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Metroid: Other M Review

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Samus speaks up in her most explosive adventure yet

Metroid: Other M is a lot of things.

It’s the second translation of the series into 3D, one that ditches the first-person mould that the Metroid Prime trilogy used to cast such acclaimed titles in favour of a new hybrid of 2D and 3D gameplay.

It’s a game whose co-developer, Team Ninja, both excited and worried long-time fans over whether they’d be able to capture the feel of Samus Aran’s adventures and not turn the series into Ninja Gaiden.

It’s a historical footnote as the first time that Nintendo has given voice to one of their core cast members beyond sound bytes and yahoos to make an earnest stab at emphasising story, letting them graduate Samus from sketch to character.

Most importantly, it’s the bold reinvention of a series that you didn’t know needed one. Producer Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja’s new direction for Metroid is a remarkable evolution of the classic 2D games, leaning strongly on Metroid Fusion as a template in design and storytelling, adding a healthy dose of action and tinkering with many of the fundamentals in a way that makes sense while feeling fresh and new.

Other M begins right where Super Metroid ends, with a dramatic depiction of the final battle against Mother Brain and the destruction of the last metroid in a gorgeous pre-rendered cinematic that asserts the game’s heavy focus on story. After reporting back to the Galactic Federation that the metroids, Space Pirates and the planet Zebes have been destroyed, Samus sets off into space.

Her voyage is interrupted, however, by a distress signal that redirects her to a research station called the Bottle Ship. Upon arriving, she finds a Federation rescue squad led by Commander Adam Malkovich, the closest thing to a father figure that Samus has ever had. Suspecting that all is not as it seems aboard the craft and fearing for the safety of the squad, she volunteers to join them in their mission. Malkovich reluctantly agrees, but only on the conditions that Samus obey his orders and only use the equipment that he authorises.

The pre-rendered cinematics and in-engine cutscenes fit organically and don’t feel out of place or forced, barring their occasional hokey storytelling techniques. And, in a first for the Metroid series, the voice acting is natural and fitting, with Samus in particular sounding cold and detached with a hint of remorse befitting a lone bounty hunter with an at-times bumpy past. Having her speak instead of just being spoken to eases connecting with her and as a result makes her a much more interesting character. While not every silent protagonist needs this, Samus, and in turn Other M, benefits greatly from the newfound expression.

Many of the zags that Other M takes where past games zigged add to its appeal, and the return of certain tropes will surely please long-time fans; for example, out are Prime’s visors and scanning, and instead of selecting what beam to use, stacking returns so that you use them all at once. Locking Samus’ equipment behind the barrier of Adam's authorisation is one of the new tweaks to the classic formula that Metroid veterans may balk at, but these are made to cut the fat and fundamentally change how a Metroid is played. The new method of unlocking equipment both suits the fiction and enables certain set pieces — being placed in a situation you can’t yet conquer, only to midway be given the means to, is both tense and gratifying.

Similarly tense is the lack of health and missile drops by downed enemies; restoring the former is mostly done at save points. Missiles, and occasionally health if it gets low enough, can be regenerated through “concentration,” removing what now feels like an archaic munitions limitation from the series. This new ability is accomplished by tilting the Remote upwards and holding the A button until a meter fills up. You're locked into place when concentrating and is thus difficult to pull off in combat, making a successful regeneration more tactical than picking up a stray missile. This does change how you approach battles, since if you just went through a particularly vicious one you’ll have to reconsider how to tackle the next one. And vicious battles are aplenty, as Team Ninja’s signature difficulty has seeped into the enemies and multitude of bosses; you will die, adding to the immense satisfaction of taking down a big bad.

Another Team Ninja signature is gratifying combat, which Other M delivers in spades over its 10-12 hours (more than that if you choose to explore the Bottle Ship and obtain items after the credits roll). It’s quick, brutal and a joy to pull off, much more so than any other Metroid title to date. This is accomplished in large part thanks to the extremely simple control scheme. It’s quite a feat what three buttons and a pointer can accomplish, and while it may at first seem cramped condensing the multitude of abilities, dodges and special moves into so few buttons, it turns out to be very streamlined and easy once you're used to navigating in a 3D space with the decidedly 2D input of the D-Pad. Most of the game is spent holding the Remote horizontally, but a quick point towards the screen puts you in a first-person view, which is the only way to fire missiles and freely survey the environment. Switching between the two could easily have been awkward but is instead very quick and snappy; restricting your movement to only a dodge in this mode also demands reconsidering how you use missiles in combat as you can’t just blanket a room with them anymore.

