I play console style games. If I could play on the Wii U I would as long as I didn't have to replace my TV which I need to do if I want to play 30fps stuff. (Plasma + 30fps doesn't work right).

KOF XIII / Sonic Generations / All Stars Racing Transformed / Double Dragon Neon / Magical Drop V / Super Hexagon / Pac Man Championship Editon DX+ / Castle of Illusion / Chaos Engine (And indies like Starbound / Dayz / Rogue Legacy / Spelunky / Jamestown / Super Meatboy / Tiny Barbarian DX / Oniken ).

Metal Slug 3 - Steam is dire - I hope Ikaruga is better.

(I have played all the Sega stuff on Steam already as well).



Blackleg_sanji said:

@Action51 ok thank you sir have a nice day you got upset in the first place because i have problems with the WiiU which by the way im not the only one but ok

Edit: and i dont hate the wiiU i want them to do better with it like many others



unrandomsam said:

@Blackleg_sanji Nobody has said it is not better hardware. (It is also not equivalent i.e Steaming via a Vita is limited to 30fps). Sony is treating Japan second class as well (Not even released the system there).



Action51 said:

@unrandomsam Oh my god, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter that was Bioware at their finest! Great memories.

I also tend to like Steam for stuff like Civilization and Tropico, but I see lucky PS4 owners may get the next Tropico as well.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@unrandomsam in my opinon both consoles need work sony just learned from mistakes a little faster than nintendo did so i dont understand how im hating on a console i own by the way which i bought on launch at that



Action51 said:

It's SIm City with palm trees and some political stuff. Has a nice sense of humor, and some fun Tango and Jazz music for the soundtrack.

It's a cool game to waste an afternoon or two building cities and being either a just leader, or a dictator. It's got a pretty flexible sandbox mode too.



divinelite said:

@JonnyKong I've said the same in other post. 3ds is drought if you compare to vita games released in February to may.

But don't worry, even indie feels like home to 3ds so you won't have any drought I think, the style is similar to Nintendo afterall

Oh and april 3ds got conception 2 too, it should be good

And don't forget, Bravely default is great. It will gather 40-100 hours easily



Caryslan said:

@Action51 I do have a right to voice my opinion on a product, and I don't consider it spamming. What, am I only allowed to post here it my post says something like "I love how Nintendo is handling the Wii U! Best job, everyone else is a hater!"

I don't dislike the Wii U's lineup, there are some games that have caught my eye. But lets be honest here, Nintendo does not have the spark that they had in the past. It seems like they have no idea who they want to target with the Wii U.

Notice in my posts, I did not bash the Wii U or its hardware. Nor am I comapring it to Microsoft and Sony's platforms outside of a comment regarding third-party support. In other words, I'm not some hater who is on here bashing Nintendo as a hobby because I'm bored.

Everything you have seen me type for the Wii U, also applies to the Vita. What you have are two systems that lack a direction, and any kind of focus. But, I do think Nintendo has done a better job of addressing the Wii U's issues than Sony has the Vita.

As I said before, I am not "spamming" these boards. My posts are more than "Nintendo SUCKS!"

I have stated my opinion on a product, which is well within my right. There is no rule that states that every post must be pro-Nintendo in nature. I'm not blindly bashing Nintendo, I am just pointing out issues with how the Wii U has been handled.

Am I right? Maybe not, but its my opinion. I will say this, Nintendo does have a habit of pulling out a suprise when their back is against the wall. That's how we got stuff like the Wii back in 2006. Maybe Nintendo does have something big planned for E3 that will help reverse the Wii U's problems.

And not every post I have made on this site is bashing the Wii U. I have praised the system, and hope nothing but the best for it. I do intend to buy one once the price drops or a killer app arrives. But I'm not going to sit here and remain quiet.

All of use express their own opinions on this topic. I would ask for respect. I have made only three comments on this story, two of which were replies.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Action51 You baffle me bro you complain and hate about every thing that isn't a freaking Nintendo title and you have a audacity to talk to me immaturely dude sadly "you need a hobby" and get off my back. You are a pointless excuse of trying to start something but sadly it isn't going to work.

Fact of it is I have my systems and I don't have to complain on a forum about titles that isn't coming to the Wii U you in fact do.



Faustek said:

Too bad some gamers are not willing to give them a chance

To bad Nintendo demanded a price that was the same as the 3DS price to move my downloads to the new 3DS. They tried to do it with the U as well but thank Jebus the retailer in question covered that.

So no, Nintendo doesn't give us gamers any reason to download anything from their stone age account/hardware policy. Just means all get my Indies o PC/PS4.



kuribo4 said:

@turnmebackwards How many of those are on the PS3? Destiny Metal Gear... And how many of those are actually worth spending money and time on?
I am just saying it how I see it, because I really don't care about these console debates. Every console is necessary in the end, but right now the PS4 is having a subpar lineup.



Grumblevolcano said:

A big thing to consider is how far in depth you go into the game. Take DKCR for example (Wii version, don't know about 3DS version as my 3DS is still in repair), you could beat the final boss and consider the game complete but on the other hand you could go back and find KONG letters and puzzle pieces you missed to unlock special secrets (including extra levels).

Do I think DKCTF will last until May 30th? No, but I do think it'll last along with VC titles at least a month of which maybe GBA games will be released starting early April.



JaxonH said:


I agree. 50% of the games worth buying are developed by 3rd parties. The other 50% are exclusive to Nintendo platforms. If you don't own a Wii U, you WILL miss out on half of the best games available. Fact. On the other side of that coin, if you don't own a second console to cover your 3rd party bases, you WILL miss out on half of the best games available. Fact.

I own 4 consoles. Wii U, PS4, 3DS and Vita. I like them all. They all contribute to my hobby. However, my PS4 lied dormant for 3 months after launch, because there wasn't a single game on it worth buying (already grabbed AC4 and CoD Ghosts on Wii U). So I just finished Tomb Raider (PS4) about half an hour ago. It was great! How great? Well, not as good as Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101, but it was decent enough. But now it's back to the waiting game- there isn't a great PS4 game coming out til OCTOBER with Witcher 3 (cancelled my MGS pre order, it's a $40 demo).

But I'm ok with that. I'm ok waiting 10 months for the next PS4 game I'm excited for. I'm CERTAINLY ok waiting 2 months from DKC to NES Remix 2, followed by Mario Kart 8. Heck, there hasn't been a Vita game I was excited to buy since it's LAUNCH, but again, I'm ok with that. I don't complain on the Sony fan sites about it. It's cool. Great games don't come around every day. That's why you own multiple consoles.

All I know is, I'll be playing DKC Tropical Freeze until Yoshi's New Island and Final Fantasy X/X-2 release, which I'll play until NES Remix vol 2 releases, which I'll play until Mario Kart 8. Sometime in the fall, I'm hoping some good releases will start hitting the PS4. Until then, it's Wii U, 3DS and Vita.



CapeSmash said:


>I feel the same way about the WiiU as you – It's just not worth buying if you own a 3DS.

Really? Ever since I got my Wii U, my 3DS has been collecting dust. The 3DS is an overrated anyway. Wii U > 3DS



Jazzer94 said:

Nintendo need to really lay down some solid release dates SSB 4, X and Bayonetta 2, the fact that we've seen and heard about these games for so long but still don't a solid release date is ridiculous.



JaxonH said:


Actually, I have to agree. Don't get me wrong, I do love my 3DS. Fire Emblem Awakening and Zelda Link Between Worlds. Worth owning for those games alone. But honestly, people really don't know what they're missing. Super Mario 3D World put 3D Land to shame- to utter shame. It was a completely different experience.

3DS was my favorite console ever, until I bought a Wii U and my eyes were opened. You play MH3U on Wii U, and you'll never want to pick your 3DS up again. People don't give enough credit where it's due. They casually dismiss games like Pikmin3. Games like Wonderful 101. Games like Super Mario 3D World. Games like DKC Tropical Freeze. Even NSMBU was leagues ahead of any sidescrolling Mario to date. Every game on the platform is just miles ahead of anything they've ever done before. But people act like it's "just another game" and "no big deal". These are some of the funnest and greatest games I've played in my life.

