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Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Year 2013

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

You thought we'd forgotten...

2013 is drawing to a close, so you know what that means — annual awards. As is becoming our norm we'll have staff awards, votes of which will be counted shortly, while also giving you the chance to contribute to the Reader Awards. There can be no injustice in the ultimate online democracy, we hope...

In past years we've asked you to submit votes by email, but Santa brought us an updated poll system to allow you to vote with a simple click of a button. You can vote in the polls below — results will be hidden until later this week — and have your say in the comfort and knowledge that a clever computer is gathering the data. There are a number of categories, and the great thing is that if your game of choice isn't in its respective list — though we've tried to cover the bases — you can simply click "Other" and type in your choice; we will then manually add up any 'Other' submissions and add them to the overall results.

Voting closes at 5pm UK / 6pm CET / noon Eastern / 7am Pacific on 29th December, so get your votes in before then. You have all of the same categories as the staff votes, so to clarify a few rules:

  • With retail titles we have tried to determine some first from third-party games in tricky circumstances; if Nintendo is the primary publisher and/or funding party it's in that list — such as the LEGO titles, for example. Another notable case is Wii Fit U, which we are attributing as a retail release in spite of the temporary free (and early release) eShop trial.
  • A couple of titles that were originally released on the eShop and then given limited run retail releases are in the eShop category.
  • We have best Virtual Console game awards (separate from the eShop categories), but VC games are not eligible for the platform-specific or overall Game of the Year awards; download-only eShop games are eligible in these GOTY categories.
  • Some nominated games are not available in all regions, which is an unfortunate reality of multi-region awards. There are also a couple of cases where a game arrived in 2012 in some regions, but are included due to hitting at least one major territory in 2013.
  • We have restricted this year to Wii U and 3DS; it's time to move on from the Wii and DS.

The voting has now closed, thank you for your contributions!

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User Comments (198)



Kewlan said:

Did I like Super Mario 3D World or A Link Between Worlds more..?
That's a hard decision...



Haxonberik said:

How sad it is that I can't vote in almost any category due to the fact that I haven't got the time to play most 2013 games, even though I already bought them



Jorzha said:

Ace Attorney duel destinies, windwaker HD, pokemon y. best games i played from this year =)



Kyloctopus said:

Here's to a great year. But poor Luigi, and his new puzzle game cannot be nominated.



baba_944 said:

I voted for "Pikmin 3" a couple of times. Never played it the series, but the photos is just wow.



Gioku said:

...I don't have most of the games! D:
...I have most of the first party 3DS games, though.



Jairo_MC said:

Terrible year to pick a favorite. Best year to own a 3DS and WiiU, especially the 3DS.



sinalefa said:

Very hard choices this time, but that proves that we got amazing games all year long, so I wish it was like that every year.



rixard said:

So freakin' hard to pick. So many awesome gaming experiences this year. 3D world, ALBW, Pikmin 3, Ye New Wind Waker HD, New Leaf, Wonderful 101, Need For Speed - gaaah. I purchased my Wii U late (early july) and my 3DS was the ALBW bundle; but I have had a hard time keeping up with all the awesome games. Games that focus on gameplay and control. I can't wait for 2014.



Jayvir said:

Mario 3D World and Link Between Worlds are really the only two games that will get anything. They are really in a league of their own



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

My personal Game of the Year (on a Nintendo console) is definitely Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

Don't understand the Super Mario 3D World hype though. I hate it!



Goginho said:

Man, between Dark Moon and Between Worlds..... :/
3DS has some stellar lineup to say the least.



PhantomKirby said:

While ALBW was fun, and I was truly impressed with Dark Moon, FE: Awakening stole my heart and play time.



nilcam said:

I had to vote ALBW. I smiled the whole time I played that game. It's amazing!