This is indicative of the slight shift towards technique and away from blunt firepower. Pulling off a successful dodge move rewards you with a fully charged beam, jumping on top of certain enemies allows a devastating kill shot, and rushing weakened enemies enables finishing moves. It’s fast-paced and joyously explosive if you play your cards right, providing some of the best-looking combat sequences on the console.

The Prime series may have the upper hand on environments with its handcrafted, organic locations compared to many of the Bottle Ship’s corridors and somewhat plainer natural habitation sections, but Other M is a visual stunner through its speed, vivid colours and intrepid enemy designs. It’s distinctly Metroid and a successful translation of the 2D art style the series is known for, sitting pretty right up there with Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a system showcase. The sound design sticks with series tradition, with familiar jingles, low-key ambient exploration tunes and suitably fierce arrangements during battle.


It seems that Samus Aran is unwilling to stand still and get too comfortable, successfully reinventing her adventures in 3D for a second time with Other M. It's an excellent shake-up to the series, one that will satisfy long-time fans with an open mind while also able to ease newcomers into the series with a bang of bangs. It may not be the Citizen Kane of gaming, but it's still essential playing.

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User Comments (189)



Corbs said:

Great review! I'll be picking this one up closer to the holidays, time permitting.



Punny said:

This review is spot on. This is a fantastic game that any Metroid fan (or Wii owner, for that matter) should pick up.

Shun G4!



Megumi said:

...The whole game takes place on the ship?...Kinda sucks....but whatever, gonna be playing it tonight anyways. xD



Streakk said:

Nice review, hoped this would turn out good, will have to pick this one up.



Spoony_Tech said:

Better rating then I thought it might get. Good I just might enjoy this after all. Good review. Ill play it sometime this week.



erv said:

Nice review; open mindedness pays off - one of the better reviews out there due to the structured approach to this concept. Can't wait to play it!



BL_Donth said:

9 out of 10 sounds about right.

Played the tutorial part and had to get used to the simplified wall jumping. Awesome review.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm really looking forward to playing this. I ordered my copy online and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I just hope that I don't have any problems with the dual-layered disc.



idk34 said:

two things i don't like about this game

1. it seems you can't move in 1st person
2. how do you get more missiles by just thinking about it??????



naut said:

Good review and I'm excited, but what the heck is it with devs these days who think they can get away with these dinky 10 hour campaigns?



LordJumpMad said:

Well done Ninja Team
Hopefuly this won't end up being the worst Metroid ever made.
I hope not



Angaran said:

I love this gerern
Do you think I'll like this game since I'm new to the series



sonic_brawler95 said:

I could've seen that 9 coming a mile away. :/
But I'm glad it came out great, even though I may not buy for a loooooooooooooooooooooooo(...)ooooong while. To many great games on the horizon.



Hokori said:

Well im gonna buy this sometime, but Galaxy2 and MM2,3,10, and 3DS with Kid Icarus Uprising are 1st



Kid_A said:

Great review. Based on my three hours of playtime, I have to say I agree. My only quibble is the script, which is at times unbelievably awful, and at times perfectly fine. Very hit and miss. But the gameplay is pure magic--I haven't experienced any of the problems many reviewers have.



Faildude said:

Is there an option that allows you to hear the Japanese dub? I always prefer Japanese voice actors over the other ones.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Didn't enjoy Prime Trilogy and haven't played any other Metroids but this does interest me. Maybe I'll try Prime again (never finished any of them) and try Super Metroid and see if I'm interested more. Fantastic review by the way.



SwerdMurd said:

@Jonathan - Nice last line man--that original Citizen Kane comparison still cracks me up.

Legit reference award recipient: Jonathan Wahlgren



BulbasaurusRex said:

It's on my list to get next year, as there're a few other games coming out in the next few months that I want more.



Slapshot said:

Droppin in my copy in a bit, grilling some food for me and wife at the moment. I expected a 9/10 here.



Blink said:

Awesome review, can't wait to get this, but it'll be awhile since I'll be spending what little money I have on mah lady friends...



Adenn_Solus said:

This Game looks pretty dang good, and I'll get around to playing it, but I'm going to be busy With Halo: Reach. Great review, makes me want to play it even more.



suburban_sensei said:

Glad to see you guys gave it a high score. Before picking it up today I was REALLY worried, since the reviews were so mixed. I am still in the begging parts of the game, but I really love it. Sure it feels different, but I am glad to have something like this after three (great) Prime games.



IAmNotWill said:

Great review. I won't get it for a while because I have no money or a job. So this will have to wait.