I think it boils down to this: if you repeat a lie, and repeat a lie, and repeat a lie, eventually people will believe it. It's how politicians attack their opponents, and it's exactly how the gaming media has treated the Wii U. Over time, people's opinions were affected by all the negativity- it's more than apparent. The N64 had less than 500 games TOTAL, no multiplats, and yet is held in the highest regard, while Wii U is continually minimized and degraded. I know how fun it is- I wouldn't be playing it every day if it had "nothing to offer different than 3DS". I've never owned a console that I enjoy as much as the Wii U. And there's one reason for that. It's not the gamepad, or Miiverse (although those things are great)... it's the games. The games on Wii U are second to none.



aaronsullivan said:

Need more time between releases Nintendo. Stretch it out more please!

I kid, but only by half. We just finished Wind Waker HD. There's no way we are going to buy DK right away as we are still working through Rayman and are only a small way into Mario 3D World (Rayman is more fun multiplayer so far). There's many games we haven't exhausted.

Once Mario Kart releases I have a feeling we won't play much else for months and then we'll go back to it frequently over the next year which happened for us with Nintendo Land.

For us, it has been a tremendous value, but that doesn't mean I'm not champing at the bit for some Metroid, Star Fox, something totally new and of course Zelda.

edit: I don't think I would have posted here if I'd have seen how many walls of text there were above! Go community but be nice!



divinelite said:

@beautifulstrong 3ds yes but wii u not yet. I need at least great reviewed X and zelda u to warrant a purchase. Ps4 is still a must someday but wii u for me still need reasons to buy



AVahne said:

Indie games are nice and all, but I do NOT want to have only eShop games to look forward to in an entire month. Especially not with Nintendo's lack of an account system.



CapeSmash said:

@JaxonH I agree with your post (as usual). The 3DS was my favorite system of all time, untill I got a Wii U. Don't get me wrong, I still love my 3DS — but I'm sick people treating it like it's holy-gral of gaming.

I have 12 3DS games, and I find most of them mediocre. (Keep in mind, I don't have Fire Emblem, Zelda, or Monster Hunter)



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH So you are saying the level design and difficulty curve of NSMBU is better than any 2D Mario to date ? (I find that very hard to believe). The level design is everything (And I know that because the mod for NSMBW called Newer is one of the best games I have played for ages yet I have been totally indifferent to Nintendo's level design other than the first DS one which I thought was ok) and there is not so many powerups that there is no incentive to not get hit.



Doma said:


WiiU is best in what regards? Being able to play upgraded versions of a select few Wii/3DS games?

Sorry, but no... The console is a huge failure, in my eyes. Predictable and stale software has filled its line-up.



JaxonH said:


In my humble opinion, New Super Mario Bros U was the funnest 2D Mario game I've ever played. Now I know there are some who will call blasphemy, but as much as I love the oldies, they are OLD. It's like comparing 3D World to Mario64. In every way, 3D World is the better game. It just didn't impress as much because 64 was the breakthrough into 3D environments.

Likewise, NSMBU did not impress me more than any other 2D Mario game, but I did think it was the funnest. And as far as the "New" series goes, NSMBU is easily the best yet. It puts the others to shame imo. Now, don't get me wrong, the worlds are still cliche, but the level design was perfect. I really loved that game. Even my brother, who is an adamant protester of 2D Mario games, is interested in playing it after watching me play. And I agree, the DS one was pretty decent. This one is much better though.



beautifulstrong said:

@Blackleg_sanji I like your comment when you said " wiiU is the perfect console that has nooo problems and every game on ps4/xbox one will never ever compare ".
I think more nintendo fans should be as hardcore as YOU. YOU are the definitive nintendo fanatic. Now you're playing with power, Blackleg_sanji POWER!!!!!!!!



audiobrainiac said:

I'm a proud Wii U owner. I'm mostly satisfied with what Nintendo is doing with Wii U. I don't blame them for anything. I think they could put out more 1st party games really quickly to give people what they want, but then they'd have crappy games and Nintendo would've exhausted all its own resources to keep the system going. 3rd party devs just need to quit being little babies and put out some good games for it! Luckily the (easily bought) media likes to plant seeds of doubt. I think of this situation like a rigged superbowl.



rdenton85 said:


Firstly, @rdenton85, you seem to be suggesting the Wii U is physically incapable of producing the same visual output as the PS3 / 360, which are getting the same titles as PS4 / XBOne. Which is ridiculous. Sonic Lost World, AC 4, Mario 3D World, Rayman Legends and Wonderful 101 all look amazing on Wii U.

No, actually I said the Wii couldn't produce the graphics that the 360 and ps3 had which cost it too many games. As nice as ones like Mario Galaxy, Prime 1-3, Wario Land, Klonoa, etc looked, the weaker graphics meant it'd never get a game like Oblivion or Borderlands, and poor level ports such as Dead Rising. This sort of thing made it very clear that the Wii would be a second console if you wanted those games.

Secondly, with all the focus being on boxed games for the other 2 (which are now starting at 70$ instead of 60$ for regular editions and 80-200$ for the 'hyper deluxe editions') Nintendo's 'drought' is heavily offset by a plethora of high quality indies, many of which WON'T be on Steam.

Okay true but do you really think having sweet games like Retro City Rampage and Doctor Luigi will be advertised well enough in game stores, online, etc to convince people wanting a new console that the Wii-U is the one to get? It needs boxed games sitting on the shelves, no matter what the prices are to get people's interests. Even if companies would just re-release their Wii games with a Wii-U case or something, it'd show what is on offer and every console needs that to survive.

Did Microsoft advertise Fez? Illomilo? Or did they spend milions making sure we all knew Halo was out.. again.

Nintendo have done a terrible job with the advertising. It started fine but then really drifted off. It kills a lot of chances of sales. Where were the adverts for Pikmin 3, New Luigi U. We got Mario World regularly in UK but now the ads have disappeared.
Other companies are guilty of this too. Okami could have sold far better if Capcom would have put more adverts out but they didn't and the game deserved better. Its just that unlike Capcom, Nintendo have a console and a lot more money to do this.

Point: less boxed competition means more quality indies. Means Nintendo pushes harder, in game, to get the best games possible. And really, better games means happier gamers.
Lords of Shadow 2 is bland and uninspired. MGSV is short and riddled with DLC. Thief is poorly optimized. South Park's dev cycle looks like Duke Nukem Forever or Aliens Colonial Marines (both bullets dodged).

Okay so these games aren't your thing (I admit Aliens is a horror show and should never have ended up like that), but those games are what people want. I cannot wait for the South Park game. So what if development took years. So did Ocarina of Time.

March and April look packed with the kind of cheap yet packed games I'll be playing before the heavy hitters start rolling out, but if glitzy, glamorous FPS games, pedophilia infested RPGs and monotonous sports games are your fancy here's my suggestion:

Come on. Seriously? Tales of Symphonia was the only major JPG the Gamecube got. That its gotten a PS3 remake along with the sequel is incredible. I don't know if you are into RPGS but I assume you're now, but those four games are gonna be big sellers and worthy of being on any console. I do wonder if Nintendo are gutted that Tales isn't on the Wii-U since the two games were on the cube and Wii.

Buy one of those other systems and stop complaining about the Wii U.

I did buy another system. I picked up a PS3 at xmas. I didn't want a next gen console that wouldn't play current-gen games and would be too expensive and possibly unreliable early on, but I could not justify getting a Wii-U. There just aren't enough games worth getting and why would I want a console that seems unable to guarantee a solid list of releases this year.

And I think you'll find these complaints are justified. You may be happy with say 5 quality games this year but that is not enough when spending hundreds of pounds on a gaming machine. It needs more than Nintendo games and downloads. Simple as that.



unrandomsam said:

@rdenton85 The Gamecube had Skies of Arcadia Legends as well which was much much better than Tales of Symphonia (Tales of Phantasia was very good).

Don't think there will be many Wii U exclusive indies that are any good and won't be on the PC. Gunlord maybe but it is on the Dreamcast / Neo Geo already and going to be on 3DS as well. That new one might be and exclusives are inherently worth more. (If only because the original version is usually a pretty good one). Stuff like Ultionus would suit the Wii U but they are not on it. (Or Steam for that matter).

Other than Shi'en anybody else if it was critically acclaimed would port it - See La Mulana / Steamworld Dig.

Knytt Underground is a waste of time on Steam because it only supports keyboard. (That is not worth having).



