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Sat 29th Oct 2011

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Stevie42 commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

Why does this game have a bad rep from so many fans? It isn't meant to be like prime and it really is like Super Metroid in 3D. Notice in SM that you can interact with the environment less than in the Prime games but still quite a bit in most areas. Other M does that. The graphics are as good as Kirby's Epic Yarn! They're the highpoint for graphics of the whole franchise.
The gameplay feels right for the Wii controls, and comfortably familiar if you've tried the NES game in any of it's released forms - or any of the 2D Metroid games!
Lastly, Samus didn't choose to be the hero she is and


during the Ridley boss fight she breaks down because after being crushed about the death of the baby metroid in Super Metroid and finding some peace in the fact that together they ended the threat of both the Metroids and the Space Pirates, of course she'd freeze up! The metroid's death was somewhat meaningless if the Space Pirates survived. She thought he was dead and if you have your worst enemy come back from the dead where you were sure they were dead (who else can die and escape a planet exploding?) that'd be your reaction. The story works. The game is superb.



Stevie42 commented on Review: Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incid...:

Very Good, and luckily as long as Escape from Ravenhearst on the PC (An astonishing game that's the most disturbing IMO of any and all games out there, however Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker comes close) so you can expect around 15 hours or more of gameplay.
It's more beautiful than many of the MCF games - even 13th Skull and that game really was stunning.
The hidden object scenes though, for whatever reason, aren't as compelling for me as the DS one or the other games in the series. I think it's because you need to lean forward alot and there are many smaller objects but the hint system is fast to recharge which eases the little pain there is.
Shame no soundtrack CD was released for this though. There are mp3 files for most of the recent MCF games in their Collector's Edition forms.
The story is as you'd expect from the series. It's much more than you'd think and when you think you've worked it out it slaps you in the face with a lemon wrapped around a large gold brick and changes quite drastically.
It's a major problem that there isn't a hint system during adventure gameplay though, you need either an amazing brain or a walkthrough.



Stevie42 commented on Candle Route:

I'm sometimes drawn to different puzzle games like this (another being Wario's Woods) and I'm really glad I was! It's relaxing and not too demanding to finish most levels and unlike so many puzzle games, if you get stuck in a stage without access to the internet you can still pass the level. Candle Route gives you hints, if you want them, for each stage in A mode of the first two moves.

I like mode B more though, and if I nitpick I sometimes get annoyed that once I'm done 10-20 levels of mode B I need to unlock more by playing more of Mode A. However, they're both enjoyable so it rocks for £1.80!



Stevie42 commented on Review: Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Virtual Console ...:

This is a great Kirby game! How, HOW can you give it an average score like that? It's bad points are only that there isn't a retry option for challanges (specifically those memory ones that'd make Chuck Norris shed a tear of rage) so you need to get them perfect and there isn't too much reason for going back to the levels once done a save file. Were it remade (COME ON NINTENDO!! MAKE KIRBY'S DREAMLAND TRILOGY!!!) , it should have a treasure system like Epic Yarn.
The rest is great! The charming music (you can get it from Kirby Rainbow Resort), The animals which are adorable and great to mix powers with and the bloodiest boss of a game made by nintendo for years.



Stevie42 commented on Review: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Virtual ...:

5/10? At it again...neither this or Kirby's Dreamland 3 deserve low scores! This game, while I realise it relies more on enemies and combinations than design -which was the focus in Kirby's Adventure-, it is still a very good Kirby game and entierly a triute to the wonderful (apart from those annoying memory challanges where you have to keep restarting the level!) Dreamland 3. It's fun trying new ones out and the puzzles you come across trying to get a crystal shard are fun, if not too imaginative all of the time. Still, on it's own merits it deserves a 7/7.5