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Wed 24th Jul 2013

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dMo commented on Video: How Tourney Mode in Super Smash Bros. C...:

Right on point Alex! I also was wondering why they're is no amiibo tournament mode. Feels as though I have this large collection of amiibos, that in reality do very little other than unlock bits of content here and there. Being able to train amiibos to battle others amiibos online would be fun imho.



dMo commented on Poll: What Do You Think of the Super Smash Bro...:

I would like to see an amiibo tournament option. Aside from being a great collectible, I have way too many of these sitting around collecting dust. I still haven't seen a game use them in a way that makes them a needed thing. Splatoon was probably the closest.



dMo commented on Limitations on Console Manufacturing and Sales...:

As I understand it, China is a mess with its lack of copyright laws. This will always cause issues there. Think about how Napster changed the music industry. Cloned systems and software would steal a lot of profits from big N.



dMo commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

Calling out life long gamers/journalists probably not his best move. Maybe get some help to fix the controls, and be thankful that people are telling you now before you release a buggy mess. Being overly defensive gets in the way of progress.



dMo commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

It's become so popular to gripe about Nintendos decisions. I'm a bit confused by all the hate for the Wii U. No it didn't catch quite on the way that the Wii did, but is it not a great system? The graphics are great(by any standards), there's a pile of great games for it. The gameplay is useful and well designed. I'm just as disappointed as the next guy that a few of my favorites aren't in the lineup for games, but the U has been my favorite system by far.



dMo commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

Still bothers me that they won't release an update that makes GameCube games playable on the Wii U. If they're not going to release cube titles on the eshop, I want to be able to play my current library without have to download home brew. Right now I need to have both my Wii an Wii u hooked up. Must be a way to save GameCube data to the internal memory.



dMo commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Strategy Needs to be Glo...:

Really hoping Nintendo goes back to supporting one console. im not sure that the next system will be a crossover in the sense that there will be a home console that goes with you. I think its much more likely that they'll make a home console that links to smart devices for play on the go. The install base is too large for Nintendo to ignore. Even companies like Sega have seen great sales.



dMo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

I think that if Federation Force had simply been a Wii U game(and not called Federation Force and without the kiddie art style), reception for the game would have been very different. A halo-esque multiplayer experience would have been very welcome in my book.



dMo commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

VR is an idea that came out a long long time ago, and has failed to get off the ground. It might be something that you see at an expo, maybe it will actually get a console release, but I really feel it will never be something popular or something that is supported well by any of the consoles.



dMo commented on A Keen Retro Gamer Has Produced a Handy Virtua...:

My worry going forward is that Nintendo will eventually axe the gamepad in the next generation with so many people struggling to understand it's simple greatness. Isn't off tv, maps, inventory, and alternate views enough? Very comfortable, useful controller imho. Sick of the "Nintendo is yet to use the gamepad in a substantial way" argument. It's great as it is!



dMo commented on Video: F-Zero Gets the "Did You Know Gaming?" ...:

I agree it would be great to have another fzero for the u. I really feel a good strategy would be to make a Hd upgrade of gx with online multiplayer, make it cheap enough that everyone will buy it, then release a new version based on the success of the upgrade.



dMo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

And that's not a bad thing. the cube was my favorite Nintendo system. I guess I don't get the whole game a month push. Quality over quantity folks. Can other systems really say they release 12 must own games a year? Besides, people speak with their wallets. If more people bought the u, or the quality games that N is making, there would be no droughts or lack of 3rd party support. The casual audience is just smaller now thanks to iphone shovel ware.



dMo commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I agree. I really don't think there's anything wrong with the way it's used now. We use it everyday at our house. It's great for off tv play, for browsing the internet, and is used in make sense ways by many games. Why does it have to be more than inventory, maps, and the occasional touch screen application. It's good as is. My only hope is that Nintendo continues to use it for its next home console(though I really think we'll see a system that is a portable handheld and home console in one).



dMo commented on Talking Point: F-Zero GX HD Could Boost the Fr...:

I think a remaster would be great! This game really was ahead of it's time. Mark my words, nintendo will make a f-zero for this the wii-u. They won't do it yet, that would cut into Mario Kart too much. I can foresee them using some of the new Mario Kart physics to make this a wii u year 3 game. Their big focus right now is getting a U in everybody's living room. Then we'll see some of the more hardcore titles and orginal Ip's.