Giygas_95 said:

Meh, whatever. They'll come when they come. I've got such a big backlog right now that I don't really mind.



rdenton85 said:

@SahashraLA Woops by 4 games when I mentioned RPGS, I also meant Final Fantasy X and X2. Its sequel gets some abuse but X is a fantastic game.
for some reason I can't edit anything

Yes good point unrandom, I totally forgot about Arcadia. I remembered Fire Emblem but that was more of a strategy RPG I wonder why Advance Wars has never had a console version, unless Batallion Wars is effectively the console franchise.



FJOJR said:

I didn't need the Direct to tell me Nintendo has nothing left to announce before E3 that is bug. I think E3 is where they'll have a direct to wow us. Maybe even have games that use that fancy Gamepad thing for something other than maps or inventory that came with the system.



KryptoKrunch said:


True. But interestingly enough, people ignore droughts for other systems. They only harp on droughts on Nintendo systems. Anyway, the indies will help fill the gaps. Also I have backlogs on 3DS, Wii U, Wii and Vita so I'm really not bothered by a drought.



unrandomsam said:

@rdenton85 Paper Mario : Thousand Year Door (Dunno whether it counts but it is a great game as well). One thing Tales of Symphonia has is length. (Which is good if you really like it).

Thing is the Gamecube is good across most genres.

Most of the indie stuff is not yet at the quality that the 3rd parties used to provide then.

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
F Zero GX
Capcom vs SNK 2 EO
Twilight Princess
Mario Power Tennis
Mario Golf - Toadstool Tour
Paper Mario - Thousand Year Door
Sega Soccer Slam
Megaman X Collection
Alien Hominid
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy
Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader
Viewtiful Joe
Wario World
Warioware INC - Mega Party Games
Star Fox Assault
Super Monkey Ball 2
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Soul Calibur 2
Simpsons - Hit and Run

Cannot imagine Nintendo giving lots of these another shot or there being anything equivalent. (All traditional console games easy to pick up hard to master).



Senario said:

@Action51 So much truth about the haters. Just play the dang games, some people however won't be satisfied until everybody has the same opinion as them.(and hate)

I'll stay in my PC and Wii U crowd.



Dauntless said:

This isn't shocking. Nintendo is famous for droughts. This will be my last console though. I don't care for the micro transaction direction that Xbox or Playstation is going and Nintendo always misses out on a lot of third party titles. I'll pick up what ever good first party titles come out and consider the Wii U my new Dreamcast. Despite the Dreamcast being a commercial failure I really like a lot of the games on the system. The same will be true for me of the Wii U. But I'm done with consoles. I'll be gaming on the PC only, and picking up a few Wii U titles while it still is supported until its end in 2017.



JaxonH said:


There are many double standards when it comes to Nintendo. From now til May, Wii U has DKC Tropical Freeze, NES Remix 2 and Mario Kart 8. That's a more appealing 90 day lineup than any other console I own.

In fact, DKC and Mario Kart are two of my favorite franchises of all time. Of ALL time. If I didn't already own a Wii U, I'd be buying one this Friday, because there is no way, as a gamer, I could lay my head down at night knowing there is a brand new Donkey Kong Country game in HD (for the first time ever), and I'm missing it. NOT gonna happen. Those two games are the reason I became a gamer in the first place.



JaxonH said:


You know, when we were kids, we weren't picky about what games are coming out and when. We didn't feel entitled, as so many do today. We bought a console not knowing what was going to come our way, other than a few headlines every now and then in GamePro Magazine. We didn't care. We were about games, and we were going to play whatever came our way. We'd find the gems ourselves.

Nowadays, people want specifics. They want this exact game, that exact game, and if this exact game isn't out in this exact time frame, well, I'm not buying it they say. Nintendo has never, in the 5 generations of consoles prior to Wii U, let me down. Not once. Never has a generation ended that I thought "Wow, that wasn't worth it. I should have never bought that console". Neither will I think that about the Wii U. Because even if they halted production right now and never made another game, it's worth it already.

Video games was always a nerdy hobby when I was growing up. Unpopular. When other kids were playing sports (the "cool" kids), we were the ones playing video games and pen and paper RPGs. Well, nothing's changed. We're still here, only now we play the Wii U, and the cool kids are no longer the kids playing sports- they're the kids playing AAA multiplats and casual blockbusters. Nothing's changed. We're still the unpopular ones, ridiculed by the "cool" guys because we enjoy what we enjoy. "Why do you play Wii U" they say. "That console sucks" they say. It's the same thing, nothing's changed.



Senario said:

@JaxonH Oh and they demand release dates as soon as the game is announced. As well as the idea that everything needs to be "Mature" whatever that means.

Man, I miss the good old days. I still play tabletop RPGs with friends. Currently I still have too many games I need to play and not enough time due to school and work. Oh and a backlog of games I really should play. (Punch out wii is hard with wii remote controls, tires me out but is very immersive and fun.)



sonicfanatic said:

Yarn Yoshi could of helped out with this drought seriously how much time can it possibly take to make a 2d platform game on a HD console



JaxonH said:


Haha, ya I was recently re-aquainted with Punch-Out on Wii. Thought I'd go back and enjoy some of the true motion games I missed (last gen was great, I loved some of those Wii games... so nice to play something differently ya know?). If you're into Wii backlog, check out Sin & Punishment 2: Star Successor. Game is really, really fun.



Senario said:

@JaxonH I'll see when I get to it, I still have school stuff -> then Punch out wii -> Then Pandora's Tower -> Then maybe Donkey Kong Tropical freeze. By the time I'm done with that, Mario Kart 8 will probably be out. Honestly, there are a bit too many games I want to play currently. And I still need to finish Phantom Hourglass and Spirit tracks (which I got recently).

I am most interested in Hyrule Warriors because I did enjoy Dynasty Warriors when I was younger for what it was. A fun super beat em up.



JaxonH said:


I hear ya with the backlog. I'm set for a good 3 years in backlog alone. Heck, I've got enough Wii U games, just Wii U games, to last me the rest of 2014.I gotta get back to Pandora's Tower as well. And Xenoblade. And The Last Story. And 2 dozen other Wii games. That Punch Out though... it's not easy. I beat Glass Joe and one other dude, but got knocked out real quick in the third round...



unrandomsam said:

@sonicfanatic Mario World took 3 years. I don't think things are play tested properly any more. Once it works / looks ok / doesn't crash it is released as is.



Senario said:

@JaxonH I've reached the Worldwide Circuit but I am stuck on I think the third fight? Having played both Xenoblade and The Last Story it is really hard to decide which one you should play first. I personally liked the Last Story better but maybe that is because of a short attention span. It is a good game with a simple enough story to follow, it is also a short RPG. A decently good cast and not too much to complain about. However, Xenoblade was also a great game in it's own right. And even though I may not be the best player of RPGs (I am more of an action and puzzle game guy) I would say that the characters were mostly likable and the amount of content is extremely massive. If you enjoy dedication to RPGs such as leveling above and beyond what you need to, going on a lot of side quests, and hunting for items MMO style you'll love it. Personally I ended up deciding just to finish the game because there was so much content lol. Probably a bad decision since I was underleveled going into the last few hours of the game.

Although that may have been my own fault...My team was less than optimal apparently according to some fans. Tank, Healer, DPS when it should have been Dodge Tank/DPS, DPS, DPS.

PS. I can only hope that I can use magic well in X. I love playing as magic classes and doing huge amounts of damage for no reason.



DanMan82 said:

I still have a backlog of games I need to play, so the drought doesn't really affect me. From what I've seen, very few 3rd party games interest me anyway besides Watch Dogs. I think the industry had better 3rd party content back in 2003 - 2005 than now. Why can't a developer make a game like Destroy All Humans that's just completly crazy and fun to play? Then, I might be looking more at what the competiton has to offer.

Also, other than a few comments on here, nobody's stated anything new that hasn't been said in the past. If you want to see my views, just flip through my profile. No sense in posting the same thing over and over.

As a final word, for those of you who say 3 months is a long time, it's not. May will be here before we know me...



LetsGoRetro said:

Nintendo is far from doomed but c'mon guys, it's too freakin late for the Wii U.I actually sold mine. I was fiercely loyal to Nintendo for many years but I'm done being blind. Every Nintendo console will have it's share of great Nintendo first party titles but there has been, and by all indications will be, such a small amount of games. what do we know about for 2014, like 7 exclusives? We're a year and a half into it's lifecycle. Even if developers started flocking to the wii u now, the 2, sometimes 3, year development cycles of many games would mean most of the good content would be coming out at the end of it's lifecycle. If you're Nintendo only at any point after the Cube, you're blind.