SilverBaretta said:

@50: Yeah, I was worried, too. I've mostly been seeing reviews that are more on the negative side, but since my most trusted site gave it such a good score, my interest is sparked again and I may just give it a shot! Great review and thanks for getting me excited again!



HipsterDashie said:

Great read. I've never really gotten into a Metroid game myself, but I might persuade my brother to pick it up and have a go using his copy.



WolfRamHeart said:

@TheSolarKnight: Thanks for the info. I don't have any problems getting Brawl(I don't own Prime Trilogy) to load on my Wii so I think that I should be okay on the dual layer issue.



Anotheralex_x said:

If any of you are worried about G4's opinion, don't. I felt their review was way too feminist, don't get me wrong I liked the woman's thoughts about how Samus should not be acting like a preteen, but their low score was simply because of that.

This is how reviews should be written, without a bias reviewer.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Great review, Panda; much like the game itself, it was well worth waiting for...

I'm having a blast so far, and I do intend to squeeze as much playtime out of Other M as possible...

(As I say in every Metroid review: I would've given it a 10. )



Bigdog said:

Guys, just played for a few hours, and I have to say... I'm impressed. The controls felt absolutely PERFECT after about 20 minutes. Gameplay is tough, but rewarding. You have to actually consider how you are going to attack, as 3rd and 1st person each have positive and negatives (1st person you have more power with the missiles, 3rd you have more mobility when dealing with multiple enemies)

The narrative (particularly from Samus) was "meh" for the beginning, but after you start actually "playing" the narrative fit in just wonderfully.

If you are on the fence, you can safely jump. Seriously. I feel just as strongly about this game as I feel about Little King's Story and SMG2. Yeah, it's that impressive.



ReddLionz said:

Great review, the only problem I have with the review is how you didn't give it a 10, but you also didn't say anything negative about it.

Oh well, my copy has already shipped so I'm good.



FunderThucker said:

I've only got 2 hours of gameplay, but I agree with what most of the review said. I find the cheesy acting alright, it's adds a bit of comic relief. The only problems that I have with the game is the blurry textures (yes I know it's a wii game, but Super Mario Galaxy didn't have it...or...it wasn't as noticeable.) and those stupid parts with the over the shoulder viewpoint. I'm sorry, but they suck. The combat however, awesome, so very awesome. Everything else could suck and I'd still buy this game if they kept the combat.



Bigdog said:

Oh by the way, even at its worse, the narrative is never far from what you'd expect from a sci-fi flick. It's not "Academy Awards" stuff, but it feels like a well made movie (Specially after the game really starts "playing"). My lady is absolutely stunned just by watching me play, and she has given me green light to play as much as I want. (Coincidentally, I'm writing this while she asked that I pause while she's cooking)

Really, everyone, I'm going to spread this everywhere. Wow.

FYI, the game had to do a system update before you could even "click" on it on the menu.



Philip_J_Reed said:

This game...is awesome.

Only about an hour with it so far, but I've enjoyed that hour more than I enjoyed the entire 15 or whatever I spent with Twilight Princess.

I was prepared to be disappointed (on matter of principle of course...I'm a die-hard Prime fanboy and I wanted to dislike this one at least a little so's I could stand on a table and say, "SEE. I TOLD YOU SO."), but this is really, really good stuff.

Can't wait to get deeper.

EDIT: Swicket, your comment has been the first one in a long time here that made me laugh out loud. I 3> U.



Token_Girl said:

Great review. Between this and the IGN review, it seems that many of the issues have to do with people not being able to work the controls as fluidly as possible (which isn't too much of a problem if you're used to Wii) and the storyline (Japanese scriptwriting is nearly always sort of emotional/cheesy). As long as the game is fun, I'm happy.



mastersworddude said:

X-Play gave this game a 2/5, but I don't trust it because about half of it was some girl complaining about Samus's character in this game. I haven't played it yet though.



Machu said:

Awesome review, thanks!

Now, I wait till Friday, and to see if my Wii likes me.

MPT (plyd em all 2 dth) & Brawl (plyd 2 dth) are a no-go. need new drive. Other:M may finally force me to get 1



what? no I am sorry but no. This is game is the complete anti-thesis of what a metroid game is!

The control scheme doesn't fit AT ALL. If you are going to make a 2D game then make one! Don't mix it with First person/thirs person/2D gimmicks.

And samus..they turned her in a whining little girl just like the ones you find in mangas and lame animes. Samus is a bad, not a fragile puny girl with "maternal instincts". What's next? Mario feeling guilty because he murdered Bowser and making a game about it?!

Sakamoto is a otaku that make his dream of samus reality joining with another misoginist man-children from the overrrated team ninja.

