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Sat 21st February, 2009

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Lotice-Paladin commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

@3: A little over dramatic aren't we? It'd be sad if Nintendo went down, but give up gaming?

Maybe you should take a leaf out of the SEGA fan's books, yeah...they'd like another SEGA console, but they still play their games on other hardware...even their old rivals...and they even try non-SEGA games and have somewhat got into Nintendo games they once envied.

Anyway, Nintendo going third party would be indeed weird, but you'd get used to the's like a football team, who'd of thought Leeds 20 years ago would no longer be in the top league? It happens and they'll be fine whichever direction they go. Nintendo won't go bankrupt overnight and would be a very big third party developer if they did go that route...I am sure they'd hold their own whomever they sided with...or even go multiplat.

But again, this is a what if won't happen anytime soon and if it did, no-one should be over-reacting if it did happen, as they'll still carry on doing what they do best, make quality games.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Uncharted Studio: "Wii U is Full of Holes, Not...:

Why put up an article about Naughty Dog giving an opinion on the competition, only for members here to insult Sony.

I expect this in a fanboy thread coming from Sony fans but not at all from Nintendo fans.

I see the guys point...but he is after-all, tied to say this as he is getting paid by his employer...if Nintendo said the Vita has full of holes you'd still see most members being biased...

Anyway, Naughty Dog have a good reputation and I don't see them being insulting at all.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

Unfortunately, it's about Profit these days rather then risk.

Nintendo just don't have that risk factor anymore...

I've been waiting for Valkyria 3 to come westward from SEGA and even they are reluctant and that franchise has a cult following!

As for the Nintendo are greedy part, I thought that was always known? They always maximise profit at the cost of lowering costs elsewhere (Wii is a good example here as well as N64 cartridges so third parties would have to pay more for them...hence why Square bailed out).



Lotice-Paladin commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

I agree with #14 and if I were American, I would be disappointed but not as fussed since I doubt Europe will buy these games in droves.

@18, Japan's population is a mere third of America's plus the fact that the Japanese buy MORE games means that you just exaggerated about how America will buy these niche games without thinking it through first.

As for my opinion about the Operation, it's good to see it happening but you have to realise that no-one in Europe would do this since we have more important problems coming our way...not getting three games won't kill anybody and importing them if you really want them is a solution which we Europeans have done since the 16-Bit era.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Bundle Pack is Beautiful:

Why does this remind me of the Saturn Days when SEGA of Japan trolled America with their better exclusive games? (moreso EU)

Anyway, I doubt this game will be great...probably good.., and IF it gets a sequel, maybe NA gamers will get 1&2 if momentum carries on with the Wii U?

I understand not getting a Wii game that is already in Europe, but Americans forget how many games never made it here too and more recently...the likes of Arc Rise Fantasia never coming here either.

And of course Australia are getting it! They are from the PAL region...and to whomever said their Nintendo Offices are better...seriously? One game you may not get?



Lotice-Paladin commented on As Predicted, Wii Drops to £99 in UK Today:

@3: I thought the Gamecube was pretty popular here if only for Smash Bros.

And I never knew you were a SEGA fan (judging by the consoles owned).

On-Topic: It took too long...I was hoping my family would use my Wii Fit much sooner.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Wii Shop Channel Now Accepting eShop Cards:

Please let Game Gear games come on the Wii's VC too...and make the whole VC collection be available on the 3DS, I am now wondering if that is why the launch is delayed? So you can purchase Wii VC games on the 3DS.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Review: Chrono Trigger (Virtual Console / Supe...:

I agree with Grens. The last boss is stupidly long although I was lucky enough to know what you need to do first to whittle Lavos' final form down first time....

Same problem with Final Fantasy IV too...except it's stupidly easy if you leveled yourself pretty high but that damn attack that disables magic healing is really annoying.

Other then that it is a great game.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Super Monkey Ball 3D:

If it means Ristar, Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone, Streets of Rage and a new Non-Sonic Sonic Team game then I am slightly excited.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Feature: Lads of the Rising Sun:

Goes to show you that there are still very talented British Programmers that have been accepted in the biggest Japanese Studios when all we hear about recently is job cuts in the UK. A nice change anyway.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Talking Point: Can Nintendo's Next Console Top...:

I'd wait and see how the 3DS does first before judging the next console release...then we can ask whether console gaming is worth it if the handheld market is becoming huge in Japan (and is respected in the west too).