JaxonH said:


Well that comment was begging for a response.

Look, you can do what you want. But why do you try to persuade others to adopt your cynicism? Too late for what, exactly? Good sales? Maybe, but what do sales have to do with 1st party exclusives? Look, 7 exclusives is still 7 exclusives. Say they put out 12-15 games per year on average per console (as reported by Nintendolife). And let's say you buy 7, heck, forget 7, let's say you buy just FIVE every year. That's still 30 top-shelf, exclusive, can't-play-anywhere-else games by the end of this gen.

I have a very thorough collection from past generations. I have exactly 35 Gamecube games, exactly 37 Wii games, and surprisingly, 35 Wii U games. Ya, I've already surpassed my previous collections in just one year. By the time this gen is over, I don't know about YOU, but I'm probably gonna have upwards of 75 games on the console. Why would anyone give up that?

Here's what it is: I said it before and I'll say it again- Nintendo makes half of the best games in the industry, while 3rd parties make the other half. By not owning a Wii U, you will forfeit 50% of the greatest games this generation will have to offer. It's simple as that. You're already forfeiting 2013 Game of the Year (Super Mario 3D World), games like MH3U (the best Monster Hunter game ever conceived, and possibly the best game ever conceived), games like DKC Tropical Freeze (Retro Studios, hello, sequel to one of the best games on the Wii), etc.. I could go on, but you get the point.

I'm not Nintendo only, but how dare you insult someone over their preference in gaming? Shame on you. What if I told you I don't like AAA games. Who are you to call me blind over my preference? You cannot fault someone for preferring Nintendo. They make the funnest games in the world, in case you didn't know. And many here are Wii U only and prefer it that way.

I look at the Gamecube library, and most every game on my shelf is 1st party. The ONLY 3rd party games are Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, Beyond Good & Evil, Ikaruga, Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2, Mega Man Anniversary Collection (and X Collection), and Sonic Mega Collection. That's it, FOR AN ENTIRE GENERATION. Nine games. 3 of which were 8-bit and 16-bit compilations on disc. So 6, really. Wii U already has ZombiU, MH3U, Bayonetta 2, Sonic Lost World and Sonic Boom that we know about. In just over a year, it's already matched it, not counting the 20 or so AAA multiplats that Gamecube NEVER SAW.

And as far as first party content goes, well, nothing's changed. In fact, Nintendo is releasing MORE 1st party games on Wii U than the Gamecube. About 2 games for every one on the Cube. So, Wii U will have more worthwhile 3rd party exclusives, already has more worthwhile AAA ports, and will dwarf the Gamecube in 1st party content.

But aside from all that, a real gamer is about playing fun games, and the Wii U most certainly has that, with much more to come. Yes, it's worth it for Nintendo's games. I like Nintendo's games more than any other games out there. So you go right on ahead and miss Tropical Freeze, miss Mario Kart 8, miss the new Zelda when it comes, the new Metroid, X, Bayonetta, SMT x Fire Emblem. Just keep in mind, 3rd parties didn't put their games on Nintendo's when it was the strongest (Gamecube) and they didn't put their games on when it was the highest selling (Wii). NOTHING was ever going to convince them to put their games on Wii U. The library would have been no different regardless of how powerful it was, or what it sold. If it did, the difference would be negligible.



IronMan28 said:

"Why can't Nintendo get this? Why are they not offering games that can't be done on the 3DS? Back during the N64 days, the N64 offered games you could not get on a Game Boy Color. Now, it just seems like the 3DS is the better deal anyway you look at it."
I think you're exaggerating a bit on the Wii U and 3DS having the same lineups. This has been going on for some time, and yes, the entries could be a bit different. But think about this, you're comparing systems that are already history to ones that are relatively new. The Wii U hasn't built up steam yet, and you acknowledge this in your posts. Give it some time, the Wii U shows promise, think about games like X and Bayo 2. Heck, Super Mario 3D World is miles better than 3D Land, and Mario Kart 8 looks like it will inject some new life into the Mario Kart formula. Lego City and its 3DS equivalent are two different games, and the Wii U version is much more substantial and a lot less technically annoying than its little portable brother.
Yes, both systems will be getting SSB, but even then, the experiences vary. I don't see much of a point in getting the 3DS version, other than being able to take it on the go. Playing that particular game on a big screen is something I can appreciate more than playing it on my 3DS. Online play on 3DS is worthless as well, because I'll have to be at home to experience it, and at that point, I might as well just boot up my Wii U and play it on there. Aside from utilitarian reasons, I think it's fair to say the bigger maps will make it easier for me to enjoy SSB on my Wii U. Of course, my thoughts are mine, and yours are yours, but I'm just saying not everyone is looking for reasons to avoid the Wii U version of certain franchises.
Point is, Wii U and 3DS have their own versions of franchises, and there is some overlap. I agree they should differentiate their lineups, and I will continue to assert this is a good idea. However, you're jumping to conclusions a bit too soon, if I'm reading your posts correctly of course. Your money is your money, and you spend it however the heck you want, but I think you're selling the Wii U and yourself short by not giving it a fair shot.



Tryken said:

I've always been able to get my indie game fix on my PC through one of the 9 million Humble Indie Bundles or Steam Sales. I'll still get certain indie titles on the Wii U (especially exclusives), but I don't feel like I'm being "held over."

Do you know what would tide me over? A trailer from one of the following franchises: Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero.

This might sound like I'm asking for a lot, but I'm not. I just want to KNOW that one of those three universes are in development. I love Super Mario 3D World, it's one of the best ever made. Mario kart 8 is going to be awesome and will probably completely destroy my life in its playtime. But how is it that Nintendo keeps asking, "Why aren't we attracting hardcore gamers?" and everyone is shouting, "METROID, STAR FOX, F-ZERO," they go, "Hmm... They must want... More Donkey Kong Country Returns!"

Of course, that doesn't fix the myriad of problems with the marketing and how it'll get bigger appeal, but at least satisfy your hardcore following, Nintendo by touching on the franchises you keep ignoring.

I say this, and it sounds so pessimistic, but I'm convinced Nintendo does have one of those franchises in production but isn't ready to speak about it yet. I don't think they're ready to retire Metroid, Star Fox, and F-Zero. It's probably just too early to bring it up, and the Nintendo Direct wanted to focus on the releases that were shown at E3, nothing wrong with that. But soon, Big N, soon, give me that announcement I'm looking for.



JaxonH said:


First of all, I'm with you. I'm as big a Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero fan as the next guy. But DO NOT diminish the value of Donkey Kong Country. That IS a core game, and one of their best. In fact, I don't want Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero, I want DONKEY KONG COUNTRY, Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero. If you don't know, ask somebody. DKC is one of the funnest and most hardcore franchises ever conceived. I will gladly take Tropical Freeze as my first installment from that selection.

Now, I do agree that I want a Metroid. But be patient. Console generations don't elapse over night. We're talking 6 years here. We've got plenty of time, and we'll get one. Probably not F-Zero, but we'll get the other 2. But there is more to gaming than Metroid, Star Fox and F-Zero. MUCH more. And DKC is a perfect example of that. If there's ONE game that's just as fun, just as challenging, and just as desired by fans (if not MORE desired), it's DKC. Play the SNES trilogy. Play Returns. Then you'll know.



Senario said:

@JaxonH Agree, a Metroid game would be interesting. Same with Star Fox and F Zero. However, Donkey Kong is definitely not a bad game. I'm considering getting it, although my wallet will be hurting since I'm trying to save up for some other games which are higher on my priority list.

Personally, I'd love to see a new installment in the Advance Wars Series of games but I accept that it doesn't exactly sell too well and right now it is not something they NEED.



JaxonH said:


We know that Nintendo is willing to cut off franchises that consistently don't meet sales expectations (the Fire Emblem ultimatum), but more times than not I think they prefer to rotate them out. For example, we didn't see a Starfox game last gen, but we DID get a revival of DKC and 2D Mario. We didn't see a Pikmin last gen, but they brought it back this gen. Kid Icarus Uprising rebooted the franchise in 2011 after what, two decades?

I believe a franchise is never truly spent. I just think they put the consistently low selling IPs and those which face critical backlash (Metroid Other M) on the back burner to let em sit for a while. Which is why I think we haven't seen a Metroid on 3DS or Wii U as of yet. It'll come I'm sure, but only one this time, not two. It's both a blessing and a curse, although I do understand their stance. You don't want to press an IP that's currently in the hot seat, or being ignored by consumers. As a result, we're always sure to see at least one or two revived franchises each gen, which is a good thing.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Ha. Glad I never invested in the Wii U... That's absolutely terrible. 3DS XL all the way for me. Honestly though, I was never interested in Nintendo consoles growing up. Always loved their handhelds, though.



