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Tue 3rd Aug 2010

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Blakestationone commented on Review: Shantae: Risky's Revenge (DSiWare):

Watching the video for this game earlier actually had me on Amazon about a minute later checking out the prices for a DSi - but with the 3DS on the horizon maybe I'll just have to wait. Ahhhhh!!

Another great and blooming prompt review Corbie!



Blakestationone commented on Review: Robox (WiiWare):

All I was saying is that retro fans will enjoy the fact that the game does have some older style mechanics and a retro feel, however, the fact that it handles worse than a Robin Reliant is off putting. Oh, and that for a beautiful game there's about as much behind the looks as there is with Paris Hilton turned me off.
It's not that it feels too retro, there are loads of retro games with good controls, so that factor hasn't been replicated from the 1980's . I love retro games, on the proviso that they are actually fun.



Blakestationone commented on Virtual Handheld Confirmed for 3DS:

This is the best news I've heard all day, strike that, this is the best news I've heard all year.

I want the original Gameboy version of Jurassic Park just for the insanely catchy music - it's a long shot but a boy can dream.



Blakestationone commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube):

Melee is my most played game of all time, it took me bloomin' ages to get all of the trophies.

Me and a friend used to play the N64 original all the time and were really excited about the Melee before it came out. We poured over magazines with articles about the game, speculated about who the secret characters would be and generally got ourselves in a bit of a tiz. Then one day while out shopping we saw the game being played in Dixons, we rushed in and waited for a turn - we ended up playing the game for most of the afternoon and managed to unlock the majority of the characters and stages. The guys in the store eventually managed to prise the controllers out of our sweaty mits so somebody else could have a turn and even though we lost the save in the end (no memory card) we were proper excited to do it again when the game was released.

I absolutely adore this game, thanks for the awesome review Jacob!



Blakestationone commented on Review: Custom Robo Arena (DS):

Excellent review Henry.
Mostly I really enjoyed this game, it got really dull when you won the championship and it stopped you fighting some battles because you hadn't used enough parts.



Blakestationone commented on Let the Warm Glow of this Golden Sun Trailer B...:

I loved the first two Golden Suns and this is looking like an absolute classic in the making - I wonder if they'll keep in the almost pointless 'yes/no' questions that made absolutely no difference to plot progression or indeed difference at all. Do you think they'll keep it in? Yes/No



Blakestationone commented on People Will Know When Metroid: Other M Arrives:

The adverts should be good so long as they don't have the usual cast of overtly attractive Nintendo models having an actors approximation of 'fun'. I don't want to watch somebody holding a controller - show me game footage!
I'm pretty darned excited for this game.



Blakestationone commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):

It is most definitely one of the more frustrating games I have ever played, it's when you get through to the last race of a Grand Prix in first place and fall off five times in a row. I needed a good hour or so to calm down between attempts. An utterly superb game, but most certainly not for the easily annoyed.