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Tue 15th Feb 2011

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supermonkey117 commented on Super Mario Galaxy Is Eurogamer's Game of the ...:

Oh mario/nintendo saved sonic and gave him new legs while kicking donkey in the platform world and 3d world looks amazing by the way i think when we were younger and was saying who would win in a fight mario or sonic we didnt expect this turnout, story is important to me to but think mario really explains itself.
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supermonkey117 commented on Nintendo Finally Confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts...:

C.O.D hahaha don't make me laugh, only joking they are pretty damn good games cant wait to see what the wii u version has to offer, but a conduit 3 is what i want getting destroyed off thousands of mr fords when people are not running about with unlimited rocket launchers, not being able to die and the host quitting out the game because he or she is getting there butt kicked its a great game.



supermonkey117 commented on Precursor Games Relaunches Shadow of the Etern...:

I would gladly donate £20 if i knew for sure it isn't for nothing, big fan of sanity's Requiem very impressed with that gem of a game in my top 5 of survival horror games ever and i love how on the video the style of the game looks the same as eternal darkness .



supermonkey117 commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening:

great game well worth the £40 out my wage that i work so so hard for i have to say its the best out of them all though i do have epic memories of the classics.



supermonkey117 commented on Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy:

for anyone that has only seen videos and not played the game themselves yet honestly its a must buy. i only bought it because there was no game cards left that i wanted to buy so picked this up for £20 just for a laugh final fantasy should not work as a music game but add levelling up items powers high scores some battles and a load of levels and music to master its amazing it doesn't even feel like a spin off it just plays so well and unlock ultimate score then all you people with a love for hard and annoying levels which i do then this is for you my friends oh and there's add on content cheap as anything 90p in the uk for a track one more thing i have heard but don't know that some versions don't have the card collection but you can earn trophy's that when you get you know they were well earned an that's the main thing at the end of the day. from me 9/10 i just think its really fun as soon as you find out its not what you thought it was its even better.



supermonkey117 commented on Expect More Conduit News Before The End of 2012:

great game though the first one online there were players that couldn't die and rocket launcher was shooting 3 rockets at a time dont know how many people have seen that but its annoying but still an awesome game and conduit 2 i never got the patches so i missed out so i have heard. so now that i don't have my wii any more cant play it. so this is really good news for me i cant wait to get this on my 3ds hope it plays like metroid prime hunters campaign on ds i miss that game.



supermonkey117 commented on Feature: Kid Icarus: Uprising - What the Revie...:

oh and as for the controls i can swing my view around and blast the enemy's away in like half a second don't see any faults in the controls at all different from what im used to yes but work good if you find a problem with them you can change them similar to metroid prime hunters controls again great game,



supermonkey117 commented on Feature: Kid Icarus: Uprising - What the Revie...:

i have only just started playing the game this weekend started friday night it is now Sunday night had no sleep. cleared it yesterday playing online now finally, well my own opinion awesome hope to get good at it online soon im realy bad at it haha cant see me putting it down for a good few weeks must say one of the most beautiful, fun and challenging games i have played in a long time.



supermonkey117 commented on Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack Confirmed for EU:

sounds like a reasonable price considering its only just being released soon and i love zombies and the wii u looks amazing in black I LOVE NINTENDO sounds all good but what i think it needs more than anything is project zero/fatal frame, a total new game not a remake or a spin off made especially for wii u oh yeah.



supermonkey117 commented on Resident Evil Revelations:

i have bought this game twice completed everything apart from the ghost ship not because i couldn't do it my friends would not stop playing it on me. oh and they hate the the resident evil series and games for that matter but think revelations and mercenaries are great especially when you in work bored haha i do that to. this game has made 3 of my friends buy a 3ds just for these two games nothing else where my game collection is epic with revelations being the cherry on top.



supermonkey117 commented on Resident Evil: Deadly Silence:

love the game been a fan since the epic release think they should throw all up to 4 on the 3ds pull off some of that 3ds magic again like zelda and starfox and revelations was just beautiful and considering it was a handheld game same with mercenaries 3d they just stood out from 4 and 5 in my eyes EPIC.



supermonkey117 commented on Nintendo Lists Game Boy Advance Title for 3DS ...:

onimusha tactics, golden sun, final fantasy up to 6 plus tactics, metroid fusion and zero mission, mega man, pinball of the dead, wario land 4, Kirby and the amazing mirror i think gameboy advance games coming out late was planned though i have been waiting for this since i got my 3ds which i love very much. i think this is what the eshop has been missing the sooner this happens the sooner i will be spending my hard earned cash on the eshop till then i will just keep buying ds/3ds games from stores.



supermonkey117 commented on New Super NES Game Project Launches:

i love strange platform or rpg's like final fantasy, golden sun, chrono trigger, earth worm jim, mario world 2, castlevania and donkey kong country 1 and 2 i can still play those games now and enjoy the crap out of them other games just age so quickly, oh and kirby love that pink ball of whatever wow old nintendo games are great.



supermonkey117 commented on Reaction: Age Ratings and Video Games:

it could be a good thing because im old anough to get them all ha ha. no but to be hounest games now are very detailed and have an explicit nature i think that its a very good thing that there is a restriction plus thats why nintendo is so great games for everyone and they've never tried to suck people in by violent games always been family fun or our favourite plumber has been nintendos stong point.



supermonkey117 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Director Says It's All About ...:

I hope there are zones and i hope customization is the same or better played all monster hunter games but tri was special and the game that made me a fan. I think capcom have to go in a new direction now to keep it fresh just like final fantasy, mario, and resident evil those game wouldn't be around now if they didn't change in any way this could be a good thing.