Obito_Sigma said:

Ugh! So many choices! I had to choose Pikmin over Super Mario 3D World because I have never had the time to play the game yet, although Pokemon wins it all. I have been playing it non-stop since the release date with 170+ hours. My friend, called Kitten, somehow managed to make 750+ hours somehow. Pokemon has been more addicting than ever. I tried getting in IV breeding, but it was too tedious and progressive in previous generations. Now, it is SO easy!! It's going to get me for at least 300 hours, which would definitely beat my record off ~200 hours in Black 2 for the immense amount of post-content. (which is something X/Y lacked)

Also, Blaster Master hasn't been released on the 3DS Virtual Console yet, so you might want to change that. Same goes for Bravely Default... or has it?



Klimbatize said:

@Obito_Tennyson This is a European site. Those two games you mentioned were released in 2013 in the PAL region. That's also why a game like Nightsky gets nominated despite being released in NA in 2012.



SDDMN said:

Without a doubt, Luigi's Mansion DM was the 3DS game of the year for me. I love it so much.



SavoirFaire said:

Although it didn't get any of my best game votes, and it isn't a category, my favorite moment in a Nintendo game this year was in Dream Team, when Luigi...powers up to take on the big bosses. What a great fist pumping moment.



JJtheTexan said:

I had to give 3DS Game of the Year to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, but boy, was it close with SteamWorld Dig in there.



CanisWolfred said:

The Third Party and Overalls were tough for me. Especially since I didn't spend much time with the games I thought were best...



NintyMan said:

I'm going to hold off on voting until I play more of A Link Between Worlds and Pokemon X which I got for Christmas today.



AdanVC said:

I had a tough time voting, man! That's what happens when most games are top-notch quality.



Inkling said:

@X-Factor Your games of the year are the same as mine! I would have gone with Pokemon, if it wasn't for my friend getting Animal Crossing and a 3DS!

Off Topic: Has anyone had any problems with Miiverse for Wii U?



Bessestad said:

For me the voting felt more like "Most OK game of the Year" than anything else. Gave most of my creds to Pikmin 3, well deserved.



Arcamenel said:

I voted for Pokemon in whatever category it was in. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS third-party game.



Pahvi said:

My voting strategy: LEGO City Undercover > Rayman Legends >> any others, including TW101 and SM3DW.



Triforce83 said:

AC New Leaf for me for GOTY purely for the amount of stuff in it plus its a game you can really play for years so replayability value is huge. Still finding out so much more stuff to do.



hcfwesker said:

even though it wont win, Pikmin 3 got my vote in all categories it was nominated in. i bought the game without playing the previous entries and not knowing what to expect; and it literally blew me away every second i played it.



allduhype said:

I never thought about it until now, but Fire Emblem was my nintendo game of the year.



Blast said:

LOL this was hard to do. I loved nearly all those games in the list.



dumedum said:

Pretty obvious what will win. My 3DS game of the year is Luigi's Mansion 2 though.



Ralizah said:

Fire Emblem: Awakening and SMTIV FTW. There should really be alternate polls for Europeans and Americans, though. Americans didn't get Layton or Bravely Default, and Europeans didn't get SMTIV, Soul Hackers, or EO Untold.



C-Olimar said:

Surprised that Shining Force on 3DS VC wasn't a named choice. That game rocks!
Pikmin 3 gets most of my votes, obviously, as well as Pokemon X and Y.



NavySpheal said:

@6ch6ris6 So, what award-winning game that has ANY sort of merit is coming out in 6 days time? This is a great time to start voting, if I do say so myself.
Anyways, my GOTY is Fire Emblem. Super Mario 3D World was close, as was ALBW, but FE just has so much charm.



Gioku said:

OK so I just got ALBW today... that gets Game of the Year for me by far! ...60 FPS does wonders...



MrZanctom said:

So many great games to choose from this year, but I would have to say that in my opinion, Fire Emblem: Awakening was my GOTY, but Pikmin 3 was close behind it.



