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HugoBR commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Explains His Belief That the ...:

@DilMan33 @Nintendo_Ninja

Play the game before expose your opinions. The hookers are just a very minimal part of the game, almost irrelevant. The game is good, fun and with thousands of things to do. The "offensive" content don´t take away the good aspects of the game. My advice: try it !

ps.: Watch Dogs has almost the same things, why not bash it too ?



HugoBR commented on Review: Hometown Story (3DS):

@MAB You are certainly wishing that the 3DS fails. Well, this would be bad for Nintendo and would affect in some way the WiiU too (due to financial losses).

Never had too much confidence in this game. Instead of playing this one, we have Rune Factory 4 and Animal Crossing New Leaf (not the same thing, but similar).



HugoBR commented on Review: Spin Six (DSiWare):

When you learn how to properly play the game you will see how addicting it is. It has a fast gameplay if you know how to make chains (it's like "combos"). At first I didn't enjoyed it too much, but after I get used with the gameplay I can't stop playing.