They were more concerned with making an interactive movie than a REAL game. Leave that stuff to the HD consoles. This game is the most antiNintendo title ever made by Nintendo.

After the great Prime series one wouldn't ever expected something like this. Is a huge dissapointment and it will ended as the Zelda CD-i games: a reminder of how Nintendo can miss the point.

Sakamoto HAS TO GO.



The_Fox said:

I'm glad I just rented it. It's not a bad game,but I wasn't blown away by it either. The crappy writing, voice acting and dialogue certainly doesn't help.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"What's next? Mario feeling guilty because he murdered Bowser and making a game about it?!"

I would absolutely play that game.



Aenaida said:

Meh. I was never that big of a Metroid fan, and this game certainly doesn't change that.



thaantman said:

So upset i pre ordered my copy, got it brand new plastic and all i go to put it in my wii, and my wii wont read the disc, thought it might had been sumthing wrong wit my wii but all my other games read fine. so gotta wait till 2morrow 2play the game i should be playing rite now.



zionich said:

I like how people scoff at the whole "concentrate" for missles, yet how is all the enimies carring missles in there bellies any more beliveable? Just a gameplay mechanic people.



sam322 said:

this looks different from prime 1,2,3 and hunters.Unique game,is it?I love metroid games and the most one i enjoyed playing was prime hunters on ds



Blakestationone said:

Chuffing good review. I would trade my own Mother for Other M (and I probably wouldn't try and buy her back)



Vinsanity said:

I really dig this game. Its so nice to have a real, meaty, contemporary game done in wiimote-only style. The nunchuck is cumbersome. The digital dpad controls work pretty damn well here, and I'm glad Team Ninja used streamlined controls and fixed/smart camera angles to emulate the 'feel' of a 2D game. It works; it works really well.
Aiming at the screen is a pain in the butt though, but its still a nice way to do it - I remember back in the N64/PSX era, where every platformer and third person game had a first person look option, where you had to hold a button a trigger to do it. It IS far smarter to just turn your controller, but its still a pain in the butt when you just wanna grab your wiimote and play. Also the dodge move is...well, dodgy.
The story seems like typical, bad anime melodrama. Penned by someone who watches too much Bleach and not enough Ergo Proxy or Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. But while its pretty stupid, and as a result Samus' voice actress sounds stilted (really though; why try when your dialogue is so stupid?), the cutscenes are gorgeous. Hell, the entire game is gorgeous, but that's not surprising considering the developer. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was awesome (and the ONLY NG to NOT be brutally difficult); Metroid Other M follows that up very nicely. Heck, its just encouraging to see some bump mapping in a wii game (if you know a thing or two about textures, you can spot 'em as the indentation on Samus' suit in a flash).
Really, really welcome mix of action rooted in the old school and visuals planted firmly in the modern era. A great Metroid game, but nowhere near as revolutionary or as notable as Metroid Prime or MP3. Still, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing some more Metroids by Team Ninja in the future. Or DS/3DS ones in this style, should NST or Intelligent Systems feel up to attempting them.



SeniorDingDong said:

I smell overrating...

You might check out some more true to Metroid ,and more negativ, reviews like on gameinformer, g4tv or gamesradar.



JamieO said:

Like a few other comments here, I was feeling a bit uneasy about Other M because of mixed reviews, giving the impression that its new approach was a little bit too haphazard. Jon's review has rekindled my confidence in it.

I think that taking from Metroid Fusion as a template is an excellent grounding for this one, plus reading that the combat is fast, accessible, and most importantly enjoyable, is great to hear. That it is visually stunning is the icing on the cake (decorated with an Ice Beam, of course).

A marvellous Other M review, Jon.



Corbs said:

Let's face it, what you ultimately think about this game is going to depend heavily on how receptive you are to the new gameplay system and more story-driven presentation. I personally love the game and find it just the kick in the pants the series needed.



IronMan28 said:

This game has gotten good reviews for the most part, it's just that because it's first party Nintendo everyone is crying foul because it hasn't gotten 9s and 10s across the board. I am getting it soon and will waste many hours playing it lol...



SeniorDingDong said:

@timp29: Yes, sure. However, I think the reviews here are often a bit too positive here. Could list some examples now, but that wouls just kick some unneeded discussions... For Other M: the negative reviews impressed me more then the positive. I felt forced to cancel my pre-oder and I am going to rent it. I am a huge Metroid fan and because of that I have very high personal standarts for the series.




Good revw, thank you. Cannot wait till this is released in the EU.

I'm a huge Prime fan , but like 2D Metroids too. (though there's plenty of 3d in this obviously). Bring it on.