Shambo said:

Really hard choices. Luigi, Mario, Link, Rayman, Wonderful 101,... all starred in some of my favourite games in years... And then I'm not even giving credit to the countless hours of Monster Hunter...



ricklongo said:

The best game I played this year was Wind Waker HD. Being a remake, I can't justify choosing it as the game of the year, though.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Hard choices this year...and I still haven't played all the 1st party Wii U games I wanted to this year!!!!!!!!! The 3DS on the other hand...I can't decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013 was the year of the 3DS and no money



JaxonH said:

It's so hard to vote AGAINST Fire Emblem Awakening.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Zelda: Link Between Worlds.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

It's so hard to vote AGAINST Super Mario 3D World.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Zelda: Windwaker HD.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Pikmin 3.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Wonderful 101.
It's so hard to vote AGAINST Rayman Legends.

What's a gamer to do?



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Wow. Looking back, there actually was a lot of great games this year despite the droughts. Tough to choose...



JaxonH said:


Remake or not, if it's the best game it's the best game- at least that's how I see it.

I fired up Link Between Worlds the other day and finished the first dungeon and just, wow. Just wow! Then after my brother opened his new Wii U last night I gave him, I sat down and watched him play the first couple hours of Windwaker HD. Now I'm pumped for BOTH games, and can't decide which to choose! But yeah, you're right, Windwaker HD is spectacular. Even better for someone like me who never played the original.



MaseSco said:

Is it wrong to have added ZombiU under other? I think it should've been included even though it was released in 2012......just.



JaxonH said:


Blasphemy! Half the games up there were some of the funnest I've played in my life! The other half would probably fit into the "most OK" category though. Pikmin 3 was good though, a fine choice indeed.



Spoony_Tech said:

I really wish I could've had the chance to vote for Bravely Default. Sucks games like that and SMT IV won't win because its not available in both regions yet!



brandonbwii said:

This is not a fair voting process as there are still two Thursdays for Download gaming left. CastleStorm, Pure Chess, and others may still come out before 2014. This is why I hate GOTY moments. No one ever waits for all games to be released.



Xjarnold said:

Picking between Pokemon X and Fire emblem was like:
Picking between Bulbasaur or Charmander or:
Picking between Grima death or living...



brandonbwii said:

I was a bit disappointed at how easy and quick I could pick my favorites. Also want to give one last effort to encourage anyone with any kind of interest in the RPG, shooting, and/or stealth genres to GO PICK UP DEUS EX, RIGHT NOW!



MeWario said:

Some very tough decisions! Link Between Worlds and Awakening... Very hard to choose.



bluecat said:

If Phoenix Wright doesn't win the eShop 3DS category I'm gonna be mad. :[

Choosing the first party 3DS game was HARD.



AlexSora89 said:

Voted for 3DS stuff only, as I don't own a WiiU. In order: Pokémon, Sonic, Harmoknight, Recca, Pokémon, Pokémon.



accc said:

The write-in vote option is broken. When I try to submit my vote for Witch's Cat as eShop game of the year, a dialog box pops up that says "Erm, you didn't answer.".



uceenk said:

Fire Emblem Awakening is my GOTY, 200 hours gameplay and i still play it



seshimaroo said:

Difficult to choose between A Link Between Worlds and Fire Emblem. I eventually chose Fire Emblem.



TreesenHauser said:

Now, I only got Super Mario 3D World just today, but from what I've played... it's obvious that 3D World wipes the floor with the other choices, even if those other choices are darn good ones. That's just me though.



NewUser said:

Actually, the game i enjoyed most this year was Skyward Sword, other things aside.
Also, i think decisions will be very tough next year over the same matter



Monkeh said:

@Kewlan Even with all the great games this year, this had to be the only real problem with choosing which one.



ShadJV said:

Wii U wasn't that hard to pick favorites but 3DS made it really hard, so many gems.



