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Costa Rica

Sun 25th Apr 2010

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hulklol123456789 commented on Nintendo Bringing 2D and 3D Mario Games to 3DS:

I will realy like to see another game like super mario sunshine, a re-make maybe? Insted of water fire? Idk, but it is the greatest mario game I have ever played, who cares about galaxy games, they are boring, I wan another super mario sunshine.



hulklol123456789 commented on Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary:

Hmmm, ok guys, so lucky for everyone, sadly I can't enter the contest, anyways I have told my family in USA, and they have entered already, I hope they win! Also isk wich is him, but he is also a cool gamer, he likes old games, specially the ones from NES and N64, so he was very happy about these contest, I think he will also be part of the comunity team.



hulklol123456789 commented on Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii):

I think the most value on the game is not in its length, it is on the replay value, because EVERYONE will want to go back to those amazing worlds 3 or moe times, to not only collect the beads, to just sit, relax, and enjoy such a beautifull game!



hulklol123456789 commented on Ivy the Kiwi? Mini:

@Blizzaga, come on the demo are just like 3 levels.

So how much levels have these, do it have multiplayer? How much levels have the original? if im not able to get the original with these worth?