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Sun 5th Jul 2009

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Adenn_Solus commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

This Game looks pretty dang good, and I'll get around to playing it, but I'm going to be busy With Halo: Reach. Great review, makes me want to play it even more.



Adenn_Solus commented on Review: Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64):

not to gloat, but... well, i guess it is to gloat, but I have an xbox 360, and I plan on buying this. Gloating aside, I agree with most of the things said in this review other than the framerate, which I never really had much of a problem with when I had this on the N64. I think it would be cool if new first person shooter brought back the counter operative mode, because that is one of the coolest modes that game had.