TwilightOniAngel said:

hard choices this year but the legend of zelda a link between worlds tops all the games that were made this year and i mean all of them including the games from the ps4 and the xbox one my opinion though



Bender said:

This is that moment where I realize how many awesome games I got to play this year there were! This was a good year! Merry Christmas everyone.



tripunktoj said:

This is how I voted
WiiU 1st party= Super Mario 3D World
WiiU 3rd party= Rayman Legends
WiiU eshop only= BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
WiiU VC= Earthbound
3DS 1st party= Pokémon X and Y
3DS 3rd party= Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
3DS eshop only= SteamWorld Dig
3DS VC= Summer Carnival '92 RECCA
WiiU GOTY= Super Mario 3D World
3DS GOTY= Pokémon X and Y
NL GOTY= Pokémon X and Y

And if I could
Wii= Pandora's Tower
Wii Shop Channel= Retro City Rampage
DS= ... I don't have any idea... Turbo: Super Stunt Squad?
DSiWare= Orion's Odyssey



Giygas_95 said:

I won't vote for Wii U game of the year or overall game of the year yet because I haven't spent enough time with SM3DW, W101, and Pikmin 3 yet. Wii U VC was a hard choice between Super Metroid and Earthbound (chose Earthbound). Wii U eshop game was hands down Runner 2. 3DS first party game and 3DS game of the year both went to Dark Moon for me. 3DS VC was also tough, but I chose Oracle of Ages. Lastly, 3DS eshop game of the year, in my opinion, is Nightsky.

I can't really even vote for 3DS third party game of the year because I haven't played a single one of those, and I don't think I've played any other third party retail games for it that were released this year.

Edit: For Wii U game of the year, I voted for Runner 2 because it's one of the best games I've ever played! Anyway, I figure SM3DW is going to win regardless.



ikki5 said:

I just finish Lego City for the Wii U and man. I loved that last mission.... it was sooo..... epic!



Sampras said:

If it weren't for Super Mario 3D World being so dang fun for multiple players even at different experience levels, I would HAVE to nominate The Wonderful 101 as best overall Wii U game out of sheer game design and wealth of wonderful ideas!



readyletsgo said:

For me, 3d world over rated. Pikmin 3 totally sulfide GOTY for me, WiiU wise.

3ds , now that's a difficult one cause I haven't played ALBW yet, all about WiiU at the moment



bizcuthammer said:

WiiU choices were pretty easy. Mario 3D World is by far the best thing to hit the console in its short lifetime. The 3DS was much harder to pick favorites for... Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Link Between Worlds are all more than deserving, and choosing between them is like choosing which one of your children is your favorite lol. SteamWorld Dig was an easy pick though... That game is awesome on eshop. If you havent played it yet, do yourself a favor and download it tonight. You will not regret it.



Furealz said:

No One Said Wonderful 101? It's easily just as good as a first-party game and is so original. I have to have it as Game of the Year, it was so enticing!



MrCharles77 said:

This year is hard as hell, but that's a really good thing having so many quality choices.

Guess nintendo is not doomed



Mikky said:

@ricklongo We are in a similar situation. Wind Waker HD was the best Wii U game I played this year, but at the end of the day, it's just a remake.



elbcen said:

I had to vote for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team as my favorite game of this year. It was.. A magical experience, I felt childlike wonder!



AVahne said:

Will be voting for FE:A,'s not THE weakest FE game, but it's far from the best. I loved the Avatar system and how they reworked the reclass system so that it doesn't feel like a terrible idea anymore and also the massive amount of supports and the improved support system in general, but the story and the characters just didn't feel like an FE game. Felt more like I was watching a sort-of generic anime.
Wasn't a terrible experience (after all, I've logged more than 350 hours in it), but there weren't too many memorable moments in the story and there weren't any characters personality-wise and stat-wise that I would call my "favorite".
Also hated how they essentially made swordmasters useless.

EDIT: Then again, if I think of it as just "Fire Emblem All-Stars", it's easier to forgive the lack of the usual FE feel to the game.



Shicky5000 said:

ALBW was definitely overall game of the year for me. I liked FE:A a LOT, but ALBW was just mind bendingly incredible. And I feel bad for voting against X&Y, considering that was my most hyped game of the year and I loved every minute.



SetupDisk said:

I had to write in Fast and Furious so much! Sorry I'm kidding. I actually went with LM over Zelda. As much as I love Monster Hunter and Lego city. (just really getting into it now) 3D Mario is just on another level. Though I don't know how Lego City only averaged a 80 and Lego Marvel averaged a 90. Lego City is just so much better than any other Lego game.



