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Wed 28th Dec 2011

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Cyrso commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edit...:


A game isn't devalued just by releasing on multiple platforms.. People buy handhelds because they're portable, mainmy. Last time I checked home consoles didn't fit in my pocket.. And don't worry, the Vita has a great library of exclusive games already anyway. Out of all next gen systems, and relative to the timeframe the Vita is the next gen system with the most wemm received exclusice games.

We should worry about Wii U. :c



Cyrso commented on Nintendo Versions Of Mutant Mudds Have Sold Be...:

Not really surprising since Renegade Kid is a developer that focuses a lot on the Nintendo fanbase/Nintendo systems. The Steam/PSN/PSVita versions were very quietly released and didn't raise a lot of attention.

Coupled with the fact that on Wii U eShop there's extremely little competition and big droughts compared to Steam and PSN and that it was released a couple of months earlier on Wii U than Steam/PSN and it's really not surprising to see that the Wii U version would easily sell the best.



Cyrso commented on Brand New Game Developer, AE Games, Shows Its ...:

Can't believe Nintendolife staff took this troll seriously...

Just look at their logo, it's a joke. We don't know who they are what they have done and their 'press release' doesn't really make sense, they're just attacking other 3rd parties rather than introducing themselves, what they have done in the past, their experience in the industry etc... Or they are attacking 3rd party Wii U devs as a publicity stunt because they know how to cater to their Nintendo audience..



Cyrso commented on Nintendo Titles Secure Multiple GDC Awards Nom...:


"The game didn't review too well either if I recall., so it's not like I'm the only one."

Yeah, right. 7 Perfect scores, 88 metacritic and quotes like "Tearaway is just FUN. Thoughtful, engaging, and charming." "Beautiful and brilliant" now means it's not doing well in reviews?

The game is an absolute delight to play. I'm baffled at how anyone could call this game "dull". It's your opinion, fine, not going to argue about that, but I'm just surprised someone calls this game 'dull'.

Device 6, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Tearaway are all very valid Handheld GOTY contenders.



Cyrso commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Nintendolife, I'm surprised you haven't thrown this article in the garbage bin yet.

I'm really disappointed in Nintendolife's contribution to entice foolish rivalry between the fans of each console and generating fanboy wars.

I'm really extremely disappointed. Really, I've last all my confidence in this site.


Do I want to tell you how much wrong there is that article or does the author realise that he's just a biased fanboy after all?

I absolutely love Nintendo, heck I still consider Super Mario Galaxy my favourite game of last gen. But I like Playstation games like Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper etc and a lot of 3rd party games but this article is almost repelling it from the 'Nintendo community' and Nintendo themselves.

Do I need to tell you how primitive the Wii U's sluggish and atrociously slow OS felt, especially before the update?? Worse than previous-gen. Do I need to tell you how unimpressive the graphics were in most Wii U launch games and actually most Wii U games up to now, save Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World? NSMBU was bland, ZombiU ugly, Nintendo Land, OK, but most of the other 3rd party games actually looked and performed worse than on PS3/X360. Looked at the Digital Foundry AC IV face-off. ACIV Wii U is concluded to be the worst version... Yes, worse than PS3 and X360, 7 years old console.

Funny you mention load times, lol, I guess you haven't played Lego City Undercover on Wii U?

The Wii U post-launch window was a disaster. Do I need the bring up the PS4/Xbox One launch window? War Thunder, Thief, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, inFamous Second Son, MLB 14: The Show, DriveClub, Daylight, Deep Down, Wolfenstein: The New Order.. And that's only a fraction of the Q1 2014 games.

But yay, let's selectively compare some of Wii U's best games (and this shows Wii U took 1 year to finally get some great games) to some of PS4's launch less impressive games, and worse let's compare them with games from genres to author simply does not like. Yay for games journalism...

Yay let's compare games within a 1-year old system's library with a 2 weeks-old system's library.