I've enjoyed the n-gamer and nl revws i've read so far. Makes the game sound really tantalising!



TwilightV said:

Good review, but that bit about the "Citizen Kane of games"? NEVER. DO. IT. AGAIN. >: (



Sylverstone said:

Oh wow, 100 comments in less than 24 hours!


Anyways, this is a fantastic review and this should be the one that pushes undecided buyers to get it.



LuWiiGi said:

I have never played a Metroid game in my life, something I am very ashamed of. When I get a Wii this will be one of the first games I get, along with WSR, SMG2, NSMBWii, MKWii and Zelda:SS. Hooray for abbreviations! Other M sounds like great fun, if a bit short. Only 10-12 hours for the main game?



theblackdragon said:

@SeniorDingDong: it's funny you say that, considering the furor over the Rayman DSiWare review. :3

Also, you (and anyone interested in what non-reviewers are saying) may want to check out the latter pages of this forum thread (pretty much after everyone received their copies of the game). from what i gather, most of the people in there seem to be wondering what the hell all the negative buzz was about.



timp29 said:

@LuWiiGi I am also a metroid virgin. When I finish my exams in a few weeks I'll dust off the copy of the prime trilogy I have hidden from my better half and see if it is any good. I must seriously recommend Mario Kart Wii, but personally would give Super Mario Galaxy the edge over its sequel. Can I also say that the pun in your name is so horrible that it is brilliant.



LuWiiGi said:

@timp Seriously!? You think that SMG1 is better than the sequel? Most people disagree. Also, thanks for the compliment. If it is a compliment. I am bad at puns.




Other M revw has just been put up by ONM on their website and they've given it a 91%. That's n-gamer and onm, who are generally reliable and unbiased reviewers, that have given other m gold award standard. Add to that NL reliable revw of 9/10 and it amounts to an absolutely awesome game!



plankton88 said:

I smell an overrating as well. Just from the bleh whinny Samus storyline, switching from first person to 3rd during boss battles, and the getting more missiles and health with some weird mind trick, 2-3 points should have been deducted right off the bat. I know we shouldn't hold 1st party titles to a super higher standard, but lets be truthful. We do and should. That's why these games take so long to develop and that what we pay for. Franchise games like Metroid help sell consoles and when they slack on them we feel cheated. When reading this review and felt like I was watching Americas Got Talent and the judges are praising a 5 year old little girl for doing the robot. Now, I am not saying this game is horrible, but if a game is sub-par it's sub-par.



LuWiiGi said:

"I know we shouldn't hold 1st party titles to a super higher standard, but lets be truthful. We do and should." So we shouldn't, but we should?
LOGICAL FAIL - Do you seriously think Ninty slacked on this title?



hylianhalcyon said:

I'm not too far in the game yet, but I'm really enjoying. The whole switching to first person has worked great for me so far, and once you get over the initial awkwardness of moving with the D-Pad, the controls are great.



LztheQuack said:

@plankton: We shouldn't and should? We hold 1st party games to a super high standard because Nintendo is one of the best developers out there. Look at their lists of highly rated and lowly rated games and tell me I'm wrong



Sean_Aaron said:

As someone who wasn't impressed with Prime 3 and really didn't like Prime, I'm definitely keen to check this one out. Getting it Friday for sure!



Bigdog said:

Sean, you won't be disappointed.

Funny my lady already made a point that when we go to the movies we easily drop 30 bucks or so, so from her point of view as a spectator this game's a steal since she's entertained by it and I'm having fun playing it. Thank you Nintendo, I owe you a drink.



zionich said:

@plankton88 I still fail to see how concentrating for health and missles is any worse then monsters you kill dropping them. Or you absorbing life and magic from monsters in God Of War. Maybe coins in Super Mario Galaxy for health makes more sense?



LztheQuack said:

Yeah, concentrating for stuff is totally unrealistic.

Let me conjure up a hot dog and give some reasons for this



Andor said:

Excellent review, spot on.

The only thing that bothered me in this game is the shoulder view scenes (WAY too slow) and the few ones where you're forced in 1st person view to find something. Oh, and the way you get upgrades. Come on, there had to be a better way.

Apart from that I disagree with people complaining about Samus' character and the missile and health charge. What's the big deal to recover your health and missiles focusing like that? Like someone said here, finding energy containers and missiles inside monsters is just as awkward, if not more.
The story may be a bit cheesy but in my opinion it added an interesting character depth and it develops really well as you progress in the game. The controls are a bit difficult at first but when you get used to it the combats get really exciting and fast, with awesome new moves.

