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Sun 13th July, 2008

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MrPuzzlez commented on Nintendo Download: 10th September (North America):

I already preordered the physical copy of Mario Maker, so I will be getting the classic Mario theme. I already have Tecmo Bowl, but it's really fun without being stupidly overwhelming like Madden is. I bet they released that one because of the beginning of football season here...



MrPuzzlez commented on Nintendo Continues to Consider the Prospects o...:

Aww, I thought they were actually doing a Netflix Zelda... Oh, well. As far as a Mario movie. CGI and nothing else. And I would like to do it in the vein of Super Mario RPG. Loosely based, but still somewhat relevant. Besides. Nintendo still owes us an HD Mario RPG, anyway...



MrPuzzlez commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario RPG Opens Up The W...:

This game was an initiation to RPG-dom for many players(including me), and I loved every second of it! Paper Mario and M&L are good RPGs in their own right, but they didn't have the magic that this one had. Would love another HD Mario RPG, or even a remake of this one in glorious HD. sigh...



MrPuzzlez commented on Video: Drench Yourself in Splatoon's New Rainm...:

Rainmaker is pretty awesome when you have the team for it. It also reminds me of Shine battle in Mario Kart: Double Dash. I just bought it 3 days ago and I kinda hate it that I missed Tower Control. Also, I've learned that you can't just roll your way through Rainmaker with the Roller because either it's too weak to trample opponents or I need more power-ups.



MrPuzzlez commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Lev...:

This game RIGHT HERE!!! The hardest Mario game yet. I've beaten the SMAS version and even achieved World 9. However, the original?? Fuhgetabowdit! You can do the Koopa-Troopa trick to gain multiple lives like you can in the original SMB, but the game can only count to TWENTY! I DID however make it to World 9-1 in the original SMB2, but ended up hitting a cheep-cheep and had to start ALL OVER!!

Also, the key to getting World 9, If it hasn't been posted already, is to plow through Worlds 1 through 8 without using a warp zone, which, for seasoned players took only a couple of hours.

Side note: the poison mushroom in SMAS gave me nightmares!! I TRUSTED YOU QUESTION MARK BLOCK!!!



MrPuzzlez commented on Editorial: Paper Mario is 15 Years Old Today, ...:

@Yellowkoopa That's from SuperStar Saga. Popple's in the background toward the left. Anywho, I think we are WELL due for an HD Mario RPG, and since Squeenix is talking about Dragon Quest X and XI as well as a possible Final Fantasy(WOW, it's been a while since that touched a Nintendo console), maybe they can seal their love letter with a kiss of an ACTUAL Super Mario RPG 2. Maybe not for the Wii U, because it looks like that ship's sinking fast, but for the NX.



MrPuzzlez commented on Nintendo's Awesome Super Mario Maker Overview ...:

I loved what they did with the remix of Mario Paint theme! Brings me back! As far as the 9-day release, Meh, it's not the only game on the system, right? You play with what you got, get bored, play something else, sleep, work, come back and "Ooh!" new goodies! It's a Day-1 download for me and I'll use it to teach my son how to play, once he get's the concept of "hit a button, something happens".