Juma009 said:

Nintendo is only capable of releasing 3/4 high quality games a year, thats a fact, It's always been like this, difference is that back in the gamecube days Nintendo still had some support, from Capcom, Namco even Square but that seems to be dead at the moment, Nintendo really nneds to exploit their eshop, I mean go deep with the GBA library, DS games should be coming soon too, (this will finally give a good use to the tablet) I mean The world ends with you, Radiant Historia, I can think of dozens of games,



Bolt_Strike said:

The only reason the drought bothers me is because I want the Wii U to be successful and I'm waiting for better games, aside from that I don't actually own a Wii U yet so it doesn't matter to me what happens. Either I'll jump in when the Wii U gets good or I'll just ignore it the entire generation, and I can just look at other consoles.



KnightRider666 said:

What kills me is the fact that Nintendo could have used January and February to completely overhaul the Virtual Console on both systems and release a flood of games. I guess they're not hurting badly enough to do that yet...



PorridgeParlour said:

I encourage people to take advantage of this "drought" and spend it playing games you haven't played, or you already have. There are so many good ones out there that are just as good as they were when they came out! You could also use this time to anticipate the new games that are coming out.



Nintendelb said:

It's quite sad when you feel a little regret for having purchased a $350 console, but there's no one to blame than me.
With that said, maybe this drought will help me be more productive... Or, it will just force me to dive back into the Wii library of games.

I mean come on you guys, before your Wii U dries out, at least pop in Sin and Punishment: Star Successor and play that for a while.



LoveSugoi said:

By the time I get a Wii U, I'll have 3DW, MK8, SLW, Shovel Knight, Child of Light, The Wonderful 101, NES Remix 2 and a whole generation of Wii games to catch up on as I wait for Smash and Bayonetta. Project Diva F, Triple Deluxe, and whatever other wonderful retail and eshop titles I'm sure to get for my 3DS will be dividing my attention as well. Oh, and that having a life outside video games thing will be pretty distracting too. So while this drought thingy goes on, I'll be struggling to find the time and money to play even a quarter of the games I want to. Go figure.



Tsusasi said:

@Blackleg_sanji But out of all of those games, few have come close to the scores of the current Wii U releases... and most were panned or barely made it to 'mediocre' on most sites. As long as we're being fair, both the XBOX ONE and the PS4 (which I plan on owning when it has GOOD, COMPELLING content) are loaded with middling quality games at best, with 'me too' predictable genre entries and uninspired sequels... all hoping to cash in on the graphics-jerk rope-a-dope that comes with every new generation of systems.



Tsusasi said:

Way to take the low road yet again, Nintendolife (I almost feel dirty using Nintendo in your name, the way you whore your editorial and 'news' pieces out for me-too Wii U bashing). Only you could put a negative spin (and spin a hyperbolic B.S. headline) on what was really a fun and interesting (if not surprising) Nintendo Direct. I'm not a fanboy, but I feel almost like I need to transform into one to defend Nintendo on this site... which is just unfortunate.

E3 is right around the corner. Are you really naive or ignorant enough to think that Nintendo would give it all away in a Nintendo Direct? No... of course you're not. You just enjoy filling slow news days with crap like this. Completely unnecessary. Unless you find your readers to be too stupid to read a release calendar and figure out how many games are currently slated for this coming fiscal year (so far). It ceases being reporting both sides of the story when there was really no story to report, outside of negative spin, conjecture, speculation and hyperbole. Clickbait and troll food. I'd say you were better than this, but at this point I can't say that with any conviction.



Dragonquester said:

I usually replay some of my favourite games when things are quiet. I currently have ten retail games and a bunch of VC and Indie games on Wii U since getting it at launch to keep me busy, plus DK Tropical Freeze this week.
I don't understand gamers who buy games, play them once, then trade them in for their next gaming fix. I personally think most games are more enjoyable after their first play through. I'm currently on my second play through of Wind Waker HD and really enjoying it. I wish I had more time to play some of my older games like Pandoras Tower and the Last story, not to mention I gave up on Xenoblade about halfway through, which I'd like to finish some time. Plus my sixteen 3DS games are keeping me busy. The only Wii U game I think should have been released by now is DragonQuest X.



Tsusasi said:

@JaxonH amen and well said. I have every system released stateside and some that weren't since the 16 bit era... and many from before. I am a gamer. I could give a rat's donkey about specs and media centers. I want to play fun, compelling, interesting and joy-inducing games. With the hundreds of games I own, I can honestly say that the greatest joy, the most smiles and the best memories have come from Nintendo and Sega... SONY has wormed their way into my heart on some occasions, and of course I love many of the third parties: Square, Capcom, Enix (yes both... BEFORE the merger), etc. SNES, Gamecube, Genesis, Saturn Dreamcast, Wii (playing Xenoblade right now), all of the brilliant handhelds (currently playing Mario, Zelda and Bravely Default... just finished Sticker Star and a few of the indy games), and now Wii U... just take a look at Metacritic scores: There's nothing on these new VCR-like boxes that can compete with current releases on the Wii U, and certainly won't stand up to Mario Kart 8, a new Zelda, Monolith's new game, Smash Bros... and there's so much more to come. Nintendolife just loves using Wii U bashing as clickbait. And when there's blood in the water on one of their glorified blogs, there's trolls...

@Tsusasi: Watch the language. I'm not gonna be nice next time -Lz



Tsusasi said:

@JaxonH Truth. That's why even with the constant flow of free games on my PS+ account, I find myself playing my Wii U and to an extent my Wii (Xenoblade and Super Paper Mario right now). My 360 has been napping for some time, except to play the Dance Central games with my daughter.



Dragonquester said:

@Tsusasi Don't be too hard on Nintendolife, I think this "drought" is something that's on a lot of gamers minds lately( it's certainly crossed my mind lately when planning my game purchases). I think part of the problem is that Nintendo's first party games are so amazingly amazing ( for want of a better term) that most Nintendo fans can't wait for their release. I mean c'mon, who doesn't want Smash Bros. NOW! But as many others have pointed out, quality beats quantity anytime.
Like you I'm an old school gamer and have owned most systems since the 8-bit days. If I had the money I'd buy SEGA and bring back Alex Kidd, not to mention a tonne of other dormant SEGA IP's.



hiptanaka said:

The drought is almost welcome since Dark Souls 2 should eat most of my gaming time in March and April.



Kuksenkov said:

Hey, but we're getting Spiderman, Hobbit, and Hello Kitty in the upcoming months!!


Anyways, I'm not sure how I feel about this "drought", since I've been playing Wii games mostly lately. My next purchase will probably be a Wii game since i'm not really interested in the current Wii U catalog, some exceptions aside. And honestly, I don't think one more copy sold will do any difference with the third parties.

At the same time, its kind of sad to see how poorly Wii U is being supported. Aside from the multiplat-everyone must get titles/movie tie in- games, there's not anything coming to Wii U at retail...



Senario said:

@KnightRider666 Putting things on the virtual console isn't as simple as "Hey lets put this code and data for the game on the system and it'll work!".

To do virtual console games you need to not only have much superior hardware to emulate the system but you also need to check each game to make sure they don't suffer gamebreaking bugs from working on the system. You cannot simply "release a flood". That and if there are any copyrights for a game they need to deal with it (earthbound had some if I remember correctly.)



kereke12 said:

Nintendo should be like Sony, listen to there customers. Nintendo is still in the stone-age. I just hope all those games they announced for Wii U, Mario Kart, SSB, Donkey Kong. Will make those Wii U fly of the selves.



MysticX said:

@Tsusasi Fair enough, please point out all the good news surrounding WiiU that NintendoLife skipped in favour of "Nintendooooomed"-articles, or would you rather NL follows Nintendo's example and goes for an article-drought instead?

I'd like to think better of the WiiU (I'm loving my 3DS XL, in the "awesome games, bro!"-kinda way), but the incoming game-drought is... severe to say the least, the release calendar is pretty sparse with the EU one (According to GameFAQs) sporting a whole 5 games with actual release dates and some games with an indeterminate (Read: Not for a long while yet) release date, Nintendo's E3-lineup better be beyond legendary to salvage anything of this situation...



erv said:

Drought…? I got lots to play. This type of article always makes it feel like the only relevant games out there are the ones released in the past 2 weeks. Maybe if you’re running a toy store, but for gamers there’s a quality library to choose from.



