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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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DjinnFighter commented on Mega Man, Shin Megami Tensei And Ganbare Goemo...:

I imported all the 5 SNES Goemon games. I love this series. Ganbare Goemon 2 is one of the best games in the franchise, but I still prefer The Legend of the Mystical Ninja.. but it doesn't mean much since it's my favorite game of all time.



DjinnFighter commented on Review: VVVVVV (3DSWare):

I bought VVVVVV on PC last summer. I liked the idea a lot. But the game was not that great. Frustrating + Short. Frustration is possibly a more important feature in the game than the gravity reverser.

Just to say, i finished the game and Steam says I played only 108 minutes.



DjinnFighter commented on Feature: Celebrating 10 Years of Animal Crossing:

"Here's a fun game next time you're at a boring social occasion: try explaining the point of Animal Crossing to an elderly family member."

According to the Wii Channel, my father played Animal Crossing City Folk for 600h. And I'm not counting the hours he passed on the GameCube one. It's his favorite game ever...



DjinnFighter commented on Review: Goemon's Great Adventure (Nintendo 64):

Best platformer ever, I continue to play it eleven years later. In fact, I consider GGA as my third best game of all time after Ocarina of Time and SSBB. I love the Goemon games, they were my favorite games when I was younger. I played too much The Legend of the Mystical Ninja and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. They were awesome, but I consider Goemon's Great Adventure to be the pinnacle of the series.

I even import the DS game. Good game, but it's far behind the three Goemon games I mentionned.



DjinnFighter commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

Excellent game. But it's... too... short !!! It took me 11h to complete the game at 100%. But the fights and the story are great.

My favorite Metroid game remains Corruption.



DjinnFighter commented on Tecmo Finally Masters the Single Entendre with...:

Personally, the DOA games are the best fighting games I played (besides Smash). People tend to believe these games are just about boobs. Yes and no lol... but the fights are awesome. DOA4 is easily my favorite Xbox 360 game.

It's awesome to see that the 3DS will receive a real DOA game while PSP received DOA Paradise.



DjinnFighter commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

@Link79 : pick Super Star Ultra for DS. It's a most, even if I played Super Star on Super NES

And Dream Land 3 is an excellent Kirby game. They say the game is too easy and slow... All Kirby games are easy and slow... lol



DjinnFighter commented on Secret of Mana:

I bought Secret of Mana earlier this week. It's pretty good ! But, it's harder than I thought lol



DjinnFighter commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

is it just me, or the game is kinda easier than the old megaman games ? I beat easily the eight bosses, now it's time for the long and last level. Maybe the difficulty is in that level ?

But the game is awesome ! I love it ! I bought Spore this month, but I prefer Mega Man 9 lol.

PS : Plug Man level is awesome.



DjinnFighter commented on Breath of Fire II:

When I bought that game on GBA, I thought it was a wonderful classic... but it was such a bad game.

And I love rpgs, but not that one.. sorry



DjinnFighter commented on ActRaiser:

When this game came out, I had to buy it ! I didn't have the game before, but I knew it was great.

Great game, "unique". But, too short

Note : A lot of people say there's no Square-Enix game on VC... error



DjinnFighter commented on EarthBound:

Great news !

And they should release Mother 1, since it's already completly translated in english



DjinnFighter commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:


Which final boss ? the stupid one (miracle matter) or the very cool one (02)... the real final boss battle is far from the worst final battle ever. Play New Adventure Island, you'll see what is a lame final battle.



DjinnFighter commented on US VC Releases - 25th February - Kirby 64:

I'm surprised they're not releasing Super Smash Bros.

But, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a great game. I played all Kirby games and it's false to say that Kirby 64 is the worst of the series. It's not the best, but it's a very good game. I think the worst is Kirby's Dream Land, even if it's the first of the series.



DjinnFighter commented on US VC Releases - 10th December - Pokemon Snap:

I'm sure the next N64 game will be Super Smash Bros., the original.
Brawl will be released in February, I'm sure Nintendo will release the original Smash before.

The VC N64 collection is great. Ten Nintendo games.



DjinnFighter commented on Sonic 3D Blast:

I wanted that game when I was young, but I never got it. Now, it's on VC, but I didn't know if it was a good idea to buy it because of this poor review. I bought it.... It's great. I know Sonic very well, it's a different game, but it's Sonic. It's just a little different... and it's not a bad idea to make a different Sonic game after Sonic 1,2,3 and & Knuckles..

Good game.... But yeah, not the best Sonic... Maybe the fifth best Sonic game on Genesis (after 1,2,3 and & Knuckles). But, we must say these games are too great. 3D Blast manages to be great too. Sonic Spinball and Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine are kind of crappy...



DjinnFighter commented on Shockman:

It's not a bad game, but it's very very similar to MegaMan, but MegaMan is way better.



DjinnFighter commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

There are more than 20 Ganbare Goemon video games released in Japan. But only five of them were released all around the world. This one is the first. The others are two on N64 and two on GB (with one only in a Konami GB Collection Volume). It was my favorite video games series when I was younger and if Konami had continued to release Goemon games in America, it would perhaps always be my favorite series.



DjinnFighter commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math:

I don't think I will buy this game, but it was way better than the original Donkey Kong Jr.

Very good game for two players, funny to play. But, don't play this alone, B-o-r-i-n-g



DjinnFighter commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

This game was so wonderful, I'm happy to see it for VC. It's the SNES game I play the most. A great game for multiplayer ! Konami haven't released new Goemon games since the n64, I'm sad