As always, you have to look at the software before even buying the don't want a limited library half way through the life like they did in the N64 era.



Lotice-Paladin commented on New Kirby Game Details Gathered, Now Absorb Them:

Surprised Nintendo have made such a cute game with death references in it. Don't they usually hate putting anything that would be considered not family friendly into their games?

Not that I care or anything but thinking of Kirby dying is not what I consider a typical Kirby game...especially when Kirby's enemies are not really considered enemies as he/she has no grudge against them. :



Lotice-Paladin commented on Feature: The SLG3000 and the Glorious Return o...:

@Link-Hero: Although I agree with you about why would you want to view it from a past perspective...some people actually perfer that and it doesn't effect us at all.

I wouldn't say the graphics are worse...I think it makes the screen stable and less likely have screen tearing (which I actually hate if it's bad...FInal fantasy XIII on the PS3 does this if you aren't up to specs...which is kind of sad...but I am probably wrong on that dept).

Colouring in the lines in between is certainly a good diea of recent TVs but if you play on a TV close up this wouldn't be for you.

By the way, I'm someone who's played the Mega Drive as my first console so I can see both people's POV's...



Lotice-Paladin commented on Capcom Objects to Ace Attorney Investigations ...:

Capcom have really dropped the ball this generation.

Lost Planet 2 was pretty poor and the directions to RE5 and DMC have really hurt them.

MvC3 has DLC already on the disc and now to top it all off, they make this game unavailable in America?!? You have to wonder what happened in HQ for them to completely do SEGA decisions...speaking of feels like the two have swapped roles...

Anyway, I thought AAI wasn't a bad game...but it was certainly not to my taste when I sold the game (due to the difficulty rather then the enjoyment...which is a shame but I bought it new if that helps).



Lotice-Paladin commented on Nintendo Wants More Developers Like Retro Stud...:

Unfortunately, not many western Developers think Japanese ideas....but if we did, it wouldn't be as exciting.

Although I like the idea of Nintendo actually buying an External Studio like everybody else does, their ideas and the majority of western developers ideas are totally different...

Maybe Nintendo should buy Valve as they think a like (although I am not a fan of Valve).



Lotice-Paladin commented on PlatinumGames President Saddened by Decline of...:

Too right. I liked Bayonetta but it was not my type of game and I need to get Vanquished.

I felt Resonance of Fate had a better battle mechanic then Final Fantasy which was a nice change but the story was even more confusing then FF.

I think original ideas would need sequels to improve on that some people grow accustomed to sequels to novels when they have something going on that's a great idea. I am expecting Bayonetta to get a sequel soon (from what they hinted at).



Lotice-Paladin commented on 3DSWare File Size May Be Bigger Than WiiWare:

Raising it to 100MB would be enough methinks...but how can 40MB be restrictive if you are a developer? I mean...we see people these days make hardware on the 16-bit machines (which provided fewer then 3MB!).

Whilst I agree the limit needs to be lifted a little, these devs should be making good games with that limit like the old days.



Lotice-Paladin commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

I don't really care what either side thinks....but I am more concerned (well...not really but I guess you should all be as well), is that the companies we know now like Nintendo, Capcom, Konami and SEGA are going to eventually have to shift their employment to the younger, more fresher faces, I mean Miyamoto maybe very successful, but he's almost 60 now and within a few years he may want to retire and Mario will probably never be the same again...same with all of them...Square Enix may get a lot of flak at the moment, but at least they are nurturing the younger employees so they, too..will be making fresher games of Final Fantasy...those of you who hate Angry Birds shouldn't be hating on the turn may turn out to be a company you will look up to once the Dinosaurs in these other companies retire.



Lotice-Paladin commented on WiiWare, Fez Developer Does Not Like You At All:

He's a bit OTT with the demos thing, if your game is good, people will buy it through word of mouth (like a few WiiWare titles) but it doesn't matter if he won't add his game to WiiWare...there's always other places to the iPhone.