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Tue 29th Apr 2008

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fxtek76 commented on E3 2012: Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Gameplay ...:

I have always loved Castevania. My first was Simons Quest and my last experience has been Rebirth. Just got the Nintendo Power showcasing this and past games. Mirror of Fate is shaping up nicely. Actually 3DS is my first handheld system and love it so always looking for great new content.



fxtek76 commented on Talking Point: Why Is It So Hard to Make a Goo...:

Nintendolife why don't you review We Wish You A Merry Christmas for Wii. It was actually not totally horrible. Anyone wanting a Christmas game try that one out but it is hard to find. Much better than that Rudolph crap High Voltage put out.



fxtek76 commented on Alabama Hotel Transforming Into a Nintendo The...:

Finally something awesome and Nintendo in Alabama I am an hour from Huntsville which is also home to NASA. My brother lives there and I may have to go to this event since bigN never does anything around here in the south.....



fxtek76 commented on Grill-Off with Ultra Hand!:

Love the idea of getting games as rewards but this is not looking like a buy. I would still rather get a set of Hanafuda Cards.



fxtek76 commented on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood:

I keep hearing how great this is but I do still have Dracula X on SNES is it worth getting this. How much of a difference is there. Just curious.



fxtek76 commented on Ask Steve Wiebe:

Would you ever do an interview and Special Delivery with Sam and Dave on SiriusXM 197/202. I know Billy Mitchel was on there would like to hear you on someday.



fxtek76 commented on WiiWare and DSiWare Release Dates Announced:

A lot of good Wiiware games but I don't want Nintendo to forget about all of the content that could be released on virtual console. And what happened to the Arcade ports. Anyways lots of good news. With this and the new of Mario Galaxy 2 , Sin and Punishment, and Metroid Other M all this summer I better get another job..



fxtek76 commented on GhostSlayer:

oh my goodness someone buy this so i can see if i need to look for my motion plus . at least then i will have it handy when red steel 2 comes out.



fxtek76 commented on Review: Frogger Returns (WiiWare):

Looks good and loved frogger as a kid in the early 80's and five bucks sounds nice. Someone review this new dragon game i wanna know what its all about. Hey cheetahman 91 saw your Alabama profile pic thought I would say hi I live in Fort Payne Alabama where the group resides.



fxtek76 commented on Cho Aniki:

I am gay and I definately wanna try this out. But it does look like the pride parade came to town with this game.



fxtek76 commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

I am someone who really has trouble with the take turn rpg fighting. I never got into FF or anything like that but love mario and nintendo. For someone who is not a take turn fighting RPG fan is this something I should try out as a gateway RPG.



fxtek76 commented on Helix:

would have been nice to see this in conjunction with the balance board.. would like to see some independent developers brainstorm some uses for the board



fxtek76 commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

Just downloaded last night (after deleting 6 other games-need hard drive) it is a visual feast and is a great pick up and play. Good score and since High Voltage is really working on the Wii with this and things like the Conduit I am all about supporting their efforts.. Good job guy.....