And I doubt Resogun would have been possible on PS3 at the same 1080p 60 fps with no sacrifice to the voxel technology and crazy particle effects either. And in fact most Wii U games would have been possible on previous-gen (apart from Wii obviously) too I think, purely from a technical standpoint. And I have yet to see a clever, useful of the Gamepad's implementation. Super Mario 3D Worlds, how amazing it is, would be perfectly playable with a normal controller too.

Incredibly disappointed with this fallacy of an article. I'm sure it's costing you members, Nintendolife and only polarizing even more the already pointless console wars.

Nice job, Nintendolife.

And yes I'm allowed to be critical, when someone writes articles like this only to create rivalry and to generate fanboy wars with his own bias and fallacy, he must be called out.

The whole downplaying of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and reassurance about Wii U sounds so desparate it's almost sad.

Articles like this will only further isolate Nintendo and its fanbase further and further away. Whatever. Still a lot of fun to be had, but still disappointing.



Cyrso commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I'm sick of those reassurance articles...

Completely pointless. Sorry, this article is terrible. Do I need to play selectively play some random underwhelming games on Wii U or 3DS and come back and say how unimpressed I was and would stick to my PSVita with actual new innovative gameplay (which Nintendo fans talk some much about) found in Tearaway. Or say how PS3 a 'last-gen system' gave me better experiences than Wii U?

Just stop it, I'm sure most people with a Wii U here are happy and don't need to worry.

You really don't need to post these completely pointless, fanboyistic articles catering to its audience "and say it's fine guys, keep your Wii U's!!! PS4 is not that great it's only lame fps with unimpressive graphics!!!" to fuel the ignorancy of your fanbase.

Jesus, don't attach yourself to a brand, open your mind... Give the next-gen console some time, don't make foolish comparisons...

I guess this is where I'm leaving Nintendolife.

Sorry but this article is clearly biased, even if you claim it's not biased. Then you're inconsciously being biased.

I'm getting PS4 and Wii U this gen, but reading how desperate this almost PR-like article sounds I might just stick with the PS4.



Cyrso commented on Ever Wonder Why Pokémon Black And White 2 Isn...:

By this logic launching new consoles have actually no sense since they have no installed base?

By this logic all Wii U games should be on Wii! Certainly numbered sequels like Bayonetta 2, no wait that should be on PS3/Xbox since the original wasn't even on Wii.

Like mentioned money, lazyness and idk...



Cyrso commented on Rayman Creator: Wii U Is For The Core Gamer:

'enormous memory', apparently it's just 1,5GB with 0,5GB reserved for the OS.
So it isn't really that much, it's a rather small update from the 512MB for Xbox and PS3 (yes I know 256MB each for GPU and CPU), but maybe for Wii U's specs it's good.

Anyways I still hope Rayman Legends will be multiplatform, I'm don't have a lot of confidence in the Wii U and Rayman Legends is the only game that looks interesting/creative.

I do have confidence in Michel Ancel however Hope he'll also make a fully fledged 3D Rayman. (don't waste too much time with Jungle Run, and make Legends multiplatform, Origins sold the least on Wii!)



Cyrso commented on Nintendo Only Plans to Make One 2D Mario Per P...:

And they also plan to only release 1 or 2 3D Mario's, 1 Mario Kart, 1 Mario Sports, 1 Mario Tennis, 1 Paper Mario, 2 or 3 Mario Parties, 1 Mario Golf, 1 Mario Strikers, 1 Mario Baseball, 2 Mario & Luigi's, 1 Luigi's Mansion per console....

And they will also keep giving the Mario license for other spin-offs like Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Boom/Fortune Street etc....



Cyrso commented on Sumo Digital Declares Wii U Capabilities to be...:

It's probably just a bit more powerful in term of graphics processing. And that extra bit will mostly be used for GamePad streaming. Also developers aren't going to invest much more time to squeeze every bit out of the Wii U, so graphically, games aren't going to look better than on PS3.

