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Mon 26th Jan 2009

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Egg_miester commented on n-Space CEO Describes the Games Industry as a ...:

i agree that the gaming industry is a mess nowdays its all about making any many games as quickly as they can to produce more a year to get more money, no matter on the type of dev they are and now with the love of dlc it gives companies the reason to make more half games faster then charge money for users to download parts of games for a complete game



Egg_miester commented on NBA Jam Man Disappointed by Gamers' Negative A...:

i don't play basketball but really they screwed over the wii version when they gave away the hd version and had online when you buy another game so people got 2 games for price of one, and all the wii version got was 2 small game modes



Egg_miester commented on North America Cools Down with Club Nintendo Fo...:

@Iggy theres a few things you don't understand.
1. in japan for 100's of years sensu's or hand fans were important even the poorest villager had a sensu that was everywhere, no one would been caught without a sensu no mater the season, or the time of day or where the person was they always had it with them so the fans is to pay respect to japanese history.
2. noa really doesn't seem to care about club nintendo we are lucky as hell to get anything.
3. the fans maybe made out of paper sure it would be great if they had it made out of cloth but the designs on them are great detail.
4. with the hanafuda cards is to pay respect to their nintendo's history made the cards before they got into video games.