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Sat 13th August, 2011

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Rockman commented on Super Mario Kart Action Replay Code Discovered...:

errm... you can throw bananapeels without using AR codes.. just press the + forward when releasing a peel.. then you'll throw it forward.. right? like shooting a shell backwards by pressing down on the D pad.. or am i confused with one of the other versions? :D



Rockman commented on Mother 3:

I own the Mother 3 Game Boy Micro and game; in japanese it's unplayable.. haha! The game itself is a marvel! Highly recommended for Zelda and Earthbound fans.



Rockman commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I hate the fact that on wii-u the software is console bound; my friends Wii-U died 3 times and every time his game saves and wii transferred purchases are gone.. really frustrating. Nintendo should take the example of Sony and bound the software to a user account and let the user bound one console to his account where he can re-install the software and also lets the user save his save files to the cloud.. just my 5 cents..