For me it is disapppointing, I'm certainly not going to buy a Wii U, MS/Sony next-gens are already around the corner and Nintendo is once again coming with an outdated console. It looks like Nintendo is competing with the current Sony/MS consoles, but they have been there for 6 years and have of course already built up big catalog of games.

The GamePad concept is not revolutionizing. Having a second screen in your hands isn't going to offer groundbreaking features, it will mostly only be used for interface/inventory navigation etc. It has a big gimmick factor imo.

I also wasn't impressed by the Wii U games, only Rayman Legends interested me and ZombiU did show some good implementation of the Wii U.

It is all about power, Nintendo's old slogan existed for a reason. More power means more gameplay possibilities, allow development of better physics engine, AI and also graphics. Of course it's not all about power, but limiting a developer is never really smart. ("Now you're playing with power!" [Super power] )

But still, I'm sure Wii U will have some great games anyways.



Cyrso commented on Rayman Legends is Exclusive to Wii U:

This game is the only reason I'd consider buying a Wii U.

Still, I think it will be released on other platforms eventually. Nintendo never buys games exclusivity and Rayman Origins Wii sold less than the HD versions. I'd definitely buy it on PS3.



Cyrso commented on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Keeping it Simple on W...:

Seems logic.

I've never really found that 'GamePad' (why don't just call it Gamepad or gamepad?) really useful and revolutionary. I think it will mostly just be used as a HUD screen or for navigating through interfaces and shortcuts etc.

Nothing really exciting.



Cyrso commented on First Impressions: Wii U Panorama View:

Yes Nintendo, you said gameplay above graphics (which is a bit obvious for a game, but graphics are important too anyways) <.<

Why has this been developed into a full 'game'?



Cyrso commented on First Impressions: Trine 2: Director's Cut:

This looks amazing. This look like the perfect game for me, I'd love a platforming game combined with puzzle elements and action.

I've heard very good things about this game, great gameplay, clever puzzles, great co-op and fantastic music. And the graphics are really breathtaking. To me, Trine looks like the very best of 2D games.

Nintendo should look at this, because New Super Mario Bros. U looks really uninspired...



Cyrso commented on No Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for Wii U:

Are you really going to spend about €300-400 for Wii U for just a few Nintendo games? To be honest, Wii never had an astonishing amount of great Nintendo games. I'd say like 15 (SMG, SMG2, DKCR, Xenoblade, Last Story, Zelda: SS; Zelda: TP, Metroid Prime 3, SSBB, NSMBW, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Mario Kart Wii and if you had that console since 2006 only for Nintendo games.



Cyrso commented on No Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for Wii U:

And so it begins, Wii U is going to be like Wii (concerning 3rd part support), if even a lot of current-gen games aren't coming to Wii, what does this mean when the next PlayStation/Xbox comes out? No 3rd party support at all, again because of the lack of power?

If Wii U is successful we might see some more ports that will have been available months ago on other platforms, but that's it....

And of course some narrow-minded Nintendo fans keep saying they aren't caring. >.<

I'm not saying you have to like every game, but writing this game off, just because it's not a nostalgic Castlevania game - when you haven't even played the game - is just plain narrow-minded stubbornity. And uhmmmm God of War isn't the only hack and slash......... Wouldn't there be a lot of clones if you couldn't have different games in a specific genre, and yes games in the same genre can look a bit similar...... Look at shooters, fighting games, action-adventure games.



Cyrso commented on Official 3DS XL Japanese Website Launches:

Wait those 3DS XL models are combinations of two colours?! Except for that White one?

I don't really care about all those colours I just one a plain black or white one. =/



Cyrso commented on Freakyforms Deluxe Announced for Europe:

Lol, wtf.

C'mon what's to point of this being a retail game?

The eShop game was a bit lackluster, and now they add a few things and they're going to charge €35 extra for just an RPG mode???

This makes no sense at all..



Cyrso commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Trailer is Informative:

It looks decent, but that's it.