I loved the cinematographic feel of the game, not only because of the cutscenes but also the camera angles and things that happen unexpectedly while you're playing.



zionich said:

@ lz2010 Ok, ill give ya a sci-fi explination. Samus' suit has the ability to gather energy from around her as well as the life energy of the things she kills. She then has the ability to, when channeling the energy through her suit, to add it to ambient particals in the air, thus creating missles as well as recharging her suit.



Smerd said:

I'm renting the game now...You can't go into this game thinking it's a follow up to Prime... (in the way it plays). Controls are tight, blasting is fun, and enjoyment of this game is for real. I mean.. at least so far... Give this game a try! You have an opportunity to play something different using the famous female Nintendo hero...go play now.



Bones00 said:

Thanks for the review but I'm still waiting for my copy to ship from amazon. That's ok though since I'm patient. Amazon preorders also receive a $20 future game credit. I'm wondering though if I should have preordered from Gamestop for the artbook.



ueI said:

I don't care much for Metroid so I won't be playing this, but people should stop comparing this to Metroid Prime and Super Metroid. My reasoning is that this is a different game! It should get high scores if it's good and low scores if it's bad. Reviewers can't just add or subtract points because Other M is too faithful or too different. Those who hate change should dedicate their lives to a single game.



Bigdog said:

@Bones00, I prefer pre-ordering from Walmart as you get the $20 back, they don't expire like the Amazon does, and you can use it for anything if you don't want to wait for another game.

And the past 3 pre-orders have been on my door at the release date for the $2 2-day shipping. (as long as it fell on a weekday, of course)



JebbyDeringer said:

I loved Metroid Prime & Super Metroid, and the original Metroid when I played in back in around 1990 but this game has me on the fence. There are a lot of points people have brought up that feel like deal breakers but then the game might be engrossing enough for me to not worry about them.



Lotice-Paladin said:

I'm skeptical, not because of gameplay mind, I'm just not into FPSs.

Can this game be played in third person throughout or is the FPS necessary in the game?



burnedmatch said:

great review give ya a 9 out of 10. keep up the good work.
this is a great metroid game. still needs work but its definitely in the right direction. way closer to how metroid should be then the primes. love the primes though so don't hate. very fun metroid and hope to see more in the future. love the lava section!!



SwerdMurd said:

@Relevant - FPS is not the same thing as utilizing the first-person perspective for 20 seconds at a time. If you've ever played and enjoyed Duck Hunt, you'll feel right at home with the occaisional point-and-shoot sections.

Using your terms, the "FPS" is necessary....that's just not what it is.

@Big Dog - I prefer Amazon cause it was 45.99 and there wasn't any tax.



Kevin said:

I wished I could play this game but the update that came with me won't let me nor Brawl anymore! I've had my Wii since it launched and am surprised it happened to me. Brawl was fine before this happened.



Kid_A said:

Typical. The ones saying that Nintendo Life over-rated it are the ones that haven't played it.



Tails said:

This game is spot on one of the best Action games i have played on the Wii. I knew not to trust G4. They don't know crap about games. (Stupid Halo/360 fanboys.) Nice Review though



mjc0961 said:

"Malkovich reluctantly agrees, but only on the conditions that Samus obey his orders and only use the equipment that he authorises"

So I take it that's the mandatory "you lose all the stuff you collected in the previous game" mechanic at work?

Also you spelled authorizes wrong.



Bakajin said:

Not very far into it yet, but I'm underwhelmed. It just doesn't feel like a Metroid game.



Deviant_Mugen said:

I've already completed the game and it was a great ride, well worth the $50 I dropped on it (hell, it's worth a lot more). The story, voice acting, the action, all of them were top notch, and I give Sakamoto and Team Ninja major kudos for crafting such an awesome Metroid game. This game was so good that I'm considering naming it my favorite Metroid (for the time being, it's tied with Super Metroid)...




Senri said:

I played a little bit at a friends and I got my own copy. Samus voice is hella annoying. The dialogs are cheesy though it will guaranteed to sound better with it's original japanese audio (if any). Now I always watch anime with the Jap audio (with subs ofc) instead of dubbed english. It's always much muchhhh better. There's always that missing in translation vibe.

Hopefully I find a jap language mode or something in the option in this game...



Collinhall said:

Might get this, eventually. I have so many games I am shelling out for, Epic Yarn, Halo Reach, Littlebigplanet 2 Collectors edition, ect, I just don't know if I can get this any time soon



FinalFantisiac said:

I just got this game yesterday, and today I have spent hours playing this game. THE GRAPHICS ARE INSANE!!!!!!!! I expected them to somewhat irregular and choppy like Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings, but these are the pinacle of perfect graphics (one of the best in general in video gaming, but the best for the Wii, PERIOD!!!!!!!!) It truely is. And the gameplay is exhilerating and hard to turn away from, let alone stop liking completely. And the cutscenes are too beautiful to be true, like... like it's not even of this earth. Happy sigh 10/10.



