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Tue 20th Jul 2010

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idk34 commented on Features: Fear In Gaming:

how did you guys not mention Moon (DS)?

especially if you bothered to read the logs scattered throughout the game, it could give you a pretty good chill



idk34 commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

two things i don't like about this game

1. it seems you can't move in 1st person
2. how do you get more missiles by just thinking about it??????



idk34 commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):

Laurie Blake, you didn't metion there was actually 5 cups, 3 at the beginning and 2 to unlock. Also you didn't look at the ship customization mode.



idk34 commented on Kingdom Hearts:

@nintendonerdd100 if anything, it looks like a kingdom hearts re: chain of mermories remake cuz you can do that last screenshot with riku in re:com(although i'm pretty sure they won't be remaking com again) Edit: i just realized that its not a com or kh1 remake becuz of the giant nobody in the first screenshot