SubZer023 said:

Fire Emblem i loved. And. ALBW was just amazing but this was so hard because. SMTIV and then etrain odssy omg they were killin me and then Xand Y boi great year



Gamer83 said:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was my pick for overall GOTY. Super Mario 3D World, Wii U GOTY.



Aerona said:

Pokemon XY > Fire Emblem Awakening > Super Mario 3D World > Animal Crossing New Leaf > Zelda: A Link Between Worlds



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I'm not qualified to be a judge because I played a microscopic millifraction of the games. But that didn't stop me from voting, of course.

I have only one thing to say: FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING, BABY!!!!!



roryscott said:

Dual Destinies was the GOTY so why wasn't it in the last category? I had to put other.



xxAcesHighxx said:

With tons of top drawer games launching across Wii U and 3DS, 2013 has been an incredible year for Nintendo fans.

For me, Nintendo Game of the Year has to be a straight two-horse-race between Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds. Both games are absolutely stunning and more than worthy of the accolade, but I reckon 3D World pips Link's latest adventure to the post — just!



Robin_Aisaga said:

Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, Pokemon X Y, A Link between Worlds, Super Mario 3D world, Professor Layton 6... What am I supposed to choose? T_T



MAB said:

Sonic Lost World, Monster Hunter Ultimate & Knytt Underground were my fave WiiU bunch of Awesome... 3D Galaxy Force II, 3D Streets of Rage & 3D Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master were at the top of my 3DS list.

WiiU was the winner of my game time this year because the 3DS was filled with childish rubbish like ACNL, Pokemans & boring mediocre RPGs ... It certainly didn't offer anything substantial like Resident Evil Revelations & Mario 3D Land this year



Kevin said:

Link Between Worlds. The game made me love playing video games again.



element187 said:

No Shin Megami Tensei IV? For shame

Slow starting game but as you get buried in it, I would put it there with Fire Emblem, maybe slightly higher because its a bigger time sink.

Off to play my Christmas present from my awesome wife (Link Between Worlds)



jjmesa16 said:

So many hard choices. I think SM3DW wins the Wii U although I think Pikmin 3 is a close second. No one really talks about that game anymore. I picked Pokemon X and Y for 3DS however that pick is biased because I haven't played ALBW or Fire Emblem. The hardest category for me was the Wii U eShop because there were many great indie titles this year.



Buzzthebatgirl said:

I only voted for the games/options I played and there was a distinct pattern of Wonderful 101 in many categories....



ToniK said:

I have to vote for "2013" in the "Best Year To Be a Gamer" category. Seriously, I've enjoyed this year so much that I almost feel guilty Happy holidays everybody!



tedko said:

My votes go to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate because I've put far more time into it than any other game and still have a long ways to go and it's still fun, and 3DS/wii u crossplatform multiplayer is just so cool and we need more games that do this!



themrlover said:

3D Super Hang On...easy vote
Unchartered Waters vs Earthbound...hard decision for Earthbound



Yomerodes said:

The eurocentric natire of this site was the reason why SMT IV was nominated in only one category (in that way, we might as well be thankful it was mentioned at all in the 3DS third party retail bracket)...a shame. It still didn't stop me from voting for it in every possible bracket, it was my overall game of the year, by FAR.



TromaDogg said:

Even though it won't win anything, I felt compelled to give Lego City Undercover on the Wii U a couple of votes....think it's been a bit underrated by many and it kept me engrossed for over 50 hours.

Mario 3D World is a dead cert to dominate on Wii U, on 3DS I'm not so sure...Luigi's Mansion 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Zelda and Pokemon are all quality,



-Crystalline- said:

3DS Virtual Console was a no brainer with the Zelda Oracle games.

As for the main event, I'll have to go with A Link Between Worlds.

Absolutely masterful sequel to one of the greatest games of all time. Nintendo proving once again why they're the best in the Japanese gaming scene.