Z_Bone said:

I got the game yesterday. So far it's pretty awesome. Great graphics, great combat, and amazing cutscenes.

It's kind of dark on my tv though. I wish there was a way to change the brightness in game. I can't change my tv's brightness because i don't have a remote.



scooter2659 said:

I think this game might eb worth getting... But hey, does anyone know how many different beams there are in the game



imapterodactyl said:

@Buffalobob (post 72)

Obviously you've been reading that douchebag Sean Malstrom's blog. You've pretty much cut and pasted his sentiments, and he's been on an anti-Sakamoto rampage for ages. He's got way too much pent-up nerd rage to focus all on one game series, but he still does it. I mean C'MON, does ANYbody, even he, think that Other M is going to end up like the Zelda CD-i game? REALLY? That's just silly.



lex0plex said:

I wanted to see more 1st person shooters on a system that was built for them... instead, they go back to 3rd person... ah well this looks too good to not play anyway



armoredghor said:

Good game, just don't go in expect metroid prime 4. Go in expecting a 3d sequel/conversion to the original 4 metroids.



DjinnFighter said:

Excellent game. But it's... too... short !!! It took me 11h to complete the game at 100%. But the fights and the story are great.

My favorite Metroid game remains Corruption.



DrSlump said:

After playing with Metroid Prime Trilogy, now i'm playing with this Metroid M. Well.... i don't like it so much. Graphics is less polished than the one i saw in metroid prime 3. Blurred textures (lava texture is horrible), slowdowns of framerate in large scenarios etc etc.. the best work is done with the cut scenes, but i don't play with cut scenes.
If this is the best that nintendo can now get out from Wii, i think it's time to consider some other system, like a ps3, until nintendo's guys make up their mind that it's time to renew their platform.



SkullMan said:

After 100%'ing the game which was far too easy. I can say that I enjoyed it it after giving it some more time. It's one of those games that grows on you. But I can't help but feel it's the weakest Metroid game yet. It pales in comparison to the Prime series.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Great game with a Samus I don't like much. There's only one missile tank I can't get. Metroid Prime: Trilogy is next for me.



arrmixer said:

after playing the game for the first 10 hours, you really get into the action. the control scheme is a little counter intuitive especially for prime players which I am not one of them. But after a while, the controls become second nature and you do not even worry about it.

All in all this metriod is an excellant accomplishment the amount of man hours put into this game definitely shows.....

thank you nintendo can not wait for the squel!!!!



supermonkey117 said:

wow this game is great was put off a while back but when i finally decided to get it 2 weeks ago none of the rumours were true i couldn't see anything wrong with it. Yes the first person needs getting used to but just point samus i the right direction loved the epic escape after the credits don't know if you need a certain percentage to do it but good stuff and hard mode oh yeah brilliant its actually hard don't let the rumours put you off great game but i agree prime was legendary first one being my best for the obvious reasons but nice to play in 3rd person once again and hearing samus talk is good to adds to her personality making the story more believable 9/10 i agree go nintendo and team ninja sequel would be cool



HolyBlade said:

The story was a complete disgrace, and the gameplay wasn't that great either.

Considering its pedigree Metroid deserved much better. I'd say a 7/10 would be more appropriate.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

My only problem with this title is the difficulty. For me METROID and ZELDA have always been the hardcore feathers in Nintendo's cap. As of late, though, I have been put off by the lack of difficulty in the last few ZELDA titles. Being a casual METROID fan, but a hardcore NINJA GAIDEN fan I was plenty psyched for this game - but honestly it's just too easy. I love the control scheme and the intensity of the battles, but only 2 of the bosses gave me any trouble. Also, I beat the game (including the Bottle Ship free-mode) in 10 hours. The exploration element was cut down considrably from SUPER METROID and the PRIME series. It felt like it ended just when it started to get going. This game is a 7/10. If it wasn't a METROID title it would be a 5 or a 6, but it has the high level of poilish we have come to expect from Nintendo. I was just expecting Samus' next great adventure - not a side mission.



Megajack said:

the style of gameplay makes it actully feel like a metroid game and not halo. the metroid prime games feel so much like halo i dont even play them.



