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Sat 13th Feb 2010

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FinalFantisiac commented on Review: Super Metroid (Virtual Console / Super...:

Unfortunately, there is still controversy going on nowadays as to which game is the best Metroid game; Super Metroid or Metroid Prime. As I have indeed beaten Super Metroid (and absolutely love it!!!) I have yet to play Prime to answer this question personally myself. GOOD LUCK, SELF!



FinalFantisiac commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):


Yeah, I hate the camera feature, too. It's either unessecary, or unessecarily loud. Every time I go to a checkpoint, and the photographer takes my picture, in say, a situation where I'm surrounded by a bunch of people I don't know or if I'm in a place that's dead quiet, I would have to supress the camera sound from the speakers with my fingers every time, or just close the DSi and putting it under something, like a pillow. JUST SHUT UP, WILL YOU?!?



FinalFantisiac commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):

I'd give it an 8/10, hands down. While the original version (for me, the PS1) was significantly more difficult than this one, the DSiWare version still pertains to it's astounding gameplay feats and awes. I have to be honest, but I am a sucker for the music in this game, especially Mr. Dark's theme song (which I managed to put onto my DSi's SD card), it's just so ingenious. What I dislike for the DSiWare version is that some of that great music has either been removed, or a particular track is used more than once for levels that don't even fit the particular track (for example, the rising water level in Dream Forest's original track is an ominous and ambient score, whereas this version has the happy and cheerful music of that of the very first level's music. Yeah, I know.)



FinalFantisiac commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

I'm worried about getting a Game Over when I play Corruption (if I get this game) 'cause my mom greatly dislikes video games that have blood involved... and the worst part is I know getting a Game Over will be quite frequent, <sigh> so yeah.



FinalFantisiac commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

I just got this game yesterday, and today I have spent hours playing this game. THE GRAPHICS ARE INSANE!!!!!!!! I expected them to somewhat irregular and choppy like Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings, but these are the pinacle of perfect graphics (one of the best in general in video gaming, but the best for the Wii, PERIOD!!!!!!!!) It truely is. And the gameplay is exhilerating and hard to turn away from, let alone stop liking completely. And the cutscenes are too beautiful to be true, like... like it's not even of this earth. Happy sigh 10/10.



FinalFantisiac commented on Super Metroid:

Wall-Jumping is frustratingly difficult. It took me half an hour to get up a wall to a secret entrance that leads to the second reserve tank in Norfair. DX



FinalFantisiac commented on F-Zero:

I'm quite worried about this game. I just recently downloaded it because I had enough points to spend, and the thing is that I already downloaded F-Zero X, and since I'm so accustomed to it's style of gameplay (and graphics, if you will) I'm worried I won't like F-Zero and that I'll find it a total waste of points, which I don't want to happen. /:S



FinalFantisiac commented on Dark Void Zero:

The "cover" (shown above) of this game shows nothing from the actual game whatsoever. Even Rusty's gun is incorrect.



FinalFantisiac commented on F-Zero X:

This is an excellent game. The first level was exhilerating and fast-paced, and I'm not a fan of racing games.



FinalFantisiac commented on Metroid: Other M:

According to chronologic timeline, this game is the second most recent game in the Metroid series, with Metroid Fusion being the first. I hope Nintendo will continue the Metroid story after Fusion after Other M is released.



FinalFantisiac commented on E3 2010: Metroid: Other M Trailer:

I'm really hoping that when you are able to go into first-person mode, you can actually move and walk around, like the Prime series. If not, this will be a great disappointment to me.



FinalFantisiac commented on Metroid Prime: Hunters:

Well, I actually got it! This game is awesome! In fact, the FPS is so intense, that it broke the inside of my left trigger because I had to press it constantly! It sounds like a bad thing, but that just says this game is for those that like intense FPS's.