CaPPa said:

It's Super Mario 3D World and Fire Emblem Awakening all the way for me. Not only were they my favorite Wii U/3DS games of 2013, but also my top 2 games on any platform.



Megapokepaul said:

Just pokemon ..... Always pokemon ... BTW i am searching for a shiny honedge or shiny noibat i have aLOT of shiny soo if you are interested please let me know



Bassman_Q said:

I wish we could have voted for 2nd and 3rd place picks. If so, I would've nominated Pokemon Y and Animal Crossing for 3DS. Nothing can beat Fire Emblem, though; that game is a beast. 90+ hours well spent.



AlbertoC said:

3DS First-Party Retail Game of the Year - Very tough question.

@Guybrush_Threepwood It's OK to go against the current and have your own choices and all... But i'm curious to know if you have played it. The hype is not just hype, the game is really good: level design are creative (while some elements are taken from the galaxy games you never feel it's something you have played before) and very polished, the graphics are absolutely amazing for Nintendo's first party standards to date, and playing it alongside 3 friends can get as crazy as it's fun. Also, it's always good to give a Wii U game some exposure, especially to people who haven't seen any other consoles than Sony / Microsoft ones.



TySoN_F said:

Wow, so many great Nintendo titles this year. What a great year to have gotten both a Wii U and a 3DS. Feelin' good about my purchases haha.

Put my votes in, with a hint of bias towards some when I felt undecided ^-^



Henmii said:

This is what I voted:

-Best Wii u first-party: I accidentely chose Rayman Legends instead of Mario 3D world, I didn't know there was a first and third-party option! Mario 3D world is best first-party Wii u title, though I think the levels are pretty short and VERY easy!

-best third-party Wii u: Rayman legends

-best 3ds first-party: Luigi's mansion 2, though Mario and Luigi is a close second!

-best 3ds third-party: Castlevania. I haven't played enough Bravely default though!

-best virtual console 3ds: Shantae. I don't choose titles that can already be downloaded on the Wii! That's just a waste of space!

-best virtual console Wii u: Earthbound. Very recently started, I like the athmosphere, and it's very weird (with dark undertones)

-best e-shop 3ds: Acorns 3d turbo. Laugh all you want, but this was surprisely fun! maybe overpriced though. I haven't played much other 3ds e-shop titles this year.

-best e-shop Wii u: Toki tori 2. A very enigmatic game. With clever puzzles.

-best Wii u game overall: Rayman legends. It was so much fun, with great graphics and lots of humor! Good touchscreen usage too! Lots of cool ideas, and super smooth controls! Only downside, it's pretty easy (though still harder then Mario 3d world)!

-best 3ds game overall: Luigi's mansion 2

-Overall best game: A pretty hard choice, but I chose Luigi's mansion 2. The puzzles where so clever, and the ghost animations so lively (and full of humor). I would love to see this kind of animations also in regular Mario titles!

That's all!



Genesaur said:

Oh, wow. I didn't know that Blaster Master is on the 3DS Virtual Console. I voted for Shantae, anyway, but man, I've gotta grab that.



Expa0 said:

I don't think there's any doubt about it left anymore. Bravely Default is my GOTY followed by Blazblue Chrono Phantasma.



DrMonk said:

What a brilliant year to be a Nintendo gamer. So many awesome titles, and choosing the best (especially on the 3DS) is so hard. It's difficult for anything to outshine Super Mario 3D World on Wii U, though I wish Pikmin 3 had more acclaim as well. On 3DS... wow... I have to go with Luigi's Mansion 2, but Zelda and Fire Emblem are such incredible games too.



Jaz007 said:

It says you didn't pick on Wii U overall and 3DS overall game of the year even though I did. Says the same thing on 3DS and Wii U combined too.



sanasa said:

Pikmin 3! The was the most unique game of the year for me. Very fresh and different.



Gamercake said:

It has to be Wind Waker HD. The Wind Waker is definitely my favourite Zelda game and it's easily one of the best video games ever. The Wind Waker HD was better than the original so it just HAS to be Game of the Year. I think Super Mario 3D World and Rayman Legends come in close second.



accc said:

So I take it they're not going to fix the broken write-in option?