Stevie42 said:

Why does this game have a bad rep from so many fans? It isn't meant to be like prime and it really is like Super Metroid in 3D. Notice in SM that you can interact with the environment less than in the Prime games but still quite a bit in most areas. Other M does that. The graphics are as good as Kirby's Epic Yarn! They're the highpoint for graphics of the whole franchise.
The gameplay feels right for the Wii controls, and comfortably familiar if you've tried the NES game in any of it's released forms - or any of the 2D Metroid games!
Lastly, Samus didn't choose to be the hero she is and


during the Ridley boss fight she breaks down because after being crushed about the death of the baby metroid in Super Metroid and finding some peace in the fact that together they ended the threat of both the Metroids and the Space Pirates, of course she'd freeze up! The metroid's death was somewhat meaningless if the Space Pirates survived. She thought he was dead and if you have your worst enemy come back from the dead where you were sure they were dead (who else can die and escape a planet exploding?) that'd be your reaction. The story works. The game is superb.



Varia01 said:

The graphics are impressive (I mean like totally awesome),the musicians Nintendo chose composed very well, and the gameplay is the definition of fun! I'm suprised it took a long time to even reach half a million sales! This game is much more then solid, it is a legend! And I agree Stevie (Though I didn't reply) the storyline was one of the best I heard from the classic NES Metroid to this game! Samus can even survive a deadly explosion from the power bomb! I am very impressed and I hope Team NInja can do a future game for Wii U! 9/10 is a excellent score for awesome game.



davegorack said:

This is and ok game but i gave up half way trough.
Not beacuse I hated it but because i found it relly boring.
The gameplay was boring, the story was boring and the music was rely rely boring.
Still i only payed £10 brand new for it so i wasint expecting much.
EDIT: i take it back, i got this game again(i saw it going for a fiver) and gave it anouther chance.
i completed it and enjoyed it. The story still anoyes me though.



Varia01 said:

Review change. 0.1/10! The game is so linear making it so boring and even how short it is ruins it highly. The control scheme is the poorest and the most frustrating I've played. This the definition of stupid. Were you guys really believing that nonexistent speech. 10/10! I've got over the problems and realized that it hasn't been really bothering me this whole time.



Varia01 said:

I do not understand why people say there is some problems with the controls. Well here is what my final results should be for Other M:
Incredible Combat
Neat Auto Camera
Simple and Fun Control Scheme
Amazing Graphics
Search View Locking-On Issues
The game's short length
The linearity is slightly disturbing
Results: 9.0/10

I am not to disturbed by the linearity and I do not understand why people complain about Samus no being able to activate her weapons herself but I believe it would make the game boring sense you had access to all of the items just at the start of the game. Aiming is smooth, but locking-on is a little bit of a trouble, it automatically activates your missiles, maybe that is the only problem in search view. I always loved exploration on games Other M ruins that only a little, like in Sector 1, I was hoping to explore the Bio center early but it wouldn't let me, and sometimes it will block your path after you just got a new power-up so you can't go and get the expansion. Other than those minor spoil sports, the game has a very simple and extremely fun control scheme (Why do people complain about it?). The combat is 110% fun with a very well done auto-camera . This game is another blockbuster in Metroid, my favorite series of all time. 9.0/10.



Varia01 said:

Just one more small comment: 9.5/10 Love the game. Hate the short length. Don't mind the linearity. Incredible graphics. Very fun Combat. PERFECT control scheme. Should have been the best game of 2010.



M_Rudmarker said:

Wow, 9/10? Don't agree with that score at all. It felt like a slap in the face to all the Metroid-fans. Wouldn't even consider playing it again.



NeoZuko said:

I liked it when I played a few hours but the voice acting is bad, the script needs work, and at the end of the day I'd rather play Metroid Prime with analog sticks (unless its pure 2D Metroid).



Luigi21 said:

This game has gotten a lot of flak by game reviewers. I've even read some gamers call it a destructive end to a franchise. Yes, I get that the story and voice acting suck, but what about the gameplay? Honestly, isn't that what it's all about in the end? That said, I l really enjoy playing this game. The linearity doesn't bother, just as Metroid Fusion didn't bother me. I really like the pace and the action.



ToxieDogg said:

It's a bit silly how people complain about the storyline and voice acting and say the game should have a lower score because of that...it's still a brilliantly designed Metroid title with great gameplay.

Then on the other hand, you have The Last Of Us with mediocre, dull gameplay and those same people think it's worthy of it's 10/10 scores just because it has a good story and voice acting. I think a lot of people play games for the wrong reasons.



stinky_t said:

I heard this was the worst Metriod game ever, but actually sounds really good. I'd still rather have another Prime for Wii U though

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