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Thu 3rd October, 2013

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Ventilator commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

I own VITA, and its a good handheld.

Note that Sony officially abandoned VITA as of Summer 2014. They said they would never make retail games for it again.
Nearly all third parties dumped VITA in 2012/13.

Indies its what left. Games which basically only uses 10% of VITA's power.



Ventilator commented on Nintendo Download: 13th November (Europe):

2 cardboard/paper games at once. I voted on Tengami, but might get both. Both have decent prices too.
Kind "stupid" to vote on MK 8 DLC as its a obvious get. I already payed for both.
Release date was originally next week, but pushed back. I hope DLC 2 is pushed back too as May 15 is too far away.



Ventilator commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

What? Most platformers don't have as slick controls as Super Mario Bros 1.
I dont like stiff controls like in Giana Sisters.

I liked the controls in the first ever Wonderboy (Arcade) thou, and its similar to Super Mario Bros. Why bashing Mario then?

He can bash Mario all he want, but the world obviously digged the controls which is proven by sales and reputation.



Ventilator commented on Nintendo Download: 30th October (Europe):

I will get both Zen Pinball tables.
The Walking Dead table must have sold like poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople, when its on sale already.
I own 17 tables on Wii U, but i miss the 2 on sale.

I won't get Stealth Inc. 2 for a good reason. I own the firs on both PS3 and VITA, but its not a game for me at all.



Ventilator commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@c1pher_c0mplet : They were only able to make it with Nintendo and noone else.
Platinum cared more about being able to make it, and for it to not exist at all.
Nintendo also have final word, so it cant be ported.



Ventilator commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

Bayonetta 2 is my clear #1. I already pre-ordered Frist Print edition. :)
Captain Toad is the #2.

With the 1000 Smash Bros news the last year, it feels like that game have been out for ages already. Its not on my list for 2014 atleast.



Ventilator commented on Review: Cubemen 2 (Wii U eShop):

Cubemen 2 is on Humble Bundle now for Android, PC, Mac and Linux.
This could spawn more online games.

I have cubemen 2 installed on Wii U, Steam, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 2. ;)



Ventilator commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Expo Banner Raises Q...:

If this is real, i don't expect it to be a port this time.
It could have been made from scratch like 1 year ago. We know how secretive Nintendo is. Also note that Monster Hunter 3 was a port to get it much quicker to the market.
Also remember that MH3 is the #1 selling third party game on Wii U, and was #1 online game before Mario Kart.



Ventilator commented on SEGA Announces Sand-Based Arcade Game, Probabl...:

@Alucard83 : Yes, but its probably because of all the negativity this year.
Its not a big deal, because nothing stops us from buying Xbone and PS4 to get those. You should read this below. :)
There is only 3 major third parties coming for Wii U, but the third is unknown to most people. Everyone know of Project Cars and Watch Dogs .

Last week i got confirmation on mail that "Straight Right" in Australia still is porting a major third party game to Wii U.
The same dev made the awesome port of Mass Effect 3, but were also remaking Deus EX 3 for Wii U..Then later ported to PC, 360 and PS3.



Ventilator commented on Scandinavian Gamers Will be Included in the Hy...:

@Tobias95 The 2 local Gamestops near me is promoting Wii U well. One of them have a big Wii U wall which can be seen outside of store. I think they have over 60 Wii U games on shelve at all times with cover fronts facing shop entrance for people to see.
Other stores here mostly have Wii U exclusives and UBI Games in stock at all times. VITA however is nowhere to be found anywhere anymore, and not even 1 year ago.
I'm sure all my local shops will have Hyrule Warriors on release day. Shops prefer to stock Wii U exclusives as main priority.