BakaKnight said:

Impossible to be fair, so many awesome games @.@;

A real case of "no matter the results, everyone is a winner"!



Drawdler said:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf FTW

Contrary to everyone else, I didn't have trouble choosing any of them this year. It's not that there were a lot of bad games and only one or two standouts but my favourites and the games I thought were generally best for each category were all pretty clear.
For me there were lots of good/great games this year but only a few actually got me deeply immersed, and I think the games that did immerse me deserve it more. I played Animal Crossing for a couple hundred hours already, and that's already in my most played 3DS games list. And I had a blast the whole time.

Also, it just amuses me how Skylanders: Swap Force is a 3DS candidate. It makes sense because the console version is also a choice- and it's a fairly big title- but it's just not very good and probably won't get many votes, especially compared to the truly great games the console got this year.



NintyMan said:

Wii U First-party: Super Mario 3D World- this was a no-brainer for me.
Wii U eShop: Ducktales: Remastered- a brilliant remastering of a classic Disney video game that's sure to hit fans of the game and/or classic Disney with huge doses of nostalgia.
3DS First-party: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds- this was my toughest choice, since for me it was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team or A Link Between Worlds. I chose A Link Between Worlds because even though I only got it this Christmas two days ago, I can see myself playing this for a long time.
3DS eShop: Harmoknight- a fun, musical platformer great for pick-up-and-play gameplay. It's also really charming.
Wii U GOTY: Super Mario 3D World- again, a no-brainer here.
3DS GOTY: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds- for winning my 3DS Nintendo GOTY, it gets this as well.
Overall GOTY: Super Mario 3D World- To make it simple, this game is pure fun and one of my favorite Mario games ever.



Emaan said:

The 3DS nominations were so difficult to decide between. I love Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X and Y, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Fire Emblem: Awakening all equally. It's really been a phenomenal year for the 3DS. I had to give my vote to Fire Emblem for being so amazing that I'm now a fan of the series.

For Wii U, though I loved the charm of Game & Wario and the remaster of The Wind Waker HD, it was really only between Super Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3 for me. I know the acclaim 3D World is getting obviously is deserving, but I personally have only played a small amount of the game since I got it this Christmas. I ended up voting for Pikmin 3 for the same reason I voted for Fire Emblem.

I was just really impressed with the level of detail, atmosphere, charm and fun packed into Pikmin 3. I enjoyed every bit of it from beginning to end. It's amazing how I jumped into both Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem: Awakening without having played either of the series before- and now I consider myself a fan. That's why I have to give both my vote for the best Wii U and 3DS games of 2013.

It's really been a great and varied year. I'm sure 2014 will be even better for the Wii U. Though next year will be very hard poised to reach the same amount of consistent quality the 3DS brought out in 2013.

Also EarthBound, the fact that it's even on the Virtual Console at all, wins the prize for this year



Mr_3DS said:

MAN, that was hard...especially the 3DS was between Fire Emblem: Awakening and Pokemon X & Y for me...I chose Pokemon



Mr_3DS said:

MAN, that was hard...especially the 3DS was between Fire Emblem: Awakening and Pokemon X & Y for me...I chose Pokemon



FabioSMASH said:

It's a real shame Nintendo doesn't have anything good to play.

...(end troll transmission).



Ventilator said:

I had most of the games on Wii U.. I bought 26 Wii U retail games so far and 12 Indie's on eShop.
I voted for Mario 3D and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

S.C. Blacklist is the game is played most on Wii U in 2013 due to awesome co-op online.



XboxSupport said:

Fire emblem was an amazing experience for me but I had to pick my childhood fave and stick with difficult with these choices, but the choice had to be made



nathj1999 said:

So hard to pick a favourite!
Super Mario 3D World... A Link Between Worlds... Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon... Pokemon X & Y... AAAH!



scrubbyscum999 said:

I'm sorry, but in terms of the series and as a whole, Pokemon X and Y are too godlike. I also had to rep Project X Zone, that game was really fun.

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