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Tue 26th October, 2010

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Luigi21 commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

@audiobraniac. I know what you mean. I actually bought Prime Trilogy for about $65, but immediately returned it when I couldn't justify the purchase, so I'm happy about downloading it for $10. Actually, it'll be a little less because I'll be purchasing some eShop cards from Best Buy after work today. :)



Luigi21 commented on Nintendo Confirms a Huge Range of eShop Discou...:

Please let this come to the USA!! I've been holding out on buying Mega Man games out of some delusion that a collection would come out for current gen. Hopefully these discounts coming to the US is more likely.



Luigi21 commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

This game has gotten a lot of flak by game reviewers. I've even read some gamers call it a destructive end to a franchise. Yes, I get that the story and voice acting suck, but what about the gameplay? Honestly, isn't that what it's all about in the end? That said, I l really enjoy playing this game. The linearity doesn't bother, just as Metroid Fusion didn't bother me. I really like the pace and the action.