Phil_Kavadias said:

The issue isn't that there isn't a lot to play. In that respect, gamers are being very unreasonable. It is that there aren't enough games that they WANT. But the same could be said of other consoles too, in that for considerable periods of time, there is nothing that a gamer might want. But for some reason Nintendo is receiving a great deal of abuse for something that isn't unique to them.



datamonkey said:

I am as big a Nintendo fan as anybody else, but as a person mostly interested in first party Nintendo developed games the lineup for Wii U is pathetic.

We had a drought this time last year and the fact that this is happening again a year later is not good enough, especially after Nintendo management said it wouldn't happen. We accepted Iwata apologising and asking us for patience but that was a year ago and my patience is now wearing very thin.

Nintendo couldn't really have handled the Wii U any worse and I just can't work out how they misjudged how many resources they would need to develop HD games.

A year and a half after launch and this is the situation? It's awful and I can no longer defend them or paint a rosy picture of what is far from a rosy situation.

Indie games are nice but not what I bought my Wii U for. I've only had my PS4 for under a month and already I have twice the amount to play on it than my Wii U which I've had since launch. Not only that the lineup this year on Sony's machine looks superb.

To say I'm disappointed in my Wii U is a massive understatement and that's coming from a fan who actually quite likes the damn thing...



Grumblevolcano said:

There's a lot of comments about it being worse than last year but wasn't the only "big" Wii U release outside of VC in the first half of 2013, Lego City Undercover (feel free to correct me, I only got a Wii U last September so I may have missed some). So by that logic, you have 3 in 2014 compared with 1 in 2013 for first half hence an improvement.



Inkling said:

I've got enough to play, since 3D World's 100% needs all levels with all characters!

Anyway, everyone who says Wii U is a failure.... 5.86 million units worldwide isn't a failure. 500,000 definitely, but Wii U isn't a failure. I think it's because developers see the Wii U is failing in their eyes, they delay all of their Wii U games and then focus on other platforms.

The only, real supporter 3rd party for Nintendo is Sega. Even then, they still look like they'll jump ship after Sonic Boom.

More adverts, adverts and ADVERTS! Add a price cut to the mix and bundle Mario Kart or Smash Bros or 3D World and boom! Like the Stores said, a price cut and Mario Kart will help, but they won't save the Wii U.

I guess we'll have to see how it all plays out, then!




I think it's clear Nintendo are struggling with development on Wii U. Not in the sense that they can't do it but it's taking them much longer than we've previously seen and the lack of third party support amplifies this issue.
We're seeing Nintendo working with other developers to help on development of their games which I don't see as a bad thing, but I think it sort of proves my point.



Metal_Slugger said:

Drought? Heck I'm still playing Monster Hunter. LOL 1200 hours or more and no plans to stop anytime soon.



Sean_Aaron said:

Are attention spans really that short that a couple of months between major releases is some kind of crisis - I'm not responding to the article here, but many of the comments.

Obviously tastes differ, but for myself I've got the last few bonus stages of Super Mario 3D World, NES Remix and Darksiders II to finish before I think about buying Donkey Kong or Deus Ex. Having some indie games and VC content will more than add to the variety and then there's still stuff to do in Need for Speed, Lego City and a half-dozen other titles.

I guess if all you play is first-person and action titles then yes, the Wii U looks boring, but then I look at the PS4 release list and it's a big snooze fest, so I guess everybody's different!



Beta said:

I, for one, won't be experiencing any droughts as I own both a Wii U and 3DS, and the titles they announced fill every month till summer when you combine both, there are even moths with more than one game. I don't care what console is the game going to release on, I only care about that I'll be playing games that I enjoy, no matter if it's on 3DS or Wii U, I just see that they complement each other in terms of line up well for me.



electrolite77 said:


The thing is Nintendo have no excuse for being so far behind. As the zealots constantly remind us, they have loads of money. So why wasn't this spent on getting up to speed with HD development? They must have known since 2007 that their next console would be HD. They constantly say 'no more droughts' as they want customers to spend money on their consoles and then we get droughts. They're becoming a hard company to trust.



LoBo said:

I bought the Wii U for one game MK8 , apart from that I won't use it much , there is no joy in downloading and playing Nes or Snes games , its money for old rope , the VC is pathetic really , after all this is Nintendo we are talking about here who are sitting on a massive library of games ... but No we get Snes or Nes ...its like the Nintendo Parody Nintendogs Benny ..goes , you will Buy It and like it !!
I'm sorry to say , unless Nintendo start adding some worth while games to the VC ( N64 - Game Cube )they won't be getting my money ... I'll just sit it out and wait for Mk8 in 3 months time ...
And you know what the sad thing about that is , the game is probably already completed , but due to marketing strats they are probably holding it back to give tropical freeze a chance ...



electrolite77 said:


Totally agree. What have we got so far? Pikmin 3 (brilliant), Mario 3D World (great but no advance on the Galaxy games, in fact not as good IMHO), NSMBU (2D platformer, nothing amazing), Luigi U (DLC for 2D platformer), Nintendoland (mini game collection), Game and Wario (mini game collection), Wii Party U (mini game collection), NES Remix (mini game collection), Wii Sports (remake of mini game collection), Zelda WW (remake) plus Lego City and W101, great games but funded rather than developed by Nintendo. Of the few games on the horizon one is a 2D platformer and one is a mini game collection.

Meanwhile the VC is in a worse state than the Wii. Though generally the eshop is of no relevance to me as they still haven't sorted out an Account system (I lost loads of VC and Wiiware games when my Wii got stolen and Nintendo weren't interested-they didn't even reply to my initial email). These are things that can be easily solved by spending some of that cash pile.

I've been a Nintendo gamer since 1990. 3DS and Wii U are the first Nintendo console I didn't buy a launch and I will be thinking very carefully about buying their next one. I used to be a serious fanboy but I'm fed up of the droughts, the broken promises and the refusal to listen to long time fans.

TL;DR Seriously disillusioned long term ex-fanboy



datamonkey said:

@electrolite77 +1.

I'm definitely following in your footsteps and not buying any Nintendo hardware at launch in the future. I've been burnt two times in a row with 3DS and Wii U and it's not happening again...



crazycrazydave said:

Nintendo, If you can't get 3rd Party developers to make games for your system, use that money you have and BUY development studios. Make some of them develop for the 3DS while you focus on the Wii U. You NEED to have release dates and more games lined up for your console than you do right now. There are definitely some indie developers that would have absolutely no quarrel in making games exclusive to Nintendo systems.

This is in my opinion the make or break year of the Wii U. If there are no significant sales this year after Mario Kart 8,Super Smash Bros or any other of their titles, this will sell Gamecube levels of consoles and will quickly be abandoned if they make another home console.

I want them to succeed, but they really have been caught with their pants down and are still trying to do them up even after 1 and a 1/4 year. I will get a Wii U, but the question is is whether I will amass a decent library of games or buy it preowned with a few essentials.



jjmesa16 said:

"It's not been helped by the Wii U delay of Watch_Dogs, but it's becoming increasingly clear why Satoru Iwata — in his various January briefings — was talking about mid-term plans and returning to the good times in the next financial year (after 31st March)."

Seems like they said this at the end of the last fiscal year too.



JimLad said:

I could honestly live with the very slow flow of just first party games if the console was dirt cheap. I'm talking cheaper than the Xbox 360 and PS3 right now, because frankly with the amount of games those consoles have and continue to get, they are better value.

Nothing wrong with being the cheapest. If the price reflected the software library better I could respect and recommend the console.



jshcamisado said:

@Beta This is exactly how I see it! It's all hugely subjective though, so I sympathise with the people that feel disappointed. But in between what I get up to in my daily life, I wouldn't have time to plow through piles and piles of games anyway. The timing for releases across both consoles works perfectly and there's never a dull moment.