The coin collecting thing isn't really creative, it sounds a bit uninspired. Also, collecting all those coins don't give you any feeling of accomplishment, or very little.

But there could be some unlock systems, you could unlock a bonus world or mini-games if you have collected a specific amount of coins. Or you could use those coins as paying method for buying the extra bonus levels or mini-games.

This game doesn't really bring something exciting, same style, same gameplay mechanics, but heavy focus on coin collecting is mehh.



Cyrso commented on Mercury Steam Talks Up 3DS for Castlevania: Mi...:

With all the respect to the fans of the Castlevania series.

But, uhh it must be really annoying to be game developer that is developing a game in an existing franchise.

Some people complain about going away from it roots. Others complain about the series not evolving and always using the same formulaic structure....
Fans are really annoying sometimes, do you prefer one of your favourite franchise dying and not getting games at all?

I think this game looks rather interesting and fun.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: Are E3 Conferences a Dying Breed?:

Nah, it just that Nintendo handled it in every wrong way this year... It really sucked.
Ubisoft and Sony had great press conferences and also new game revalations. (Watch Dogs for Ubisoft, Beyond: Two Souls for Sony)



Cyrso commented on First Impressions: Rayman Legends:

I think it's a bit regrettable that the player who has the gametablet, can't control another character than Murphy. But I heard that the things with the gametablet are just concepts and early in development, so I think it will turn out great.

And it's probably going to have a single-player mode, so even without the gametablet it will be awesome anyways.

Without a doubt, this is my most anticipated Wii U game.



Cyrso commented on E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3:


Completely agree with you. I often wish Nintendo had much more first-party studios. Now there's only Retro Studios, Monolith Soft, EAD Tokyo and EAD Group 3 (Zelda team) And Intelligent Systems.
Other EAD studios mostly produce games aimed for a casual audience..



Cyrso commented on E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3:

It was a complete fail.

About their press conference, the only good thing was the unveiling of Pikmin 3.
Some Ubisoft games on Wii U were interesting too (ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed), but Nintendo Land, Wii Fit U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Sing, Just Dance 4 mehhh .... and some old 3rd party ports (while there were awesome current gen 3rd party game shown, it was nothing new and not exciting).



Cyrso commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

I just don't think Wii U will have a long life cycle... Like 3-4 years.

But maybe after Wii U, Nintendo will make an amazing successor that hasn't underpowered hardware combined with great first-party core games.



Cyrso commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

I really agree with the article at Eurogamer here. I see some people here do not care about the power as long as the games look have a rich art style and look attractive. While I'll understand that of course, limiting developers is never good.
The Wii U will again have hardware limitations, compared to Microsoft's and Sony's next-gen systems. If will again be hard for developers to port those games to Wii U. Wii U will have no 3rd party support... And at the transition of current gen and next-gen, developers won't invest extra time and money to take advantage of Wii U's little bit of extra power. Only some of Nintendo's studios like Retro Studios will take advantage of the bit of extra power, but it won't make a huge difference anyways.

The Nintendo games will look good, but not outstanding. Look at Pikmin 3. 720p no AA, not a game with heavy AI, no tesselation etc. and no breathtaking graphics, but it looks okay.

And btw Nintendo hasn't that many studios to keep releasing games month after month... And to make things worse, Nintendo will use a big part of their resources for casual games...

In its current state, I don't see a bright future for the Wii U, but still I'm sure there will some amazing games (the 3rd party current-gen games coming out for Wii U can already be worth it, if you never played those games before) and the tablet controller has potential. And I'm sure Retro Studios will deliver an amazing game.



Cyrso commented on Tomb Raider Not Coming to Wii U:

Can't believe almost nobody cares about big 3rd party titles not coming to Wii U...
Really the Nintendo games can't compensate all those titles, because they are way less frequent. I mean, how many really good Nintendo games where there on Wii? About 10? 10 for 6 years of gaming...

And I think most people prefer spending money on one console than on two consoles..