Switch Lite Variants

The Nintendo Switch family of consoles has proved to be super popular with three different models to choose from and a great library of games to play on them. The Nintendo Switch Lite is the most affordable and gift-friendly console of the set – and it's a delight to play with, too.

Below, we're tracking the best prices on Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. We're talking every single colour, every single limited edition console, all here on one page.

So, if you're in the market for a Nintendo Switch Lite, keep reading to learn more about the system and to see the best deals available at retail.

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Where To Buy Nintendo Switch Lite

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Every Nintendo Switch Lite Colour - Complete List

Switch Lite Base Colours

After originally launching with three colour options, there are now a healthy number of Switch Lite colourways available to choose from – including some limited edition special releases.

Here's every Switch Lite released so far (you can find links to buy all of these just a little further up this page):

Standard Colours

  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise
  • Coral
  • Blue

Limited Editions

Nintendo Switch Lite FAQ

How does Switch Lite compare to other Switch consoles?

The main difference setting the Switch Lite apart from the standard and OLED Model Switch consoles is the fact that the Lite is a handheld-only console. This means that the Switch Lite cannot be played on the TV, but instead serves as a more traditional handheld console like a Game Boy or Nintendo DS.

This means that the Lite doesn't come with separate Joy-Con controllers that detach from the console, as you may have seen with the bigger Switch models; instead, the console body itself is all you need to play.

The best part? It's significantly cheaper than the Switch and Switch OLED Model consoles.

For a full rundown of all three systems and a detailed comparison of each, check out our full guide:

Are all Switch games compatible with Switch Lite?

Nearly all Nintendo Switch games are compatible with Switch Lite without any complications, but a small handful might require you to pick up a separate compatible wireless controller.

The Switch Lite can play any Switch game that supports handheld mode. For games that do not support handheld mode (such as Super Mario Party, 1-2-Switch, and Nintendo Labo), players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers to the Switch Lite and effectively create a makeshift tabletop setup.

The guide linked below explains everything you need to know

What comes in the box with Switch Lite?

The Nintendo Switch Lite does not include a dock, HDMI cable, or kickstand like the original model. Instead, the box will simply contain the console and an AC adaptor.


Switch Lite specs

Here are the Nintendo Switch Lite's specs along with a comparison to the standard model. A full comparison of all three Nintendo Switch models can be found here.

Nintendo Switch Lite: 3.6" high, 8.2" long, 0.55" deep | Nintendo Switch: 4" high, 9.4" long, 0.55" deep with Joy-Con attached
Nintendo Switch Lite: .61lbs | Nintendo Switch: 0.88lbs with the Joy-Con attached
Nintendo Switch Lite: 5.5" touchscreeen, 720p | Nintendo Switch: 6.2" touchscreen, 720p
Battery Life
Nintendo Switch Lite: approx. 3 - 7 hours | Nintendo Switch: approx. 2.5 - 6.5 hours
Nintendo Switch Lite: 32GB | Nintendo Switch: 32GB

Switch Lite price and release date

Nintendo Switch Lite's recommended retail price is $199.99 / £199.99, as it has been since launch, making it much cheaper than the standard Switch and the more expensive Switch OLED Model.

The Nintendo Switch Lite first released on 20th September 2019 in Grey, Yellow and Turquoise. Other colours and limited edition systems have since launched too – you can find links to buy all of these higher up this page.

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