Artie said:

Am I the only one tired of seeing game droughts only to have two major titles release on the same day? In the US, Mario Golf and Kirby Triple Deluxe on May 2...and 3ds titles no less. My fiancée and I both have 3ds' and want both of these, but now have to choose because I can't drop $160 plus tax on 2 copies of 2 games on the same day. Seriously, what's that about? How is that smart?



khululy said:

Poor Nintendo, they try so hard yet still seem to miss a few marks but I do have to agree that things look kind of grim for the WiiU as a commercial product.
I still firmly believe the quality of games is not determined by the hardware it runs on but it seems lot of companies consider it easier to make multi platform versions, while this do helps sales it rarely helps quality. I mean look at most products that the big companies that rejected the WiiU bring out it's mostly well build good looking white dude power fantasy fests. I do miss the 90's and early 2000's games they had a sense of experimental freshness. To me the whole gaming world is in a rut but people focus so much on nintendo because they are a goliath and a behemoth in this industry they still stand out while sony and MS make preset pc's that are obsolete on the release day Nintendo still makes gameing divices. The whole climate needs to change. Games are not merely products to leech consumers.
I'd sooner buy a Wii U then a PS4 or Xbone since I own a decent gaming rig and with all the x86 cpu's and ATI gpu's there will be lesser system exclusives for thoses systems from big companies like Capcom and I see even Konami getting back some pc support and BandaiNamco as well.
So if anything Sony and MS are more obsolete then Nintendo is atm as there is a constant focus on the Big N (albeit a bit negative) Wich encourages(or forces) the company to change while these others slack off thinking they can go another round of brown burly bromance battles. But in the end it's the gamers that creates sales not the games not 3rd party support. (more discounts will help sales Nintendo! People are suckers for 'XX% off' deals!)



Chris720 said:

Even a blind man can see this console has flopped. The only income Nintendo are getting is from 3DS sales.

I don't see how Nintendo are going to turn this flop over, third party support is pretty much non-existent, the first party support is few and far between. All you have is downloads... how is that going to cater for people who want big name games?

I really love Nintendo and I'll back them all the way, but I'm sorry Nintendo, the Wii U has nothing going for it anymore. Its been struggling for over a year now and the Christmas period didn't even help it out. Just kill the life support already...



Tsusasi said:

@electrolite77 Do you understand what E3 is to the industry? Do you know what happens at keynote events during E3? Do you have any clue as to when major developments/huge game announcements happen in the industry? Obviously not, or you wouldn't have asked that question. If your can't figure out why it would be important (and responsible 'journalism') to wait until after E3 to declare whether or not Nintendo truly has a drought on their hands (instead of posting unwarranted and currently unfounded negative spin), then I can't help you.

Good lord. Critical thinking people!



faustcoolio said:

@OliverAdam what's not to understand, ps4 and xbox1 are basicly sff PC. Any current PC game or Amy project for PC can be customized to ps4 and xbox1 with no effort. If Nintendo went with x86 architecture we would have see all those games (toned down) on Wii u as well.



Luffymcduck said:

Well I'm glad I also have 3DS and PS3. And other hobbies than just gaming. DKC TF and MK8 will be enough for a long time. Not to mention that if there are no delays before Smash Bros´ release, the 3DS and Wii U versions won't make me want to buy any new games for the next 6 months or something.



Dpullam said:

I'll probably be picking up a Wii U a couple years down the line once a majority of their big first-party titles have been released. Until then, I'll be satisfied with my Nintendo 3DS and Xbox 360 since I still have plenty of games to play on either of those systems.



electrolite77 said:


How exactly is E3 going to help the gap in releases between Donkey Kong and Mario Kart? That's February and May. Are they going to announce games and also travelling back through time to release them? I'm well aware what E3 is, but I also have the benefit of being able to use a calendar. If you can't do that then 'I can't help you'.



kuribo4 said:

@JaxonH "I agree. 50% of the games worth buying are developed by 3rd parties. The other 50% are exclusive to Nintendo platforms."

Absolute truth. This ends with every internet debate.

Are you sure about MGS though? It seems it is prety long in the end. Although the fact that it cost more on PS4 is really doggieoopsiety.

Profanity is not necessary here -Lz



kuribo4 said:

@GunstarHero234 I don't buy stuff on eshop.
With films, music, books and videogames my time is taken up. The Wii U is more than enough for me.
Besides, if I owned the PS4 I would own less games than on the Wii U, since I only buy the best.



rdenton85 said:

I'm amazed how its taking so long to get the VC going. Is it the PAL game issue or something but the Wii had games like Super Metroid, Streets of Rage 3, Link to the Past and so many more in its first year.

Is there something different about the Wii-U's VC that makes it harder to programme for?



Tsusasi said:

@electrolite77 If you have blinders on and only count 1st party releases as legitimate games (which is insane) then yes, there isn't much going on... but there ARE plenty of games on the way during that period. Honestly, it has become a running joke among gamers: the stack/tower of shame. Games that gamers still need to play, but don't have time. Why is it so hard for people to let a month or two go by without a major AAA release without labeling it a 'drought'? It's insane. It makes no sense.There are plenty of existing titles, and indy games out there as well as new games on the way. Couple that with the build-up for E3 (here's the relevancy), and people will have plenty to keep them busy or drooling over what's coming next. Gamers (sane gamers who aren't needy or unfocused) will be engaged by the anticipation and tease of the show and enjoy what games they have... and the rest of the year will fill up quickly after E3. The keynotes and announcements are teased and hyped all through at least April, and usually much of March and hints and rumors start earlier. There will be more Nintendo Directs, and Nintendo minutes and reveals and teases along the way. E3 influences everything within that window... it informs people's spending habits, it often causes game purchases to be delayed to ensure gamers have the budget for the latest and greatest. There is no drought, save for the needy and elitist gamers who never have enough when they can't finish what they already have, or refuse to download an indy game because it doesn't have over the top graphics or shiny, overly varnished production values.

So yeah... E3 IS relevant, and casts it's shadow over the entire 1st quarter and beyond.



JaxonH said:


Ground Zeroes is a glorified demo. Players have recorded that it can be finished in less than 2 hours. Now, I know you can do sidequests and all that, but you know I got 4 or 5 hours from the Bravely Default demo, which was free. All MGS games have a prequel intro, so to speak. They basically chopped that out of the real game, padded it with a few extra sidequests and cutscenes, and slapped a $40 sticker on it. I WAS planning on buying it... not any more.



kuribo4 said:

@JaxonH Yeah, but wasn't the 2 hours the story mission? And then there are more.
Well, I understand what you say.
But I'm kind of sorry for Kojima. I'm sure te guy was just excited to show part of the game, because the rest will take like two years more.



OliverAdam said:

I wish i was able to dive head first into ALL the software that comes out, but i am not, and as such there's hardly anything for me. Once this issue was covered by plenty of great quality 3rd party games that are no longer on the Nintendo platform. I wish i had at least 1 good retail game coming my way, but i have to be lucky for one to even come out. I don't care about the PS4 or the Xbox One and what they might not offer now, because those consoles aren't in my home as of yet and two wrongs don't make one right. Aside from that, we know that those consoles are prioritized by big publishers.

I earn enough money to purchase a couple of games each month, but Nintendo is obviously not targeting me, and since the backlog is neither interesting 'nor big enough (i won't play the same game for 200 hours unless we're talking MH3U) i understand perfectly why people distance themselves from the Wii U. I like indies, but even on that front, it looks like the Wii U is becoming worse and worse with games that are visually horrific, and i know gameplay might outweigh that, but i didn't buy "next-gen" to play something that could potentially be made on last-last-gen... Or could be played on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One that all offers more on top of that.

This is NOT the same situation that occurred on the 64 or GC back in the day.

I like Nintendo because of nostalgia, but i will not be blinded by it, and though Super Mario 3D World has been a lot of fun and definitely one of my favourite games as of late, one could easily do without it, if they have Galaxy 2 right next to it.

The Wii U simply doesn't offer anything new or innovative, and its everything they ever tried to, as a consequence they have distanced themselves from developers, their audience and obviously their own developers internally (since their creativity can't harmonize with the GamePad's potential)

Nintendo done goof'd.



electrolite77 said:


Are you seriously saying that there isn't a release drought because of anticipation of unannounced games available in the future? That's a shame for Mario Kart then. It'll be a sales disaster because everyone's waiting for E3.

I really have heard it all now, excuses-wise.



