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Sat 3rd Jul 2010

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FunderThucker commented on Tales of the Abyss 3DS Coming to North America:

I have this game on the ps2. The story is mediocre, but the character development and the characters themselves are great. The game has a lot of frame rate drops and long loading times on the ps2 (hopefully they fix that). Long game, I've got literally 150+ hours and I think I'm about 3/5 of the way there. I'll probably buy the game again.



FunderThucker commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

Well I actually really enjoyed it, in fact, more then the prime games. There were definitely some flaws though, for example, no exploration and lack of rememberable music. Those were the big ones for me since it's what I remember most about the prime games. However, I really enjoyed the gameplay. I enjoyed it more then the bland shooting of prime. Just fix it next time.



FunderThucker commented on Review: NBA Jam (Wii):

Their attitude is the only reason why I'm not picking this up. Shame though as it seems like it would be a perfect game with the online. Too bad wii don't get it.....



FunderThucker commented on NBA Jam Man Disappointed by Gamers' Negative A...:

Is this some sort of excuse on why EA half a$$ed the wii versions NBA jam?

"Oh we didn't put online in because....because...there are some jerks there and online has too many colors that can give you head ache. It's also too addictive, so what if your mom is burning to death, but you can't help her because you're playing NBA JAM ONLINE?! I'M SAVING YOU GUYS!!!!!"



FunderThucker commented on Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Reaches Europe in January:

I really don't recommend it. They're good games, but it's hard to start in the middle. It's very story based and it can get extremely confusing if you didn't play all the other games. It was almost impossible to get through Kingdom heats 2 story or 365/2 days without playing the other ones.



FunderThucker commented on Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam:

Whatever, I'll pick it up when it's $15, like how all half@** 3rd party games end up being in 2 months. I really don't care if the offline is good or fantastic since it's the attitude I have a problem with.



FunderThucker commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

I've only got 2 hours of gameplay, but I agree with what most of the review said. I find the cheesy acting alright, it's adds a bit of comic relief. The only problems that I have with the game is the blurry textures (yes I know it's a wii game, but Super Mario Galaxy didn't have wasn't as noticeable.) and those stupid parts with the over the shoulder viewpoint. I'm sorry, but they suck. The combat however, awesome, so very awesome. Everything else could suck and I'd still buy this game if they kept the combat.