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ClassicJetterz commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart's Best Weapon Isn...:

I have to agree with this article and here's why.

It's not red shells, blue shells, bananas, or any other item I generally have to worry about.

When I throw a green shell, it usually bounces off of a wall and hits me right back. I am my own enemy in the Mario Kart series.



ClassicJetterz commented on Chasing Aurora Began as a Prototype Based on S...:

Pardon me for being like this, but they sound like a bunch of crying, snot-nosed children.

They released a half-assed game, pumping out hype and great expectations when in the end their game fell flat on its face. And now, because they're butthurt that educated Wii U owners avoided their game, they're not going to support the platform?

Here's a news flash, Broken Rules:
If all the other indie games were successful and yours was not, and you got input from both reviewers AND players on MiiVerse (I was one of them, you responded)...don't you think instead of punishing players you should punish yourselves? It's not our fault your game was less than mediocre and we wanted to spend our money on something else.

Indie developers go two ways.
You get the great kinds like Shinen, then you have those like Phil Fish...or in this case, Broken Rules.



ClassicJetterz commented on Nintendo 3DS Direct Bringing the Love on 14th ...:

While I'd LOVE to see some Mario Kart U shots...I have a feeling that would be a worldwide coverage with Mr. Iwata, rather than the respective presidents of each region.

I think the North American Nintendo Direct will cover some Wii U/ 3DS release dates. Maybe more? Maybe more.

Happy Single's Awareness Day!



ClassicJetterz commented on The 90's Arcade Racer Confirmed For Wii U eShop:

While it IS Nicalis and I hold many reservations against them...(For games already made and just need porting, they tend to mess a lot up) I am thrilled with the news. I will be getting this if everything is shaping up as promised.



ClassicJetterz commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Beginnings and Challeng...:

Granted, they need to push themselves and other developers to make quality software. It needs to also come out in a reasonable time. We can't survive another drought like the 3DS did.

But advertising can't be done by Nintendo and affiliates alone. It's also up to the fans to get the word out. We've also got a responsibility to show how cool their new console is.

I regularly have little parties for friends, coworkers, etc to try out the Wii U. I'll have myself and some other friends prepare snacks, drinks, and whatnot and have the invited guests (and they can invite too!) try out the new console. Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing are great games for multiplayer.

So go on, show everyone you can.



ClassicJetterz commented on ATV Wild Ride Trailer and Details Race Onto Th...:

I gotta defend the consumer here. This is coming from a company who's afraid to make games for fear of piracy. Um. Hello? I'm pretty sure all companies, big and small worry about that. The difference is I'll be happy to pay for QUALITY software. They're all "oh no pirates!" and when I look at this software, I think to myself...the only way I'd play this title at ALL is piracy (though I don't pirate anything so in the end I'll just pass it up).

Even worse, small companies are capable of making great software. WayForward and Shinnen make great indie games on multiple platforms.

Even DS to 3DS rebuilds like Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask look great for originally being a DS game. And while it may be Level 5 and Nintendo, look at WayForward's Mighty Switch Force! from 3DS to Wii U.

It's a lack of effort in my opinion. And when the game sells bad, these guys are just gonna blame 3DS/Wii U sales when in reality, people are tired of slop like this.

No offense to you or anyone else, of course. This is just my opinion.



ClassicJetterz commented on Hardware Classics: Tezuka Osamu World Shop Gam...:

♪♫There you go, Astro Boy,
On your flight into space
Rocket high, through the sky
For adventures soon you will face!
Astro Boy bombs away,
On your mission today,
Here's the countdown,
And the blastoff,
Everything is go Astro Boy!
Astro Boy, as you fly,
Strange new worlds you will spy,
Atom celled, jet propelled,
Fighting monsters high in the sky!
Astro Boy, there you go,
Will you find friend or foe?
Cosmic Ranger, laugh at danger,
Everything is go Astro Boy!
Crowds will cheer you, you're a hero,
As you go, go, go Astro Boy!♪♫




ClassicJetterz commented on Review: Crystal Adventure (DSiWare):

So...why exactly are developers still creating DSiWare? I know this game must have been in development for several months (if it even took THAT long, according to this review) but couldn't they be like UFO games and just make awful 3DS eShop games? :P