Tsusasi said:

@electrolite77 Nope. That is not at all what I was saying. I'm saying there's not a drought because, between first party games and indy releases there's plenty to play. There are plenty of games both previously released and hitting the Wii U during the supposed drought for any sane person who isn't an entitled cry-baby. Furthermore, during that period there will be E3 hype, rumors and news to keep the momentum going and keep focus and interest in the system. There's also NES Remix 2 in April, as well as Virtual console releases include a few amazing Gameboy Advance games. What I'm saying is that the notion of a drought is a whiney, ridiculous, cry-baby, first-world, entitled whack-job view-point. What games are there should be more than enough, and it's a good bet that there will be other surprises leading up to E3, as well as during the week OF E3. What I'm saying is I can't believe what whiners and punks have infiltrated the gaming community. I would rather have 2 Nintendo first party games to play, than ten CoD rip offs and twenty other genre me-toos. Unless you are independently wealthy and/or don't work and have nothing else in your life, there's plenty to go around. Have you caught on yet?

When you add to that the fact that for many gamers, the Wii U is a second system, or they have another system besides the Wii U (many own a 3DS), this is all just so much B.S. We don't need 5, 10 or 15 games on top of what's scheduled in that several month window.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Peach64 Imagine a Smash Bros Melee and Mario Kart double dash with HD and online multiplayer, both for 39.99 and if you buy both and register them then you get 10 bucks back in eshop cash. This should happen by March, but it wont.



mamp said:

Well I won't be able to get a Wii U until 2015 but man it's disheartening that there won't be a lot for me to look forward to.



GunstarHero234 said:

@kuribo4 The best you say really dude the best from me is the Dreamcast and that's old donkey system the Wii U has good titles but only Nintendo titles the rest is either AAA straps or shovelware and that just cut it with me sadly. I play more my other older consoles and my PS4 over the Wii U because of the variety of titles I go for.

Please watch the profanity — TBD



Action51 said:


" I play more my other older consoles and my PS4 over the Wii U because of the variety of titles I go for."

Cool, you are like most gamers and you have multiple consoles and platforms to keep you busy. You probably have a bunch of games you haven't finished as well.

Oh wait, you're complaining because one of your consoles has a big gap between major releases? Hmm, that is a problem then isn't it....It's a shame that like most gamers you don't have multiple platforms or a backlog of games. It also seems like a shame that you can't buy a game that has been on store shelves for more then a few weeks because games go stale like milk or cheese if you don't buy them at launch.

I wish their was a solution I could offer you, because you sure like to complain a lot and repeat yourself over stuff everyone is aware of. Too bad you can't buy games for your other platforms, finish up your backlog, or buy games that aren't new releases...better to complain about minor inconveniences.



KnightRider666 said:

@Senario: Okay, but there are plenty of 1st party games they could have released. They had a ton of games on the Wii VC they could have released on the Wii U and 3DS VC's.



JohninMotion said:

What it comes down to is value proposition. Do we feel we are getting our money's worth out of this system opposed to the money we could have spent with another system?

The other systems offer more (in terms of movie/music downloads etc.) and have all the third party games and indie titles you can shake a stick at. They have a strong online presence (for a fee), plus they have or will have full libraries of earlier titles to play on those systems. The downfall to this is their systems cost more and some of their titles are not of the highest quality.

On our end, the Wii U doesn't offer any of the frills that the other systems do and doesn't have a large library of AAA or indie games... or VC games for that matter. Their online and other features they do have are behind the other systems. The bonus is that their AAA games are of the highest quality and their indie and VC games are generally up there as well.

Does this equal out? Unless you are lucky enough to own multiple systems, most people say, "No" which is where the guff comes from. I personally play Steam games on my computer in between releases on my Wii U, but the fact of the matter is I shouldn't have to. I rarely did that on my 360 because they took care of my gaming needs. Wii U doesn't do that and I go looking for it elsewhere.

I'm also afraid for Nintendo's future. No, they aren't going to go under because of a Wii U failure, but people are definitely going to think twice or even three times before spending their hard earned money on another Nintendo system. That may hurt them in the future.

The bottom line: I am happy with the games I do have but there should have been more on the table.



Senario said:

@KnightRider666 They still would have to test the games to make sure the gameplay works and make sure the resolution works for a bigger TV. If you have ever tried playing something like paper mario on wii mode for the Wii U, it looks really grainy and definitely not what I would consider good enough for playing. These things apply to both third parties and first parties. Including copyright sometimes for first party (Earthbound).



GreatPlayer said:

@Tsusasi Surely you are right, because EVERYONE is gonna like Remix 2. There is no need for variety because everyone is gonna suck up whatever games being released in Wii U. Of course there is no drought.



McGruber said:

There's a total of 2 WiiU games I care about this year : Mario Kart and Smash. That's terrible. I don't think they have hit bottom yet though. The WiiU is going to be the first real flop system. They are already losing money on every system sold, whereas the GameCube was never sold at a loss.



Action51 said:

@GreatPlayer you sound like people on political talk shows lol.

Either you believe one extreme, or the opposite extreme. That kind of rhetoric has infected everything, even video game discussion.



MikeLove said:


"There's also NES Remix 2 in April, as well as Virtual console releases include a few amazing Gameboy Advance games. What I'm saying is that the notion of a drought is a whiney, ridiculous, cry-baby, first-world, entitled whack-job view-point."

You know what else is a whack-job point of view? Believing that people spent $300+ on a new Nintendo console so they could repurchase games that are 12-25 years old.



Tsusasi said:

@JohnRedcorn And yet... they do. One of the biggest complaints about both the Wii and the Wii U was the fact that the Virtual Console never hit it's potential. Across all of Nintendo's most recent platforms, people are ALWAYS excited for the eShop announcements... not for indy stuff, so much as for the latest Virtual Console releases. And gamers in each region covet releases in others. And what kind of games are these (wait for it)? That's right... games that are 12-15 years old or older. But you're right... no one is excited about the Gameboy Advance games... oh wait. Yes they are. But I'll give you points for point this out because NES Remix sold so poorly... oh wait, no it didn't.

But enough completely justified snark: The point I was making is that there are plenty of amazing games on the way... whether you play them or not is your choice. But passing up games that deliver better gaming experiences than most current releases on other platforms solely because they were released years ago is just ignorant. And gamers... real gamers... are smarter than that.



MikeLove said:


If thats true, why does Nintendo even bother making new games? Just sell a $300 console that plays only 8 and 16-bit games! It would sell like hotcakes, right?!!

If you polled all Wii-U owners and asked them whether they would rather have a new retail title, or a GBA game, what do you think would be the most popular answer?? New release titles are what get people to buy the system and want to invest their money. VC releases should compliment a steady stream of new software, not be a replacement for it.



Tsusasi said:

@JohnRedcorn And that's exactly what I'm saying they do... except for some reason, people now think that they are entitled to a 'AAA' release every other week or every month... which is just stupid and entitled and just sad and pathetic. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the norm now is for people to have stacks of games they never even have time to play or finish. There are PLENTY OF GAMES FOR THE Wii U! It also used to be that people would savor a game and play it through thoroughly. Now side-quests and collectables are considered more of an annoyance... even if it (or because) requires gaming skills above and beyond the rest of the game. 'Gamers' as the mainstream have become lazy, whiney, and needy, as well as entitled. Talk about first-world problems.

Bottom line: There are great games to play on the system, many now available for cheap, there are great games on the way, there are wonderful indy titles arriving in the spring window and the eShop Virtual Console content COMPLIMENTS it all and fills in the gaps.



Tsusasi said:

@GreatPlayer Yeah... because that's all I mentioned on this entire page. Did you see any of my other posts? Do you even know what the rest of the conversation was about? For the lova crap...



Hamguar said:

Well to those who have the time to game hard that does seem to not bode well. But the last year plus of my gaming was consumed hardcore by Monster Hunter 3U and Pokemon X I still have every other game out already to tide me over heck I still have to go out and get a bunch. Any Lull would be welcoming for me. I seriously need to catch up.



joshmail81 said:

@Tsusasi Well said. Do ppl expect their favorite band to put out a classic full length album every month, too? I'm having barrels of fun w/ my Wii u and when MK8 comes out I will be GLUED to that game for a very long time, (DKCTF on heavy rotation, too) I wouldn't notice if zero or a hundred games came out, I like to PLAAAY my games, that's what they're made for. Seriously, people.



KKBB said:

The lack of games isn't so much an issue for me as the lack of variety. Too many platformers.



Action51 said:

@khululy wrote:
"Wich encourages(or forces) the company to change while these others slack off thinking they can go another round of brown burly bromance battles. "

  • brown burly bromance battles!

I love it! Lol...also you made some good points, but that line killed me! Nice!

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