supermonkey117 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

Just finished the game a few days ago and and all i can say is wow if you want a game to play before the wii u make this you're wii's swan song but make sure you have the motion plus. truly an epic adventure game bosses are easy but the fights just seem so cool with a lot of thought put in to them with a brand new world to explore to. ten out of ten.



supermonkey117 commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time:

wow not much has been said here ive only just played the game today wasnt going to buy it because i thought the first one was an epic fail but like most fans that title and picture on the case is just anough to make you buy it .
shame i never got it alot sooner now that allmost everyone online is like 999 health its no final fantasy 1,2,5,6,7,8 or 10 but i am very much enjoying it saving the world with my awsome dragoon armoured warriors with some of the best puzzle solving ive seen in this type of game in years 8.5 out of ten from me gonna buy crystal bearers later on today good stuff.



supermonkey117 commented on Star Fox 64 3D is a Newly-Arranged Classic wit...:

I have the original in my pile of games i could never throw away including all the classic final fantasy's yey just had to say that but would like to see what newer gamers think about it or those who never got a chance to play it. I wont be buying it for the fact i have it but there's going to be many people who haven't or just want to play it a new way like house of the dead was way better on wii than using x box and dreamcast light guns another classic though looks very dated but play it all the time with friends. I can only see this as a positive thing if you haven't played it you could be in for a real treat or maybe im just getting emotional to see an awesome classic coming out i would love to see turok 3 shadowman (terrible ending buy the way but still good) and rayman 2 the great escape man the n64 has some awesome titles that need to be not remade but played by a new generation of gamers and me obviously oh and the original jet set radio aka jet grind radio from the much brighter days of sega.



supermonkey117 commented on Iwata: Wii Successor to "Offer New Ways to Pla...:

Burning spear you have a great idea i could only hope that's what it can do but if that's really what it could do i reckon it will cost twice the price of the console but i think that would be fair but im not going to get my hopes up just yet.



supermonkey117 commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

wow this game is great was put off a while back but when i finally decided to get it 2 weeks ago none of the rumours were true i couldn't see anything wrong with it. Yes the first person needs getting used to but just point samus i the right direction loved the epic escape after the credits don't know if you need a certain percentage to do it but good stuff and hard mode oh yeah brilliant its actually hard don't let the rumours put you off great game but i agree prime was legendary first one being my best for the obvious reasons but nice to play in 3rd person once again and hearing samus talk is good to adds to her personality making the story more believable 9/10 i agree go nintendo and team ninja sequel would be cool



supermonkey117 commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wins BAFTA for Best Gameplay:

game play is most important like war rock on pc graffics are terrible game is amazing and the final fantasy series 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 my faverates resident evil origanal cant say you dont love it classic silent hill 1 awsome parasite eve 2 but the wii gives sm beutiful games mario galaxy metroid prime 3 and the awesome donkey kong country never forget the classics 1 n 2 didnt like 3 and the one and only eternal darkness witch i realy want on the wii. but mite not be such a good idea after mad world i thoght the game was alright but the wii is a family consol and never got accross but there just my views



supermonkey117 commented on Mario Kart Without Items Isn't Mario Kart, Tha...:

the blue shell is a huge pain but u can use it to and the bullet when far back can take you to the front but to be hounest dosent bother me i have cleard the game twice have all golds mirror mode to and its funny when your first right till the end the loosedead last because of the big bad blue shell so mario kart is a game for laughs with friends and family and does that very well long live the blue shell.



supermonkey117 commented on Square Enix Brings More SNES Goodies to Virtua...:

final fantasy 3 omg classic awesome 3 5 6 7 8 and 10 are my best games of all time along with zelda metroid and classic resident evil's 1 2 and 3 have them on my pc but 3ds i realy cant wait now thats what i wanna see but what you want and what you get two different things but there to good of games not to bring out on it



supermonkey117 commented on Sonic Colours Sells 1.85 Million Copies Worldwide:

i really liked this this one i think sonics back on track the last good sonics were the adventures with great levels characters and awesome bosses well 1 was a bit easy but great level designs and perfect controls the adventure fields were a nice touch where colours have brought the fun back beautiful levels and a simple yet fun experience sonic has finally returned from rehab and on the mend



supermonkey117 commented on Resident Evil:

I agree with NassaDane classic style tops the newer releases resident evil the remake was a nice touch up for the classic but resident evil 3 nemesis is by far the best of them all witch did have an edge with the eight foot ever changing super zombie witch is actually a tyrant if you read up on it stalking you through the entire game too scared to put your shotgun and magnum away just in-case and had some good replay value and a mini game that was really fun i don't like what ive played recently though with 4 and 5 but chronicles was a good addition to the series where you could play the the classics with the zapper with a friend.



supermonkey117 commented on Man Arrested for Blackmailing Nintendo with St...:

That's what will be done now treetop he's really just done Nintendo a favour and tested there security for them and his reward Nintendo went donkey Kong on his butt what an epic fail. Nintendo doesn't cover up these problems witch i cant say for Sony's playstation Network.



supermonkey117 commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

played and completed 1 and 2 awesome games still have the game cube versions yey. But every time i go out to buy 3 or the trilogy sold out all the time 3 looks great saw some footage of something that appears to be meta ridley fingers crossed been a fan of the games since the snes so if you've never played it i can say the trilogy would be worth buying just for the first two primes and i would still give it 10/10 fantastic games nintendo at its best.



supermonkey117 commented on Wii Unlikely to Catch a Traditional Pokemon RP...:

very big shame indeed could you imagine the actions you could pull off with the will controls even adding your mii as your character even creating your own badges and gym online your right montang it is a no brainer it woeked well on game cube why not the wii.